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6:01 AM
Oh well. Only two of four drupals remain, both at -6. So close.
also, the last time Jan tried to get flags for Drupal spam, this happened
Sep 6 at 7:49, by Jan Dvorak
linking in room 17 gained it a whooping -0 extra score
One left at -6
this one, to be precise...
already flajjed. still there
YAY! what's better than a cup of coffee and designing database... :D
@DroidDev only a cup of coffee :P
6:06 AM
drupal clean for now.
2 hours ago, by Andrew T.
I observed that spam.se would start being active near this time, let's see if it's true or not...
^ confirmed :/
From 5 to 6 UTC time is spam-happy hour.
yes, it's beauty and fitness hour with free online movies for drupal
6:09 AM
basically, while I am enjoying my lunch break, there are happy hour out there...
@SilentKiller umm....."a" is still better than "none"
@DroidDev :P
Who wants to bet this has a sock: 3 upvotes for this in 15 minutes: stackoverflow.com/a/26880243/189134
@Andy isn't it vlq ?
6:14 AM
Can't vlq it with 3 upvotes
I went for NAA
The proportion is 50%, wrt to the gender of the users who cv'ed your post — Infinite Recursion 27 secs ago
@Andy stackoverflow.com/a/26844272/616460 this one too; 4 upvotes on a shit answer to a 4 year old question.
now, it dropped to 25%
final result : 20% :D
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Weight Loss Programme Get Result If you want by jamessteve000 on drupal.stackexchange.com
6:18 AM
I thought SilentKiller was a typical female user nick...
@SmokeDetector I got ad at the same time. Nice timing, SE...
(I'm aware of ad on some sites though :)
@SmokeDetector true
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector Five consecutive drupals missed, prior to this one. If you continue like this, you're gonna get fired.
6:20 AM
Spam gone
@Rafflesiaarnoldii 'am not. :P
@Rafflesiaarnoldii true
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii btw who is nick ?
...SilentKiller will be a creepy name for a female user, I don't think any gal would use it...
that was quick
> I'm working on reducing fiction writing which I'm excited about and you know it's running my website [...]
the devs/Oded are mods on MSE, they nuke it instantly, unlike drupal
hello hellobenallan
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Latest skin care product with greatest ingredients by engesiek on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
6:28 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
Spam hours.
... wow
> formula penetrates deep beneath the skin and intensifies the density of those genes
Drupal clean again
6:36 AM
What should I do if there is an exact dupe to a question which I answered but not accepted/upvoted? Couldn't flag it being "unanswered". I believe I shouldn't answer it. Should I just comment to see that question instead?
^ welp... spam
@SmokeDetector true
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@AndrewT. linkey?
6:39 AM
this is an exact dupe to this
please vote carefully though, not that I want to promote my answer...
flag as dupe oops you can't, and I didn't vote
yes, you are right
I think the comment you left is fine, should do
hiya cVplZ :)
@InfiniteRecursion Okay, thanks :)
6:55 AM
@SmokeDetector true
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
6:59 AM
Network wide spammer for nike
your top answer is to my question!
yes :D
second highest voted answer is for a user who's "about me" is "Worst Q&A site I've ever seen!"
then what he is doing here since 1 year, 7 months
7:09 AM
I don't blame him, android tag can disappoint anyone on SO
^ I'd star that personally
truer words have never been spoken/written
7:26 AM
Good Morning!
Good Morning!
Good Morning!
Good Morning!
Good Morning!
what I am doing right now:
1. Write one line of code.
2. Press alt + tab , come to browser to see if there's any new message.
3. Reply/flag.
4. Press alt + tab , go back to IDE.
5. Repeat everything from step 1.
7:36 AM
@DroidDev I can ping you if there is something interesting happening?
@rene yes, of-course. Anytime :D
clicks enable desktop notification link
Or sound notification for every post in the room.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Actually, I don't have any sound drivers in my office PC. We follow strict all work no play policy except WAG :D
OK, keep working @DroidDev nothing happened...
and except when the code is compiling?
7:40 AM
@rene ya, thanks :P
What is xkcd doing today?
I just knocked over the filter with fresh coffee ground... what a mess...
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I see a script inside <div id="comic">
^ unclear/too-broad
7:52 AM
My requirements had changed, updated my query.. — mohits00691 26 mins ago
@DroidDev do we need to rollback?
@rene I am not sure, that's why I posted it here
Your edit renders this answer obsolete. Don't become a help vampire and don't try to parse html with regex consider if a new questions is more appropiate where you use this answer as a starting point that shows your own effort. — rene 2 mins ago
@rene upvoted, Can't rollback the edit though. Because... privileges....
8:08 AM
let's give the OP a chance
@rene ya, but I think, we will have to tell him to rollback the edit. Let's see if he does it himself....
spam gone
@rene Someone said not to link to that post... though I'm okay with that
Oh, it's already too late, nvm.
@DroidDev my goal of one person saying thanks to me per day is now achieved. I can fall-back to being undutchable again
@AndrewT. I'm ignorant ...
thinks @rene is bit sarcastic these days
which I like btw, but also miss the old nice @rene
8:18 AM
@DroidDev maybe I was disguised all the time...
@rene Internet if full of disguised people. Nothing is real...
and maybe a dv for lack of effort
8:33 AM
^rene's name looks so short compared to the other name on the same line
@InfiniteRecursion and "Infinite" "Recursion" seems to be different people :P
@InfiniteRecursion That pic makes me want to add a comma in my name :)
"Unihedron, Another Person"
@Unihedron great Idea! :D
@Unihedron s/Another Person/I will kill you
yesterday, by Jan Dvorak
@Ahmad with that last sentence - would you please leave?
^uni will get similar response from me if he follows your advice
8:38 AM
thinks @Inf was a bit harsh and leaves the room
come back please...
@inf and harsh. i'm victim
Inf and harsh on the same sentence? What is this madness?
back :D
it's nothing compared to the pings I got in my inbox from the tavern yesterday...that was madness :/
8:42 AM
@InfiniteRecursion pings....ask @Sil about it...
@DroidDev nothing happens here, keep working...
@Droid i don't. :P and inf know that. :P
any one used inbox ?
I got 10 notifications just earlier in my lunch break.
@DroidDev nope, not sil...this...
@SilentKiller not yet...
8:47 AM
@InfiniteRecursion O-o
@Inf what was that ? :O
@SilentKiller well....she said "nothing compared to the pings I got form tavern". I "pinged" you to tell her the madness you encountered yesterday...
@DroidDev that was 33 pings :P more then pings inf got.
@InfiniteRecursion shortest would be lll I guess? given the three letter minimum? or are zero-width unicode chars allowed/possible?
@InfiniteRecursion picture or it never happened. @Sil took screenshot of count :P
@rene Can't we use zwnj to make it shorter?
what you say now ?
hehe ^ @Inf
@SilentKiller you are still talking to him...am shocked
8:51 AM
@InfiniteRecursion that's how we do fun :P
@InfiniteRecursion I would need to try this later on....
this was nothing
in Shadow's Den, yesterday, by SilentKiller
user image
@InfiniteRecursion thank god that i was offline at that time. :D
@InfiniteRecursion Although, I must say, enough conspiracy against me for one day. :P
8:53 AM
Jan less active today.
@uni, please add "kisn-care-products" to Smokey's regex
If you put enough skincream on your face you'll get a smooth face ...
or hair oil
you will get blocked pores and pimples
but there is a cream for those as well...
8:55 AM
and hair oil
Let me find it in my spam folder...
@Droid keep your hair oil away. :P
@SilentKiller I stole yours, it was not mine :P
salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide creams...
8:56 AM
^ wut
> but there is a cream for those as well...
dangerous words above, don't read them
@InfiniteRecursion could also be handy for @Frank to get rid of weed....
or create a nuclear weapon, considering the words...
@rene no, they are not for weeds, they are for pimples :P
8:58 AM
I think... I need some of that... wait for another spam
rene will share his spam folder on drupal...once he finds it
@InfiniteRecursion I'm pimpless
I am Droid
I am innocent
8:59 AM
lie ^
lie ^
his name contains word "killer"
avoiding truth. :P
its "silent" killer only :P
9:00 AM
Warning: she ain't duck, she iz chick
Warnign: Silent Killer has never killed silence in any chatroom
I am tired
skool is boring
depends on what you do in school :P
I used to bunk 6 out of 8 lectures
come back home and enjoy :D
yay coding!
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, May 12 at 20:30, by rene
Hmmm, school is more important, take my word for it...
9:02 AM
@rene exactly
@rene I treasure my time in school. Just not the classes. I barely learn stuff.
skool is not for learning, it is to acquire the habit of learning
I read research level articles through wikipedia footnote links every day!
"skook is not for learning" ejjactly, its for bunking :D
9:04 AM
A: Why won't the system allow me to ask questions for several days?

AstraAkaGreat information, this is a good approach so this site has more quality questions and people trying to help does not get overwhelmed. Is good to know when to ask and how to ask and do some research first!

so that you can learn to read and learn things, and keep learning for the rest of your life
because, you haven't been a good student. Now, go sit on last bench
no, school teaches you the habit of learning....like "teach a man to fish, that feeds him for a lifetime"
why don't you guys try to understand :/
@InfiniteRecursion Then I should graduate.
9:07 AM
@Unihedron you will...someday...hopefully :P
@AndrewT. I confused it as hichris123 because of that identicon :/
@InfiniteRecursion true enough :/
9:14 AM
thanks rene
I need to try harder and get full edit...
@InfiniteRecursion Are all questions already answered?
Anyone knows what has happened with Bolt Clock? Last seen sep 28...
Got a life?
is the MSE equivalent of SO's
@nicael he realized SE is full of bugs and holes
after reading your posts
9:30 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I pr'd, along with online/hd + free/full/unlimited + movie(s).
ARGHHH. Two freaking useless edits interrupting my editing meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/276662/revisions
I give up
thanks @uni
I only copied stuff.. to much honor...
9:41 AM
look at uni's answer...that's called copying :P
Hey, I attributed with credible sources to back up rene's answer with evidence.
I saw the attribution, SO.com is not a social site
Oh, @Bart is being serious...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: I just went back to of have it weight loss by Angela Gore on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tup
@SmokeDetector tpu
9:44 AM
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
A: A "friends list" on Stack Overflow would be nice

Ólafur WaageIf I had any friends. This would be a great idea.

I cast the 100th upvote on that answer
I'm always serious @rene. :) And no @InfiniteRecursion, the title still sucks ... caused by the post, but it's still bad.
I would love to vote all the comments up in this answer. But that would throw a new TooSocialException; sorry folks. — Shaharyar Sep 5 '09 at 18:47
@Bart I know, paul isn't making the best edits on that post
At least @Unihedron answer is educative for the OP, mine is rude ... (based on the OP's comment)
9:52 AM
@rene I'm not surprised. It's Meta, after all.
Judging by the question, OP isn't too bright...don't mind their comments rene
@Unihedron Yours got accepted... I'm in the race for the Populist badge
@rene tacticaly downvotes
@Unihedron Where did the report this profile link go?
Q: "Report this profile" link is missing

Infinite RecursionThe "report this profile" link is not visible under any profile page today, has this feature been removed temporarily or for good?

9:59 AM
@rene ^ search the meta
I'll flag your post instead and ask for your suspension
instead of flagging, you can rant on meta about uni's downvote
that's the common thing most users do
Let me check in that other downvoted answer on meta from me
great score
10/10 great score will post downvote-worthy answer again
10:03 AM
does notification facing bug?
i always get comment notification although i had read them.
You are a perfect example of why I love the internet. — TehShrike Mar 20 '12 at 0:35
> Improve consistency of elements by using the same capitalisation across points 1 and 4.
@Unihedron get a life, will you? ;)
A: How can I chop onions without crying?

MaurizioPzCutting them underwater is a little difficult but is the best technique I have tried

^the comments on that post are nice
old shouting answer - cooking.stackexchange.com/a/36549
hm.. need to speak to a SO moderator
any one available for a quick chat?
10:15 AM
^ alive at -7
Yeah, maybe someone did dv instead of flagging?
@vba4all Looks like ThiefMaster is active and is pingable here....
Any ideas why we would reject this edit? meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/32451
I know the question is off-topic, but the edit is okay.
@SilentKiller: ^
@rene thanks, i've just emailed them instead
10:29 AM
@PatrickHofman vlq posts should not be edited, they should be deleted
@PatrickHofman custom reject or just let it pass
same rule as spam
@PatrickHofman i think it should be migrate to SO or apple.se
@InfiniteRecursion there are no flags that you risk clearing by rollbacks
@SilentKiller migration from MSE to any site is not done/discouraged
@JanDvorak ok
10:33 AM
Okay, thanks guys
Repainting the titanic is "too minor". Causes harm: Bumps post. — bjb568 17 hours ago
^that describes it
@InfiniteRecursion thanks.
@SilentKiller this and this
@InfiniteRecursion except there's not really a reason to worry about bumps
10:42 AM
there is...
thanks thanks. got it. if ot then no editing updating.
I am watching the front page of MSE to answer something and gain some rep...bumps confuse me
yes, you got it right :)
Oops, I opened the logfile with notepad....
@rene still opening?
Notepad renders your box in a SPA at once...
@JanDvorak No, it finished, I unzipped them to disk, and opened them in notepad++ now... took less then 10 secs to complete all that and have all three logfiles open (instead of just one),,,

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