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1:31 AM
@jadarnel27 "We'll know Jin is past the breaking point if" sounds like the beginning to a Tim Post Signature Swag Contest.
1:43 AM
@Pops Haha, indeed!
I would enter that one.
I'm lost and couldn't find the chatroom for meta stackoverflow :O
This is a correct place
I was wondering if someone could give more details why YCS was banned for a year?
It seems a bit too long on the surface for such a reputed and knowledgeable user
or should I assume an answer of the kind "it's none of your business"
A year long suspension usually means it's the third strike
@random someone suggested it's like the 8th
I've read this btw:
Q: Why people feel no shame nowadays?

Your Common SenseExamples provided in this question are rather belong to meta@stackoverflow, as to comprehend them some programming knowledge is required. But, due to obvious reasons, I cannot post there - so, here is the only place where I can ask. After all, it's about people, not programming. So, why people f...

1:53 AM
Well, a year-long is still usually given after the third strike, so it's only minor details if it's infraction nine or 13
It seems he got scolded for some comments, not sure though
If you want further details you can email the email on the profile of the profiled user about why the user in the profile has been suspended this round for further details
@HamZa YCS seems to have a fan club following him around, ready to troll him
2:23 AM
@YourCommonSense: I am your follower. ;) Got one-year meta SE chat ban, too, right after bringing up another shameless post, apparently from an author, frequently going to that chat room, whom I partially ignored lately... Anyway, I think these post authors should feel ashamed about what they had done, so I still agree with the spirit of this post. — Final Contest 5 hours ago
Um, is this for real?
Did Final really get banned from this chat room?
Well, could've been worse for him, at least it wasn't a main site suspension.
2:30 AM
Should be marginally more bearable in here now
We are experiencing issues with a redis upgrade - working to get #stackoverflow stable ASAP.
Hey, @TimPost! Did you get my email?
@Jamal Yeah, just backlogged
Ah, okay. I've sent two, but the first one is irrelevant.
One more vote to seal its fate.
Pluggin' up all the crap holes.
If you're not into Gitlingo, a close vote awaits you: stackoverflow.com/questions/23212431/explaining-the-git-lingo
@random I read that as git limbo at first...
3:14 AM
How low can the question go
3:25 AM
We just had some spam. Guess that's not new.
@hichris123 gracias
@ɥʇǝS spam where? I like nuking spam.
@Cupcake Eh, I finished it with the last spam flag.
It's what's for dinner.
3:29 AM
I actually just had potato soup.
Which, although I'm not fond of it, is way better than spam!
Isn't potato soup like a failed bowl of mash?
Mmmm, mash potatoes....
@random Depends how creamy you make it. It can be though.
Whoa, 19 close votes.
3:35 AM
Spammer no spamming! Spammer no spamming! Spammer no spamming!
Yes, I finally got past ChrisF!
3:57 AM
That means... that now... he's right behind you
(not looking over your shoulder)
@animuson Hey! You stole my lines!
4:11 AM
4:22 AM
@Jamal ... that again?
@Cupcake gone
I have to admit, it was actually kind of funny, in a sick and twisted kind of way.
Even the username.
Anyone else have a rep change indicator in the top bar that won't go away?
4:24 AM
I have a stubborn +24
By the way, does this count as a no-no username?
It'll go away if I click it, but then loading any page brings it back. Even a non-cached one.
4:25 AM
@Undo I do not experience this problem.
I'll go report it. I bet it has to do with Redis
@Undo checks. I have had zero rep changes today :(
Although I did get a badge on meta.sr :D
@ɥʇǝS liar
look now
eh.. still nothing.
Maybe it's the timing. I dunno
4:27 AM
Did you actually upvote something?
Because if you did I would think I'd have seen it by now..
I did
Perhaps another bug?
Check your SO rep tab
oh, yep I see it there. Odd.
It should have appeared in the super collider too.
Got an upvote and it showed up. And it still won't go away.
Q: Stubborn +24 in the topbar that won't go away

UndoI currently have this in my topbar: I click it. The list shows up and the indicator is gone. Yay! Then I load another page. And the indicator is back. Is this related in some way to the recent Redis upgrade?

4:33 AM
Do we want to keep this question around?
Q: What is this programming language?

Fredmob/verb/test(N as num) What language is this code from?

@YourCommonSense the same principle as "the fittest specie thrive" - upvote to an question = 10 reps, downvote = -2. Then all those opportunistic users goes around stealing other peoples answers and pass them as their own, a rather easy way to gain reps. BTW opportunistic animals might often be treated as pests, but most of them seem to do a good job at multiplying - just look at rats! — chmod 711 telkitty 44 secs ago
It must not be very useful, it only got 796 views in 4 years.
For a little-known (proprietary?) programming language.
@Cupcake With a negative score, low views, and being closed the Roomba will kill it eventually.
4:34 AM
Ah, good point.
Well, I guess I'm going to put it out of its misery early then...
Oh, you're a 20ker.
Yeah, I would say kill it.
@chmod711telkitty you guys are still discussing things on that question?
4:37 AM
A closed question won't automatically get deleted if it has answers with positive scores
For whatever reason I can't paste into the Tavern.
@random doh!
@random oh right
so many little things and I can't keep them all straight
That's why you always have to piledrive on those questions at least so that 20k users can vote to delete
4:39 AM
Well, it had a space of about 4 years without any votes, as far as I can tell stackoverflow.com/posts/1338522/timeline
They at least got the site name in there meta.stackexchange.com/questions/236389/weight-loss-meta
And maybe turn off caps lock, @Undo? ;p
4:41 AM
well maybe
it's late :P
Yeah, I should go to bed.
Night all.
Nighty nighty.
Q: Repeated reputation notification for same upvote

josilberEvery time I visit a new SO page, I get the same "+10" reputation change notification: After clicking on the notification dropdown, it's cleared, but as soon as I visit another SO page (or for that matter another network page, such as crossvalidated.com) the "+10" is back for the same upvote. ...

same thing
4:48 AM
When it's posted from the George Takei account the source is still many connections away
Fixed it?
5:48 AM
Got this lady calling me in regards to a survey and telling me the first thing I want to do is to pay off my mortgage. I was like "really" but the last thing I want to do in current market condition is to pay off my mortgage - I am borrowing at 5%, making 10% return on it, why the heck would I want to pay off my mortgage for?
She did not understand ...
Of course I am paying back for whatever I have to pay back ... but obviously many people don't understand the concept of leverage ...
6:29 AM
is there any query that gives the average upvotes per answer based on which tag... i'd like to see which tags tend to receive the most upvoted answers per answer left
@VotetoClose You can write one
6:46 AM
I guess this query gives pretty much what i wanted data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/1256/…
@hims056 I haven't seen you being the first close vote for duplicate questions lately.. well since the meta split happened
you were like always finding dups right away
@VotetoClose Actually, I have heavy workload for a while. Also, I am giving more time in Sports.SE and Hinduism.SE.
7:07 AM
Q: Why is my animation doing what I don't expect?

user1473511I'm trying to animate card dealing with CSS and jQuery. I have positioned a single .png image of a card at the bottom of the window, and I want it to respond to a click event by spinning and moving to the top of the screen. While the card does do that, it doesn't stay at the x,y coordinates when...

Such an awesome title.
@Undo thicken your skin, my friend. Spam comes and goes (and we like to help it out), but the actual crap remains forever.
7:52 AM
> Another inclusion for CTP2 is the presence of the Lightbulb icon in the editor window. When code contains errors, hovering over the red squiggle line in the editor will cause the Lightbulb menu to appear, which will present several suggested options to fix the error. Along with these options is a brief preview window to provide an example of how the suggestion would look in your code if chosen.
^Visual Studio 2014. I wonder if it'll influence the number of syntax mistake questions on SO.
@Stijn "I have 3 options to choose from when I hover over the squiggle line, which one do I choose?"
@Bart thanks for shattering my dreams.
8:09 AM
I'm here if you need me @Stijn
3 hours later…
10:42 AM
There is a picture in the Daily WTF today of the Dutch picasa, posted by a Bart. Wondering if it a tavern frequenting Bart.
11:33 AM
auctioning off my rooster tomorrow ...
I <3 my chook but his crow is seriously stressing me out ... that neighbours might complain ...
already starting to have a minor mental breaking down ...
Om nom nom nom nom
11:45 AM
I wonder if I can find some expired spam for some firework fun. Does that stuff ever expire?
Spam doesn't have a sell-by date, it has a frigging half-life.
they never expire. They do get deleted, though
SPAM past its expiry date. Now that's a scary thought
> Call va shi ka ran on +91 123456789. Or... wait... no. Beat it. I don't do black magic anymore.
I wonder if I could get him to cast a curse on baba
No need to. Black magic will always bite you back.
11:53 AM
I'm suddenly craving biscuits and gravy
Thank you
BTW - was it you that sent me a link to a Unicode article, a while back?
Some or most of the 0-scored answers are pretty bad
@Oded I don't think so
11:57 AM
kk - someone, a while back sent me a link to an article they wrote about Unicode and I wish I still had the link. Was... exhaustive.
If you happen to get it, let me know.
Chickens are highly social animals so ever since the other rooster was sent to someone else, the only one left here starts to display increasing signs of mental disorder.
like talking to himself, refusing to enter the chicken coop and trying to entre the house
just saw the facebook scoop about the killed triceratops.
Ivory black-market - I'm so sure -_-'
12:17 PM
@Oded Not this one at least.
@Bart hehe... what can I say. Saw it and though of you ;)
I'm blushing
Was looking for info on a certain error and Google linked to a public error log. Amazing how many exposed error logs you can find with inurl:elmah.axd
Troy Hunt likes to use inurl:web.config. In particular for ftp sites.
When he presents, that is.
1 hour later…
1:31 PM
The answers all suck here: stackoverflow.com/q/24690760/189134
Wow ... did you just roll up a puppet/bot network?
Say @Oded, if you're still around, wanna go pew pew on the link above?
Ah, nevermind, Thiefmaster to the rescue
Yeps. He got there before me.
Is that really just many users having the same issue ...
Still, you'd think that people would wise up that just chiming in with "me too" doesn't fly on SO
"people would wise up" .... you've been here for how long now? :p
1:37 PM
I forget. That may be the problem.
@Braiam that user is an employee, see meta.stackexchange.com/questions/193545/… for a similar situation
@Braiam employee sans diamond
@Undo that sounds dirty... I like it :)
Aye. Shane is in the SRE team.
1:43 PM
@Braiam ಠ_ಠ
I wonder what will happen when he get 2k
A: Unique constraint for two columns in Mysql and indexes

RRUZSee this link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/388982/mysql-5-0-indexes-unique-vs-non-unique Bye.

Today's Listening | Silly soccer videogame-inspired music
2:22 PM
k yeah this music sucks
... you ... gave us bad listenings?
I was like 'it will be okay because today is sportsball world cup finals'
I mean I listened to the whole thing so it's not that bad I guess
I was almost reporting a bug that someone broke, either, the markdown parser or the css rules on unordered list... was OP fault
3:04 PM
@TimPost have the packages shipped for this Contest (meta.stackexchange.com/q/231739/200242) yet?
@Braiam Done
@Malachi Tomorrow.
@TimPost they ship tomorrow? Nice, thank you!
Hey @TimPost, now we're talking about Swag, wasn't there a swag-related event around the whole MSO/MSE split here in the Tavern?
I'm really sad that I forgot about that contest, I had huge plans but for some reason it completely slipped my mind.
3:07 PM
@Malachi Ayup. I generally clear out the swag queue on Saturdays, because there tends to be less interruptions which makes it go a whole lot faster.
@TimPost cool!
I have 3 kids at my place right now...so I have plenty of interuptions....lol
Bad news is I'm out of water bottles for SE, good news is Super User has a ton of them and extra good news is HOODIES!
it never asked me if I wanted a coffee mug or a water bottle, I would like the coffee mug...lol
Anybody interested in this question meta.stackexchange.com/q/236401/262501 ?
Do you know any good place to talk about the future of internet discussions?
In the question? It's off-topic, so I guess not. The idea ... you might have to create/find another host I guess.
3:11 PM
yes, I mean anybody interested to chat about this, not to answer
@TimPost are there ways to get swag besides contests or being a top user?
Apr 16 at 22:06, by Abby T. Miller
HEY TAVERN! in honor of the imminent split, you can fill out our super secret form with associate code MUG to get a SUPER SPECIAL MSO/MSE SPLIT MUG* (*DISCLAIMER: may look just like a regular mug)
^^ was that handled?
@Stijn Would you like some swag?
@Bart Yep
@TimPost I would love some swag, yes!
Shoot me an email with your details and I'll see what I can do.
3:16 PM
you can't see me but I have a huge smile on my face right now
@Bart There were some that just got something extra (consolidated) in another thing they had won, if you filled that out and didn't get one and don't have one to begin with, let me know and I'll get you one :)
@TimPost do you have assistants?
@Braiam 10 of them, 5 on each hand in fact.
@TimPost You're reminding me I need to fill out that form for my mod hat. :)
@Bart ... now that is an interesting link
3:19 PM
I need to send myself a new mod hat, this one is getting awful grungy.
even so... I never understood if that swag on SharePoint should have included me or not
@SPArchaeologist It does not include moderators (the query we run), because you get swag for winning an election on a graduated site, so you end up getting the same thing, plus a mod hat.
@TimPost Nope, Tim. I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing
@TimPost I was referencing a swag from two years ago. It should have included all the top users - first two pages.
Since I just entered page 2 I was never able to determine if the winners were drawn before I got in the top user of if the mail was lost somewhere.
@SPArchaeologist Yeah, if you were there, you should have got something. It's very very likely that you were just on the cusp of page 3.
@TimPost what? no little monkeys with funny hats?
3:25 PM
@Braiam Like in the Wizard Of Oz, the flying ones? That would be awesome but unfortunately no.
@TimPost Don't know. Based on some discussion, it seemed there was some problem at the time going on so there was some report of user not receiving any mail
that said, I trust more Stack than I trust my ISP, so I won't be surprised at all if the mail was lost in the great Onion sea.
3:37 PM
@TimPost ... since we are talking about it. Just to know, the shop is now dead so I suppose that if I reprint the SharePoint T-Shirt myself no one would get mad, right?
@SPArchaeologist Or, I can just send you one
@Bart GASP! Otay, I'll figure out why not.
@TimPost STILL have those?
@TimPost I assumed that shirt went out of stock long time ago.
@SPArchaeologist I think. We don't typically let inventory for a graduated site deplete completely, because we do send out swag when users cross high rep thresholds
But I need to check. If not, I can re-order a batch for SP, it's not a huge deal
@TimPost "High-rep thresholds". That explain all. On SharePoint top users from page 2 have 3k rep. :P
3:41 PM
y'all need to vote more, just sayin'
@TimPost or just divide by 10 all privilege requirement.
I had proposed time ago to have a custom animation on vote that shows old pal Clippy dancing when you upvote a post
@TimPost I've started asking for t-shirts from random sites because I've decided that 3 SO t-shirts is enough. :P
You should totally special order some Stack Apps swag, just sayin' >_> <_<
At least I have my hat!
@TimStone just follow the lead from Evan and participate in every possible election. Don't know what he does with them, but he sure needs t-shirts.
@TimPost Is there any way that I could possibly get some SO swag when I fill out the form? I never responded to the email I got for the election... and the google form is probably dead by now. ;P
does anyone have a SO user on-hand (link) that has fairly bad post score average? i'd like to test a query i'm playing with on data.se :)
3:50 PM
I've love to upgrade my swag of a single sticker to something more. Maybe two stickers? :)
Apparently more than half of the SO users have 1 reputation.
Is this like begging for swag time? ;P
@TimPost Anyway, the SharePoint site swag was a strange one. Score were so low that the put a restriction "rep must be above 730" (I was at about 780 and in second page.....)
@Oded He indicated that he uses the stickers for undergarments. So happy to be Evan's tailor.
@Stijn That's what we call 'the very long tail'
@CarrieKendall I was browsing the user page to pick out a few random users to find one for you, but it proves to be quite hard.
3:54 PM
@Stijn You are too high. Here's your 1/2 rep split
going home, bye bye
@Stijn yeah, i am just going to run another query and get some results that way, thanks for looking though :)
Happy Friday to me :)
@TimPost Newbie.
Real code samurai performs otemae.
@SPArchaeologist what the...
3:59 PM
@SPArchaeologist That's why I quit programming and became an alcoholic instead.
@Braiam Yep, I wasn't joking that time. I know some basic of tea ceremony.
@SPArchaeologist exactly how both relate is what I can't figure out....
@Braiam You drink both?
@SPArchaeologist no.. just that the Samurai's are not required to know tea ceremony
@Braiam not required but many did. There is the common misconception that you need to study chado just to be able to offer tea. But you require to know some rule even to receive tea
4:04 PM
entering the room, walking, sitting, raising the cup, drinking... all movement are coded. That way, it is actually similar to performing a kata.
but it is getting late now. See ya soon. @TimPost, @Braiam we can continue the discussion some other time if you want. Leave me a notice and I will return when I get some time ^_^
Is it a no-no to start adding new information to an older answer if you're not the original author?
It's like you're changing the answer, but if it's to improve it, should that be OK if the answer is not a community wiki?
@Cupcake does it changes fundamentally the answer? No= go for it; yes = write your own answer; maybe= comment below it
@Cupcake If it's new information that's really different, I'd consider a new answer instead. If it seems to extend or clarify what's there, maybe OK...
I dunno, personally (not speaking as a Mod or for the community), I dislike edits to others' posts that add/change meaning. So take that bias into account. :)
4:16 PM
@CarrieKendall I'm tempted to answer that, but I'm not sure the user will appreciate it.
@Bart yeah, i thought about that.. it isn't personal, i just needed it for querying haha.. either way, i am creating a generic query to derive it so no one gets blasted in chat
There is this one aweful user I keep bumping into every now and then who has a poor average score, writes terrible questions yet has completely escaped any ban. I'm still so tempted to edit every single post he has ever written.
@Bart But you might get him some undeserved upvotes!
It's a tricky one @Andrew'saUnitato
Regarding adding new info to answers, this guy added additional information to an answer:
Is the information wrong @Cupcake?
Wait ... what are all those later revisions? :D
Conflicted much? :p
I rolled it back at first, then I put the edit back in.
The OP is active, so I figured if he doesn't like it, he can just rollback again.
4:25 PM
I guess I erred on the side of not throwing away useful information this time.
@Cupcake you just don't learn do you? Privileges are there to mess with the site, delete useful content, and then laugh about it.
Summoning thunder and lightning is optional though.
There was a question posted recently that included a link to a machine learning result of what SE thought you'd like. I think it was related to front page changes, but I can't find the post on mso or mse. Does any one remember this topic and have a link to it?
4:27 PM
I remember, lemme go find it...
It was from David Fullerton.
Q: Feedback requested: New "recommended" homepage, phase 1

David FullertonFor the background, see: The Stack Overflow homepage is over-emphasizing bad questions (and a proposed solution) We've put together a first pass at a new homepage algorithm. You can check it out here: http://stackoverflow.com/?tab=recommended What it's doing is this: Take the 3000 most recen...

> Your favorite tags are both explicit favorites that you've set, and implicit favorites from a bit of machine learning magic based on what you've answered in the past. If you want to see what the machine learning thinks you're interested in, check out stackoverflow.com/users/tag-future/current
4:28 PM
Thank you. My error seems to have been searching for "front page" not "homepage"
@Bart I haven't seen that one. Thank you.
The machine learning thinks I like to answer PHP questions.
Even though my last PHP answer was back in March 2012 :P
@LanceRoberts Your bug was fixed:
Q: 1 more vote from other users is needed to delete this post?

matiashSince I recently reached 10K reputation, I'm itching to delete questions. BWAHAHAHAHAH! Well, actually, no. But still, I've found something curious when voting to delete. I see a question in the Delete and Undelete Votes -> Most Votes. I go to the question, and the tooltip on the delete button s...

@Oded why don't you guys give him a diamond? The poor guy has to go and make suggested edits and depend on the kindness of reviewers to get his work done? Or is this Stack Exchange employee hazing/initiation? Is this how you have to earn a diamond?
Not all employees should get diamonds. It isn't clear that he really needs one, ATM. Things may change.
4:39 PM
but I bet is technically a hurdle to keep all permissions separated: can-add-moderator-only-tag: group(moderators), userid(123456), userid(123457), ....
@Cupcake lets just say that the number of non-technical people is larger than the number of technical ones. Many of which don't know how the sites work. Giving them diamonds... well. No.
@Oded On behalf of community team... thanks.
@Pops - just thinking about our Sales team...
@Oded That would be a great movie: Nightmare at Stack Exchange: What happens when all employees get a diamond
4:49 PM
Uh huh. Sure. I see how it is.
@hichris123 Are rumors of a movie true? By golly, I hope so!
@Pops This would make some sense if the comm team didn't get diamonds by default. ;)
@AnnaLear As you are so fond of saying, that's the joke.
@Pops Hey, the community team is not a.... yeah, okay.
That said, we have a precedent for allowing non-diamonds to do certain diamond-like things like editing in mod-only tags... (Looking at Jin on child metas. :)) If it's a big deal for a certain group to be able to do a thing, we can make it happen without making it rain diamonds.
But first, they have to suffer. Mwahahahahaha.
Q: How can I start a discussion critiquing the culture of Stack Overflow?

Pat TrainorHow can one ask a question that is critical of the gamification community on SO with as little offense as possible (if that is even possible).

4:53 PM
OMG, Oded just linked me to this.
Q: How do I participate in Meta and not die trying?

rlb.usaMeta doesn't like me; I can't seem to keep my points. How can I post better and be well-received?

The title alone is hilarious.
@Cupcake initiation used to be that we had to figure out how to diamond ourselves
Someone actually e-mailed us yesterday asking how to ask a question. As in, he literally could not find the "Ask Question" button.
@BenCollins haha, that's one way to earn it ;)
4:53 PM
Was pretty angry about our poor UI, too.
@Pops lol
when someone calls rep "points", it's the same in my ears/eyes as someone who calls baseball runs "points".
@BenCollins Remind me not to talk about baseball with you.
@BenCollins how about karma?
4:57 PM
@Pops What site?
@AnnaLear as in slashdot karma?
@BenCollins As in, "I'm an expert, why do I need 50 karma to post a comment on your stupid site?"
@hichris123 Don't remember anymore. Ask Ubuntu, maybe?
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