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6:01 PM
@AstroCB I didn't see an edit worth keeping.
@bjb568 You underestimate the power of proper grammar and wording, which makes people actually understand what you're saying (especially non-native speakers).
@AstroCB This one is better.
@bjb568: 4) What? No... Let's not continue this discussion at all because it's lost all logic! — Lightness Races in Orbit 1 min ago
^ Heh.
I need 2k rep on M.SE.
I forgot how much I dislike suggested edits.
6:16 PM
Helpful? The mods must be crazy.
Everybody knows mods aren't supposed to delete anything.
Ask a 10ker whether a mod deleted or the community did.
@bjb568 what? mods delete all the time
@iStimple Ah… no.
"i haz prblm plz slv" "Please delete" "Stahp annoying us, the community can handle it"
@BradLarson This one looks suspicious stackoverflow.com/questions/25342575/…
6:22 PM
They won't even delete the jQuery comments I flagged as noise…
@bjb568 that is in no way less ambiguous
@Shog9 No, that's what I'm complaining about and saying should be made less ambiguous.
All of these in fact are horrible.
^ This too
Also, grey.
in Discussion between bjb568 and Lightness Races in Orbit, 2 mins ago, by Shog9
"Too minor" was a good idea, but it should always have been "put up or shut up". There is a massive amount of confusion as to whether it is meant for trivial but helpful edits or entirely superfluous edits or actively harmful edits (nevermind there's a separate reason for the latter).
@bjb568 Some community members were also responsible for upvoting that piece of crap, along with some of its answers. sigh
6:33 PM
in Discussion between bjb568 and Lightness Races in Orbit, 52 secs ago, by iStimple
@Shog9 But there is no time to improve an edit, since the edit will already of been approved!
@bjb568 is why we can't have nice things!
A: Edit reviewers don't know how to review because nobody told them!

Shog9I agree. Whoever wrote those reasons should be doomed to answer questions like this under a pseudonym for all eternity. But enough about the past. Nobody is gonna read a help center article. If they were, they'd have already read it when they got notified of the privilege. So here's what I thi...

You're so offensive folks. You can do only favor sometimes. — Emre Gülönü 9 mins ago
Ok, when are the changes going to be made? — bjb568 1 min ago
In 6-8 weeks, newb — Shog9 ♦ 46 secs ago
6:42 PM
In 6-8 weeks, newb — Shog9 ♦ 48 secs ago
Ugh, too slow.
This synonym needs to be approved.
@iStimple Flagged as spam.
6:45 PM
@iStimple CV'd
@bjb568 ty, my hands are tied, all out of cv's
@AstroCB Seems valid. Oh, that's my own.
Oh no! Used up my CVs for today.
On noes!
Off yeses!
so I gave a bounty on SU bringing be back down below 200 rep, and i'm seeing ads again. I didn't expect that (honestly I didn't think about it)
and I lost the link to the whining room
so here it is.
Poor you :(
such a shame
cough adblock cough
@iStimple self-answers with links?
@JanDvorak aka Spam
not always
14 hours ago, by Brad Larson
Reviewers are approving many of these answers, and arguing with our review bans because they claim the spam answers address the question asked. I'd like to have a little more attentive group catch these and flag them so we can destroy the posts and accounts.
7:01 PM
#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { FILE *fp; fp = fopen("file.txt", "w+"); int i; int pi[100]; int pos, neg; for(i = 0, pos = -5, neg = 0; i < 20; i++){ if(i % 2 == 0){ pos += 10; fprintf(fp, "%d," ,pos); }else { neg -= 10; fprintf( fp, "%d," ,neg); } } int j = 0; char c; rewind(fp); while(!feof(fp)){ fscanf(fp, "%d," ,&i ); pi[j] = 3 * i; j++; rewind(fp); for(j = 0; j < 20; j++){ fprintf( fp, "%d," ,pi[j]); } return 0; } — Igor 7 mins ago
@JanDvorak gone
@iStimple do you spam flag that or do you use other with a link to that message from Brad?
@rene I'm guessing flag as spam so that the system can auto-handle it? @BradLarson ?
Q: What is considered jQuery?

JqueryNewbieIs this code a jQuery just because I added $(document).ready( to it? The initial code is working JavaScript code. The reason why I am asking is because I was told to convert this code from JavaScript to jQuery. I know many of you say that I shouldn't if it is already working; however, it is a wo...

Look at the original.
Why would a client require something that works fine in pure JavaScript to be written with jQuery?
7:08 PM
lol bro ^
@amenadiel That was added within the edit grace period. — AstroCB 8 mins ago
Nope. That was already in the original question. You can click in the edit history to verify that. — amenadiel 7 mins ago
@amenadiel If you edit a question within the grace period (5 minutes), it will appear as part of the original. — AstroCB 3 mins ago
A: What is considered jQuery?

T.J. CrowderThis is a common misunderstanding. JavaScript is a programming language. jQuery is a library of functions. jQuery does not "extend" JavaScript, it isn't a subset of it, and code written with jQuery is just JavaScript code (or CoffeeScript code, or TypeScript code, or Dart code) that uses functio...

@rene this is the query I'm using to try to find them, starting from bottom up. A lot of them are real suspicious but haven't posted in this room since not sure.
Classic Fastest Gun in the West answer.
6 upvotes for a paragraph and a half on why jQuery is still JavaScript.
@AstroCB Because the client is an idiot?
That are not a few posts...
this user has 3 answers, that all link to acumatica.com.sg
@iStimple When in doubt flag it out ;)
Moderator flags, not VLQ!
I… didn't.
@Unihedron just did 1 other flag for that guy, have mod look into it
7:20 PM
Good idea.
@rene can help find crap too, just start from bottom though, since I think @BradLarson only wants recent ones for this , but the query can help find link onlys as well that aren't spam
Where are you in that list?
I mean on what date are you so we don't flag the same post :)
7:24 PM
OK, I''m on the 8/16 now
@rene Are you sure you'''re on 8/16?
@iStimple This in regards to the Acumatica stuff?
I dealt with the one account, and am looking into the others. Not quite the same as our Recovery Toolbox friends, though.
@bjb568 uhuhuh...don't dare to say yes or no
@BradLarson Wasn't sure about the acumatica stuff, so flagged for mod to look into :)
@BradLarson Can you also give some advice on how to flag those tricky spam posts where 2 users ask questions/answers to spam links? Do you need an other flag on those posts?
@rene I like an "other" flag describing the situation: "There's something shady about the asker and answerer here, two new users asking an off-topic question and leaving an answer promoting a product." Something like that tells us to dig a little deeper than just a spam flag (which might get validated by the community when none of us are around, causing us to miss the spammer accounts).
OK, will do...
I really do wish we got informed in some way about posts deleted by community spam flags, so that we could go back and look into all the accounts involved. Most of our spam comes from greater Asia and is left at a time when our US or European-centric moderators are offline. A few of these answers were deleted as spam by the community, but I had to search back through the deleted posts to clean up and find their other accounts.
A: Are ignored / favorite tags both limited to 1400?

Marc GravellI'm actually amazed the site even works for you. Ignoring tags, with "Hide questions in your ignored tags" enabled (rather than "Gray out questions in your ignored tags") isn't free: the server needs to construct custom queries to filter out that data. Filtering out 1400 is... wow. We have previo...

7:46 PM
Member for 14 days, ignoring 1400 tags. Are you sure you are in the right place? — Jongware 2 hours ago
@iStimple Looking at that, not seeing a lot of hits in that query. These spammers generally aren't leaving really short answers (which is why they're making it through review). Also, a lot of self-answers in that, which doesn't fit the pattern of our spammers. Instead of filtering on length, could we filter on answers left within a day of the question? That seems to fit them better.
This is the kind of question-answer pair I'm looking for:
@BradLarson done
8:02 PM
@iStimple That still seems to be picking up self-answers like this: stackoverflow.com/questions/25314981/… and I saw at least one from a non-new account.
^ Spam
Hey guys. Some members of the Python chatroom have been seeming to getting revenge downvotes today as a group, I realise that we should wait until the script runs to reverse any but I also got this question on one of my questions.
Was wondering if there were any mods about who could shed some light on this?
@iStimple - Also: that "there's something shady flag" probably doesn't apply to this: stackoverflow.com/a/25188467/19679 . It's a self-answer, but the problem there is that the question looks asked just so they can promote their blog, not that two users are coordinating things. I'll still deal with it, though.
8:05 PM
@BradLarson done
Ah seems that both the answer and the user have been deleted.
And it seems he's decided to post another one here
@Ffisegydd Yeah, we know about it. It's a single user trolling via various accounts. I think those votes should be invalidated when the script runs.
Yeah we assumed so, had some problems with the same user ourselves in chat. According to this latest message I should inform you that he contacted you via twitter? :P I want it on record that I passed on the very important message...
A: Matplotlib tight_layout causing RuntimeError

Saddam Bin Muhammad Bin LadenHi fizzygood please let Martijn Pieters and Brad Larson know I contacted them in Twitter. Only them I can ask for help, thank you.

8:11 PM
Exactly :P
No one's contacted me yet via Twitter. I'm somewhat disappointed.
;_; he...he... he lied to me...
Ah, it's sumer time again ...
Nah, not Sumer. Someone pretending to be Sumer. Sumer's at least entertaining.
@bradlarson Hi I am Sumer Kolcak. Please don't flag my posts, I have a whole half month lol.
Whoever it is is a regular of the Python chat, at least to know some details that only a regular might pick up (unless they went through a lot of transcripts). I'm pretty sure on who it actually is.
8:18 PM
There we go.
@bradlarson Please visit my site where we can talk better http://www.liveleak.com/c/SUMER---KOLCAK
I think not.
"Hey @bradlarson, step into my van, I have candy"
OpenDNS blocked that site for adult content.
> Sorry, www.liveleak.com has been blocked by your network administrator.
> This site was categorized in: Video Sharing, Adult Themes, Movies, Lingerie/Bikini
Lol, and who does this guy follow? Of course, the pope.
I'm wondering if this is a real Sumer or a copy-cat.
@hichris123 I don't see anyone
8:26 PM
@ColeJohnson He was.
I still had it up. :P
@hichris123 "unfortunately due to racism in US, Sümer Kolçak never made it far in life. Soon as Sümer Kolçak's web site motiono took off he was investigated by FBI"
Pope and Muslim should not make war, we wage to make a better world. And Obama was to Muslim what Pope Francesco is to Christians
@SumerKolcak90 I mean Osama Bin Laden*
I'm waiting to bomb the Twin Towers again. USA deserves it and official religious authorities even christians agree on that. Just so you kno
... I think it's about time to report this to Twitter.
See, now that sounds more like Sumer. Still think it's a copycat. This was the real Sumer:
Sumer Kolcak and Britney Spears got married a long time ago. They are still married.
Leave Sumer Kolcak alone!!!
8:42 PM
Don't be afraid or your son won't exist long after
I'm tired of funny quotes I make. I want to show you what I'm serious in, this time really
@britneyspears Hello my wife. how is it going sweetie?
... that escalated quickly
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FULL OUTER JOIN SQL on stackoverflow.com
9:01 PM
runs away
@5urd Why you follo me .. your spy of obama ?
@ColeJohnson lol
@hichris123 The weird thing is: I don't follow that account?
"I look forward to your contributions" LIES! — bjb568 11 secs ago
9:14 PM
@5urd baby I'm not a terrorist imma fightist and smartist .... look the difference :)
Wut happened here?
lol someone trying to follow me for report to usa government .. he doesnt understand I already knew it would happen
Sumer or copycat Sumer.
What does this even mean?
@StackStatus Sumer @SumerKolcak90 knows better stack than you
@iStimple There we go. Still a lot of noise in that (I'm really surprised in the number of questions asked by new users and answered by new users), but it did reveal a few spam posts like this: stackoverflow.com/questions/24842188/… . Not sure how to refine it further, aside from scanning titles for commonly spammed terms.
9:23 PM
@StackStatus well I got a mind overflow so I'm going to rest soon
9:33 PM
Q: Outlook Express Error 0x800c0133 (corrupted inbox file)

fernandobosqueI use Outlook Express. I can send, but not receive. I have deleted the many emails that had never been deleted, but still can not receive. I have been told I have a corrupted Inbox file. Something about the Inbox.dbx, but I don't know or how to correct this error.

Another spam question and answer from the toolbox folks, picked up by that query. Looks like Outlook, Excel, RAR, and AutoCAD seem to be common terms for them.
@Undo ^
@BradLarson that will be difficult to catch
aaand it's gone
@bjb568 This line is for people who actually have reputation with the Bank of Stack!
9:39 PM
They've been at this since 2012, looks like. That's just one of the dozens of URLs they use, but those are the kind of seed questions they post to provide their spam on.
tl; dr: close all ms-office questions
@Braiam People still use excel?
Back in the day (when I was 4) I called it "green X".
Do we need to waste votes on them?
(ie don't)
@BradLarson seems that "corrupt" in the title can be a pointer
9:41 PM
Your votes come back when deleted
If I'm posting them, they are not long for this world.
@bjb568 4 what? 4 days old? ;)
if you never met a talking chimp just take an appointment with Brad Larson .. he's the first chimp human could hear talking!
No, no that's @TimPost.
@hichris123 Yes, obviously.
Because I'm a genetically modified and electronically enhanced kitten, I go thru time at varying speeds.
9:46 PM
but at last Brad @bradlarson is a good chimp and a good person .. you know chimps are more intelligent than humans
@hichris123 I... don't know if that can be taken as compliment...
@Braiam He said chimps are better than humans, so I'd say no
.. it's a tricky one ... do you take the compliment and admit to being a chimp, or do you deny it yet essentially say you're not a good person .... let me ponder on that while I eat this banana
@Bart is a good primate
Yeah. Good little primate.
9:49 PM
You guys really know how to sweet talk a mod
I will give you all of Jon Skeet's reputation for x.
@ColeJohnson x
yeah; the 24th letter of the alphabet
20th in dozenal.
Don't you mean duodecimal (base-10)?
You know, because every base is base 10
9:53 PM
Duodecimal == Dozenal
I just call it base 10
> The duodecimal system (also known as base-12 or dozenal)
@ColeJohnson ¬_¬
9:54 PM
@bjb568 Did you know that they have metric eggs in Europe?
They don’t buy eggs by the dozen (or half-dozen, or sequi-dozen), but rather by the decen? Only 10 at a time not 12.
@tchrist How would I know?
@bjb568 It was a leading question.
@tchrist Yes.
@tchrist That's wrong.
Why do we call it a dozen and stuff. Why not just call one egg an egg-inch and a dozen an egg-foot
9:56 PM
@tchrist generally they come in dozens over here as well
Then 3 dozen eggs can be an egg-yard
@bjb568 Morally perhaps, but it occurs. I was flabbergeisted.
@Bart I had a long argument with a Dutchman about this. He proved it in pictures. 10 stuks per case.
I just couldn’t believe it till he showed me photos.
Pff, a Dutchman ... as if you can trust them
How can you use iptables to forward port 80 to port 8124?
@Bart heh
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Aug 14 at 4:27, by Cerberus
@tchrist Umm I pay about € 1,30 for ten eggs.
9:59 PM
hmm, I could swear it's 12 ... Then again, I usually get boxes of 6

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