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12:00 AM
@Frank your efforts were not in vain, you're now the first in PPD stats. :-)
@ShadowWizard Oh, cool.
@SmokeDetector false
@hichris123 Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
I didn't get any rep on GL on sept 14. That's the last time.
Before that, jul 20.
12:36 AM
this guy doesn't seem to know what spam is. Must own stock in GOOG or somethin.
@cVplZ I saw that. Somewhat odd.
my absolute favorite youtube feature is how if you click to watch a video under their videos tab in the youtubers account, it auto-playists every single one of their videos. Yea, thanks for auto-playlisting 354 videos for me to watch. Total nonsense.
@cVplZ I know! Go rant. On pastebin or something.
lol, who voted to close as not constructive? Obviously I can back up every single bad feature they changed to with facts.. not opinions
@cVplZ Not me.
1:00 AM
48 mins ago, by Frank
I didn't get any rep on GL on sept 14. That's the last time.
@cVplZ rant rant
Haha I'm on the first page.
@AnnaLear So I used the new deletion system to delete some accounts I wasn't active on anymore. The new system is very cool! Very user friendly!
@cVplZ Great to hear that. I wasn't the one working on it, so all credit goes to Ana and Marc. :)
Heh, Stock Exchange Stack Exchange would be quite an... interesting name
1:08 AM
@Doorknob I saw that one. Looks viable, actually.
@cVplZ ... new deletion system?
@cVplZ Whoa, only 6 accounts!
@hichris123 yea, just go to contact->i need to delete my account , it magically appends your email/account url, etc in the form. Click submit. And then like the next day or so you get a notification. Click on it, and says "Do you really want to delete your account" Click OK and it auto-deletes in 24 hours. Then there's a button you can click to cancel it.
So I don't think you even need to do the "please delete me" in the about me anymore, but I did it just in case. New system could help retain users who rage quit but change their mind the next day or two.
1:22 AM
What I don't like to see on my chat tabs: (*)
@cVplZ Haha
If it visibly captures your account info, great. One thing I dislike about SE contact form is that it sends along user's identity from the cookie without giving any clue that this is what's happening.
@WeaponofChoice that ain't all it sends
Ah yes, my Paypal password and so on...
1:30 AM
It's a support system - it sends as much info as possible. Otherwise, we have to trust you to provide it. If you've ever worked support, you know that's about as useful as just throwing darts at past tickets and copying whatever response is hit.
Good grief, if I could have back the time wasted explaining to folks how to get their external IP address...
"No sir, we are definitely not blocking"
@Shog9 Just tell them to type into google "what's my ip"
I have a canned response for that
with a link to whatismyipaddress.com
... or that.
I've no problem with it sending lots of info to the team. As long as I know this is happening. Otherwise it looks like you are sneaking up on me.
@WeaponofChoice Well, I mean they already have all of this information...
1:33 AM
Sounds like a [feature-request] to me
@hichris123 oh yeah, that was the other fun bit - get an email from someone complaining about a problem with their account. No account link. Or name. Or description of the problem. Look them up by email address. Find their IP address. Scrape the logs looking for the scenario where things went south, which browser they were using, etc. Come up with a plausible problem description. Write up a solution. Send it.
...find out they were using a different account associated with a completely different email address.
And really just wanted to request deletion.
Solution: nuke all accounts that ask for any sort of help & don't provide details. ;)
To: SE team
Subject: P0rblem

From: SE team
Subject: Re: P0rblem

As requested, your account has been removed.

@Shog9 Well, I mean you did fix the problem. If they don't have an account, they don't have to worry about q-bans, or rate limits, or not being able to login...
it's like the sonic screwdriver of support
starred because of mention of 'sonic screwdriver'*
2:18 AM
Conceptually speaking, why does superuser.com/users/349115… (and similar) deserve to access review queues, create tags, edit questions/answers, create tag synonyms, and in a matter of time vote to close questions, and everything above that?
@JasonC Because everyone upvoted his question. :O
Q: Revisiting the rep cap (yes, again)

Jon SkeetTL;DR: The rep cap system isn't as effective or fair as it might be. I'm proposing one alternative for comment, and would welcome other suggestions too. Disclaimers I'm pretty sure the rep cap hits me harder than anyone else (pretty often over 1000 points in a day), so a change could easily be ...

Yeah. On Math we have a user who has these privileges by virtue of copy-pasting a funny pic from the internet.
@WeaponofChoice That's just sad...
2:37 AM
Another copy-pasted funny pic earned almost 2000 so far. Notably, it is the question with most downvotes on the site by far (112 as of now). For the most part, Math users did not like it. But SO users had their lulz, and richly rewarded the author.
Because of hot question.
And thus, the feature-request
Q: Prevent questions on Hot List from being upvoted by casual visitors (only rep is from association bonus)

DVKI have experienced this on a couple of sites (and I'm not the only one) : You look through the question list. You see a pretty bad (or at least not-so-good) question heavily upvoted. Or even worse, a very poor answer to a good question - upvoted to stratosphere. Or even worse, a very poor/inc...

The Batman traffic was driven mostly by yCombinator, actually. Back in 2011 the hot list was not as prominent as it is now.
I love this comment:
Enjoy your gold badge, dude. ;) — J. M. Jul 31 '11 at 2:50
Uh oh, it's almost 3am UTC. Time to sneakily downvote some 1-upvote answers to old closed questions.
@hichris123 I dunno about all those cap changing arguments. I'd just like to see a minimum number of answer posts + membership time in addition to rep for privileges.
2:58 AM
@WeaponofChoice On GL, I have 49 of the 89 badge types.
Missing Peer Pressure, try to earn that one.
@WeaponofChoice Unsung hero would be hard too.
Aha! 14 views to a gold badge! gardening.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/…
13 now...
Everyone go look at Frank's question!
Tavern effect~
3:05 AM
@WeaponofChoice I should try to get precognitive. :P
Are views counted only from logged in users?
If not I got you from my cell phone and a couple proxies too, lol.
You say "I joined this site July 6 '11, if I remember straight"... there's a timestamp showing when you hover over "member for" line, it's accurate up to a second.
Or unique visitor
@JasonC ip addresses.
For a logged-in user, it's per account. So, when I used my phone (where I'm also logged in), I opened the question in private tab. +1 anonymous user.
3:11 AM
woohoo, ten ip addresses needed to view!
@WeaponofChoice Where do you get that?
@Frank I just got you one from the w3c validator. (It failed, by the way.)
(Not Frank's fault). I read this description of how the views are counted, but it may be out of date....
+1 from Google Translate (I think it counts)
Oh yeah and from Bing translator
This is more difficult than I expected. 7 more to go.
7 views to go.
3:18 AM
just ping everybody on this chat
run away
View count is probably cached...
@everybody view my question.
Spam? ^
@WeaponofChoice It seems to update right away.
There's one from webpagetest.org, lol...
@JasonC yep, when I hit f5.
This one web page performer tester made me type a captcha. As if I'd be abusing the system.
3:22 AM
Well, if I don't get a badge in the next thirty minutes or so, I'm headin' off to bed anyway... catch it in the morning.
4 to go!
ooh, two more views to go.
Hm, caching?
@WeaponofChoice I see 2 still.
Now I can say...
Made you look!
3:28 AM
I'm blowing through validators and stuff. I think they have to load objects on the page to load the counter, instead of just grabbing one http response.
oh come ON
brokenlinkcheck.com: Sorry, URLs with slashes are not supported in the free version.
I.e. "There is no free version." I guess.
@Frank There you go. Thank deadlinkchecker.com.
Woot. There I go.
waits for badge
Pitifully enough, that will be my 7th gold badge, which will ut me as #1 as far as gold badges go on GL.
3:36 AM
Is it 10000, or > 10000 for the badge? Because I'm pretty sure we've completely covered the entire internet here.
It's 10000, but the badge-awarding scripts run at some intervals.
So, Frank is likely to get it in the morning. At least we got the screenshot.
Pfft. All that and no instant gratification.
Pinging all developers: run the badge script now
@Frank BTW, did you ever get your grass to grow?
3:41 AM
@JasonC Didn't do it yet :/ That was a filler question to help with Area51 stats. I should do it sometime though.
@Frank takes back views
I'd say 10000 views is not bad for a filler question.
@JasonC drops apple on Jason C.'s head spitefully
Crap, now there's spite in my hair.
Now I have only 5 questions with a score of +9.
3:46 AM
Ha, thanks everyone! Catch y'all next time! I'm off.
Soon @Frank will be a golden tree:
@InfiniteRecursion Ohh, nice! If you remove the ground, I'll update my dp!
Just finished 9 double-sided pages of calculus.
pics or it didn't happen.
3:54 AM
user image
@Frank ^^
@InfiniteRecursion takes it back and becomes a beautiful golden tree right away
Da hell?
@Frank Yay! It doesn't look good without background
^222 rep
@bjb568 Hm, 9 pages of answers? Missing the best parts. dislikes test-driven calculus courses.
4:02 AM
likes that at least doing lotsa calc improves next day's productivity
I could get an A without doing that HW at all, I guess.
1000 point quarter, this is only 50 points.
Then again, my class looks up to me, so I wouldn't want to give them ideas…
'Night now!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MTP DISCONNECTED ON SAMSUNG GALAXY 10.1 by Michael Brown on android.stackexchange.com
spam gone
@InfiniteRecursion it sure is
It's the first time I've seen that "possible spam" banner outside of review audits
Ha? I see them very often :/
4:53 AM
Post them here
ok, will do
all spam gone
if they are spam, I mean
I understood that, am not dumb
speak your mind
@InfiniteRecursion TIL
4:58 AM
stop trolling, go do something useful Jan
^@Jan, is that spam?
When it's in LQ and every reviewer so far recommended deletion... it hardly matters.
@Frank looks cool :)
the review queue is always full of possible spam, it gets confusing :/
5:08 AM
The new mobile autocompleteusername feature is great!
hiya @inf @inf @inf @inf :D
@Unihedron o/
avoids owl attacks by waving hand
how can someone think it's stockholm syndrome, seriously...
@JanDvorak ...
Oct 26 at 9:56, by Jan Dvorak
Isn't that just a Stockholm syndrome?
5:14 AM
@InfiniteRecursion what is? Who's terrorizing you?
googles it
@JanDvorak you called me a dick and labelled it as stockholm syndrome
now you ask me if I actually like uni, facepalm
what about me, though?
what about you?
Do you like me?
you are annoying
you aren't terrorizing enough to induce stockholm syndrome
Should I try harder?
In either direction?
5:19 AM
uni, do you like Jan?
oh and... three pieces of spam on Drupal
ok, uni is midway, try harder, and he might actually start liking you
Jan is a helpful owl! But he's also quite weird.
Like all Javascripters.
5:22 AM
see, uni partially likes you, just try harder and it may work
but... in which direction?
uni, which direction?
Eh... I'll be back later.
Fun fact: over 1/4 of all posts on Drupal are deleted (26%). Compared to 16% on SO.
5:25 AM
Okay, maybe not everyone's idea of fun.
most of the deleted ones must be spam
@InfiniteRecursion Running since 04:47:24 UTC
5:27 AM
@AndrewT. ... did I miss something?
Yay, my boolean privileges will work now
I got Deputy badge on Android Enthusiasts quick enough. Too much NAA over there.
@AndrewT. Same for the android tag on SO, congrats for your badge
Ironically, it's one of the least enthusiastic SE sites, with only 66% questions answered. (Only Statistics and SoftRecs have less.)
@InfiniteRecursion not yet on SO, but thanks ;)
5:34 AM
The Wheel of Blame page still says "MSO Tavern" and links to ... stackoverflow.com. Whose fault is that?
@WeaponofChoice I agree, I think there are too many casual people who ask a question, get answer, and then just leave without understanding to accept/upvote((if possible) the answer
@SanjayaPandey I always will eventhough I get all my reputation taken away from me....I dont need who? but I am human and human are always curious. with curiosity and information we reached age of technology. Im curious about the cause and I think I need to get informed..... — Crawler 23 mins ago
No, secrets go against the SE Be Nice Policy. — cVplZ 5 hours ago
5:53 AM
The Informed badge on Meta.SE is the closest thing I know to a secret badge.
@WeaponofChoice Yes, I took the tour so many times, yet I was not awarded the badge :(
yesterday, by cVplZ
@inf needs to get informed
^cVplZ set an impossible goal
Sad fact: the 2nd most-often downvoted user on SO is Jon Skeet.
That's sad, he is an excellent author
There are far worse things on SO that need downvoting, so the community isn't doing it right in that case
^one user approved it :/
6:08 AM
will flag
other: the approver of this edit needs to be taught a lesson
it's a new reviewer, only reviewed 31 posts...will learn eventually
... eventually
There might be bigger fish to fry, but small things still count
... I agree
also, 3 stars for uni's comment on the star wall, so 3 taverners think you are "helpful and weird"...try harder, and someone might actually reply with a yes eventually
that reviewer needs flagging, review history isn't good
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Best Food Supplement For Muscle Building? by Dustin Liyon on drupal.stackexchange.com
6:25 AM
spam gone ^
I want to build some muscle
@DroidDev family pack or six packs ?
@SmokeDetector true
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SilentKiller ummm.....I'd prefer six packs more
6:31 AM
@DroidDev go ahead and catch all spam links and follow them ;)
@SilentKiller or just follow Physical fitness.se :P :D
@ProgramFOX @uni Smokey's regex missed askubuntu.com/questions/543454/…
Meta Spams Gone
askubuntu spam at -6
6:46 AM
AU spam gone
@cVplZ Thanks, I requested deletion of my AU account, it's really easy now
yep @inf :D
why are you always present in our room @uni?
do you never leave?
9:06 AM
cv's done
My account still works but this might be one of my last days here....
@rene I will save you the trouble, am going to report your profile. — Infinite Recursion 1 hour ago
I sense some rage quitters/new users with questions heavily downvoted/users with personal grudge against others who closed their questions, already planning to abuse this feature. — DroidDev 58 secs ago
9:22 AM
morning @Vogel
morning @Vogel
morning @Vogel
morning @Vogel
morning @Vogel
morning @Vogel
9:26 AM
morning @Vogel
blame @AndrewT. and @SilentKiller
~spinning the wheel of blame
blaming shog9 instead
thank god.
Congrats @Andrew we are safe. ;)
@DroidDev Yea, I forsee some users abusing it.. but my main concern would be people using the report for things that can be done easily be a mod instead of needing an employee to do
@InfiniteRecursion you encountered a bug, go report!
poor Jeff...
I think adding minimum rep can mitigate the abuse
@cVplZ todo, will report some other day
9:30 AM
@AndrewT. only Trusted Users can use the report link??
@Vogel612'sShadow yeah, kind of
And also, inb4 "report-ban" for abusing the report link.
Why is rene's account still working? :P
@AndrewT. but doesn't it show up even for non-logged in users or passerby's?
goes to report this questioners badly photo-shopped photo
9:36 AM
@InfiniteRecursion the US is at sleep now. Your request is handled first thing in the morning...
@Vogel, you are becoming like Jan
@InfiniteRecursion is that a compliment or an insult now?
depends, do you like Jan?
9:38 AM
hey who cares what I think ;)
4 hours ago, by Jan Dvorak
Do you like me?
I asked since you poof instead of your normal toodles
and now you are becoming a grammar nazi
you are the most probable taverner to reply with a yes
Stop using chat as a social network, goto facebook if you want to like someone
@InfiniteRecursion I always was a g-nazi, just Jan was faster
@InfiniteRecursion are you stalking me?
Like... maybe.. respect? yes
@Vogel612'sShadow Wasn't that obvious?
@Vogel612'sShadow ok, nope, I am not stalking you. I poke users after poof, so I know those who poof :D
9:42 AM
maybe I should stop poofing then
I stopped poking after poofs
~back to purging asp-classic
@InfiniteRecursion I have it!
@rene Facebook o_O
@bart won't be here today. He is taking the day off making cookies and rekindling with the past.
9:44 AM
@rene proposes socialnetwork.SE
@Unihedron you were the root cause of that stockholm syndrome analysis, you go and propose it
@Unihedron I'll follow that
oh shits
Hey @Bart :)
Hi @Inf.
9:46 AM
It doesn't seem to fit in any of Area51 categories.
Cookies are in the oven @cVplZ. And my past isn't interesting enough.
@Unihedron I unfriend Area51
@Unihedron Technology?
@Vogel612'sShadow Nono, social network of SE, not SE site for stuff about social networks
@rene do what you want to do, you aren't here for very long...
9:48 AM
@Unihedron um... that's exactly what non-administrative chatrooms are there for (within reason) isn't it??
Ah, there's already Network Science. :P ...
@Unihedron that seems very broad...
@Bart your past must be interesting, after all, many users have started to imitate you. Imitation is the best form of flattery.
@Unihedron how did you get it? I took the tour multiple times, but no badge for me :'(
You have the badge on Stack Overflow right?
9:54 AM
yes, so?
Ok, take the tour on Stack Overflow again, and again and again.
scared by the tour guide's advice
Then go back to MSE and take the tour. Hopefully you'll figure it out.
I believe that's the trick, but I couldn't do it properly :/
9:56 AM
you scared me so much, now I like you :P
It will become 11 again when @rene loses the account :(
@JanDvorak yes, because it works. ^proof

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