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4:05 PM
Starting AP Comp Sci today..
18 weeks of Java...
@TylerChacha - Thats what you get for wanting to learn ... java. Protest and demand a compiler course instead including your own hosted clisp implementation. Worked for Egypt sort of
@TylerChacha You're making me feel old. It was still C++ when I took it.
Anyone here understand Meek STV?
@PopularDemand Not really, but you can feed it Math's elections to see it at work
It has 5 candidates for 3 spots and a tight run for the last slot
so it'll be easier and more comprehensive to follow
Good to know, thanks.
you can also simulate your own election by messing with ballot files.
4:14 PM
Yeah... I'm worried about trying to understand the method just by inspection since the algorithm demands computer counting.
I'll see how much detail it provides, I guess.
Chat really isn't that great in IE ... 7?
A: Which browsers are officially supported?

Popular DemandLast updated: Nov 30, 2010 We support current and previous versions of all browsers with some reasonable amount of market share, but not beta or dev versions. -Jeff, paraphrased (source) Internet Explorer IE 6 — unsupported (source) IE 7 — minimally supported (source 1, s...

@TylerChacha the internet really isn't that great in IE ... 7?
@TheRenamedException You need a shorter name...
4:32 PM
@TylerChacha QUIET YOU!
Just call me @The
or use tab autocompletion!
don't be Zypher
@TheRenamedException You still need a shorter name..
I is not dead. I did however, oversleep AGAIN :( ... Also, I have a great boss. Got to spend about 5 minutes in the breakroom with him filling him in on where I am, and letting him know where I'm at. Always a +. (Yeah I could've gone and found him in his office ...)
is looking for work.
says "Have Fun!"
Q: Code-Bowling: Print out Hello World without using apostrophes or quotes

Nyuszika7H Code-Bowling is a challenge for writing the most obscure, unoptimized, horrific and bastardized code possible. Basically, the exact opposite of Code-Golf. The Challenge: Create a program using the langauge of your choice that prints out Hello World. Example: <?php echo Hello; echo PHP_...

4:46 PM
@Nyuszika7H so just use an array of char, not that hard.
@drachenstern I know :) And in PHP, it's even easier, because if no constants found with these names, PHP treats them as unquoted string literals.
Ah, but I just realized you want code bowling
I could have fun with that ... think lots of factorys and for-switch statements ;)
I wonder if I should participate :\ I do have code to write after all, for my day job ...
however that really belongs on codegolf not on SO
@Fosco what programming language(s) do you know/work with?
@Moshe PHP, C#, JS
Hrm ... is thinking ... where are you located, approximately?
4:51 PM
@Moshe ask me too :)
@Moshe Northeast Pennsylvania.
@Fosco sounds like my transcript too but add SQL
or at least, TSQL
@Fosco today is still crazy.. sit tight :-)
@drachenstern I don't usually count SQL as a language... TSQL is my b*tch.
4:52 PM
This afternoon hopefully you will receive an email ;-)
@Fosco well but it is a language ;)
I must head to a meeting now
Ok Josh, cya later...
@Fosco as a way to tide things over, while looking, have you considered taking on small projects? ... continues thinking...
Yeah I have considered and am open to the idea.
I plan on working on a few of my own projects as well... definitely planning to build/release an Android app by the middle of March.
4:53 PM
...wonders if @Fosco posted on SO careers...
@Fosco before I go, this is the best we could offer at this moment :-)
@Moshe Yeah my CV is there.
ok. headed out
@Fosco good luck with that Android app. although, I will point out that iOS users are more prone to actually paying for things.
still thinking...
@Moshe Thanks... it's new to me, but I'm partial to Android over iOS and I have several ideas. I don't have to make money, but it's something I have to do, for myself.
4:56 PM
spoken like a true programmer
I hear @Fosco. I wonder if I can do the iOS version of your ideas and then we can split the profits.
badp@delta:/$ at 21:00
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
at> export DISPLAY=:0.0
at> wget stackoverflow.com/election/download-result/1 -O /tmp/SO.blt && openstv-run-election MeekSTV /tmp/SO.blt | xmessage -file - -buttons SO
at> wget superuser.com/election/download-result/1 -O /tmp/SU.blt && openstv-run-election MeekSTV /tmp/SU.blt | xmessage -file - -buttons SU
at> wget serverfault.com/election/download-result/1 -O /tmp/SF.blt && openstv-run-election MeekSTV /tmp/SF.blt | xmessage -file - -buttons SF
@Moshe that's a possibility lol.
see? I got it wrong!
4:59 PM
Googled "C# jobs", that was one that came up.
@badp I've got the edit rep thing added, but I want to make some modifications to the code, so I'll be updating it tomorrow
@Moshe I think I saw that one before... unfortunately I've not worked with Unity or Linq or EF..
@YiJiang hm? Oh the rep audit beautifier.
@badp The rep audit helper script
4:59 PM
They're starting to charge for Reflector?
Ah... compiled languages... how annoying..
bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-12307698 If anyone's interested, the BBC has a live text and video feed here for Egypt
@TimStone Your only product that people really do use is free... certainly the broken part is "free!"
@badp Hah, it seems so. :P
@Fosco I did once. I could be oversimplifying it, but linq is used to select elements in XML, kinda like jquery. I'm not much of a .net person though.
5:03 PM
I know what it is, just haven't seen a reason to use it.
Why not take the time off to learn those two technologies and then try to swing an interview?
Philadelphia is too far, but thanks.
@TimStone what? That sucks. I knew they had a pro version but ...
@drachenstern $35, heh. The email basically says "Our bad, but starting with the next version we're going to start charging, 'cause free was kind of sucking us dry more than expected."
@Fosco Ok. Sorry if I'm bing pushy. I will be on the lookout though.
5:05 PM
Yeah, I am reading the PR material on the website. I personally don't mind coughing up $35 for reflector tho
@Moshe Thanks, no worries. :)
heh, I gave 10 times that for R# ya know?
speaking of, any VS devs in here that don't use ReSharper should be shot. #JustSayin
I <3 ReSharper...
IDEA 4eva! *grins, ducks, and runs*
(Yes, it's made by the same company. Just for Java platform dev. :-P)
@drachenstern Yeah, doesn't really faze me either, I was just surprised that they went so long without putting up a fee, heh.
5:08 PM
Q: Concurrent inserts in XtraDB (InnoDB)

Michael MiorI'm currently unable to insert rows concurrently in an XtraDB table on Percona Server 5.1.54. I had the same problem with a similar version of MySQL. My table definition is as follows. CREATE TABLE `test` ( `a` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `b` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`a`) ) ENG...

@ChrisJesterYoung then I wouldn't expect a VS dev to use it, would you? ;)
So if you're doing a SQL INSERT INTO and introduce a sleep(timevalue) into the query, wouldn't you expect it to put a table level lock on the INSERT statement until the one finishes?
@drachenstern I would...expect a full conversion to Java platform. Pronto!! :-P
@ChrisJesterYoung time to wake up dreamyhead
@drachenstern Lol.
Java! \o/
...Actually, I might need to tone that excitement down just a bit, but it's what I use primarily at the moment. :P
@TimStone Or would that be "Ja\o/a!" :-P
5:11 PM
@TimStone Java isn't my favourite language but I do do a lot of Java development.
@TimStone I'm certainly a lot lot lot lot more au fait with the Java platform than .NET.
Aye, same here. I am a bit envious of various C# features though.
@TimStone Well, yes. I'd love to see reified generics, for starters. :-P
@ChrisJesterYoung Ugh, yes... shakes head
@TimStone I don't know if C# has first-class methods (i.e., without using reflection), but I'd love to see those too. :-P
>>> s = 'foo/bar'.split
>>> s('/')
['foo', 'bar']
>>> s('o')
['f', '', '/bar']
^^--- is what I meant by first-class methods (presented above in Python).
Q: C# Generics - Calling generic method from a genric class

logik6I have the following classes and I am trying to call Compare method from ExportFileBaseBL class but I get the error Cannot implicitly convert type 'Class1' to 'T'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?) public abstract class Class1<T> where T: Class2 { public abstrac...

@PhilippeHarewood I have to shake my head every time I see that, it's just... shakes head
5:22 PM
@PhilippeHarewood ok, I just watched that and ... wow
I think it was a bot trying to hack that machine, cos a person surely would've had to have read the error messages no?
additionally, the ifconfig would've made me stop right then ... had I not figured out something else was up already
But they had the power of Windows!
I saw that ifconfig scrollby and my eyes said "ehwut"
I'm SSHd into a machine with no outside connections ... Yatta! \o/
@drachenstern I think it's a stupid script kiddie who tried to follow some kind of scripted thing.
oh I'm sure
and probably someone who doesn't read English natively to boot
but that doesn't stop it being idiotic
100% agree.
5:29 PM
my internet is sucking today ):
@RebeccaChernoff :( ... aren't you guys in the middle of that blizzard too? Or did all that muss pass you over?
As far as instant coffee goes, Sanka isn't bad :)
...Definitely caffeine time sighs
:489411 was that saying that an 11k user was saying lmgtfy?
I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee at noon, and now I can actually sleep :)
I have to have a hot drink at my desk, decaf fills the void
5:33 PM
@drachenstern Nah. But I was being stupid and was like "Hey, that question isn't deleted!" (per the highlighted title) ...Of course not, because the post on the /review page was an answer to that question, which had indeed been deleted.
I can't keep a cup at my desk warm ... I should probably get one of those USB warmer things tho
@TimStone So why did the post on the /review page show up if it had been deleted? Or do you think you were just in the middle of catching it at the right time?
@drachenstern they tend to smell after a month or two
I just keep a thermos of hot water
@drachenstern I drew you a picture to illustrate:
What tends to smell after a month or two? The USB warmers?
5:35 PM
@drachenstern yes. They start to get that classic "hot plate" smell
@drachenstern The list of questions to review is cached for a bit, so it tries to tell you about things that are already were deleted as a separate step, I think.
kind of like 'burning teflon'
Well it's not like it's over MY house so I'm not exactly trying to be all stalkery ... I heard that StL was going to get some of it
waffles talked about this at some point
5:36 PM
@TimPost gotcha
@TimStone I should play with /review more ;)
@RebeccaChernoff That's quite the illustration
We were supposed to get an inch of solid ice and 12-24" of snow.
With a thermos, you can always add a splash of hot water to your drink
But it does suck that you're somewhere in that ring :(
We got 2" of sleet and 2" snow.
No, no, no....the blizzard went all around us
50 miles north: a foot of snow.
50 miles west: a foot of snow.
Here: squat.
5:37 PM
@TimPost well, to top it off I don't do well with non-decaf coffee. Something in the oils upsets my stomach. So I just do the decaf thing regularly. And then it gets cold
@RebeccaChernoff my co worker and remote lab mate had to dig a tunnel from his front door to the sidewalk
@RebeccaChernoff oooooh, I misread that. I see. It made me think that the circle was the outer delimiter of the blizzard, not the inner delimiter
also, I didn't think you lived that close to StL, I thought you lived further out. Like in a small town not near the city.
You know, you may be happy to see the county snow plow, but BEWARE!
@TimPost lol, ouch
5:39 PM
@drachenstern, I used to work in downtown StL (:
72 degrees F here in Manila :) I don't miss shoveling that stuff or cleaning off my car.
Sure, I miss seeing the first snow when I know I don't have to go anywhere, but beyond that, meh
I have a garage. (: Actually, I don't mind shoveling snow. But SNOW, not ICE. Which is what we generally get sigh.
@RebeccaChernoff Don't they call that 'snain' now?
I laugh at my neighbors that park on the street and have to scrape ice off their cars. Particularly the ones whose garages are full of crap such that they park on the street.
"wintry mix"
"frozen rain"
5:43 PM
The coldest I've seen in nearly 10 years was on a trip to China, it was about 50 (F) when we landed.
overnight tonight the wind chill will be -12F
Q: Code-Bowling: Print out Hello World without using apostrophes or quotes

Nyuszika7H Code-Bowling is a challenge for writing the most obscure, unoptimized, horrific and bastardized code possible. Basically, the exact opposite of Code-Golf. The Challenge: Create a program using the langauge of your choice that prints out Hello World. Examples: <?php echo Hello; echo PHP...

@RebeccaChernoff Why has this got 4 close votes?
Still, something to be said for cold. You can always add layers. When it's "hot , damn hot (TM)" you start wanting to peel off skin
> You have 0 inform moderator flags left.
5:50 PM
OFF TOPIC?? CodeGolf.SE is in private beta until tomorrow!! And why wasn't other code-golf/code-bowling questions closed?
@TimStone and you are sad ???
Yeah, maybe that's a duplicate, but then close it as duplicate, not as off topic!
@TimPost There was surely more left for me to flag. :P
@TimStone - you can surely count on the fact that others flagged whatever you missed.
@Nyuszika7H sorry... I disagree :-(
5:52 PM
Let's hope so. To be fair, I had dug pretty deep into the depths of /review, heh.
I vote to close code golf questions when I see em
@TheRenamedException so where do you think they should be asked?? CodeGolf.SE is in private beta until tomorrow!!
@Nyuszika7H: not every possible question has a home on the SE network.
I agree with @MichaelPetrotta
@MichaelPetrotta but why wasn't others closed? even if @TheRenamedException voted to close them… they weren't closed.
5:53 PM
@TimStone people flag stuff for very strange reasons... a few articulate flags in the mix helps.
@Nyuszika7H post some links to them :-)
@Nyuszika7H: you have our permission to vote to close them.
@Nyuszika7H I am not a mod, I just have 3k rep and vote to close questions I feel are off topic
4 others must agree with me. In this case, they did
@Nyuszika7H ooooh! close vote time!!!!
5:55 PM
@TimPost Heh, indeed. Most of these were just "thanks" or "me too" answers, so easy enough to clear out.
Okay, but you can be sure that I'll repost that on CodeGolf.SE tomorrow! :P
@TheRenamedException Yeah, I'm not really sure where Code Golf stands at the moment. I'm pretty sure it became "It has no place on SO or Programmers" not too long ago, but these things flipflop so often, heh. :P
@TimStone that they do
Sorry, it's CodeGolf.SE, edited my prev. message.
is this clear / does it answer what he was asking..?
A: post label value or table cell value or hidden text value in php

JoshIf I am understanding what you are trying to do, then here's my suggestion: Change <input name="receivedamt[]" type="text" size="6" id="receivedamt"> to: <input name="receivedamt_<?= $row['id'] ?>" type="text" size="6" id="receivedamt_<?= $row['id'] ?>"> where $row[...

5:59 PM
@TheRenamedException O_o
...Right, caffeine.
@TimStone in other words you have no idea WTF he's asking either? :-)
I'm buying free trade coffee as of next month
@TheRenamedException Looks solid to me..
@Fosco cool thanks
The Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), also called Toddy Cat, is a small member of the Viverridae family native to South and Southeast Asia. In 2008, the IUCN classified the species as Least Concern as it is tolerant of a broad range of habitats, is widely distributed with large populations that are unlikely to be declining. Description The Asian Palm Civet is a small mottled gray and black viverrid weighing . It has a body length of and a tail length of . Its long, stocky body is covered with coarse, shaggy hair that is usually greyish in color, with black on its feet, ea...
6:02 PM
@TheRenamedException Yeah, and I'm not sure if it's because of this lingering pressure in my head, or if it just doesn't make sense. I'm confused why the labels come into play.
The palm civet indeed, produces the rarest coffee in the world
Basically, the farmers let the civet choose the best beans, eat them, pass them then harvest them
Q: Please make table previews match actual output

Lance RobertsI just edited an answer of mine about a dozen times, because the result of my tables as shown in the preview, didn't match what was actually shown when posted. So I had to keep re-editing until it lined up right. If we can't make an easier table functionality, can we at least get the preview to...

@TimStone I was too
@TheRenamedException basically
6:03 PM
@TimStone I assume he doesn't mean <label> s but rather <span>(some label)</span> s
Aramid beans are, well, awesome
@LanceRoberts Do you have an example?
@LanceRoberts we have tables..?
ok, meeting is going to continue now, over lunch this time. Be back later!
Or, easier, @badp, repro? :P
Imagine your typical espresso, just deeper in flavor and less bitter
6:05 PM
@TimStone wait a second, since when are tables allowed in answers?
@TimPost That...sounds surprisingly good.
@badp I think it's "tables"?
@TimStone Just edited in the pics.
A: Formatting Sandbox

Tim StoneTest to see if we can trick the parser not to render this as a spoiler: !Latex Error Where the code is: > !Latex Error > <br> This is the normal blockquote: Some text And some more text to check for distortions... Month Week Year Concat Hours Total_Ho...

I get the same preview and actual formatting.
Someone asked me on Skype, during the primary "Why is SO so successful", and I just figured it out. Once in a while most of us want to drop our jobs and just teach, SO lets us do that.
Nicely put.
6:13 PM
@Fosco I'm quite befuddled at how long it took for me to figure that out.
It makes sense as to why at my most recent job, I spent a ton of time on SO...
A friend of mine said the other day, "Either you have to be able to learn from your job, or the job has to learn from you... or gtfo"
So I'm gtfo'ing.
@TimStone proposed an edit
I really do love my current job, the responsibilities (most of the time) are welcomed. But, sometimes, all of us want to drop that and use TeachQuery.
There is no greater satisfaction than making a light turn on in someone else's head.
Even though many of us are well paid, an arguable many of us are dehumanized into 'copper top' units that produce. Naturally, solving someone else's problem is attractive, especially if you have the capacity to teach.
Imagine that, a comment of mine from 7 or more months ago is now out of date and out of context. Who'da thunk it? stackoverflow.com/questions/2646707/…
Indeed, the sheer volume of SO users is a unique reflection of our industry. I'll sleep better knowing that I answered that.
6:38 PM
@TimPost answered what?
is amused Heh.
ZOMG WOW what a great idea!
I feel dumb not having thought of that
And this is also tres chic and makes me wonder why more people hadn't considered it: dornob.com/…
@drachenstern OK, that's pretty nifty.
I'm watching to see who brings it to market first
that should totally be opensourced and not patentable
and this is a cute idea: dornob.com/… ok I really need to get off this website NOW
@Tim Stone, thanks for the solution.
6:43 PM
@LanceRoberts No problem, and hopefully @balpha can beat out those detabbing bugs too. :)
Tabs are really quite annoying since there's zero visual indication in the editor or preview that they're there, so I can see that being quite frustrating.
when accessing an answer through a direct link, its div does not blink anymore :(
@Brainfeeder Hm, it does for me, do you have a specific example where you noticed it not working?
hey, it works now. i swear it wasn't working! :)
That happens a lot ;)
Could have been a temporary JavaScript issue of some sort, at least it's better now. :)
6:48 PM
I was having an heart attack... I really like that effect
pretty much like when google added that 4px padding on the left in search results pages for a few days
@PopularDemand Perhaps your need to comment on the inappropriateness of that comment is the answer to that question, heh..
@TimStone ...huh?
Oh, SLaks's question?
Never mind, I was looking at my other question.
Sorry, that was a bit..vague.
6:58 PM

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