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10:02 AM
Why doesn't IE8 stop showing the item if it has a style display:none? What else does that fricking browser want me to do?
@InfiniteRecursion I don't think that URL was in a correct format, that might explain it.
@ProgramFOX ok, is packers and movers included in the regex?
@InfiniteRecursion nope, but I'll add it
@ProgramFOX thanks
10:13 AM
I just bumped this, Smokey didn't catch it :/
Well uh..., Smokey seems a bit broken because it abords many times.
Undo probably has the logs and I pinged him about it, but he isn't online yet.
@InfiniteRecursion closed
10:19 AM
@Sam thanks
I didn't actually get a chance to cv it. Everyone else beat me to it. ;)
@Vogel612'sShadow The editor looks like Pham, but he's got a face.
Do a room without rep requirements for testing exist?
10:30 AM
Instead of getting the badge, I got a teapot :(
@ProgramFOX - a bot user still require the 20 rep score? Even in a room you own?
@SPArchaeologist Yes, you cannot add it if it doesn't have less than 20 reputation unless you are a mod.
@AndrewT. hint hint Provide your *k*y (two letters censored)
@ProgramFOX so basically you have to sock to actually have an usable bot user?
@SPArchaeologist yep
10:32 AM
You can ping a mod @SPArchaeologist.
Sam got rep for Pham and Gham
I got rep for the java chat bot
@cVplZ ya, that will also become a problem. I think a meta post on uses of that will be good for everyone
@ProgramFOX thanks! ;)
Scarily, it logged-off my account on MSE though, I thought I was gonna be banned
10:40 AM
@AndrewT. Weird, it did not do that for me.
Erm... kill-with-fire-pls stackoverflow.com/q/19626252/3622940
@ProgramFOX probably due to the teapot (the response I got was "Suspicious activity" as the site title)
@Unihedron dafuq?
@Unihedron whats the question..?? O_o
@AndrewT. Oh, okay. I also got the teapot when I didn't yet provide the magic, but I didn't get banned.
10:41 AM
@SilentKiller If I were to guess, his browser messed up
Well I think he should post it on mSO, but he hasn't enough rep.
@Unihedron "cant view messages or edit post or delete comments or posts" his repo is 1 only..
@ProgramFOX last seen Oct 28 '13 at 2:07
misses the question and link-only..
@InfiniteRecursion oh well, then he had that problem a year ago, then it should probably be closed indeed...
10:43 AM
@Unihedron I am wondering, how was he able to come here and post a question on that amid all that ruckus :/
that question is not worth so much discussion, kill-it-with-fire-pls
[editing] and [deleting] are bad tags on SO, most rants are tagged [deleting]
Yes, I'm burninating that tag. Mostly retagging the salvageable questions right now. Pro and Sam is in the tag burnination room right now too.
10:55 AM
Someone synonymize [tmpfile] into [temporary-files] on SO pls
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PRESENT SIMPLE AND PAST SIMPLE by user5577 on ell.stackexchange.com
@Unihedron make an MSO post, I'm sure no-one has enough rep to suggest that
Q: Make [tmpfile] a synonym for [temporary-files]

Infinite RecursionPlease make tmpfile a synonym for temporary-files tmpfile: •Tag wiki ✗ •Questions tagged: 33 temporary-files: •Tag wiki ✔ •Questions tagged: 293 The tag info for temporary-files says: A (often short lived) file, automatically created for reasons like storing data that no longer fit into m...

11:12 AM
Whose idea was to PROTECT the sandbox question on the meta site???
@SPArchaeologist Why not?
You wanna do sock puppetry on the thread? xP
I unprotected it, now you can post your answers. (it got auto protected, probably after deletion of several answers from low rep users) — Shadow Wizard Sep 11 at 11:38
Cheers, it's a never ending battle with Community account since answers there get deleted very often. If it happens again feel free to ping me here, or ask in the Tavern from any 15k user to unprotect it again. :-) — Shadow Wizard Sep 11 at 11:43
@Unihedron because it was the most clean way to give that user the requirement to talk in MY room (which already is boh since the gui states that I should be able to bypass the 20 rep requirement as the room owner)
^my first post on MSE, Sha hit me with his dupe hammer :P
@SPArchaeologist inb4 sock puppetry
Just go edit questions.
11:15 AM
@Unihedron On Meta, answering is easier.
@Unihedron Good idea!
On SO, editing is easier.
@SPArchaeologist If you upvote your sock, we will report your profile
Editing question
11:17 AM
@InfiniteRecursion actually the idea was to upvote and retract the vote, just to bypass the requirement, add the user from the bugged gui, have the privilege retracted with the vote, profit since the user is already added. But you said it, no need to answer. I can edit.
@SPArchaeologist o_o
That's an image, not a question :P
^ in the above small screen you can se that the chat room own access control page says this:
Explicit write access
Even when this room is read-only or their reputation is too low, these users will be able to talk in this room.
@SPArchaeologist Moderators can still add your bot there, and you can also use that feature if it's a gallery chat room.
11:38 AM
They can't, uni and I have a room, we tried to give his sock write access, it doesn't work
seems that only diamond mods can add a user with rep<20 to the access list.
So, the question is:
11:39 AM
the message is "bugged"?
should it be revised?
too trivial, features are implemented only for users, not for socks
Sock jokes aside, I was expecting to be able to give my bot account acces to the Sugar Cube, a room I OWN
socks are not officially supported by stack exchange :P
@InfiniteRecursion this is redicolous. If the user is a sock for voting, it won't chat. If it is for receiving votes, it won't have the <20 problem.
even if you make a feature request, it will be declined for sure, not worth the dev time to change something for socks. Either help yourself and earn 20 rep, or ping a diamond here :)
11:41 AM
I fail to see the joke here, sorry
anyway, at least I got the info I needed.
The message is wrong.
A: Make [tmpfile] a synonym for [temporary-files]

bluefeetDone and Done - both tmpfile and tempfile are now synonyms of temporary-files.

@InfiniteRecursion \o/
@SPArchaeologist check this for your reference chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/89?m=2223093#2223093
@rene don't worry not needing that now. Just wanting to check if the message is wrong or I missed something.
do the spoiler tag work on chat?
>! let's check..
11:54 AM
Fair warning: The Blue/Purple potatoes turn grey when boiled. My wife still harangues me for the "brain soup" I made, unknowingly. — Grey Dog 2 days ago
12:15 PM
12:39 PM
so long and thanks for the fish.
@AnnaLear Sorry to brother you. You are a diamond mod right? Could you add this user for write access to this room?
1:00 PM
@SPArchaeologist If you are the room owner, you can do it yourself
@Andy Not if the bot doesn't have 20 rep, then you need a mod.
Have the user visit the room, then Click info -> Access Tab and add their user id to explicit write access
@SPArchaeologist I expected pinkiebot
@Andy Doesn't work if user you're adding is < 20 rep.
1:07 PM
@Andy Cannot already tried, the message says "Even when this room is read-only or their reputation is too low, these users will be able to talk in this room. " but you cannot add the user. Which by elf-style truth telling is actually correct, no one ever said that you can add the user, only that an added user bypass the requirements.
1:26 PM
inb4 meta-rant?
@PatrickHofman close that as a dupe though, not as off-topic
@Stijn I am not sure if it is a duplicate, already voted, so can't change any more.
@PatrickHofman no, salvage it
I cv'ed it as OT, not dupe
1:34 PM
A place with daily meetings is a place to quit ASAP. It's entirely unproductive in an IT environment. A weekly meeting at most, better is monthly. One can find out about progress or where one "stands" easily doing the usual office banter. If your boss mandates it he's a fool (to put it nicely :) and it's time to look for another job. Also if your added management duties (which means increased responsibility) did not come with a pay increase you've been screwed. — aseq 16 hours ago
@GarrisonNeely A place that is fixated on Scrum or Agile, or any other acronym, and holds daily meetings, is a place to quit. The wide popularity of something like Scrum is no evidence that it is good or useful, and may in fact be evidence to the contrary since it is usually non-technical bureaucrats who choose to adopt those kinds of buzzwordy standards. Don't get me wrong, standards can be good things, mostly in a "from time to time" way -- and in software development, they are almost by definition bad if they are instituted in an "every day" sort of manner. — EMS 10 hours ago
Jan's offensive post might be a troll
I am really perplexed by these comments.
why? It's an unregistered account
Those comments make sense to me, weirdly.
I mean I see where both of them are coming from. But they aren't very helpful.
1:38 PM
@JasonC I guess it depends on what type of meeting it is. The place I work has a daily meeting that lasts 15 minutes or less, and I think it's incredibly helpful.
report that profile @uni
@InfiniteRecursion I thought it's for profiles, not users?
@jadarnel27 Yeah; I think it's that, in many cases poor implementation of those kinds of things leave people with a bad taste in their mouths, then they generalize and make comments like those ones. You can see where they are coming from, they probably come from backgrounds where those kinds of tools weren't used well and meetings were ineffective.
And now they're doomed to forever hating meetings.
poor them...
@JasonC That's a good point! The generalization is the thing that really rubs me the wrong way.
1:41 PM
@Unihedron ok
@JasonC I worked for a large corporation that had massive, long, pointless meetings - usually a few times a week, sometimes every day.
I did not enjoy those.
But this place does meetings quite well.
@jadarnel27 Well, I've noticed that open-mindedness and not making those kinds of generalizations is a sign of experience. Not that not having experience is bad; but those kinds of blanket statements are a normal part of "growing up" in a career I think.
That makes a lot of sense.
What's LQQ?
1:51 PM
Low Quality Question
@InfiniteRecursion Another superuser.com/a/562538/245945
@SmokeDetector falseu
@ProgramFOX Registered as false positive, added title to Bayesian doctype 'good', whitelisted user.
1:59 PM
Has the name filter ever caught something?
@JanDvorak Not yet, but I added it because I remember that there were some offensive posts by users with an offensive username so it looked like a good idea to add. And it's also just there for a week or something.
Is the shouting broken by any chance, Smokey didn't report any shouting on the entire network in past couple of days, which seems unusual
I bumped a shouting post today to verify the same
Spam gone
and closed
Are your notifications working fine now?
2:10 PM
Today @rene is dominating the star wall, no Bart :(
As long as we have Dutch dominance we are both fine wth it....
2:17 PM
Please star the message to indicate it is offensive
@SPArchaeologist done
I wonder what SPArchaeologist's bot will do..
@InfiniteRecursion you've missed a punny self-referential joke here.
Speak your mind, I truly am unable to see any joke
2:23 PM
Well that's a stretch, lol.
meanie, and a duckist
hiya @uni @uni @uni @uni :)
hiya @inf @inf @inf @inf :D
2:27 PM
Meh, there is not a verb "to owl" :(
this conversation is a real ... hoot
leans on table and moans
poofs without @inf noticing
that's why you are annoying @jan ;)
2:29 PM
Smokey caught shouting^
Good smokey!
[ SmokeDetector ] Terrible pun: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2583716#2583716 by Anna Lear on chat.meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Fake SmokeDetector detected: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2583759#2583759 by Jason C on chat.meta.stackexchange.com
Impersonation (-512%): [ SmokeDetector ] Terrible pun: chat.meta.stackexchange.com by Jason C on chat.meta.stackexchange.com.
2:32 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Lame self-referential Inception joke detected: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2583786#2583786
Oh, you guys.
2:38 PM
We love trains! One ends and another begins @JasonC
Well, guess I should check my email and thus officially start the day. \o
Dev team, thanks for adding the name-popup on mobile chat, it's great.
I agree!
testing Does this appear in Italics, or does it show with 2 stars?
so it appears in italics
How can I show it with a star in front and back without making it fixed-width?
2:44 PM
*like this*
Are you a programmer, @Nate?
Ok. Escape the asterisks.
what character do I use to escape them?
I know what escaping is
just not how to do that in MD
\* like this
with a backslash
2:45 PM
It's that simple?
@Unihedron not all languages use \ to escape
@NateKerkhofs Yeah, sure.
All reasonable languages do.
@Unihedron In HTML, it's done through %encoding
@NateKerkhofs it's called a print encoding, not escaping, and I really don't have time for this
HTML is weird.
2:47 PM
I'm not going to discuss escaping now as well, since that's not exactly on-topic. I just wanted to know how I could do it in an SO text box
thanks for that
also you can escape either chars in a markdown and it will neglect the formatting, so any of these will work:
\*words* *words\* \*words\*
Didn't you not have time for this?
uni escape!
2:51 PM
@Unihedron Escape from the Tavern before it's too late!
@Sam Yeah, because someone is wrong on the internet? :P
I'm actually studying an ascii art rendering algorithm.
@AnnaLear Thanks. Have also discovered that I still need the rep if I hope that the avatar will show.... but I appreciate you kindness.
2:56 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Good grief, third person perspective
Still, explains what every programmer should know about text, it was the first resource I could recall atm @uni
^^ closed
@InfiniteRecursion It's great!

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