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7:01 PM
@InfiniteRecursion ok let's say, or maybe because your the only paid employee here you rejected it, .... kidding, just wanted to say it has no contradiction with the assumption
@Ahmad I'm the paid employee here. And even I wasn't getting paid when I wrote that answer.
I am the free loser who contributes here :)
@InfiniteRecursion lol, yes! don't worry we can't help it much, I am another one
@Shog9 You wasn't paid for that answer and you did it, I applaud that devotion ;)
@Ahmad Which should tell you something, really. The answers I wrote when I wasn't getting paid were waaay better than the ones I write now. For starters, they were shorter. More money doesn't mean more quality.
Now that I'm lighting my yachts with $100 bathtubs filled with caviar, I've no time for quality.
@Shog9 but you feel less being looser!
@Shog9 those time you was young and crazy! now that you are an old man, know what is the point
7:06 PM
the satisfaction and pride of telling all them young'uns to get off my lawn
@InfiniteRecursion certainly if I had a good paid job, could have more fun here :)!
@InfiniteRecursion You soon deleted your post, being afraid other know that you are not a devotee in real?
I am going to bookmark your and Shog's conversation...so I deleted it. Finally Ahmad meets Shog!
@InfiniteRecursion yeah he cares more to money these days, no time for chat! but I pushed him out of his ...
... rocking chair
Please, let's spend as much time as possible trying to convince some random dude of something on the internet.
7:11 PM
Just realized I've left this open for several hours... and it's still amusing.
@Shog9 Could I work for your company? you haven't yet realized my talent
@Mooseman do you know the backstory there?
@Shog9 Nope! :D
@Shog9 Are you going to sit in a rocking chair and tell us a story?
7:13 PM
@JasonC He was going to say his true life story before you came, now he changed his mind
@Shog9 Wait... so it's not a laughable failure? Cool.
@JasonC from the time he was a poor boy in Londons street
@Shog9 Nice cover-up story, fail fox.
@Mooseman well, he doesn't always get the mouse. But diving head-first into the snow is definitely intentional. Watch the full video if you get a chance.
@Shog9 Requires flash player :/
7:15 PM
My dogs run into screen doors a lot.
Keeping in mind, this is is the same channel that brought us "Amish Mafia"
Er, I mean, my dogs use the invisible magnetic field of the planet to triangulate and home in on their prey.
my dogs use the invisible magnetic field of the planet to triangulate and home in on my breakfast
@InfiniteRecursion What I say are sometimes kidding, Oh I remember once you said you get confused right?
7:18 PM
@Shog9 That's 100% real. Unscripted. Because they said so.
@InfiniteRecursion Right, it was our first chat! you brought me to this secret place first.
@InfiniteRecursion But it was good, now I know what happens behind the curtain.
Secret place? Yes, you said the SE police caught you facepalm
@InfiniteRecursion As the saner person in the conversation, stop engaging.
@JasonC Why you are jealous?
@InfiniteRecursion she knows me better than you all!
7:23 PM
@InfiniteRecursion You were sometimes bad with me, but I understand you!
my wife came in....hush
After hitting my face on the desk, I was disoriented @JasonC!!
@InfiniteRecursion Hey don't hurm yourslef, no need really
@InfiniteRecursion don't let them to make you distrust to me
@InfiniteRecursion Excuse me if I sometimes didn't understand you! you are just a bit sensitive
@InfiniteRecursion :(, Hello?
7:29 PM
No problem, am hurt after hitting my beak on the table....cya
Heh, this is kinda funny: zachholman.com/posts/abusing-emoji
@InfiniteRecursion Just memories were going to alive! bad lucky I am
@InfiniteRecursion And I asked you about how you get your reputation? you remember?
@InfiniteRecursion never think I am kidding, unless myself say it ;), it seems you are not here and I am talking with wall, CYA
@JasonC Are you satisfied now? You made her to leave
@Bart Hey Swedish man! Hows going?
@Bart Sorry, It was swiss maybe
@Ahmad makes the first-ever self-contained train
@Mooseman Nice to meet you!
You are bad with me, you know I am not native!
@Ahmad I'm going to ask you to cool your jets on pinging people. It is spam.
7:40 PM
welcome back SE devs!
If you keep doing it I'll need to take action
Please chill out on the pinging and instead have conversations with those that respond to you. If they don't, stop.
@Haney Wow you really scared me!
yes when they are around then it doesn't make any sense to ping people again again
@AnnaLear ah yes errr...
I'm not trying to scare you. I want you to participate in conversations instead of one way pings.
7:41 PM
...is this the SE team meeting or something?
@Haney let I check the meaning of ping in dictionary
There are no scare tactics. It's really simple: please stop pinging, or we'll have to take some kind of action.
That includes pinging me right now. I am in the room with you talking.
Its not my fault that you are odd!
1 min ago, by TGMCians
yes when they are around then it doesn't make any sense to ping people again again
7:42 PM
@Haney listen to me, Its not really fun to me to be here
OK, I can help you with that
sigh of relief
you're no longer here. Magic.
he can return in 1 min. It's a sliding thing. I'll hang out to see what he does
That's the make someone disappear trick. Classic! Where are the smoke and mirrors?
If I told you it would ruin the trick!
7:43 PM
If you're going to hang out, best get some popcorn.
I have nacho chips?
I have turnips.
I have a keyboard's worth of plastic keys...
Also everyone remember (though it isn't the "right answer") you can ignore him by clicking on his name
7:45 PM
Not replies.
Ignoring people means potentially breaking Shadow's word association game, which is completely unacceptable.
@Haney The animation is spiffy!
Valid point.
I'm going to build a botnet to launch spam at drupal.se when I say so, just so I can get SmokeDetector to interrupt awkward moments in the tavern.
I mean, I have a friend who is going to do that.
@Haney First Time I was here, you said this chat has no owner, and I really don't want to disturb you
7:49 PM
BTW, if shog is still here, would you like to weigh in on