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12:15 AM
@AnnaLear it's official, I heard it from Stack Exchange staff: there are stupid questions. They do exist! Now I can finally sleep at night, knowing that it wasn't all in my head...
1 hour later…
2:16 AM
@TimPost That could be the case, although that's you should always dive with a dive buddy & each regulator have 2 mouth pieces just in case one fails. Real adventure caving could be dangerous too - by real I mean visit the cave system that very few people have been to. Someone once told me they went down to a cave in which there were not enough oxygen. Also it's usually pitch black in the cave system, and path is not straight, there are a lot of climbing ups and downs, squeezes etc.
So if you got lost in a large cave system, you ran out of battery, it could be quite dangerous. Especially so since the communication system might not be working deep in a caving system.
2:43 AM
@Cupcake you will be even more amazed with this huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/11/…
@VotetoClose meh, I thought my video was more interesting.
By the way, Sir Vote to Close...
3:02 AM
I'm confused why this query was made by a mod - data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/207274/… I thought SO's position was that you shouldn't delete any posts. And this query is basically saying that you should delete every answer that has score of -1 or worse that isn't an accepted answer.
@VotetoClose I already voted on that one a while back :/
i already voted on ^ a very little while back
3:35 AM
Are we back yet?
@VotetoClose CLOSED
With my Hammer of Justice >:D
ty , nice hammer
3:41 AM
Q: Recovering from a fake resume?

MaskedI'm currently working as a contractor as a software engineer for a technology firm for the past 3 months for which I have faked my resume. This happened due to some unavoidable circumstances, so please don't be judgmental about this. I understand that this is very unethical and I had sleepless ni...

That guy is so fucked if anyone finds out who he is.
Is chat still up?
Oh, I guess so.
3:43 AM
They were doing chat maintenance, but it looks like the main exchange sites are undergoing maintenance too.
Failover complete.
Let's see about that...
Ah, confirmed, it's good to be back.
Software developers are always talking about work schedules and hours:
Q: How do you decide when to go home for the day?

CaptainCodemanAs a software developer, I've worked in a few environments where I've been told "we don't have 9-5 hours here, we just expect you to get your work done". Which sounds idealistic, except that when I ask about how late in the afternoon I should stay, I get told "go home whenever your work is done"...

@AnnaLear Now you have to block Russian ^^. ;p
4:43 AM
We don't have enough ludicrously high-rep users in this chat.
I need someone to be my sugar daddy or momma and add a bounty to some of the Git questions with my answers on them.
So I can get a Mjolnir faster.
I suppose this is my greatest work yet:
A: What does tree-ish mean in Git?

CupcakeThe Short Answer (TL;DR) "Tree-ish" is a term that refers to any identifier (as specified in the Git revisions documentation) that ultimately leads to a (sub)directory tree (Git refers to directories as "trees" and "tree objects"). In the original poster's case, foo is a directory that he wants...

74 more upvotes to go.
4:45 AM
Make it happen :P
After spending time in the git tagged, you'd be looking like one of those rare user who would rather close the duplicates as such instead of reposting the same answer across dozens of questions
@random I want to close all teh things :P
5:02 AM
You don't make gold fast if you want to help clean the site
@FinalContest Depends on the comment, was it easily mistaken for snark / tongue-in-cheek expression, or have a rude / abrasive tone to it? Then yeah. Also, wrong buttons are sometimes stupidly easy to hit.
Sex toy spam
5:38 AM
I've been noticing that when I use the long-form url for a post in another post, it doesn't automatically get anchor text from the title of that post added. This is a recent thing. Did something change that I missed? I'm wondering if it's on my end with cookies or something.
By the way @TimPost, I don't remember if you're the guy who handles these or not, but you might want to have a lawyer send a DMCA in the direction of these guys:
Q: Found a website that is using Stack Overflow content without proper attribution

user1201232When searching for help, I come across this site: http://ask.make-money-article.com/que/24320346 Surely this must not be good for anyone. It copies Stack Overflow content without proper attribution (e.g. a link back to Stack Overflow): This is the question on Stack Overflow that is being u...

@Cupcake We don't generally send out DMCA requests, but we do try to bring them into compliance.
That makes sense.
5:46 AM
@Cupcake Where do you see that?
6:15 AM
@TimPost: someone wrote an off-topic comment afterwards as a reply, and everything was removed as the outcome, including the non-off-topic comment, too.
6:32 AM
hw can I create or suggest a new proposal for new subject?
@MRS1367: what do you mean by new subject?
@MRS1367 if you mean new feature for existing Stack Exchange site, MSE is the place and tag it with . If you mean propose new site, area51.stackexchange.com is what you need.
@ShadowWizard -> I want to propose a new site
6:48 AM
I know that I must go area51.stackexchange.com to propose new site
but I don't know how can I do it in there
should I create a new question in there and describe my ideas about what I think?
@MRS1367 go to area51.stackexchange.com → Choose a category e.g. Culture → See existing proposals → If does not exist, scroll to the bottom and click the "Propose a new Culture site" link e.g. area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/create?category=culture
But please plan carefully what you want to propose and make sure to define it well and add good sample questions
@ShadowWizard -> tnx
@FinalContest Ah, that happens sometimes. When a whole thread just deteriorates into noise moderators can purge all comments, then selectively restore certain ones that still have lasting value. However, comments are second class citizens, and we don't expect them to spend a lot of time on them, so ... sometimes comments get deleted. If you feel that there needs to be a bit of information below the post that can't simply be edited into the post, you can leave another comment.
8:02 AM
@Cupcake Did you not read this part due to some unavoidable circumstances
@VotetoClose without more details from the OP, I can only assume that the circumstances were either avoidable or irrelevant.
@random in the text area when you're editing posts...well, I mean, in the preview area underneath the text area.
lol, yea.. reminds me of the question where the guy asked how he and his coworkers can still watch porn while at work since a new company bought them and was going to install filters, and he said , "don't say just don't watch porn at work, that is not an option!"
Morning everypony!
Morning cupcakes!
8:08 AM
Morning everyone!
Morning foxes!
Combo breaker! @Cupcake you're right, you found a bug, links are not parsed anymore as they used to.
The honor is all yours, submit a report on MSE :)
hmm.. if you retract a close vote, aren't you suppose to get that close vote back so you can use it elsewhere? I just voted to close a question with 1 cv remaining for the day, then retracted it, but still showing 0 cv's left.
@AnnaLear One final question: On SO the rev is now 2014.7.10.1696 and on meta 2014.7.10.2360. Those seem to be on different branches. In that answer only having the meta revision is not enough because the bug-fix could only be verified by me on a specific revision on SO. Or is there an unseen correlation?
8:24 AM
@VotetoClose nope, I think it's by design to prevent users gaming this.
@ShadowWizard damnit, i just committed SO SIN #2 - Do not waste close votes.
I feel your pain, @VotetoClose but at least you didn't commit SIN #1
@ShadowWizard I already have commited SIN #1 though, - Do not question Mods
@ShadowWizard I think I'm gonna stop putting bounties on MSE questions. So far only one got looked at by the team, and that's after a few other people had put additional bounties after me. All others have gone ignored/not received feedback.
8:37 AM
I was in the middle of writing a huge bug report for the links thing on MSE.
To test if it applied to both answers and questions, I clicked self-answer and posted a link to try it out.
As expected, it didn't work in an answer either, so I clicked on Discard draft, and it ended up nuking the question too, not just the answer! T_T
@Cupcake :D
Unexpected behavior.
8:39 AM
I guess that should become another feature request...or a bug.
@Stijn I probably won't stop offering, but yea, I've offered like 7 now and I don't think ever heard back from the team.
@Stijn At least looking at your bounty page, it looks like you've had some success at hearing back .. I show 6 status-* tags
Speaking of cupcakes - @Cupcake, Derpy was here before to deliver a letter.... She asked if you had ever considered changing your name to "Muffin"... ^_^
@Cupcake don't push the Red Button :)
@Stijn MSE rep is meant for this, unless of course you prefer to keep it in order to help moderate the site. But yeah, totally agree it's frustrating.
@VotetoClose I also put bounties on things that got declined in the past, but yeah looks like a few did get completed. It's 5 unique questions though, on one I spent 2 bounties.
8:46 AM
@SPArchaeologist are there any differences between cupcakes and muffins? Are they both really just the same on the inside, even though they have different names on the outside? Oh yeah, besides the frosting on top too :P
@ShadowWizard yeah it is meant for that, and I don't care about paying rep, but it's mostly like talking to a wall.
Well, we never saw Derpy eating a cupcake :P (the "baked bads" couldn't be considered cupcakes. In fact, they shouldn't even be considered eatable in the first place).
@Stijn I've had great conversations with walls though. Even though they usually win the arguments.
@Stijn if you feel strongly about something (e.g. bug or feature request you feel really need attention) you can always contact a CM directly. I do it with Anna sometimes and so far it appears to not bother her too much.
@Bart they cheat playing tennis....
8:51 AM
@Cupcake you just gave me a multi-billion dollar idea, thanks
Absolutely @JonClements. Being all like "I didn't move" ...
Bart: Move.
Wall: ...
Bart: Move!
Wall: ...
Bart: Move or I'll smite you down!
Wall: ...
{loud crash}
@ShadowWizard with such a beautiful rendition - I feel like I was there in person... :)
The more angry you get at the wall the harder the wall hits back
9:02 AM
unless you use a hammer
@ShadowWizard it's just in the preview for posts, it looks like it's still being converted on submission.
It's supposed to be in the preview too though, isn't it?
SO is down?
Ooh, SE is down?
not for me
A few hours ago, yes.
9:09 AM
But not now, now for me either.
Ah, it's back
Hmm, temporary glitch I guess
@Bart That's ok. It's good to have practice drills for these types of disasters.
@VotetoClose I stopped, dropped and rolled ...
This guy looks like he needs someone to save him:
Q: Undeserved down-votes

user3786546I recently began programming and I realize Stack Overflow is an invaluable resource. I have read the rules and try my best to solve a problem on my own before asking a question. However I realize this site is extremely hostile to newcomers. I say this because the first two questions that I asked...

9:18 AM
I'll start by getting rid of the (presumptive?) title...
On second thought...
He really is requesting a feature.
Should probably just start over and ask a new Meta question.
@Cupcake Isn't the answer "They can, they will and they are entitled to downvote you because of ." (yep, the phrase ends there)?
@Cupcake yeah, preview should show it too and used to show it
9:24 AM
@ShadowWizard OK, thanks for confirming that I'm not crazy again.
Well, too crazy.
Rather than making this poorly defined and articulated feature request, you might want to consider asking a brand new question to discuss why your questions were downvoted, and whether the questions need any improvement or not. — Cupcake 1 min ago
@Cupcake Myeah, a bit too late now it seems. :(
9:41 AM
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/265187/… Well that's an annoying side effect, closing it as unclear rejected the migration.
@Stijn would closing it as a duplicate count as a rejection?
Oh well, nuked by BoltClock stackoverflow.com/questions/24672816/…
Hopefully he'll get the idea to actually post his question on MSO this time.
Where we'll promptly close it as a duplicate :P
And then probably nuke it again in a few days :P :P
9:45 AM
I dig the music.
"I, just want to tell you how I'm feeling, oooooooooh..."
some days ago I got an email from a random person
9:46 AM
"thanks for that unexpected rickroll, really needed it"
Everyone needs a nice little unexpected surprise once in a while.
keyword is 'nice'
I can do nice unexpected surprises all day long! :D
@Bart That's what you happen when you destroy the support wall! Bad Bart!
All I care about is the star wall @JonClements ;)
And I can't believe you guys let that happen ---->
10:01 AM
Huh.... I'm innocent!
@Bart your power here is fading!
10:18 AM
Grooveshark has great recommendations "Because you listened to {artists} and {artist}" ...
@Bart my favourite track :)
{track} from {artist} really gets me going in the morning
Though I don't like {album} all that much
Unknown Artist - Unknown Album - Track 4 is a favourite as well...
11:31 AM
"voluntarily removed by its author." ... nooooooooooooooo
so what if Brazil takes revenge against Holland and wins 7:1? xD
@FinalContest they won't, they're too busy with crying
Most stupid match of the tournament anyway. Who wants to see them play for 3rd and 4th?
11:51 AM
what a pointless edit again: stackoverflow.com/posts/24675122/revisions
A: Any JCAPS tutorials?

Amir MoghimiTake a look at the following links: Java CAPS Wiki Grok Java CAPS Sun Java CAPS Screencast Tutorials Sun Java CAPS Samples Differences between Java CAPS 6 and OpenESB Java CAPS / Open ESB Flexibility and Versioning

lol @ 3 upvotes
@FinalContest - He has the power to do it and that's why did it. I guess he hasn't seen the part of Spiderman movie where they say, "With great power, comes great responsibilities" ;)
well, I downvoted the answer, and flagged
I do not care about the upvotes.
of course, someone will press "Looks good" seeing +2.
This is not a good answer with today's rules, I am afraid. To make it clear: avoid links-only answers. Most of the links are broken already. — Final Contest 3 mins ago
with +2, of course I could not press low-quality ....
Given the question asked, how would you avoid link-only answers? Just close the question. Problem solved.
11:58 AM
Write an inline tutorial?
It's been nuked
good, Bill burnt it
@Bart: are you seriously claiming 5 links broken out of the 6 link-jungle should remain? :D
@FinalContest BOOM!
is Bill out there?!
@Braiam: I highlighted him!
@FinalContest No I'm not. You're just wasting time and effort by focussing on it.
11:59 AM
@Bart: eh?
how is cleaning up an answer with 5 broken links out of the 6 link-jungle waste of time? Are you saying moderation is waste of time? It is one of those clear-cut crap.
Invited by ....
@FinalContest I presume Bart is saying that you should only get the question deleted
12:27 PM
@Braiam: I do not necessarily agree with that. If other OPs get two days to improve, I wonder why this OP could not get.
and if the OP improves, the answer remains crap anyhow.
also, you cannot vote on deletion without closure, and sometimes it is hard to get something closed, let alone deleted.
and to be fair, it is only three clicks to downvote and flag anyhow, so if you are there, you "lose" about a couple of seconds to make sure the crap is deleted. That is well worth of my time.
I really hate the site when you check out the cart - it says 'free shipping', but when you fill in the address, it adds $20
like ... this would trick more people into buying?
@chmod711telkitty: you have not seen "you are lucky" yet.
I am sure I have ...
or it could be worse still - "you are lucky, you only have to pay $20 for the shipping!"
12:34 PM
well, I got a popup that I am the Xth visitor, but they packed it very smartly.
until they claimed 1 GBP only for on Android tablet worth of 80-100 GBP
and they requested the bank account details :-)
but until that point I almost believed the packaging.
normally I have to pay more for the shipping than what I'm buying
that sucks ...
I have no problem paying $20 for the shipping if I really want the goods, but I would like the seller to be up front with it
12:56 PM
@Braiam some sellers on eBay offer free shipping worldwide though it's rare. Also some chinese sites offer free shipping but you know, China.
FC: I do not see the use of making a simple signal/slot example that will compile (the original code has a few hundreds connections that work fine). — FPEX 14 secs ago
yeah, right, good luck ...
1:20 PM
Where is @ManishBot? I have to go...
@JanDvorak no bad keyword in there as far as I can see
1:42 PM
Today's Listening | EDM / Electro / Dubstep
For some reason those are uploaded in reverse order
If you care about such things
@GnomeSlice sounds good
@GnomeSlice /me likes
@ShadowWizard does meta have robot infestation?
:2181219 you need 5k to reject tag wiki/excerpt edits
@Braiam yeah I had a brainfart
runs away
@Braiam right, but the error message is confusing so I don't blame @Stijn
2:22 PM
blames @Stijn brainfart so @ShadowWizard can be happy
Not robot @Jan, just troll or spammer who also attacked SO stackoverflow.com/users/3815945/user2626?tab=activity
@ShadowWizard he can't review, though
@JanDvorak he can suggest edits on MSE, got 2 more before he's auto banned and he'll most likely attack again within 5 days on Stack Overflow.
1 hour later…
4:02 PM
Does any one know, how often the inbox of [email protected] is checked?
@AmitJoki team@ goes into Zendesk. It may be a day or so until you get a response.
@hichris123 what's a zendesk? kind of web portal?
It's like a ticketed support system.
> The company provides a cloud-based customer service platform, also called Zendesk, that includes ticketing, self-service options, and customer support features. Founded in 2007, the company now employs roughly 500 people[1] and serves more than 40,000 customers[2] in 140 countries.[3]
i.e. this: zendesk.com
@Braiam Where's the attribution to Wikipedia? ;P
4:07 PM
@hichris123 >>>>>>>
I mailed them to [email protected] so, I'll have to wait for few more days, I suppose.
I mailed them to [email protected] so, I'll have to wait for few more days, I suppose.
SPAM meta.stackexchange.com/questions/236358/… gone before I translated it to verify
@JanDvorak The title is: buy shower booster in Hanoi.
So yes, spam.
@hichris123 Are shower boosters from Hanoi better? On a side-note: What are shower boosters?
I have no clue.
4:16 PM
That was a disturbing picture :)
Now you can use Siri in the shower!
@rene Kinda, yeah... ;P
^^^^ strange artifact when I'm pinged
@Braiam d
@rene no repro
maybe is @ShadowWizard trying to spy on you
4:30 PM
Oh, the wizard is hunting me
"Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 7 hours to continue reviewing."
@FinalContest Good job @laslzo!
@FinalContest Amazed that there are only 20 low quality posts until now. Quality goes up? :-)
@rene I haven't been flagging as much.
4:56 PM
@Rene: no, I found a bug.
I only reviewed 19!
Q: Cannot review anymore after 19 reviews

ProgramFOXToday I reviewed some posts in the Low Quality Posts, and I hit the daily maximum. But at the "Today" field, it shows 19, but I got the message: Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 14 hours to continue reviewing. Here is a screenshot: When I manually counted ...

oh, wait, not downvoted bugreport to oblivion?!
Why would it be @FinalContest? You didn't write it.
@Bart: let us make a test ;)

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