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7:00 AM
Hey, it's midnight!
It's always midnight somewhere
Good night!
(It's always day on the internet until someone goes to sleep. :)
@Ramhound my neighbor had a jack rabbit (named Jack) once that just disappeared one day — Cole Johnson 29 secs ago
@Jan: You were so quick to link that, you forgot to flag it yourself. ;)
7:02 AM
> One periods so once every two a few a few a few several weeks and it does outstanding aspects my roots and I do like it.
@Unihedron Why would I flag myself? I did flag the post
That's a few too many "a few"s...
@Jan because flagging ourselves is fun
> I still bravery think I've got enough yak still a arriving back position of the car park staying on this is roots
*stabs a flag pole into himself*
@Jan I meant that you forgot to flag the post as well.
@Unihedron I flagged it
7:04 AM
When I reached the page and casted my flag, it was at 0 score.
But did you flag the flag pole!?
should I flag before posting here?
it's just a question of order
7:07 AM
@ColeJohnson because you removed the OS info?
@ColeJohnson y u no liek paragraphs?
@JanDvorak that doesn't relate to the question at all?
1 liek == 5 reputation
This was vandalism, Cole - Your edit defaces the post
@InfiniteRecursion how does it deface the post
@ColeJohnson It defaces the post!
it lowers the legibility, at least
7:11 AM
Again, how?
it removes all paragraph breaks
I removed "doubly asked questions"
doesn't help
Yes, and doesn't provide a single improvement. The original "Why do file URLs have three slashes?" is far better than your improved version "Why is this?"
@ColeJohnson duplication isn't bad
7:13 AM
Ok, but it's not vandalism. It's just a bad edit
It's quite bad that it defaces it..
define "vandalism", @ColeJohnson
> (noun) action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.
It's outright vandalism - clearly "defaces" the post
@Cole my personal experience tells me that only edit high-rated or old content when you're absolutely sure that it's necessary + improves the content.
7:14 AM
Is it not deliberately defacing the content. I genuinely thought that improved the post at the time.
@Cole: Your edit made and absolutely clear question with 128 upvotes unclear. How isn't it "destruction of public property"?
How was it unclear? I kept the original question; why are there 3 slashes?
@InfiniteRecursion Cole is arguing about the "deliberate" part. Apparently faceplanting on your keyboard isn't vandalism because you didn't mean to do it
or is he?
Changing `file://D:/Desktop/Book.pdf` to `file://D:/Book.pdf` is radical; Changing the formatting to without paragraphs is defacing it; Shortening the title which had no problem on the first place was invalid.

My two cents.
I am. I genuinely thought it was an improvement at the time. No mal intent and I'm being attacked as if it was because of the usage of the word "vandalism"
7:17 AM
"Deliberately" would be valid if you were listening to us and not defending your vandalism after all the explanations. You seem pretty determined and decided about your edit Cole.
@ColeJohnson accidentally faceplanting on your keyboard still results in vandalism suggested edits
I agree it was bad, but I'm arguing about being attacked because of it
Ignore it and move on, make better edits, become a famous editor for your future works..
No point crying over a rejected edit :)
7:19 AM
(Sorry if I put it too rude.)
Vandalism is intentional destruction of content. I'm pretty sure that wasn't what Cole was trying to do. Was there a previous discussion about this, or just the past 10 minutes on chat?
Past 10 minutes
It could be rejected for a different reason as well, actually.

How to Edit

► fix grammatical or spelling errors

► clarify meaning without changing it <-
^^ + Don't remove OS details from questions, these are helpful information for those who want to answer.
7:24 AM
Ok, I need to sleep now
Don't edit just to change "writing style" of authors from 2 paragraphs to one paragraph and vice-versa
By the way, "This edit changes too much in the original post; the original meaning or intent of the post would be lost." is the reason "Radical Change", vandalism is "This edit introduces spam, defaces the post in some way, or is otherwise inappropriate."
Good night @Cole!
gg spam
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PUSH NOTIFICATION FROM SERVER ASP.NET WITH SIGNALR V1.2 on programmers.stackexchange.com
@AdamBarak - at least choose your own throwaway e-mail address rather than using somebody else's. If we have to send you a mod message it will get sent to the e-mail address you provide. We can't know that it's not really your address so there's a real risk we'll inadvertently reveal some personal information to a random person. Do you really want that? — ChrisF ♦ 1 min ago
lol @Bart's sock causin trouble
So that's where it went @lostsock. I knew I didn't put just 11 into the washer.
I pinged your sock @Bart :

8:55 AM
@Bart already posted int the Den... uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/…
@ChrisF Ok thank you, I'll look for a private email provider that is good for me. — Adam Barak 1 min ago
Can someone lend me a hand cleaning up this user's edits? stackoverflow.com/users/3060123/…
I've done the first two pages already but most of this user's edits suck
@Qantas94Heavy Are you doing rollbacks?
@InfiniteRecursion: where necessary
@Qantas94Heavy Ok, I will also clean up, am free now :)
9:25 AM
Up to middle of page 4, I think you should work from the back :)
@Qantas94Heavy Ok, I will start from the end
@InfiniteRecursion: suggestions is a better page, revisions include the user's own edits
@Qantas94Heavy Ok, I will scan the user's suggestions backwards
(Me thinks Inf is trying to start an "Ok" chain)
wonders how does Sam know!
9:31 AM
<whisper>'Cause I wear glasses.</whisper>
wonders if Sam is a sock too
no comment
pokes @Unihedron to check if Sam is a sock
pokes @ProgramFOX to vouch for my non-sockness
@Sam Huh? You were my sock, weren't you? :P
well, kinda
@ProgramFOX Oh yeah, I remember now, so that's what those "mind control glasses" do...
@JanDvorak Why the uncertainity?
there was an approve vote
9:47 AM
@Qantas94Heavy I was surprised it was rejected... at the very least she separated the LogCat :(
@AndrewT. All issues need to be fixed. And the logcat was fixed in the post by the OP.
@InfiniteRecursion I... didn't see OP fixed it, he only added. But I take it that there were still many needed to be fixed.
Q: JavaScript function not working after Ajax call

ankit maheshwariI am trying to call a JavaScript function from a JSP page which is Ajax-called but onclick is not working. Could someone please tell me what should I use in place of onclick?

The comments are crazy
9:56 AM
@Qantas94Heavy Please post some code :D
@Qantas94Heavy: During cleanup, I saw that the user keeps adding "thanks" and "please help me" to all posts. Did you flag for mod attention?
@InfiniteRecursion I notified him in a comment, we'll see if that improves things first
@NehaShukla: hi, I've noticed that you've been adding inline code spans (like this) to posts when editing; these are only meant for actual code in sentences. Also, please make sure to fix as many of the issues in a post that you can find -- stuff like "thanks in advance" and "please help" isn't necessary. Thanks! — Qantas 94 Heavy 35 secs ago
Where's the fun when you need it?
@Qantas94Heavy Yes, let's see how it goes.
@InfiniteRecursion just -1, don't bother with close vote
roomba script will now auto-delete the question
YAY! The sacred artifact is now mine!!!!
Yeah, CV-ed
10:24 AM
I think the users edits have been cleaned @Qantas94Heavy
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MECHANIZE FORM SELECTING on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NEED HELP IN AN INTEGRATION PROBLEM on math.stackexchange.com
11:03 AM
(quietly extends the head outside the Den like a turtle)
(sees nothing funny is happening)
(retracts the head and returns to the Den)
11:22 AM
It's good that you have changed your name @lostsock. Now @Bart won't lose you anymore..
11:51 AM
Just found a person who constantly deletes his own questions..
@Unihedron Rage quit?
@Inf: Nope, they're just bad and after I question them about the lack of effort with the autocomment, they just delete it and try again.
@Unihedron flag something posted by the user with a moderator flag
Can't, he deleted everything he posted. I suppose he's not too far from a Q-ban. stackoverflow.com/users/3996124/mkam
Here's one of them for the 10k party: stackoverflow.com/q/25605057
12:01 PM
@JanDvorak Ugh, Android people..
should I get an iPhone next?
For your sock? Sure!
Thanks. Excuse me sir. can you paste correct code into post? i dont uderestand me. i'm sorry — TuxWorld 1 min ago
Just when you thought that was a legit question @Inf lol
aaand comment flagged as rude
12:08 PM
"i dont uderestand me" lol
@Vogel612 the linked one? Not rude.
@Unihedron Yes, I assumed too early, am not going to add any code, they should know about parameter type mismatch :/
I like that double lineheight setting...
@JanDvorak Gotcha
12:11 PM
> i dont uderestand me
we could not understand you...
> Excuse me sir.
Well played, "sir" :P
@JanDvorak Author removed it :)
@SilentKiller That's not spam, it's just VLQ
full form please. :/
12:22 PM
@Doorknob At least the answer was, and I flagged that
@Unihedron No, it was just gibberish. Gibberish isn't spam.
@SilentKiller Very low quality
Oh, good point though.
new to these keywords learning to filter. :)
12:34 PM
@Silent: Spam has to be a product promotion, where users try to sell stuff or their software. You can check the spam Jan shares here for better understanding.
@Braiam gibberish in low quantities, may Doorknob add.
Mmm, spiced ham.
@InfiniteRecursion sure buddy. :)
No, please try again @Braiam. Read the help center for more info.
12:39 PM
@InfiniteRecursion you are killing my name by using only Silent. :(
@Silent: I am NOT your buddy.
@Inf: Can I address you as the awesome person on the Tavern?
Awesome will do
Awesome always do
12:47 PM
(rises from the Den abyss once again)
taking mental note to self: It's okay to dislike being addressed as "buddy"
(looks around for any sign of fun)
Yes @Uni :) You are awesome too.
(404 fun not found)
203 permanently redirected to "Shadow's Den"
12:49 PM
(returning to the Den. Discord is displeased of you boring folks)
note to self: first nemesis...now buddy...next is wat? Halp!!
> Thank you for reviewing 20 suggested edits today; come back in 11 hours to continue reviewing.
@InfiniteRecursion how about I call you derecursed?
I want to REVIEEEEW!
12:53 PM
@InfiniteRecursion ohk i won't
@bjb568 what's that?
12:55 PM
Nice, 29 seconds
@Unihedron My feature-request "I want to review more" deleted by Community♦ Aug 16 at 0:02, +8/-11 votes.
I don't think you can undelete content deleted by a ♦ moderator.
@Unihedron surely you can undelvote
Do you think it will get better received if we undelete it @bjb568?
@Unihedron you can undelete post deleted by Community
12:58 PM
Oh I C
> Shrink, I want to review. I mean, I wanna, I wanna review. Review. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean review, Review, REVIEW, REVIEW. – Shog9♦ Aug 9 at 0:33
What on earth is derecursed @Vogel?
A: Should questions removed automatically for inactivity really be non-undeletable?

HaneyThanks for suggesting this feature change. I've modified the code so that posts which have been deleted by the Community user can be voted for undeletion. Note that all other moderator-deleted posts will still behave as they do today: you will not be able to vote to undelete them. This will be li...

@Inf It's probably not from Earth. Look, his dog has green eyes.
Yes @Sam, he needs cool glasses like you
1:07 PM
Q: Turn off the roomba for child meta sites

bjb568Automatic deletion is useful and great on main sites, but on child metas it deletes my negatively voted feature-requests. >:( Can it be turned off for child metas?

@rene The point isn't to get it better received, the point is to have it there.
^hovers mouse over the downvote button
Lol thx. Speaking of which, it looks like blue has eyes on Braiam's shades.
I am not the only one who wanted to downvote your post @bjb :D
I am so tempted to downvote this to see it being roomba'd. — Martijn Pieters 1 min ago
Vote it up so I don't need people to review my edits!
Q: Should user profile respect SO policies about etiquette?

Adriano RepettiImportant: I don't want to turn this question into a discussion about politic and I don't want to express any judgment or opinion about international stuff. I was reading a question and I decided to take a look to OP's profile. I found his About Me section expresses offensive political opinion...

1:25 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: GIRL VASHI@@KARAN SPECIALIST baba ji +91-9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
"Stack overflow is a good facebook type website ".."I am looking for precise answers to precise problems " - meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/270338/…
@SmokeDetector SPAM
Gone before I could flag.
@InfiniteRecursion I don't know what meter just explode, just that one of them explode reading those two phrases together
1:27 PM
It's like these spammers never got an education.
Revised version of "I don't understand me"-
I dont inderestand me sir. can you paste correct way to post? — TuxWorld 9 mins ago
@Inf give that sir a medal :)
Yes, deserves a gold badge on English SE @Uni :)
1:48 PM
I dont underestand me sir. can you paste correct way to post? – TuxWorld 21 mins ago — TuxWorld 2 mins ago
The word association game runs in the Den...
2:10 PM
@InfiniteRecursion simple recursive functions can be derecursed into standard loops... and that's usually impossible with infinite recursion...
best example for that is fibonacci function.
can be written recursive or as for-loop.
Today's Listening | DnB / Chillout
@Vogel612 ok, I know that as iteration. Often known as recursion v/s iteration
@bjb568 I don't think mods are willing to delete a high upvoted accepted answer that's so old though.
@InfiniteRecursion and derecursed ~= iterative.
it's basically a bad pun on the recursion part of your name ;(
2:16 PM
@Unihedron I've never had problems with it having high votes…
lol nvm... evidently the link is gone as well
Why bother? Post the link as a comment, flag the answer NAA. — bjb568 2 mins ago
@Vogel: That's the reason I dislike any alternate address like buddy, xyz etc. We have all clearly indicated in our profiles the names we want to be addressed with. It creates confusion ;(
@Unihedron just downvote it ;)
... you avoided to answer the question. Are you human? — Jongware yesterday
2:53 PM
@InfiniteRecursion That said, you all can call me Overlord Laharl and I won't mind. Dracula will also suffice.
We shall call you .... Mary. Yes, Mary will do.
Thanks @GnomeSlice
@Sam gone
Mary sounds perfect @Bart. @Spa's sense of humor is very feminine, which makes Mary an ideal choice.
@InfiniteRecursion mwhahahahahahahahahahaahaha. Keep thinking so. There must be a reason if my co-workers started to call me Akira Fudo....

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