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3:04 PM
People go close the dupe. This guy has a history of low quality posts too.
Q: iphone how can i get month name from month number?

Heart PAL how can i get month name from month number? i want to get month name from number of month. i have month number like 02 . and i want February .how can i do this ?

@TimStone Just remember, it could be worse. :) (Yes, I hate resorting to that logic, but sometimes it helps.)
True, I'm just having a hard time keeping my eyes open at the moment even, heh.
@Moshe you know we have a room for that right?
Even more tragic is that I had intended to just not sleep so I could have time to make breakfast, but apparently I dropped the ball on that one. :P
It's kind of astounding how often people recalc their rep and are shocked when it goes down
3:14 PM
@TimStone What is it with you and I exchanging schedules? I should be asleep. :)
Son of a ....the meeting isn't until 2 now.
that sucks
Time for a short nap
@MichaelMrozek Isn't human psychology wonderful?
The smiley at the bottom of the rep report taunts me. ):
3:22 PM
Is it backwards?
@RebeccaChernoff Oy, little blue mod girls don't need no reps
triggers Meta recalc and gains 1 rep
The four people who I won't have to down vote to get back to a multiple of five will surely be pleased.
Hmm...I wonder if these recruiters are actually in India.
@drachenstern thanks. Posted there.
Someone's gone and outsourced recruiting now too?
3:25 PM
@RebeccaChernoff same here
@TimStone if I triggered a rep recalc on meta I would lose nearly 1,000 rep!
Time to vote spam @TheRenamedException so the fraud detector kicks in
@TimStone That's what if feels like. It's one thing for a recruiter to not have a technical bone in their body. It's a totally different thing if I have to strain to understand them.
The reason I'm wondering is that I'm receiving some job ads at this hour for contracts here on the west coast. One recruiters claims to be in Georgia, so they could awake working and sending them out nothing thinking/caring about the time zone difference.
@TheRenamedException Ouch, is that the result of a deleted user you think, or?
But, the other is supposedly in California. WTF is he doing up sending out emails at this hour?
@TimStone I think it's because my best day on Meta was April Fool's 2010 :-D
3:28 PM
Oh :P
@GeorgeMarian Maybe he thought he had a meeting that got postponed until later in the day (Heh :P).
I'm thinking some of them have no clue how to use Google maps and are simply targeting EST.
Q: Add "I have this problem too" flag

Al Everetttl;dr: find a way to let new visitors participate without cluttering the site with non-answer answers So, we've long struggled with people new to Stack Exchange answering questions with "me too!" kind of messages. They leave an answer because their reputation score is too low to leave comments...

@TheRenamedException At least, the tl;dr is at the top of the post.
@GeorgeMarian good point!
I have the urge to post an image of a close window button as an answer to that question.
3:35 PM
@GeorgeMarian DOOOOO IIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!
I will so upvote that, if it contains a freehand circle!
I guess it is meta.
Yeah, that's why my answer was somewhat snarky
I remember being slightly put off by snarky users on meta when I first joined. Then I saw the light (because it was freehand circled) and I fell in love with the place :-D
Trying to subvert user behaviour issues is like marking bugs [status-bydesign]. It makes the feature gods cry.
It can take some accustomization, even if you're snarky yourself.
3:40 PM
user image
@GeorgeMarian this is true
There, snarky and constructive.
@mootinator lol I didn't quite get that comic. Well, I still don't.
LSD is the missing connection btw
3:53 PM
@GeorgeMarian I don't either. And zombo.com is down, too :/
@GeorgeMarian If you've never been to zombo.com it probably didn't make much sense
@mootinator Seems fine now
anyone remember hobbiton.org?
Also, Bill Clinton is looking for a .NET developer. http://t.co/G9AzeyC via @StackCareers
@spolsky He's not looking for... an intern is he?
@MichaelMrozek Odd, still doesn't work for me.
@MichaelMrozek Ah. I considered checking it out, but I'm wary of clicking on links.
3:56 PM
@balpha Hahah
Q: Duplicate answers on SO and subsequent revenge downvotes

xil3As you can see from the question below, the first 2 answers were by @ThiefMaster and myself. 1-2 minutes later there were 3 more answers (some got deleted), and about 5 minutes later there was another answer which was identical to most. As it worked out, the newest answer (the one posted 5 minut...

"Someone posted the same (but more complete) common-sense answer as I did, and I'm surprised I got down voted after being a bit of an asshole in the comments"
@TimStone sigh
Insulting the OP is definitely the way to get that accepted answer check, too :P
shakes head
> This isn't my job - I don't get paid to meet the exact requirements of the question.
That's a winning strategy right there. Watch the upvotes come flooding in
@badp It's a miracle! Finally an [identify-this-game] question that includes specific detail and can be answered without partial guessing.
4:01 PM
ahh! I want to rollback a question and I can't do it because the edit is less than 6 chars :/
Gah, the mosquito under my table is killing me!
@MichaelMrozek Where do I sign up to get paid to answer at all?
@YiJiang Apparently also something you could ask WoW support for help with.
@TimStone Oooo... yes, definitely
@MichaelMrozek Touché
4:04 PM
@MichaelMrozek lol, really
I'm glad I'm not a meta mod, I would feel obligated to tone down the snarkiness
I'm glad you're not a meta mod, I would prefer keeping the general snarkiness
@badp hear, hear!
@badp Not to mention your soul.
Meta is a very strange place.
4:06 PM
@TimStone I think I signed it away when I hit 100 reps.
Ah, reduced risk then.
@TimPost Meta is a strange and wonderful place, filled with circles, unicorns, waffles and bacon!
@TheRenamedException Speaking of bacon, I need to work up the will to go make some food.
Mostly circles.
It's our new SU mod @Sathya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4:09 PM
@TheRenamedException thanks for the wishes Josh!
'Ello @Sathya, congratulations!
It's the only candidate I voted for who won!
Oh no, wait, I voted for @TimPost, but as #3 (no offence meant @Tim!)
@TimStone Hi Tim! Thanks!
@TheRenamedException thanks! Thanks for the support :D
@TheRenamedException None taken :) Thanks for your vote!
how goes things @TheRenamedException I see you're no longer an unhandled exception :p
4:14 PM
@Sathya I am not. Zypher renamed me, and I renamed myself back!
Hmm...call me crazy, but that Sidekick to the CEO position actually sounds appealing.
@Zypher You should rename @TheRenamedException again
I wonder how many bytes the SO servers saved by sending everyone "Josh" instead of "TheUnhandledException" for 30 days
@MichaelMrozek NO HE SHOULDN'T!!!
@MichaelMrozek LOL, probably a lot considering how much I chat! :-)
4:17 PM
@MichaelMrozek suggestions? Josh is boring
@Zypher He is, but it's mean to say it right to his face
no no no, I am in deep trouble nowww
@Zypher SOException? (stands for Stack Overflow Exception)
4:17 PM
Make him "rchern"
hmm maybe a bunch of unprintable charicters ...
I really, really want the weekend to arrive sooner than expected.
@MichaelMrozek :D
@TimPost Does that happen a lot?
@Zypher AllMyFault
4:18 PM
@Zypher ‮TheRenamedException
might be just fine :P
@RebeccaChernoff I already set up blame.josh.gitlin.name what else do you want from me? :-p
ok if a renamed suggestions gets 16 stars i'll think about it
4:19 PM
a pin is equal to 16 stars right?
Is "(:" a legal display name?
@RebeccaChernoff That's the current exchange rate, yes
@RebeccaChernoff NO IT IS NOT!
It might be the one time I pull a chacha.
@MichaelMrozek balpha wouldn't let that stand.
@MichaelMrozek I would totally use that if it were
4:20 PM
Congrats @TimPost!
@RebeccaChernoff no
At least 9,001
@PopularDemand Thanks :)
Congrats to the new mods, all 8 of them!
@badp, that works too... (;
4:21 PM
@MichaelMrozek I tried to set my display name to Oy! on Jan 1, and it didn't work :-(
@badp There seems to be a bit of inflation since last time we calculated the exchange rate.
@TheRenamedException Your solution to making a resolution of not starring "oys" was to become one?
@TheRenamedException Oyl might work.
@TimStone exactly!
What ever happened to that Google OpenID issue? Are they still using different URLs per website?
@TheRenamedException But someone with Database access could make it work, hrm...
4:22 PM
@TheRenamedException That's because you ought to have used "Oy."
@TheRenamedException ...Well played.
@badp you may be correct here
@TheRenamedException and late by a month!
@YiJiang Ok, I would totally go for being renamed Oy!
So far, these are the most popular rename suggestions:
4:23 PM
Jan 19 at 20:02, by Rebecca Chernoff
FEATURE REQUEST: In addition to flag and star, I want an "oy" action on messages. Then I can just oy the message rather than saying oy.
Oh, wait, nobody would be able to @ me
@badp She doesn't use the exclamation mark, yup
Jan 22 at 12:15, by Dan Grossman
@Nyuszika7H, how are either of those rename suggestions, much less popular ones? |:
4:24 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I was wondering that myself!
Hmmm, AFAICT, the most number of stars on a message is only around 14
Ok, I'm liking this actually. I bet if I were renamed Oy! then productivity would greatly increase because nobody would be able to @ notify me!
We could pull in some people from other rooms...
Didn't they fix that? Or was that just in comments
4:25 PM
@TheRenamedException not really
@MichaelMrozek Not in chat
@MichaelMrozek I thought it was three letters
MSO question #2, since deleted: "We need to create a scheduled task / cron job that synchronizes all the "family" accounts to meta, so profile information and OpenIDs are automatically synchronized with meta."
@TheRenamedException Comments support less now, but apparently chat still doesn't
4:25 PM
@YiJiang How can I check that on Data.SE? Can I do that?
@PopularDemand look at it spin!
@Nyuszika7H Chat data isn't on SEDE
> My name is Ravi Shankar and I work with Charter Global Inc ... Thanks Abhram Wilson, Charter Global Inc, Atlanta, GA
If I get higher-quality speakers, have they done anything to reduce the susceptibility to interference? I'm tired of not being able to put my phone far away enough to avoid getting a headache.
Ok, I'm going to head to a meeting with the CEO
4:28 PM
k, bye @AllMyFault.
I expect lots of starred name ideas in here when i return:
@RebeccaChernoff Now it just looks like you're blaming yourself. Which, while also acceptable, is probably not the intended message.
in Rename TheRenamedException, 33 secs ago, by Rebecca Chernoff
Suggestion #2: BlameJosh
@GeorgeMarian I would totally sign up for it (and never get it) but I lack what would make that position most useful (hint: I don't wear a bra) for dealing with everyone not-Jeff.
@drachenstern lol
I guess I could put on some weight. ;)
4:33 PM
shakes head
I'm seriously considering it. I've actually started thinking about the cover letter. Alas, brain no work good sleep without...
#IPv4: 102, 103, 104, 179 and 185 have been allocated. No unicast IPv4 /8s remain unallocated.
Ladies and gentlemen, mark the day!
APNIC said it will be 'business as usual' for 'a few months'. I'm cringing, because my ISP has a hard enough time understanding IPV4... can't wait to migrate
My title would be "Chief Cat Herder."
@George - that's better than mine, 'Chief Oxygen Processor'
4:36 PM
@TimPost Yours makes for a better acronym.
@George I didn't realize that until you pointed it out. Cool :)
Heh, that was the first thing I noticed.
Q: Ironic? Closed as "Duplicate" is duplicated.

rockinthesixstring Possible Duplicate: Automatic “Possible duplicate” is definitely duplicated I just saw this question closed as duplicate, but the note displaying the source question is shown twice. And yes I tested, both links go to the same question.

Possible Duplicate:
Automatic “Possible duplicate” is definitely duplicated
My head hurts.
So we have a bunch new blue heads running around?
@MichaelPetrotta I want to upvote the close reason.
4:46 PM
Jeff closed it, and I'll bet he did it mostly to be funny.
there's a 50 character limit. I found it in the sandbox the other day... you could go snooping
in Sandbox, Jan 19 at 18:23, by drachenstern
okay, getting on ipv6 was easier than I thought, sudo aptitude install miredo
Um... hi. When trying to search, remember to make sure the search box actually has focus.
Clicking just off to the side of the search box is ineffective.
@drachenstern I thought Fosco discovered this ages go... turns out it was me, replying to him:
Sep 10 '10 at 17:07, by Popular Demand
@Fosco 51 chars.
5:03 PM
@PopularDemand yes yes, I had a feeling, but the problem is finding the information quickly that becomes a drab bother
Not for me
okay, miredo is working then.
Announcement: One year later, all StackExchange 1.0 sites will be deleted, their questions will be migrated into the new ones (if they exist). Meta Stack Exchange will be also removed. Stack Overflow will have a normal meta like other sites, MSO's rep will be derived from SO. The current Meta Stack Overflow will be renamed to Meta Stack Exchange. – April 1st, 2010
@Nyuszika7H Heh. Where was that posted?
5:17 PM
@PopularDemand blog.stackoverflow.com but that isn't available now. I had a copy of it saved somewhere.
@Nyuszika7H sounds like the craziest april fool i've ever heard
@oraclecertifiedprofessional It was posted on April 1st but it's true.
shakes a fist at Firefox's memory hogging ways
5:34 PM
RIP my favorite mouse .. five years .. I hardly knew you
Hmm...I wonder what is Gnome's definition of "when space is limited." I'm looking at a taskbar so crowded, that I only see 6 characters of the window title and 3 of them are the ellipsis.
@TimPost Pet mouse passed away?
meeting done, off to lunch. But a quick unix question before I go
@George, no , my USB mouse that had grooves where my fingers clicked it
Oh, lol.
also good to see that I likely will get to keep my name, yey!
no answers with more than a single star!
5:36 PM
@Nyuszika7H You still haven't linked to a source
hurries off for a starfest
I think it's just the cord, I can replace that tomorrow
@badp No available source, but here's a screenshot.
ROFL. Apparently, I need to have one more window open to have Gnome's taskbar group up the windows.
5:42 PM
@Nyuszika7H I call bullshit. That new layout is much, much more recent than April 1 2010.
this new mouse feels weird. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
@TimPost Every mouse feels weird. Trackballs 4eva!
@ChrisJesterYoung was it like this? web.archive.org/web/20080727114153/http://…
@ChrisJesterYoung I'm thinking about that now, actually.
@ChrisJesterYoung I have ATA to PS/2 converters laying around.
@TimPost That old? Wow.
5:45 PM
(I'm an IBM Model M fan)
I miss my old Logitech trackball. They don't make that style anymore, or anything like it. =/
@GeorgeMarian Yeah.
Two fingers and a thumb is the way to control a trackball w/o your hands seizing-up.
5:47 PM
@TimPost Hehehe, awww.... (You can buy a Das Keyboard, but it's costly.)
@ChrisJesterYoung You can get boxes of perfectly good Model M's here for about $5
Someone should invent a durable mouse made out of a semi hard 'gel' of sorts that molds to your hand over time and learns gestures
@TimPost, put your mouse in a drawer and then just carry on. (:
@RebeccaChernoff I know that I'm overly sentimental :P I just dislike change without warning.
Note that I didn't say replace it... q:
I'll replace the cord tomorrow.
This three button hot fix reminds me of a Windows service pack.
ALL of this nostalia after I addressed a question on MSO. Coincidence? I think NOT.
5:54 PM
Go Dvorak and dump using a mouse. (:
Hey 10ks, notice that if you try to get to this question you can't. It looks like now instead of just doing a simple redirect, they're also deleting the question. I got the link off of the recently deleted questions list.
Ahhh, I see.
Jeff is going behind deleting the stubs.
You can get to the stub by hitting the migration link at the endpoint.
@RebeccaChernoff I 100% second the recommendation for Dvorak.
This needs one more undelete vote:
@Lance, good catches and I am looking at them, but maybe just post to Regulator HQ and then make one post here saying "check Reg HQ for new content"?
Interesting, it already has three undelete votes. Do undelete votes scale like close votes?
Also, flaggers get listed under "migrated by"? Interesting.
@PopularDemand I was wondering if they'd implemented that also.
Turns out I can't help you undelete that one, though.
@PopularDemand bummer, we need more 10ks in Meta, but I think traffic has slowed down enough, that they will be slow coming.
@RebeccaChernoff How long did it take you to retrain yourself for Dvorak, anyways?
Until I was up to my qwerty typing speed? A few weeks. Until I was able to type comfortably without hunting for each key? A day or two.
@RebeccaChernoff I suspect that your brain works much, much better than mine.
6:09 PM
I suspect you're selling yourself short. (:
Hmm... do I spend the rest of my day doing work, or do I spend it prying my keys off and moving them into Dvorak layout?
@PopularDemand What Rebecca said. You learn to touch-type.
@ChrisJesterYoung It took me years to learn QWERTY.
@PopularDemand work. The switch is painful. Other computers will have QWERTY and QWERTY alone.
6:10 PM
@PopularDemand That's because qwerty is a messed-up layout.
@badp As a coder, how often do you use other people's computers?
@badp I don't think I'll forget how to use QWERTY.
@badp For me, the answer is almost never.
@PopularDemand, regardless, I strongly suggest NOT removing the keys themselves. Mainly because I strongly suggest that you continue to use qwerty daily.
@PopularDemand No, but you'll need to switch between both
@RebeccaChernoff Why is that?
6:12 PM
Because you will forget qwerty if you don't.
@PopularDemand I made myself dive into Dvorak head-first. Meaning that I was willing to (and did) unlearn qwerty.
Also I still don't get what's the rationale for arranging numbers in this order: 7531902468
@badp ANSI Dvorak uses the normal number order.
@badp When most people talk about Dvorak, they mean ANSI Dvorak, not classical Dvorak.
When I tried myself, for those two hours I resisted, I tried programmers' dvorak which apparently has better access to coding-useful keys. It also has the classical dvorak number order.
@RebeccaChernoff I'm not getting your point here... what's the point of learning Dvorak if you don't use it?
6:13 PM
1 min ago, by Rebecca Chernoff
Because you will forget qwerty if you don't.
@PopularDemand What @RebeccaChernoff means is that if you don't maintain some qwerty typing at least, you will unlearn qwerty. Which is what I did.
46 minutes until Code Golf's public beta begins! | 2011-02-03 19:00:00 Z
If I don't use qwerty daily there is a very noticeable drop
@Nyuszika7H Do you mean public beta?
the one thing that will throw you the most off, @PopularDemand, is the 'o', which is on the other hand on the home row.
6:14 PM
@drachenstern yeah
@RebeccaChernoff Exactly. My qwerty speed is about 55 wpm, whereas my Dvorak speed is double that.
@RebeccaChernoff Precisely because I let myself unlearn qwerty.
@badp Having all the vowels on the left hand home row is a feature.
@ChrisJesterYoung I know, but it hurt me in the transition so much.
every 'o' was too many context switches
@badp That made no sense.
6:16 PM
I don't think this discussion is going anywhere
Typing is too hard, let's go shopping!
@ChrisJesterYoung after a while (~1 hour) I was able to zone in and start hitting the right key for each letter within two tries, maybe trying to repeat each word painstakingly many times to let muscle memory set in. But the 'o' being on the other hand really killed my goodwill.
@badp It took me a week to get fully used to the layout. 1 hour is not enough of a try.
@badp (Before switching, I was one of the fastest qwerty typists at work.)
@ChrisJesterYoung As I said, I ran out of patience.
@badp That's on you. No need to discourage others who'd like to try (seriously, for >1 hour).
6:20 PM
@ChrisJesterYoung I merely shared my experience.
I'm glad you have a success story
@badp 1 hour is like saying you tried being vegetarian for a day and can't work it.
I tried being vegan for three months before I made my conclusion.
Yes, except it wasn't one hour
(That being vegan isn't for me.)
you completely pulled this information from thin air, 1 hour is the time I required to zone in as I said
now let's restart this conversation
@ChrisJesterYoung Goodness, I only needed to look at what vegans eat to know it wasn't for me.
6:22 PM
@badp You haven't exactly given me any other info to go on.
@ChrisJesterYoung you didn't need others to decide you had to attack me
or criticize me
I merely shared my two cents. If you don't like that, click on my avatar and mute my posts.
or have a mod tell me to stfu
so can we start over so that this argument doesn't put off @PopularDemand?
@badp I'm sorry if I came across as critical. That was not my intent. I felt like you were saying you threw in the towel after a short trial period, then blasting Dvorak to all and sundry. If that's not what you were intending to convey, I apologise for misreading.
@Fosco *pukes*
@ChrisJesterYoung You're welcome. I admit I only lasted 2.5 hours, so your criticism on my lack of patience is founded.
I still have the keyboard printout in sight and plan to give it another try in a few weeks.
6:27 PM
@badp *nods* You're welcome to do whatever you wish, and I'm not picking on you for stopping after 2.5 hours, but I hardly think that that makes for a very...conclusive review, if you know what I mean. :-)
What you need it a brain-usb
Much easier to get code written when you can just think through it
@LasseVKarlsen I hope we get there some day..
@LasseVKarlsen Many people have poor control of their thoughts. So what ends up coming out is a whole bunch of expletives, rather than code. :-P
@LasseVKarlsen can I order two? I could give one to my boss and we could just be done with our coding efforts :\
@ChrisJesterYoung Yeah, well, the mere fact I decided to try it means I was convinced enough of the eventual benefits to try and make the plunge. :)
6:29 PM
I'm mostly interested in how distractions would work
@badp Hehehehehe.
Sexy girl walks by and you'll have a permanent record of the fact in your code
@LasseVKarlsen ever study dreaming?
Can't say I have
Know how dreams seem to last for hours but only last for mere seconds at the outside?
6:29 PM
Unless you call it sleeping
I can sleep for 10 minutes in the morning and have a dream that seems to last hours
coding would be the same. You wouldn't consciously study every second on which letter to form, you would need a tuned interface that would allow you to dump concepts ... sci-fi authors have explored the concepts for years and with some insight into how the brain actually works versus technology.
everything we do is wired for ten fingers. Until we learn that ten fingers are useless beyond our arms reach, we're not going to get very far.
@LasseVKarlsen what the hell why is that relevoh look my post has two stars wait two hours ago that can't be desktop notification they'll get me busted someday oh okay where was I oh right that bit of java I should be writing OH LOOK A NEW REPLY
@badp: Right :)
Though I was thinking more in terms of code ending up like this:
var sexy = new OhMama(); // damn!
What I wouldn't give to be able to understand my cat though, sometimes I wonder what goes through his small head
@LasseVKarlsen Where, exactly, are you doing your coding, for this to be an issue?
6:37 PM
I was thinking of others
@PopularDemand the matrix of course
@PopularDemand Doesn't everyone code over Wifi at the strip club?
@Fosco No, my virus scanner isn't comfortable with that.

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