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9:00 PM
@RebeccaChernoff figured you'd say that (-;
SU/SF elections are over...
When are the winners announced???
in The Comms Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 46 secs ago, by Iain
3,834 voters were eligible, 566 visited the election, and 309 voted
That makes me sad
But probably about par for the course for most elections.
The files are available, go run them (:
well we are electing mods, not owners :)
9:03 PM
@ChrisF probably
@TheRenamedException Why? I looked at the SU candidates, decided that they were all equally good and didn't cast any votes.
@RebeccaChernoff Where's @badp to do my work for me?
14.76% visited but only 8.06% voted,
@RebeccaChernoff doing so now
Oh, it's OK, @TheRenamedException will do it instead. ;P
9:04 PM
@ChrisF many might not have been eligible to; min rep
I have my streamers and champagne ready for @MichaelMrozek
@TimStone no, I am not
@MarcGravell That is very true. Remove the "but" from that statement
Also, mods should get stackoverflow-moderator tshirts
@TheRenamedException :O
9:04 PM
It lists how many people are eligible as well.
I'm still working out how I can get a Stack Overflow T-shirt.
@ChrisF same here!
@RebeccaChernoff - can I get one for having 10K across 4 sites????
@TimStone ^^^
9:05 PM
@TheRenamedException D: Blasphemy!
@ChrisF Appease Jeff? :P
@TimStone How?
@ChrisF - Emailing [email protected] a picture of your tackle along with your profile on-screen as proof of dong gets you a t-shirt ... that's how I got mine ... trust me
I dunno, we just sat around in a chat room and let @AidenBell post the 1,000,000th question.
the OpenSTV MAC download must not be working correctly - I'll look at that
@GeoffDalgas to the rescue!
9:07 PM
Oh, so great:
I need to refresh chat, but if I do, the userscript will break.
[jnet@Stan ~]$ file /Users/jnet/Downloads/OpenSTV-1.7-osx.dmg
/Users/jnet/Downloads/OpenSTV-1.7-osx.dmg: MS-DOS executable PE for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit
I'll upload the MAC version here
until I can get a proper fix pushed
@JoshsSocks LOL
@GeoffDalgas thanks!
9:09 PM
@TimStone I miss the userscript. ):
@RebeccaChernoff you don't/can't use it anymore?
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, I'm working on it. :/ If you step through with the debugger, you don't have the issue, so it's some obscure timing issue...
@TheRenamedException - she is too badass for it now
And has StackScripts(tm)
and ssh access
When's the official announcement of the results?
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 7 mins ago, by KronoS
Congrats @studiohack @sathya and @DMA57361
9:11 PM
@PopularDemand YEY!!!!
@TimStone There are times I have to open the dev tools to just load a chat window, so I'm not really freaking out about the userscript haha. Though I do miss it yes.
You two are far too happy for people who didn't win, @TimStone and @TheRenamedException.
@ChrisF to be honest, that is the main reason I took the job. Getting paid is one thing, but FREE SO TSHIRTS! sorted.
@PopularDemand my candidates won though!
Well, two of them
9:13 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Heh :P
OpenSVT Win
sysadmin1138 and Mark Henderson on Server Fault (at least by my use of OpenSTV)
OpenSTV download fixed for mac
@ChrisF Hrm..
in The Comms Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 33 secs ago, by Zypher
OpenSTV version 1.7 (http://www.OpenSTV.org/)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50.  Please go to
http://www.OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available.  Please go to
http://www.openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file election-results.blt.
Ballot file contains 7 candidates and 310 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 310 non-empty ballots.
@GeoffDalgas works now, thanks!
9:41 PM
And the winner is?
So I'm curious if anything interesting ever happens in here :p
@badp On which site(s)?
@drachenstern normally. but I'm waaaay too busy right now :-(
@ChrisF Oh, I thought it was SO ending first
@TheRenamedException :p
9:45 PM
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by badp
On SF, Sysadmin and Henderson get the diamond
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 22 secs ago, by badp
On SU, Sathya, studiohack and DMA57361 get the diamond
(I just caught up myself)
@badp nope, started an hour after
@badp 14 minutes to go
None of my SF candidates won :-(
@Sathya ~ Congrats!
9:45 PM
Now 15 minutes to pummel @MichaelMrozek
how funny is it that "sysadmin" got the diamond on SF?
GO @MichaelMrozek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's because I'm awesome.
@sysadmin1138 I didn't even see you in here!
I'm so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9:46 PM
The cross-posts drew me in.
Dastardly things.
I'm busy trying to shovel about a foot of ice off my driveway. I should just move
Why is this server's load at 11 right now? bad server! bad!
@TheRenamedException Bad humans who write buggy programs, more like.
I was watching my neighbor shovel thinking "what is taking him so long?". Now I get it
9:48 PM
@ChrisJesterYoung ...this server only runs my software ;-)
@TheRenamedException Well then, it makes blaming the guilty party trivial. :-P
Exactly...bad human that wrote buggy program.
@RebeccaChernoff Jinx. :-D
oh god... they've teamed up! :-)
What was that domain again? blame.josh....
9:51 PM
9 minutes
@RebeccaChernoff LOL, I haven't had a chance to set it up yet because I am trying to figure out what's causing this load!
@TheRenamedException @RebeccaChernoff is trying her special moderator message in your general direction
@sysadmin1138 Congrats! :D
7 minutes : S
9:53 PM
I guess this is the proverbial "it"
@LasseVKarlsen good luck! :-)
same to @JustinjjnguyNelson of course
Thanks, good luck to anyone else that is running for president
@LasseVKarlsen Indeed, good luck! I voted for you. :-)
@LasseVKarlsen (of the world)
9:54 PM
@TheRenamedException Thanks.
@Trufa Now we're talking!
@LasseVKarlsen :)
I don't think I'll win, I was fluctuating between 3rd and 5th in the primaries, mostly not in the 3rd position
5 minutes until I drink in sorrow or in celebration!
But no matter, good people will be elected, that I know :)
9:55 PM
@LasseVKarlsen I can agree with that
@JustinjjnguyNelson you've come to the right place for either! :-)
@JustinjjnguyNelson Election watching is a spectator sport. Except for when you can run the results yourself.
@TheRenamedException Thanks.
@sysadmin1138 I'm expecting someone to run them for me, really fast
so I know instantly
@LasseVKarlsen I concur. all the top 10 were valid candidates with no question.
@JustinjjnguyNelson my sockpuppet can help there :-)
9:56 PM
@JustinjjnguyNelson and @LasseVKarlsen 3 minutes.
Well, I'm not expecting. I'm assuming someone will
...as nearly a thousand SO users download an election file simultaneously...
@TheRenamedException hehe
I want to know how many people voted in the last 10 minutes of the election on each site
and how many in the first ten
I voted in the first hour or so on all elections so far - maybe sooner
9:57 PM
I voted in the first 10
Yeeaah, I voted in the first 10 m'self. Bias. I know.
@sysadmin1138 Weren't you running for something?
I waited until after the Town Hall :-)
@JustinjjnguyNelson He won on SF :)
@JustinjjnguyNelson s/running/won/
9:57 PM
@sysadmin1138 Congrats!
I. Just. Can't. Take. It!
The suspense! It's killing me!
@LasseVKarlsen Yeah. I'm a mess right now.
This is a long minute...
9:59 PM
It's like waiting for the horses to shoot from the gate.
Will the servers take the load of all the downloads?
ah, they got seconds countdown as well :)
I hope the election doesn't disappoint me, but I know it will sighs
9:59 PM
@ChrisF lets se
49 seconds
Very likely. It's a static file.
will there be milliseconds the last second?
@LasseVKarlsen lol
@ChrisF According to the blog, SO is comically oversupported when it comes to hardware
They keep waiting for the SO-lighting to strike again.
4 seconds
and gone!!!!!!
Winners are SLaks, Tim Post, and Robert Harvey.
hugs @JustinjjnguyNelson
OpenSTV version 1.6.1 (OpenSTV.org)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50.  Please go to
OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available.  Please go to
openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file SO.blt.
Ballot file contains 10 candidates and 4970 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 4970 non-empty ballots.
@MichaelMrozek Better luck next time
Congratulations to our new moderators!
voting ring fail!
10:01 PM
@TimStone I think I'm with you on this one
Wow, I was eliminated really fast
@MichaelMrozek that sucks!
SO took one fewer round to get to three than SU did.
I was second to last? Hmmm....
10:02 PM
@JustinjjnguyNelson Third to last, I think. I was second
@ChrisF Yeah, I'm not going to get into it, but I'm highly annoyed.
@MichaelMrozek ah, right
@JustinjjnguyNelson THANKS FOR POINTING IT OUT. :D
These results are surprising to me....
None of the candidates I voted for won
10:02 PM
@MichaelMrozek Not my intent
@TheRenamedException Me neither, actually :)
@TheRenamedException Same
Worst vote ring ever
@MichaelMrozek I voted for you as #3
@TheRenamedException same
10:03 PM
I voted for both you guys @MichaelMrozek and @JustinjjnguyNelson!
@JustinjjnguyNelson I voted for you for #2 -- way to let me down ;)
@MichaelMrozek George was my 2
Who is tim post?
He is in here
He was 5th or so in the primaries
@TimPost Congrats!
Oh, so he is. @TimPost Well done
10:04 PM
Wait, @TimPost won? I am confused
Indeed, congrats @TimPost!
3 mins ago, by badp
Winners are SLaks, Tim Post, and Robert Harvey.
Oh there's three positions available!
Count after transferring surplus votes. Keep factors of candidates who
| have exceeded the threshold: SLaks, 0.761192 and Robert Harvey, 0.965842.
| Candidate Tim Post has reached the threshold and is elected.
I kept forgetting that
10:04 PM
15.3% of SO ballots didn't include at least one winner. Hm.
Ok, yeah, I voted for @TimPost 3rd, so, I am happy then. Well, still disappointed, but...
1st, 2nd, and 6th from the primaries won, illustrating nicely Jeff's point about the primaries not deciding the election
If we ignore 1st and 2nd, maybe
who cares about those?
@badp Well, if 1st, 2nd, and 3rd had won, the primaries would've been completely accurate
10:06 PM
Who won?
6 mins ago, by badp
Winners are SLaks, Tim Post, and Robert Harvey.
I just woke up. Despite setting an alarm.
10:06 PM
@AidenBell nope, true
@MichaelMrozek and @LasseVKarlsen surely
A considerable amount of fancy math disagrees :)
@MichaelMrozek he's noticing that you didn't win
@DanGrossman I have that problem a lot too :\
@DanGrossman lol that is motivation, Winners are SLaks, Tim Post, and Robert Harvey.
10:07 PM
Notice tho that SOIS run some other queries in the background to make sure the results are not skewed by various things. It most likely is accurate as reported above, just stating. (Mostly cos Jeff already pointed it out)
OK. Drinks of lamentation are on me, name your poisons :-p
I voted for @MichaelMrozek , thought he had a good chance..
@DanGrossman glad I pulled out otherwise I would have been spanked
I was pretty sure @JustinjjnguyNelson was going to win, honestly. This is why we need exit polling
I voted for him as well I think
10:08 PM
oh no, shhh, it's @marc
@MichaelMrozek I had a feeling you would win
Did I explain targets correctly here?
Q: How to get multiple targets into one binary for app store submission?

woot586I have split my iPhone app into two targets one for the ipad and one for the iphone. When I upload to the appstore I can only have one binary. But I have two targets? I think I am missing a step. Thanks in advance for any help.

i think it depends who you hang out with
@JustinjjnguyNelson, @MichaelMrozek, and @LasseVKarlsen, you all put up a good fight, maybe next year. :)
Either way im going to sulk with a single malt
10:08 PM
@TimStone shhh, don't tell them who I voted for!! ;)
@TimStone That's what I said last year...
I'm a little sad
@GeorgeStocker :(
@JustinjjnguyNelson clearly not! That's why I thought @MichaelMrozek would win, he's well known
@GeorgeStocker Good run
@TheRenamedException I'm really not, outside of this room
Oh, and @GeorgeStocker too, even though your gravatar has somehow gotten stuck mid-entry on my screen...hm
@MichaelMrozek inside this room is all that counts
10:09 PM
Carry on debating STV - it confuses the heck out of me. But Congratz winners, and a real thanks anyway to the los... Non-winners
@MichaelMrozek I followed you on meta before this chat existed :-)
yes, congrats!
@TheRenamedException Well, maybe meta too; but not SO
@MarcGravell will never understand
@MarcGravell - My SuperPollClosedSourceSVT puts @MichaelMrozek as winner
10:10 PM
@MichaelMrozek this confuses me!
I'm sure
Actually, edited:
A: How to get multiple targets into one binary for app store submission?

MosheA "target" encompasses all of the instructions that Xcode uses to build your app. You can have two targets inside of one binary, although this is not always done. This is how Universal Binaries are made. The two apps are bundled together inside of one binary. If you open up a Mac app "bundle" y...

@MichaelMrozek meta should have been all that counts. I is dissappinted
@TheRenamedException I think I would have won then!
From skimming the results, it looks like I was 3rd choice on quite a few, which is unfortunately almost useless
Hmm. Wait, maybe I'm reading this wrong. This file format confuses me
10:11 PM
@MichaelMrozek that's what @JustinjjnguyNelson said, and the final reason you got my #1 vote
Who puts beginning/end sentinels on every single line? They're redundant
@RobertHarvey Congrats
Congratulations @RobertHarvey!
Congratulations @RobertHarvey
Congr....yeah, all that
10:12 PM
I was sure you'd get a lot of votes @Michael, but when @Justin explained to me how the votes worked, I was sure a lot of people would vote incorrectly
Why is AOL Instant Messenger trying to open the election data for me
@MichaelMrozek doesn't XML do that? :p
"Heyyyy, this isn't a buddy list!"
10:13 PM
blt is a buddy list file.
It doubles as a IM program, and a voting tally program
@LasseVKarlsen Little-known feature
So ignoring the 1/0 begin/end markers, if a 0 appears in a line it means the person didn't use that vote?
An awful lot of people apparently skipped their first votes, but used their second. I can't be reading this right
What is ballot cleaning?
And do I choose to withdraw candidates?
I left all the options on default
@JustinjjnguyNelson Withdraw SLaks and Tim Post!
10:15 PM
@MichaelMrozek But you chose meek right?
THEN we'll see who won!!
@TheRenamedException Haha...
@JustinjjnguyNelson It chose it for me, I think
Maybe I changed it earlier and it remembered; I was running the SU/SF elections earlier
Q: Results of the Moderator election 2011

TrufaThis is just my run of the STV the moderator elections: OpenSTV version 1.7 (http://www.OpenSTV.org/) Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50. Please go to http://www.OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or Amazon Payments. Certified election report...

please improve!
@Trufa That seems sort of not necessary; people can just run it themselves, and the election page will show the winners once they're validated
10:17 PM
and make it acommunity wiki (mods)
@MichaelMrozek maybe but for the lazier / lest interested
Except @Trufa, those with < 150 rep will not be able to use the download links you posted
Yay! 200 Answers!
voting ring, go upvote all of them...
I ran the election with me withdrawn and the results didn't change, so I don't feel bad now :)
@GeoffDalgas ohh
let's see
@Moshe that would a) trigger the fraud detector and b) be a week's worth of upvotes
10:22 PM
@MichaelMrozek interesting perspective
@drachenstern a) Fraud detector? I didn't know that existed. But I wasn't serious, so it's not a problem. b)Do you always use all of your upvotes?
@Moshe very rearly
@Moshe I try ... it's rather the purpose of the site, no? it is the currency of the site nonetheless
@drachenstern true, true
@Moshe really you didn't know the fraud detector existed?
10:23 PM
I hear that a lot ;) [my being right often]
@TheRenamedException I never knew if it was a serious assertion
Oh cool
Well, I just redid the Nippon ad artwork for the app store. Anyone wanna see it?
I have to leave
congrats to all
@LasseVKarlsen a @JustinjjnguyNelson and @MichaelMrozek I would have like to have you as a moderator!
@Trufa Thanks.
10:26 PM
@Moshe ...stop?
(redacted - oy)
@MichaelMrozek Sorry, all done.
I am enjoying this stop-motion commercial
@DanGrossman I try. bows
There are only 5 of them anyway.
Yup, thanks, maybe next time :)
Hmmm, now what?
10:29 PM
@JustinjjnguyNelson Start raising money for next year's campaign?
@MichaelMrozek You mean reputation? :P
@JustinjjnguyNelson No, you need money so you can just bribe @RebeccaChernoff and not have to stress over the election. :P
I did bribe @RebeccaChernoff; apparently she just pocketed it
@TimPost Good call. Maybe I should just go to the top and bribe Jeff
@MichaelMrozek She probably thought it was another raise you had hooked up for her.
10:32 PM
Ask @Pekka what happens when bribes are sent my way.
I just realized two of the three winners were the two people who missed the town hall completely. Note to self next year: Ignore @RebeccaChernoff's town halls
@MichaelMrozek I know!!!
It frustrates me to no end
@MichaelMrozek Slaks was there, but I don't think he answered more than 2 questions.
@JustinjjnguyNelson A wise strategy, it seems :)
10:34 PM
All of us were there for the SF town hall. preens
He didn't need to answer questions, he was winning by quite a bit
@MichaelMrozek I'm not sure that ignoring the Town Hall counts as participating, so just go three for three. :P
There's another lesson to be learned: Have a really long nomination statement, because people don't look at the issues: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/77557/how-can-i-improve-myself/…
I've made a special effort for the Programmers' one. Put on my best shirt and all.
@ChrisF You have my vote.
10:35 PM
@MichaelMrozek I don't think there was a strategy...
@JustinjjnguyNelson Oh, I'll find one, just you wait
Obviously I wasn't mean enough to @RebeccaChernoff last year. This year will be different
@MichaelMrozek Let me know when you find it.
I'm getting more nervous about the Programmers' vote as the days speed by
@ChrisF You've always got Web Apps, right? :P
One of two nominations over there at the moment.
10:37 PM
@ChrisF Unix comes up in a few weeks; I look forward to going through all this again -_-
Ok all. I have to go. Have a good one. Congrats to the winners. And better luck next time to the losers.
Congrats to everyone for participating ;)
Q: Should usernames in all capital letters be allowed?

Thomas LangstonConsider a theoretical username of "FOR EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT JUSTICE". Is it appropriate for a username to 'shout'? If not, should "no all caps usernames" be an enforceable rule, a guideline, or neither?

Welbog's next username?
Oh wow, I haven't eaten today...whoops.
10:47 PM
@badp I'm not sure how to read that, but the entries for sites that are already having elections and those that aren't are identical
The elections start(ed) 12 days →ago←
The nomination end(ed) 5 days →ago←
The primaries, if needed end(ed) 3 hours →ago←
The elections end(ed) →in← 2 days
@RebeccaChernoff I'd better get ready...
Got a quick non-election question... is this the right place?
Who will be there?
10:49 PM
@ReubenScratton Sure, what's up?
Thanks Tim... basically it's: Once a question with a bounty has been answered, how long for the rep points to be awarded?
@TheRenamedException The losers, if history has anything to say about it. ^_^
@MichaelMrozek HAHA
One week tops. Usually sooner. (Obviously this only applies if your answer does get selected by the OP, or it's highest-posted.)

Oh, accepted answer? You should get it real soon.
Oh I see! Thought they got awarded the moment an answer was accepted.
No worries... was just a bit puzzled.
Many thanks
10:51 PM
Accepted answers and bounty winners are separate; it's whenever the bounty offerer chooses to award it, or when the bounty expires and the system does so automatically
What @MichaelMrozek said. I forgot that non-OPs can post bounties too.
Gotcha. That clears it up. I'll stop interrupting the election chatter now. Thanks again! :)
What? This room isn't just for election stuff!
The election ended almost an hour ago; we stopped caring about that ages ago
Q: People left mean comments on my question, how do I resolve this?

PRASHANT PI wrote the following question, and it received a lot of bad spirited comments. How do I fix this situation? Do I need to delete the question and start over? Should it be edited? What mistake did I make in asking the question?

10:56 PM
It's not the first time. Check his meta profile.
I thought he was suspended somewhere
Yea, incidentally I've edited his stack overflow questions before. Just saw that when I went to his SO profile.
I think he's starting to be a borderline case.

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