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6:00 PM
@Unihedro Did you use any program to fix the formatting?
@ZygD It's called a keyboard.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DISK IS LIKELY FAIL SOON by Manoranjan Kuiri on askubuntu.com
Seasoned editor can fix indents with 4-space copy & paste quickly.
6:02 PM
Doesn't really get difficult mentally aligning everything in mind and then making the arrangement in mind come true after much editing.
@AndrewT. Also, place full stop (or whatever character your fingers are on) in front, ctrl + k the entire block, and it's lifted.
Repeat, then get rid of the full stops.
If the code blocks are aligned by two, open up regex101.com and write a quick regex.
TIL :)
> I resterated Windows but still get same message although new files I scan open nicely even if I rename and/or copy/paste.
6:05 PM
@AndrewT. You can also ctrl+k to drop down by four spaces (though tabs makes it tricky) if every line in your selection has those trending spaces.
That one I already know, and it's very useful to remove extraneous indents due to copy-pasting code directly from IDE :)
At some point I stopped using my IDE altogether when writing answers. :p
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in body: Unable to import python module in python script by user4460175 on stackoverflow.com
6:09 PM
The programmers' intuition: you know when something won't work :P
... like this joke
Good night!
@SmokeDetector ugh, misused of quote block.
Night uni!
@SmokeDetector fixed... and I'm getting sleepy too.
Q: What privilege should 30k users get?

Jon EricsonThe last time we lifted the level cap was in 2011. Last year, we added a unilateral close-as-duplicate power for gold tag badge holders, but no new reputation level. So we've been thinking about giving users more reasons to keep playing. (I've answered this question with some circumstantial evide...

6:22 PM
How nice of Jon to bring this up, even though he doesn't have 30K anywhere.
@SmokeDetector ignore
@hichris123 Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
@SmokeDetector broken markdown again @Pro
@Unihedro Yeah. Do you think by a deleted user would be a suitable fix?
6:24 PM
@hichris123 Ya
> Blue: truth, dignity, power, coolness, melancholy, heaviness, trust, reliability, belonging, coolness
A: Should we risk using colors other than blue in Web apps?

mawcscoThe author of that article is confusing the application of personal color preference with designing to appeal to others. Clearly, the author dislikes blue and wants more variety. The problem is that blue will be used because of the unconscious benefits it provides to the site, regardless of the d...

o… kay
@Unihedro actually, this is a bug. :P
wait, nevermind.
Three groups of 30K users:
(1) those who robotically answer and care little about moderation;
(2) bitter burned-out users who mostly close, delete, and argue on meta;
(3) those five who would actually use extended privileges as designed.
Well, kinda.
(I'm in group 2, obviously.)
6:33 PM
There are a lot in group 1 and 2.
@pizza I probably just need something to aspire to. ;-)
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in body: Johansen Cointegration Test by user3126171 on quant.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: Messages get lost on WebLogic WebSocket connection by user3783110 on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector ignore; they are nested but nothing wrong.
@pizza Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
@SmokeDetector I guess it should be >> [blablabla] since it's in MatLab, if I still remember the interface. too sleepy to edit.
6:48 PM
@AndrewT. Oh, right. I'll edit.
@Unihedro Alright, fixed.
7:04 PM
@nicael just wondering... what did you do on edx-cs169-1x to get suspended for a year? ;p i.stack.imgur.com/C93Ve.png
@ᔕᖺᘎᕊ report too many bugs D:
@Braiam lol - wouldn't be surprised if that was true! ;p
@Braiam But I can only think of 2 things: he got 50 downvotes and 0 upvotes on something, which led him to a suspension (because he only has 1 rep when he should have 101)
or... he got 6 spam flags which caused him to -100 in rep
@Braiam @nicael never mind - found it ;p i.stack.imgur.com/Y9uK1.png
who were you serial voting?!
7:28 PM
I was not suspended cuz of serial voting exactly. Read the last sentence of this answer :D
Mar 30 at 17:03, by nicael
user image
(As I had no ability to see those messages and is extremely curious, I've decided to recreate my account and got trapped :P)
lol - they suspended you for finding a good bug?!
doesn't this give you some hacker badge?
(last sentence)
spam http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/71311/can-you-use-a-boot-disk-with-anroid-4-1-tablets/104413#104413
spam http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/66474/camera-has-stopped-unexpectedly/104412#104412
(both are answers)
@nicael lol - the sandbox comment just got 3 more upvotes!
@ᔕᖺᘎᕊ (I created 30 socks for testin and flooded the local meta with Sandboxes, one of them I locked happily after I migrated it to main :D)
7:36 PM
I found bunch of interesting bugs however! :P
you constantly find bugs! I do wonder what will happen to you once you've reported every single bug that ever existed ;P
Just for fun: wanna see an image of my greatest SanBox™?
why not? :P
7:40 PM
@AndrewT. same on the other accounts
@ᔕᖺᘎᕊ that's just the question; all the voters are my socks :D
... waiting
accidentally migrated from the local meta, deleted because roomba :D
Also, I had done such funny close notices, that's a pity can't find them now :(
7:43 PM
teaches you to screenshot bugs as you find them!
@ᔕᖺᘎᕊ in case you don't know, suspended user always has their rep reduced to 1 while in effect. After it's finished, the rep will be restored.
don't get how how got 25 votes... you have 25 sockpuppets?
7 mins ago, by nicael
@ᔕᖺᘎᕊ (I created 30 socks for testin and flooded the local meta with Sandboxes, one of them I locked happily after I migrated it to main :D)
@AndrewT. oh... didn't know that - thanks! (and I -1'd and flagged those posts - just to try the new design effects!)
@AndrewT. thanks again
I should really read everything!
@nicael what was that...? 60!
hmm... i see another suspension coming :P
@ᔕᖺᘎᕊ ?
7:45 PM
@nicael ?
Ah, you mean deleted?
can mods see deleted chat messages?
so what?
7:46 PM
nothing, just wondering :)
Also, I found out that you can get only one reversal per question
that's practically the reason why I set up all those testing
(y no onebox?..)
bug report time...!
@nicael referrer code
@nicael followed :)
@nicael did you see hichris123's comment or have you already started writing the bug report? :P
Well, it would have a dupe. :)
Q: Fix Oneboxing for Area 51 links with referrals

ManishearthI was trying to drum up support for the Indian Culture proposal in an Indian-language chat room I'd found. Anyway, I realized that while I could post the image and the hyperlink, I couldn't post a hyperlinked image, which is sort of needed if you post the image, since it had a nice, yellow "suppo...

7:54 PM
I no dupe things! Ok.
upvoted Manish's question anyway
@AndrewT. Before the suspension, I already had rep of 1 :D cuz have no non deleted posts there :D
uhh... umm, good job? :P
@hichris123 User blacklisted (107309 on gaming.stackexchange.com).
8:22 PM
A: mm qcamera daemon draining battery on S5

TonyCSame issue is happening for me on my galaxy s5. I don't want to have to delete apps. Is there no fox for it yet?

no fox?
8:25 PM
Apparently, Smokey has no fox support, unlike Moosebot.
@bummi added "join the illuminati" to Smokey's regexes.
@hichris123 did see it, thank you :)
@hichris123 Some ideas for regexes here: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/…
@pizza I think the majority have been added, but I'll take a look.
@pizza fitness + bio sound good?
@hichris123 Yes, it can be in that regex group with others.
8:41 PM
None. 30k users are no better at moderating than 20k users. In fact I've seen way to many who don't even know the basics of SE principals. New moderator privileges should be rewarded based on moderation experience rather than reputation as reputation does not correlate much with ability to moderate, especially at higher rep levels. — bjb568 2 hours ago
@bummi *principles
@bummi *too many
30K privilege: ability to wear hats any time you want.
@bummi ******
30K privilege: one-click access to meta.
8:49 PM
30K privilege: remove "People Verbed" counter from user profile.
I nominate Pops for SE principal.
I'd assume there is no way to undock privileges from rep ...
Nov 22 '14 at 1:22, by bjb568
^bjb getting less than an 83 in English again
30K privilege: access to a chat room where only 30K users are allowed.
(This is easy to generalize to other levels)
8:58 PM
The content of the chatroom doesn't really matter. It's about being "in".
Oh, anyone can tell me what to do with those friggin review audits? I skip them, but instead I get showered with 2x more. Almost completely "reviewing" only audits :/
@nicael stop roboreviewing
?? I don't...
if (username == 'nicael') { reviewItem = audit; }
changes name
9:04 PM
@pizza mkay added
prepare for a flood of fps...
@pizza if smokey doesn't watch the Illuminati, the Illuminati will watch you
@pizza If there are, I'm blaming you again.
9:07 PM
"We have previously and recently ran campaigns for http://sstatic.net via third party networks” No you didn’t. That’s our CDN domain.
@Shog9 since you are here already would you mind to take a look to my current list of users which possibly should be removed: http://stackexchange.com/users/6022433/sheila-burnford
@hichris123 one has to wonder...
@Braiam SO gets the best support emails
It's not clear what you're trying to do. It kind of sounds like want an Android app to run on your web site instead of on an Android device. — BSMP 38 mins ago
No I want a android app of my twitter clone website. I'm asking - can i customize the android app of twitter for my website. — Amresh Kumar 49 secs ago
Wait wat.
You want to modify the Twitter app... and then release it yourself?
9:24 PM
wat intensifies
Or do you want to "userscript" it?
@Braiam wat++
Q: How to convert string to image

ZhambulableI'm using Api and want get some image, but it's string public String photo_medium_rec; How can I convert it to source?/image? in Java?

wat overflows~
@Shog9 , @JasonC thanks, I should have know earlier that it is possible to do it this way
9:41 PM
moment of completion: youtu.be/CmV3jLlIHAM?t=51m41s
9:56 PM
@JanDvorak that's what happens when you treat building roads as a game to connect dots.... it looks fugly!
@bjb568 I'm 95 and live on the North Pole.
does someone know the exact time of absence from chat after which pings stop working?
(and ideally a source on meta stating it)
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Binary search operations by user3874530 on stackoverflow.com
@SantaClaus yas
10:11 PM
@Braiam Thanks, but auto-completion has been reworked recently (a few months ago) and is now more persistent, and also as far as I'm aware, pings work for longer than auto-completion (at least, before the update, these two were not related).
@MartinBüttner If it autocompletes, you can ping.
A: Show profile picture in chat autocomplete

balphaHere you go: I've made multiple improvements to the tab autocompleter: The autocompleter now shows avatars. The autocompleter now shows the user name including spaces (small change, but it looks nicer). The actually inserted name will still be stripped of spaces, of course. The people that s...

> The people that show up in the autocompleter and the people that can be notified with a @mention are now in sync.
ah great
of course, that still doesn't answer how long it takes for pings to stop working ;)
I swear balpha posted that somewhere...
A: What are the rules for when chat messages appear in a user's inbox?

balphaTo use you as an example: @TonyMeyer, i.e. an exact match will cause a notification if you've been in the room in the past seven days. @Tony, i.e. a first name match (to be precise, a word boundary match) will cause a notification if you've been in the room in the past two days. @Ton will notif...

10:34 PM
> Who I am to think I can fool designers with PNGs? -- @nicael is a designer :)
10:48 PM
old spam barely alive: android.stackexchange.com/a/104413
@pizza gone
11:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: [REDACTED SPAM AWAITING DELETION] by slim colvin on ux.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector I like how there's a tag on UX.
I normally don't approve editing spam, but all-caps title brought it here...
Does Smokey have email address detection?
It does, but when the email is deep in the post body (not in title or summary), it is fetched through the API, and this has to wait in a queue for another post.
If Smokey had 20000 req/day API quota...
11:09 PM
No, wait. There is no email regex. I must have been imagining things.
@pizza yeah, you are.
@hichris123 Any particular reason why; too many false positives? Excluding SO, SU and AU (as URL in title) would help.
My evil plan worked; got 150 rep on Graphic Design in time for mod election.
@pizza There's no good email regex.
Q: Regexp recognition of email address hard?

shooshI recently read somewhere that writing a regexp to match an email address, taking into account all the variations and possibilities of the standard is extremely hard and is significantly more complicated than what one would initially assume. Can anyone provide some insight as to why that is? ...

@hichris123 There is no perfect email regex. There are decent ones.
11:13 PM
A: Using a regular expression to validate an email address

bortzmeyerThere is no simple regular expression for this problem: see this fully RFC‑822–compliant regex, which is anything but simple. (It was written before the days of grammatical patterns.) The grammar specified in RFC 5322 is too complicated for primitive regular expressions. The more sophisticated...

I saw those. They talk about edge cases. I'm talking about the sort of emails that appear in SE posts.
@pizza Trying to find a good one right now.
good == not too many fp's
It may still be not worth doing because of false positives... because email is often a part of code, a parameter in some request. Excluding code blocks should help, though.
@pizza Seems ok - regex101.com/r/aR3aH2/1
@pizza We can try it, & exclude SO... maybe webapps too? shrug
11:25 PM
@hichris123 Yes, webapps. And SF too. stackexchange.com/search?q=myaddress@gmail.com
@pizza I'll do SU too. So SO, SU, SF, webapps. Excluding code blocks.
@hichris123 And AU.
and and.... dunno
AU already supplies false positives in abundance because users can't format. :/
11:28 PM
or maybe post matched AU's only on AU chat room
@Braiam but it's them who get unhappy about fps sooner than the Tavern.
this again...
@pizza Untrue.
A perfect mail regex is one that perfectly accords with the RFC. These exist.
@hichris123 username could be included too, but I never saw it in practice.
Looks good.
11:36 PM
@tchrist In Perl only, I suppose.
@pizza Yeah, I haven't seen it either, so...
I'm neither, but Smokey is in Python.
Then use jfriedl’s.
It is primitive.
As befits that tongue.
And it is perfect.
I just find it unreadable.
Trading known, very minor limitations of own copy-pasted, but understandable code for unknown bugs in 3rd party library doesn't look appealing.
11:40 PM
Not a library.
A regex.
Just one.
But hey, if you don’t need it to be correct, I can make it so simple a 5-year-old can understand it.
And it will be really fast.
And I don’t know what this "3rd party" thing is.
@tchrist We're not validating emails here. We're validating spammer emails, which may or may not conform to the RFC.
Do you mean mail addresses or mail messages?
email addresses.
I think you knew that. ;)
Because if you mean addresses, they aren’t going to do much good if they don’t meet the spec.
@hichris123 The e- part of email is an affectation.
Actually, not validating anything, but detecting strings that appear to be email addresses with high probability. The probability of incorrect detection is tiny compared to the probability that the appearance of email has nothing to do with spam or anything worth noticing.
11:45 PM
@tchrist You & I know that, but do the spammers know? Doubtful.
The latter probability is high enough so that the regex may still have to be scrapped. We'll see.
False positives like...?
Perhaps you need a better regex.
@tchrist We won't know until Smokey finds one. :P
@tchrist Like someone talking about proper way of including email on Writers. Or typing it in TeX. Or ...
You really are using email to mean (e)mail address instead of message, aren’t you? That’s so weird.
~5m till tomorrow. Do you know where your DVs are?
11:54 PM
@tchrist awaiting that you post something :P
You’ll have to close it first. :)
I meant DELETE votes.
mmm... you don't have elegible posts :(
Funny thing, that.
I do have one, but you aren’t powerful enough.
Plus there’s always the stealth super-protection racket of dup-closing something else to it.
Well, not always. But recently. :)
It’s a comparatively recent deletion rule.
I really wish we had Delete Queues. I swear I cast delete votes on the same posting a dozen times before it goes away.

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