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12:13 AM
New what-if: Tatooine Rainbow (is there a bot for that? didn't see it)
not for what-ifs
^ smokey the cat
It's appropriately colored.
Google Photos "rediscover this day" is usually enjoyable, but right now it managed to remind me of being stuck in Korea 9 years ago, when a travel agent managed to sell me a ticket to a flight that didn't actually depart on that day. It wasn't bad, but...
12:29 AM
Do you speak Korean?
No, it wasn't much of a problem but made the stay less interesting.
inline tag editing is beautiful.... oh you privileged users
Yes, I keep trying to do it on SO...
I have so many UserScripts these days that I can barely tell what is an inbuilt feature and what isn't
Yes, I at least once reported a bug on Meta which was actually my script.
12:39 AM
1k rep on Deep Web... nice.
But.... What is the ultimate purpose of this site? by Robert Cartaino on meta.deepweb.stackexchange.com
I got to subtly call myself an expert in my answer there, however give it a few hours and I'll probably be in second place
On a side note, language learning is dying fast, at like 1.2 questions per day
12:55 AM
@bjb568 given that I only fixed two characters versus your potentially fundamental CSS change, I guess it's understandable you weren't looked at yet
@Quill 8 lines changed…
Math exam in half an hour :(
1:48 AM
@Quill What's it over?
For some usernames it's more awkward than for others.
But mine would fit right in if the paper is in a certain area of combinatorial geometry.
In mathematical measure theory, the ham sandwich theorem states that given n measurable "objects" in n-dimensional space, it is possible to divide all of them in half (with respect to their measure, i.e. volume) with a single (n − 1)-dimensional hyperplane. It was proposed by Hugo Steinhaus and proved by Stefan Banach (explicitly in dimension 3, without bothering to automatically state the theorem in the n-dimensional case), and also years later called the Stone–Tukey theorem after Arthur H. Stone and John Tukey, == Naming == The ham sandwich theorem takes its name from the case when n = 3 and...
2:43 AM
@bjb568 I'm taking calculus 1 and it was derivatives
My maths is to me what LifeHacks is to stack exchange
@Quill Take differential geometry!
Calculus kitten has to show off...
@bjb568 ;-;
@sandwich He's grooming himself for a PhD
And in general... because he's a cat
Observation: a lot of university students use Macs, but still use Microsoft word
Do Mac users have another viable option?
2:55 AM
I thought Apple's goal was for MS Office to work better on Mac than on Windows, not to compete with it.
Apple give you the free iLife suite when you buy a new Mac, their version of Word works just as well. can't say the same for their version of excel ;-)
@ChristianRau Who are the Six Sigma Illuminati? Do they have an e-mail address? I've got one for The Knights Templar, but from what I can tell they just run Dungeons and Dragons and Rogue Trader games in my local area. Or at least, that's what outward appearances seem to indicate. Though this may just be a front. What better way to hide in plain sight than by calling yourself what you are under there surface, then sandwiching your front organisation just in between the two layers... — Peter David Carter 7 hours ago
The comments seem to be getting out of hand, and I don't understand why enderland needed to answer there, it seems like comment material
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/279570/… should give some context to enderland's answer.
Is enderland a mod at TWP? I thought he was just a mod on programmers
Oh. I suppose it's relevant if he is the mod
3:05 AM
You might be thinking of Thomas Owens.
TWP may hold the network lead in complaints/content ratio. Difficult to measure.
When you can answer with opinion and comments are massively noise you get that
1 hour later…
4:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: The Way To Get Rid Of Under Eye Circles? by deloeser on askubuntu.com (@kos)
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5:42 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Systems Reasons In Order To Weary Of Them by michaelpratts on security.stackexchange.com
6:14 AM
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6:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in body: Health & Fitness Is Definitely A 12 Week Program by sardarexic on workplace.stackexchange.com
6:50 AM
The faq post How deleting works? ... says in the part entitled "Can I see a list of my deleted posts?" that: "Yes, but only deleted posts which has been created in the last 60 days. Full list of deleted posted won't likely happen."
However, some time ago 10k+ users have possibility to search among their deleted posts. (In particular, they can find all of them by searching for user:8297 deleted:1. See: Enable searching with deleted:1 for 10k users.
I hope I understood this correctly. (I.e., that 10k+ users can see all their deleted posts in this way.)
Should the faq entry be updated?
7:02 AM
For general users, deleted posts can be seen on their profile before 60 days. However, 10k+ has privilege to see all deleted posts, so I don't think there's any confusion.
I mean, it's a natural progression when you get 10k privilege to see deleted posts, and deleted keyword + for specific user (including yourself)
Ooh, didn't know that was possible. Cool.
@bacon What I am talking about here is that 10k+ users can get list of all their deleted posts (using search with deleted:1.)
Of course, it is true that they can see all deleted posts, provided that they have link. But they can find their own deleted posts.
And my main question is whether adding this information to the faq posts would be useful. (I think it would.)
I see. Well, you can add it if it's useful. It's community wiki after all.
I thought it is better to ask here first before adding something to the faq post. (Considering I am low rep/less experienced user of this site.)
Myeah, it seems valuable to add that in.
@ber ... careful now ...
7:16 AM
user image
had to make the joke early lol, can't wait for 70 more points
Myeah, sorry, not going to accept that. Come back in 70 points
I have added that information to the faq post. Feel free to check and edit, if you think that some improvements are needed. And thanks for the feedback!
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: UPS and Inverter power supply sync question by Abirami N on electronics.stackexchange.com
7:31 AM
why is there a ... at the end?
also I can't click it because the chat message action icons are in the way lol
You really want me to answer that ...
7:53 AM
@Unihedron it's a link to metasmoke, where we can see the full details of the report.
e.g. metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/post/29198 is the latest one here
Do enough "rude or abusive" flags can lead to deleting a post, or does it work in this way only for spam flags?
@Martin yes, 6
Thanks for the response. I did not know that.
And it also means -100 rep for the post author, though usually they have 1 rep so it doesn't really do anything.
I did not know that, either. (Although in the case which was the reason for me asking this, the poster is already suspended now. He wasn't when I asked. It seems that the mods act fast.)
8:07 AM
@Martin but if he had more than 1 rep before suspension, it means he'll get the -100 when the suspension is over. (if the post really got 6 spam/offensive flags)
Even a "mix" should work, e.g. 3 spam and 3 offensive.
1 hour later…
9:28 AM
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10:02 AM
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[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Abs. Some methods are effective by Jhondiglex on superuser.com
10:14 AM
I love being added as a reviewer on Pull Requests that get instantly merged by the author -_-
10:43 AM
Heya :)
Is it possible to deactivate SE account ?
like we can do in Facebook.
@TheLittleNaruto Once SE, Fo͏̙̮͎̤͙͙ͅr̸͈̻̰ḛ̥v̢̰͉͈̙̞͓͖e̠r͜ S̩͘E̴͇͔̬̩̯̟
One does not simply quit SE
But... Still there can be some reason.
And by deactivating, it doesn't mean you're quiting.
@TheLittleNaruto Why would you want to deactivate your account?
Mmmm... not sure, But I feel like there should be that feature.
Such a feature does not exist, beyond a suspension. But suspensions are a black mark on your account and generally not given in your particular case.
11:00 AM
"If you don't want to use your account right now, but think you'll need it again in the future, your best bet is to just walk away and let it sit for a while." meta.stackexchange.com/a/160098/319383
@TheLittleNaruto you can ask a dev/CM for a suspension
Last it was used was couple of years ago, but you have to give them a good reason. Last one I saw using it said he must prepare for exams, and got three months network wide suspension, or something like that.
But that was an exception still. It shouldn't be seen as a feature
@Bart of course, such feature won't be a good idea, it's really a corner case.
@PeterDavidCarter easier said then done, many people simply can't do that. Kind of addiction.
I suspect @Telkitty is one, for example, and I might also be, never really tried.
11:06 AM
I suppose it's better than heroin.
Cheaper, perhaps... but for some people the consequences might be the same...
Pff, heroin is far better
Space cookie is the best
If your heroin is better you're either getting some really pure stuff, or you're not contributing enough quality code to the site.
11:13 AM
Ok guys, that's enough meta for today, Let's go back to SO XD
See ya
Noooo, don't leave us. We're stuck here. Tell us how it is on the other side? Is it good?
@TheLittleNaruto Be realistic, have you ever seen a asylum release its... guests just because they asked?
@Bart All good. I'll extend an invitation to you, Do visit some day ^^
@Derpy No D:
@TheLittleNaruto Then here is your answer. Stack Exchange is paid to keep us busy so we don't go around the web causing more problems...
@Derpy accepts @Derpy 's answer
See ya for real fellas ;)
11:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, pattern-matching website in body: Custom essay writing service by Marygraham on sqa.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body: Garcinia Cambogia Veda Can Make You Slim And Fit by letevajekse on askubuntu.com (@kos)
11:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: How to find a programmer by Karolis on startups.stackexchange.com
12:11 PM
May you please tell me which one is correct and why?
both are correct.
are you serious ?
@Shafizadeh Please, can I have a cupcake or a muffin with chocolate shards?
As for me, yes: calculate parentheses first -> `(2+1)` = (3)
Then the equation becomes: `6/2(3)`. Now it depends on how you perceive parentheses on `2(3)` as operation order, or as multiplication.
1. as order: calculate `2(3)` first = 6 -> 6/6 = 1
2. as multiplication: same as division, calculate from left to right: `6/2` = 3 -> `3(3)` = 9
borked the formatting due to newline
@Derpy Well I don't know English very well. So I didn't understand what's your point.
@bacon ah
12:18 PM
Q: What is 6%2(2+1) and why?

TohveliThis one is a classic, but never-the-less, it's been bothering me since I've read several contradicting answers, yet none of them has convinced me completely. So, how do I properly and correclty calculate functions like this? So: % refers to division, 6%2(2+1) or 6/2(2+1).

@Shafizadeh Do I want a (cupcake) or a (muffin with chocolate shards) or a ((cupcake or a muffin) with chocolate shards)?
@bacon tnx
@Derpy well I don't know what do you want ..!
@Shafizadeh the point is that it all depends on the priority you dive to the "or" and "with"... or the "multiplication" and the "division" in your original sample
and since multiplication and division do have the same rank... I don't think there is a reply
Ah I see
In the end, please don't write like that :)
12:22 PM
@bacon May you please tell me is this video related to that question? pbslearningmedia.org/resource/mgbh.math.ns.twodiv/…
@bacon now, for a nice troll one should craft a similar locking question but with no actually ambiguity, for which the different results depends on the base you are counting on (octal, Hex, decimal....)
@Shafizadeh uh, I don't see it related. It's more related to order of operation
alright ..
@Shafizadeh no worry, that's the default response to @Derpy messages. You're not the first, surely not the last. :-)
the sign of multiplication is a dot?
12:36 PM
@ShadowWizard Actually it is pretty simple. I have two of the 4de mane six plushies, so I need the other four. And the Toriel one too.
@Shafizadeh Depends on which multiplication
I mean this: ×
Cross product of vectors?
well I don't know what's the difference .. also I don't know English very well. So never mind. thx for your attention.
If you just have (scalar) numbers, it doesn't really matter which multiplication sign you use since there's really only one accepted multiplication operation.
12:40 PM
@Shafizadeh yes
ah ok
also the ping-sound in this room is funny :-) I like that
> Other symbols can also be used to denote multiplication, often to reduce confusion between the multiplication sign × and the commonly used variable x.
In many non-Anglophone countries, rather than ×, the primary symbol for multiplication is U+22C5 ⋅ DOT OPERATOR, for which the interpunct · may be substituted as a more accessible character.
This symbol is also used in mathematics wherever multiplication should be written explicitly, such as in "ab = a⋅2 for b = 2"; this usage is also seen in English-language texts. In some languages (especially Bulgarian[citation needed]) and French the us
The multiplication sign or times sign is the symbol ×. The symbol is similar to the lowercase letter x but is a more symmetric saltire, and has different uses. It is also known as St. Andrew's Cross and dimension sign. == Uses == In mathematics, the symbol × (read as times or multiplied by) is primarily used to denote the Multiplication of two numbers Cross product of two vectors Cartesian product of two sets Geometric dimension of an object, such as noting that a room is 10 feet × 12 feet in area, where it is usually read as "by" (for example: "10 feet by 12 feet") Dimensions of a matrix...
@Shafizadeh so here is another one! :D
Ok, I will take a look at it
@Shafizadeh consider yourself lucky, in the past people didn't really like the sound....
Q: Chat notification sounds have become like icicles repeatedly driven through my ears

BoltClock's a Unicorn(Yes, I said "through my ears", not just "into my ears".) It looks like HTML5 <audio> elements are now used to produce notification sounds in chat. And good heavens have they become startlingly loud. Please lower the volume of these notifications — or do whatever it is that needs to be done to ...

@ShadowWizard wow .. you have a good skill in searching ..! you find a related link for every thing very fast.
12:46 PM
@Shafizadeh thanks, with time the skill gets better. :)
@Shafizadeh Casio
6 / 2 (2 + 1)
6 / 2 (2 + 1) = 6 / (4 + 2)
= 6 / 6
= 1
Yeah I read that link which @bacon linked
I should earn some reps
Cool that the question list shows questions with no accepted answers
Close plz
Q: Taobao, ebay currency calculator

deonemosMy idea thing is to doing small calculator in site, in which, users add links. After this, script copilation and give them price. (Do not count the amount manually) Didn't know, how to do it on js. Not interesting php methods, thx.

Q: creating images database in for image based face recognition in opencv?

embeddeduserCan you guide me how to create my own database for image Recognition using AT&T and enter link description here

1:18 PM
wrong room

 SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is for support and discussion about reviewing and co...
1:34 PM
@ShadowWizard Hello. I'm a Room Owner for SOCVR. For future reference, while we do allow requests for chat members to look at and close posts, we ask that they have the power to take that action themselves (i.e. already have 3k). It's not a hard rule, but a recommendations to avoid flooding and unfairness.
@gunr2171 oh, didn't know that. Thanks!
No problem.
@ShadowWizard is one for what?
also ... back to civilization internet coverage after no mobile signal for one whole day while at the outback ...
1:43 PM
@sandwich looks plain
3 hours ago, by Shadow Wizard
@PeterDavidCarter easier said then done, many people simply can't do that. Kind of addiction.
wow, my first attempt at AJAX file upload, success. Expected it to be more complicated!
It's easy
Addiction to blender
Does blender have AJAX?
Can I upload files to blender?
Oh my, looks like Robert is really involved in LH
1:58 PM
OMG, 200+ rep in 37 sites. Insane!!
I'll bet at least 100 of that rep isn't even real...
@sandwich I swear I've seen something quite similar before... meta.ell.stackexchange.com/questions/2912/…
Actually, no, maybe I'm reminded more of Magento...
They all start looking the same...
@PeterDavidCarter huh, true - still 100+ pure site rep.
300+km each way on those narrow, well maintained highways and didn't see many cars, yet at the Uluru/Ayers rocks & kings canyon touristy spots, saw tons of cars and coaches
we need some sort of rep to currency conversation...
100,000 rep = 1/13th of a dogecoin
something like that
2:06 PM
Q: Have you considered turning the stackoverflow reputation into a real currency?

Zer0gravity Possible Duplicates: Trade rep for air miles How to convert your Stackoverflow's reputation into money? The idea is ultimately monetizing the stackoverflow reputation so that people can actually buy/sell services/goods and other stuff using the stackoverflow reputation. In a first p...

Yeah, but no-one's specifically asked about Dogecoin yet
We have Unicoins
(source) ;)
2:28 PM
Korean Language reached 100% commitment. A little too late for my upcoming trip with a layover in Seoul, but hopefully I won't get stuck in the country this time...
Sign me up for a full band of Unicoins, please
I assume that's the collective term
@PeterDavidCarter consider yourself signed up! :D
why do I actually want Unicoins to be a thing?
2:47 PM
@PeterDavidCarter because you'll be able to buy all kinds of cool things with it, like plush unicorn doll
Major shopping sites should add option "Pay with Unicoins"
@WebAsh Not yet, I’ll be spending some time in the next few weeks to make that happen though. New CDN next week.
@hichris123 huh? Twitter is the new Meta?
Didn't know we can submit bug reports via Twitter... :)
On Twitter you get responses. On Meta you get crickets.
Meta is noisy. Having to know the Twitter handle of a relevant employee is a noise filter.
3:04 PM
@ShadowWizard already tried, they didn't accept unicoins as payment.
Not even for the Twily one.
@Derpy didn't say in SE. Did you try Amazon? eBay?
@sandwich surprised that employee didn't just say "ask/report on Meta"....
@ShadowWizard I am more than happy to add Unicoins as a pay option on my site
@PeterDavidCarter go ahead then! I'm sure people would appreciate it. ;)
What options do you have for developers wishing to integrate Unicoin as a site payment option?
Are there any restrictions regarding working side-by-side with Dogecoin? Might they bite each other, for example?
can't belive it
UNICOIN IS REAL!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!111!!!!
How rude!
Stealing SE's April Fools idea, one year later.....
3:10 PM
Oh dear... having it associated with a charity might ruin my site's rep
though the way the 'One Unicoin' is written somehow reminds me of the Lord of the Rings motto, which is kind of a plus
lol, I honestly didn't know it became real :D
I'm actually kinda disappointed. They are not how I imagined them. I mostly liked the jacked UPlay logo
@PeterDavidCarter UPlay?? This?
@SmokeDetector k
This one:
You should rebadge as Unicoin 2.0 and create them anyway
3:26 PM
@ShadowWizard amazon from an importer. And some time after i got my Fluttershy, one new vendor started selling the same plushies at about 60-70% of the price
@Derpy that's good... better late than never! :)
@ShadowWizard at least I saved some money on the Twily.
David Haney on May 24, 2016
At Stack Overflow, we're committed to making the internet a better place, and our products aim to enrich the lives of developers as they grow and mature in their careers. This week we have been given the opportunity to expand our reach beyond developers into another worthy demographic: foster youth.
or basically... Parenting.SE
there's a SexEducation.SE?
3:39 PM
I could only imagine the horror
There have been two tries at it though: one, two
3:58 PM
Reasons I love working here: our ads and designer teams take great care to do ads in a useful and tasteful way. https://t.co/23x5WvznFR
Is this a new ad design?
I still see the "Looking for a job?" ones.
Oh, maybe you need to either join Jobs or be a part of the Dev Story beta?
I've seen it few times.
You're special then.
Meh :/
I've refreshed the homepage ~20 times and it's just gone orange -> blue "Looking for a job?"
The new ads goes to SO Jobs though, not Careers.
So... you're probably right about Jobs.
4:03 PM
I don't think Careers even still exists though? shrug
Out of my now probably 50 refreshes, I've gotten 1 "Looking for a job?", one with a company, and the rest with "Looking for a job?"/etc. None like Nick's screenshot.
I've seen that ad type too. It caught my attention a few times, but nothing useful has popped up in it for me :(
4:31 PM
> In short, it wasn't all that problematic to start with and most of the problems it had have been fixed. Let's congratulate the folks involved on a job well-done and move on to other problems!
A: Is it possible for some "Too Broad" questions to be exceptions to the rule?

Shog9This is one of those cases where we get into this weird "Telephone Game" situation over close reasons: The close reasons were created to reflect problems that folks saw in questions that made them problematic to answer here; Folks see the close reasons and go looking for the problems they des...

1 day of drama down the drain...
> How do I write a social network that also makes waffles?
I'd join that network
I'd get laughed at every time I made waffles.
That's ok, because I'd sit there and eat them anyway
Go out and buy a waffle iron. You can eat them for lunch.
4:50 PM
I don't think you're supposed to eat the actual iron, though I might be wrong
Yeah, don't eat the iron itself -- eat the waffles. Just in case @Andy couldn't figure that out.
5:25 PM
how far back did the wayback machine start recording, I wonder...
it was launch on October 24, 2001...
5:56 PM
@Haney screenshots, imo
6:50 PM
@hichris123 kinda weak drama to begin with. Reddited and ycombinator'd and still only 3 answers? What kinda bikeshed only gets three colors?
@sandwich I go back and check on my answers periodically, especially when they get up- or down-voted. Makes it easy to find better answers that come in late.
Also why I have so many deleted answers.
This leaves folks who always post the best possible answers out in the cold, I suppose... But I have trouble believing there are enough of these to make the badge as rare as it is.
@Shog9 It's sometimes ok to upvote the second best answer too.
After you edit it to make it better? Yup!
It turns out that out of my 2501 answers on Math, 272 have competitors. Taking a look now...
So far, mostly downvoting and/or flagging NAA.
There are only about 13K users on SO with >= 100 answers though. Counting only deleted answers that were visible for more than a day leaves under 12K, so 16% having the badge isn't as bad as it seems.
7:03 PM
And the 100 answers must have positive score, too.
Sportmanship is easier on site with few active (but knowledgable) users
Having at least 2 answers complementing each other
Web Apps fits the description of such a site, and I'm the 2nd most active voter all time, most of them upvotes. Still no Sportsmanship badge.
<-- bad sport
I just don't like multiple answers complementing each other. I want one definitive answer.
7:15 PM
wtb StackOverflow.sln so I can do this snippet thing
@bacon What is that? revert?
@bacon my eyeballs can't parse that glyph
google-classroom is a sponsored tag with the total of 80 questions. Not much return on the sponsorship.
Wonder if that's the record for the least used sponsored tag.
@canon Oops, it's a Japanese character. Not important though...
7:26 PM
@bacon my eyes still haven't recovered
Emacs got a gradienty design
I prefer the version that their meta got.
I haven't used emacs in like 12 years
That said, I got a job at a Microsoft shop 12 years ago... there may be a correlation...
7:36 PM
students of all ages (DISCLAIMER)
students of all ages (except some ages)
I guess some people are just more equal than others…
Psst, age of cat's consent...
@Shog9 Hey, the meta drama was decent. 2000 views, 17 answers...
no 185+ votes though
@sandwich I generally upvote competing answers when they're decent. I don't go out of my way looking for them, though.
7:45 PM
@hichris123 yeah, we should close that meta question as Too Broad...
Looking at the discussion and ansers, I'm SO tempted to vote to close this question as being too broad.... ;-) — Marco13 9 hours ago
You're 9 hours too late.
Fortunately, there's no time-limit on closing
@Shog9 +1 for waffles
!xkcd waffles
7:57 PM
@bjb568 Unrecognized command. Use !xkcd commands for a list of commands.
stupid bot
!xkcd commands
Usage: !xkcd [command][ params( optional params)]
That doesn't tell me the list of commands…
@Quill waffles
user image
Ok, enough waffles for now.
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