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10:00 PM
10 stuks. So weird.
I think Europe is allergic to divisibility by 3 or something.
Here eggs come in 6, 12, or 18 piece containers. So a half-dozen, a dozen, or a sesqui-dozen.
@bjb568 Lemme check context.
Ah, right.
It was because he called them metric eggs.
What does you have to with bugs?
10:01 PM
Which I thought was really funny.
6, 12, 30
@bjb568 Oh, bugger me is the “clean” version of FMH.
@Braiam Interesting.
@tchrist Fetal-maternal haemorrhage?
@ColeJohnson Many, many, many recipes call for half an egg.
Interesting Steam chat:
10:03 PM
Lord, how I love forward-referencing my replies! :)
@tchrist And by half an egg, you mean 50 egg-centimeters, right?
You know, the egg thingy gets weirder.
@tchrist yep
Turns out the EU and Canada and America all have different ideas of what counts as Small, Medium, Large, ... eggs.
@tchrist …
10:05 PM
@tchrist To most people, it's just based off of small < medium < large < x-large
Over here they are rated in grams
Over here, I eat candy for breakfast instead.
@Bart But that is the problem. The mapping to grams is different.
@Bart but they're counted in egg-meters, right?
@ColeJohnson You’re telegraphing my punchlines! Cut it out. We haven’t gotten to oömetry yet.
10:08 PM
@tchrist 69.5?
@tchrist I will peewee you!
Yes @ColeJohnson, as soon as we would discuss egg-yards, we're discussing something different and the neighbour kid is in trouble.
So what counts as a “medium” egg is a different size in the States vs Canada vs the EU.
@Braiam Now I’m going to have nightmares about Peewee Herman going for me huevos, dude.
@Bart No, no, no, no, no. The distance an egg flies is measured in egg-yards²
@tchrist ...
10:09 PM
@ColeJohnson What’s that in acre-feet?
@ColeJohnson What's that in miles/gallon?
@Braiam Oh right, you don’t know the Peewee Herman scandal.
@tchrist You can't convert egg-yards² to acre-feet because acre-feet doesn't contain the egg unit
See, SI lies to you. There's not 7 base units, but 8! They don't tell you about the [egg] base unit
u people are so rude, if u know something that doesnt mean u are better than me, one day I will learn it too :( — Seeking for answer 57 secs ago
And yet no one was being rude...
@Jamal except u!
10:11 PM
egg-yards² is [egg dist²], while acre-feet is [dist³]
@Braiam :-(
> please give me a deep
Drat, I'm out of downvotes. I suppose it has enough anyway.
14 mins ago, by bjb568
How can you use iptables to forward port 80 to port 8124?
@ColeJohnson Oh oh!
> oöblast, oöcyan, oöcyst, oöcyte, oöecium, oögamete, oögamous, oögamy,
oögenesis, oögeny, oögonial, oögoniol, oögonium, oögraph, oölite, oölith,
oölithic, oölitic, oölitiferous, oölogic, oölogical, oölogically, oölogist,
oölogize, oölogy, oöphorectomist, oöphorectomize, oöphorectomized,
oöphorectomy, oöphoridium, oöphoritis, oöphoron, oöphyte, oöplasm,
oöplasmic, oörhodeine, oöscopy, oösite, oösperm, oösphere, oösporangium,
oöspore, oösporic, oösporiferous, oöstegite, oötid, oötocoid, oötocoidean,
10:14 PM
All things I'm using (like iptables) aren't user-friendly at all. They are just powerful…
@bjb568 man iptables + /prerouting ;)
@Braiam kewl
rdr pass on rl0 inet proto tcp from any to port = www -> port 8124
Oh never mind, that’s for pf.conf
@bjb568 sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8124
10:18 PM
@Jamal WYSIWYG editors are overrated.
@Braiam That's… quite long.
@bjb568 I don’t know. I kinda like 𝙫𝙞(1) for that: it’s the ultimate WYSIWIG editor. Much better than 𝙚𝙙(1).
Stupid markdown.
@Jamal tl;dr close all questions that has "free" "simple" or "easy" in the body
I don't think that closing this is sending the right message.
There, that’ll learn’em.
@Braiam Then your 𝙢𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙤𝙘(3) and 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙚(3) will no longer balance.
@AstroCB Um.
let me put that in pseudocode: free && (simple || easy)
10:22 PM
@AstroCB You have a better idea?
It’s just somebody whining about not being an alpha geek.
ok, I would never visit this website again , thanks even if u guys are so rude :( — Seeking for answer 1 min ago
Well, I've already flagged for a mod to clean up the comments.
Well, that’s nice.
I still think we should block messages that match the pattern /\bu\b/. 😈
Too much GIMME DA CODEZ–rage, that’s all: Nihil novi sub sole.
That will never go away, for the poor shall be with us always.
Grbj lk ths cms acrs az rthr rdr thn anythng we hv evr sd:
u people are so rude, if u know something that doesnt mean u are better than me, one day I will learn it :( — Seeking for answer 17 mins ago
I was probably a little too generous with my flag. I should've called for deletion instead, but it's the mod's call.
@Jamal Well, I just flagged it for deletion on the grounds of it being closed and providing no value and off-topic comments.
It’s like getting twitted at by ante-post-literate ten-year-olds.
When we close for no research effort shown, they get all pissy and say that Stack Exchange is their research.
As I said, it’s the gimme culture.
10:30 PM
@Dagon lol, I was kidding , I am not type of people who easily get hurt :D — Seeking for answer 4 mins ago
stupid spammer posted on MSE
@ShadowWizard That means possible voting rings.
@bluefeet ^ can you look into this?
@ShadowWizard 1 down, 2 to go.
10:32 PM
@ShadowWizard close the question!
ohhhh, spammer. — Shadow Wizard 1 min ago
@ShadowWizard I voted to close that question infinitely long ago. My CV evaporated. I really hate that.
I just love it when Community agrees with me.
@ShadowWizard gone + account dead.
10:36 PM
@hichris123 only on SO, the rest are still alive, though no activity
and @Anna deleted the post on MSE
One more CV and then we can DV.
night guys!
@Braiam It no werk.
@ShadowWizard cough check again :P
10:41 PM
@hichris123 oh, nice! And here is a genuine Stack Exchange zombie
As you can see here, no accounts!
@ShadowWizard different network account
@AnnaLear but how network account can exist without any... accounts?
is it a bug?
Don't confuse a network account with site profiles ;)
O.O Your account system is screwed up.
@AnnaLear I'm not, but still it looks strange. Anyway, you confirmed it's not a case of hacked account?
10:44 PM
@ShadowWizard "andrew" was an unregistered profile on SO with no activity and an email that was years ago merged into a spam-master sock on SU... which in and of itself doesn't prove anything, but also does suggest that it's easier to delete the profiles involved and see what happened if/when he re-signs up.
what happened to your gravatar?
@AnnaLear no more cats then? :(
This is what happens if you are using gravatar and change your contact email on SE:
10:46 PM
Think you're the one and only team member with the default avatar, @Anna
@ShadowWizard nope.
Grace has it on a few sites.
Not for long, depending on how long it takes me to unfuck this.
@hichris123 oh but Grace is... special
@ShadowWizard lol. how?
@AnnaLear why not simply upload custom picture?
10:48 PM
@AstroCB Your edit changing to be verbally beat down into reading to be verbally beaten down was not necessary, nor perhaps idiomatic. The OED says: “beat /biːt/, v.¹ str. & wk. Pa. t. beat /biːt/. Pa. pple. beaten /ˈbiːt(ə)n/, beat.” So to be beat down is permissible, since it has two valid past participle forms.
@hichris123 Grace is the only person I know who can be treated as both "he" or "she" and he/she likes it this way
@ShadowWizard Ah, yup. :P
@ShadowWizard If I was setting an avatar, yes, I would. :)
@ShadowWizard I bet they do!
I'm currently working on a few things around login/signup/recovery/etc. Was testing current behaviour earlier and the easiest way to experiment is on my own profile. The downside is that sometimes you end up finding a weird edge case or a bug and then you feel compelled to fix it while you're at it.
10:49 PM
Is there any official policy about dead people?
@AnnaLear oh, victim of your own bugs.... classic. :D
Like some little R.I.P. addendum to their profile text, something like that.
@Braiam That sums up my personality and my dating history.
@tchrist It wasn't necessary, but it also was permissible: perhaps I should have favored the more laconic version, but it was part of a longer-reaching edit, so I think that it was fine.
10:51 PM
Q: How should a user's death be handled?

Chas. OwensIt is a bit of a morbid concept, but having recently had a friend die unexpectedly and having to deal with the online repercussions of this event has gotten me to thinking about what should happen to my accounts when I kick the bucket. I haven't had any great insights yet, but here are some thin...

@AnnaLear Your date shows up to their door wearing a bath towel when you show up?
@ShadowWizard Ouch.
@tchrist Sort of. I'm usually playing the part of the "uh, sorry, I got distracted by $thing" person :)
or I used to, at any rate.
refrains from standard humor insertions here
well, that's just no fun ;)
refrains from posting anything, at all
10:55 PM
refrains from thinking what I should refrain from posting
@Braiam Uhhhhhhhh…
@AnnaLear Ok, but remember, you asked for it.
@tchrist Story of my life. Bring it.
So long as you arrange for all your rendezvous to occur at bathhouses, these problems never arise.
Because a bath towel would not be out of uniform any longer.
That's a brilliant idea.
10:57 PM
And twisted.
Story of my life.
Well, you do have to twist the towel to get it to stay on.
Et voilà.
Chip bag clips work.
@tchrist /highfive Well played.
pouts because Burning Man is almost upon us, and his knee no workee so no goee
10:59 PM
...and I think we just distracted poor @Anna from fixing a bunch of bugs! Bad, bad people here, I tell ya.
Was just thinking about all the times the sarongs fall off at the Burn because people don’t twist them right.
@ShadowWizard I actually asked about the morbidity thing for a particular reason. All I feel comfortable saying in a publicly searchable place is that I hope that the Community Managers would be able to know when one of the elected moderators should happen to pass away from old age.
You know you can email the team directly, @tchrist
I do.
I’ll mention something quietly.
But I am sure any CM reading this knows exactly what I am talking about.
11:06 PM
any CM and Anna, who is a hybrid
now really going, cya!
Anna is a cyborg‽
Well, you really do kern something new every day.
@tchrist nope, hybrid. Developer case with CM engine.
Best of all worlds!
That’s the best of all ways to look at something that could be otherwise looked at. :)
@tchrist too tired to decipher this :(
@ShadowWizard I’m saying that having two hard jobs might be looked at as a harder world than just one of them.
11:14 PM
@tchrist Yep. Well, assuming you are talking about what I think you're talking about...
@ShadowWizard And a beer-based liquid cooling system...
@AnnaLear Of course I am. We are honored that they are with us, and we pray that this honor should continue for many decades yet.
You guys think SO gets crazy questions. Imagine trying to answer this: How do I politely say I have used my mouth while drinking water from a bottle?
@tchrist This question appears to be off-topic because you haven't shown us what you've tried and how much you were ostracized for it.
I was trying to contemplate non-oral mechanisms for imbibing, but nothing professional came to mind. :)
It’s on the Super-Collider, of course.
Q: How do I politely say I have used my mouth while drinking water from a bottle?

NewAtProgrammingIs there a one word substitute for the scenario below, and what is the politest way of saying it to another person or colleague? I drink water from my bottle by touching my mouth When someone wants to drink water from my bottle, I need to inform him/her in a polite way that I drank it by to...

With apologies to all 10k users who can read the revision history. :)
Of the deleted answer. :(
I cootied the bottle probably won’t make sense to non-native speakers, or even to native ones over the age of about eight.
Well, unless you’re a parent.
11:35 PM
Uuuuuugh, port forwarding is impossible.
I'll just change the listened-to port in node.
@bjb568 Really? I am surprised.
I would have thought that you must be able to do port-forwarding.
I use that sort of thing a lot with OpenBSD NAT’d firewalls.
I literally spent all day trying to figure it out copy-pasting all kinds of commands into my console.
The closest I got was:
Kind of figured out the mistake... did you removed all the rules before trying again with other command?
iptables -F, right?
uh... no
11:44 PM
Eh… So… then what?
HEY ALL YOU CHATTY WASTRELS! Make yourself useful, and tell me why I'm wrong:
Q: What guidance should be given when edits are rejected?

Shog9I'm hoping to get rid of the "too minor" edit rejection reason, in favor of a more direct way of indicating edits that fail to significantly improve a post. We're also fixing to warn editors when their edits are rejected. Between the two of these changes, I'm thinking the other rejection reasons ...

@bjb568 prerouting is in the nat tables, so it needs sudo iptables -F -t nat
@Shog9 I’ve heard that you really hate being thrown into the briar patch, Mister Rabbit.
> I want to set up the website language by the vistor country automatically with php

please give me a deep explanation :)
11:53 PM
> no one answers the "question"
> everyone deemed more rude than the OP
A: What guidance should be given when edits are rejected?

bjb568 invalid edit - This edit is incorrect or an attempt to reply to or comment on the existing post. radical change - This edit changes too much in the original post; the original meaning or intent of the post would be lost. How about this instead? invalid edit - This edit changes the m...

I do agree that I am often bothered by having to pick a suboptimal reason for rejecting edits.
I do a lot of custom ones, but still.
I also wonder whether people without enough rep to edit on their own are honestly likely to know how to find the rejection message. It does not go to their inbox, does it?
@Braiam Tried screwing with it again. It no werk. Arghghghghgh. I just use port 80 in Node and not port forward.

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