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3 hours later…
3:50 AM
Anyone here?
no (;
Okay, then I'm out :p
Seriously, i need some help setting up the android sdk
What? What did I miss? Oh...
erm, post on SO?
I did, but that will take too long
I've got a bunch of small issues and edit edit editing a question is messy and slower than here
3:52 AM
it's around midnight in North America, not sure you will get help fast :/
If anyone here can help, I'd appreciate it
Right, I'm in North america now
and it depends on your timezone
in LA it's only around 9-10pm
ya, but I think most of the population of SO is from N-A
and it's past office hour
so SO is made up of peoples lunch break?
Can you help me?
It's noon in East Asia, so maybe it is lunch break people here
Never used the Android SDK, can't really help
3:54 AM
I'm basically having issues setting up Java
The SDK is a little easier
It seems that Eclipse was not reading my classpath for some reason
Nope, sorry, web developer here, totally out of my league
What error you got from Eclipse ?
I don't remember
It couldn't load a Java file or something
Hang on, I'm going to extract it
I downloaded again
man, setting up eclipse is easy. install java, download eclipse, extract archive.
didnt work for me
Could it be an issue of 32 bit mixed with 64 bit? Perhaps an older Eclipse?
3:57 AM
I can't really know unless I see what your problem is exactly
Eclipse is extracting
where are your mind reading skills?
I left them at school, sorry
I'm not expecting mind reading
3:58 AM
all you need to know is that it isn't working! (;
I apologize, my mistake. I'm going to see what happens with Eclipse. I'll be back in a few minutes.
Thanks for tolerating my idiocy here.
It's idiocy all day here :p
Yep, HolyV
Okay, Eclipse Galileo (as recommended by the Android SDK) is starting...
Workspace set up...
Progress bar and splash screen...
Hey, it loaded!
Well, It looks like @HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL 's mindreading powers save the day
also note that you got 2 answers to your question
I saw one
4:04 AM
What's so funny?
Look, I had a problem before and now I got a solution. We all have those.
i'm confused.
You "heh"ed. I'm curious why
ok well, thanks.
Now for the Android part of things
rchern is a monkey who types random key
and you read minds
4:05 AM
she writes perl too
Oh yeah? How come it's not in her profile?
you asked what was so funny
i have no clue what's funny
Actually, @rchern , I noticed you are starting iOS development.
How old is that profile update?
i dunno. i don't date my profile updates. (;
a month
ok, let me rephrase
How far have you gotten with iOS dev?
a year
4:09 AM
@rchern Feature Request: Revision History for Profiles! Wait... that won't work
@YiJiang Why not?
It's mostly a useless feature, I think there are way other feature they could add before that.
Fair enough
Downloading the Android SDK starter package.
That's the list of the most popular feature request not implemented
4:12 AM
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL With half of them rejected... well, sigh...
It's filtered, that's all the non [status-accepted] one
SE is written in PHP?
no, it's C# ASP.Net MVC
what language?
The "req" tab's the one you're looking for then: meta.stackoverflow.com/?tab=requests
4:13 AM
Q: Which tools and technologies were used to build the Trilogy?

aleembPicking up from the blog, the following is a more complete stack pieced together from a variety of places. Please add any that I may have missed. Return to FAQ index

Cool link.
Unicornify ftw!
Ok, I downloaded the starter
Where is a safe place for it to go?
on your computer!
4:18 AM
Not necessarily
It's a shame I can't have a CLASSPATh that points to the cloud
at that point I got no clue, all I've done in Java was some Game Dev with Slick, Some Swing apps for school and a little bit of servlet.
ok cool
I'm going to go with my "development" folder
probably the least safe, as i do housekeeping and i delete things....
While I do that, please look at this question and tell me why it's closed:
Q: Are there any Online IDEs that support ObjectiveC?

Moshe Possible Duplicate: Are there any good online IDEs? Are there any online IDEs that support ObjectiveC? The popular ones seem to have neglected this language. Please include a link.

I"m looking for an online Objective-C IDE
There's a bounty on the other question to get one for Objective-C
Q: Are there any good online IDEs?

jonhobbs Bounty Added: I am looking for an online "IDE" that supports Objective-C. Does anybody know of any good online IDEs that allow collaboration, like google docs and spreadsheets do? I'm not expecting a full version of Visual Studio but perhaps a cut down editor capable of HTML, javascript and...

Well, that was added later...
because it is a duplicate, just like it says?
4:21 AM
it's not
mine is more specific
ask the people that closed the question
we have no idea (;
And you don't see the merit in reopening?
you need 5 people to reopen
Right, I have 2
any takers?
The other question's bounty was added afterwards
I don't have 3k yet on SO
4:22 AM
Ah... no, the "Objective C" bit wasn't there when you first asked
Well, I'll consider reopening
But that was what I really wanted.
You can flag it for moderator attention to get it reopen
Should I revise the title to "Online Objective-C IDE?" to be more concise?
4:24 AM
I don't think it's going to change much
lol, wait. your original question just asked about ides and didn't mention objective-c, but you're seriously asking why it was closed as a duplicate?
I guess I really just want it reopened. I didnt make that edit fast enough...
Can I complain some more? :D
One more closed Q.
Q: Why are there so many programming languages, and why are new ones still being invented?

MosheWhy are there so many programming languages? And what prompts someone to create a programming languages in spite of the fact that other languages already exist?

rchern - I know. Don't mind me. I'm not usually like this.
Anyway there's a bounty question for that, it's going to get a lot more attention than just a normal question.
4:25 AM
somehow i doubt that (;
Why are people in here near 9:30PM PST?
and exactly how is that question not subjective and not argumentative?
Are you all still at work?
Not everyone is on the west coast of the US :)
I want to get some documented reasons - things they might teach in a college course
4:26 AM
@Chacha102 It's 12.30 Singapore time, lunch break people!
Have I discovered a secret crop of programming slaves that never start working?
1:26PM here in Japan
no, im documenting my own project atm (it's 00:30 here)
I'm acting like an imbecile here. what can I say? My apologies.
4:27 AM
Wait .. I need to document these chats if the FBI comes bouncing in on me
Why would they do that?
@Chacha102, and just what are you doing here then?
@rchern Oh ... I was just ... errr....
@rchern - really - I don't want to look like an idiot. I came to The Tavern to get set up with Android SDK.
@Chacha102 Informant for the FBI, busting a group of non-working <del>terrorists</del> programmers
4:28 AM
@Chacha102, the entire chat room transcript is logged for just such an occasion :) chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/89/2010/8/3
@Moshe, I just don't get the point of cross-posting at the same time
Actually, In a bookstore today, i saw a really shady guy reading a Javascript book.
I'm off now, I have a course in 7:30 hours
cross-posting basically just wastes everybody's time
and chat isn't meant to replace SO
@rchern - You are right. i thought that perhaps the folks in The Tavern would be different than those on SO.
@rchern - True.
4:29 AM
@rchern Not entirely true - I'd never have noticed that edit for the online editor question if he hadn't posted it here
you had 2 answers within 11 minutes that were both spot on.
@YiJiang, talking about a different question from the ide one
@rchern - bows head in shame I can't argue with you. You are right. I'm sorry. (Seriously.)
@rchern Yeah, I'd just noticed that...
@rchern I am seriously feeling like an idiot now.
Anybody know how to point my classpath to the Android SDK folder?
4:31 AM
@Moshe Aren't we all? (quietly points to the top starred question in the feed right now, then ducks)
@YiJang - Be nice.
waiting for the format to come through
format to come through?
SO links to questions are autoformatted
I didnt realise it was a list
4:33 AM
so, anything interesting happening?
@YiJiang, usually the common error on delete statements is forgetting the where clause? I had the correct where clause. Just the wrong damn from clause. Deleted a group of people from the directory rather than deleting their permissions. On a production table.
Oops |:
@rchern - dont make excuses.
that isn't very interesting..
which part of that is making excuses?
"I had the correct where clause." sounds like a defense of sorts
whatever- I'm not looking to pick fights
4:35 AM
errrr, it's just a followup sentence to my opening sentence. (;
my bad
@Chacha102, sorry...what did you want to talk about?
/me sighs
@rchern Don't have to keep on repeating that - I was online when you posted that. Although it does sound pretty funny/sad/weird taken out of context
I'm sorry
Not my night right now
On a different note - Anybody here know foreign languages? (Not rogramming related - spoken)
@Moshe 吃饭了吗?
4:37 AM
OK, that counts
No clue what you wrote
At least it isn't pinned anymore. It'll fall off soon. (I hope)
@Moshe Have you eaten (common Chinese greeting)
Erm, ... yes. What did you have to offer?
hey, who just starred it? lol
4:38 AM
@rchen - does starring keep those posts up longer?
bad starrer!
i hate you
not really...but a little...but ont really
i was just teasing
does starring keep it up there for longer?
stars/age may be the formula. i forget
4:39 AM
@Moshe I think it follows the same formulae as the "Hot" questions tab
it is good that it is there. otherwise people might get confused and think i'm perfect. giggles
Well, the "I hate you" gets a start
i was kidding!
You're on a roll - keep it up.
I know, but someone else starred it first.
4:41 AM
@Moshe Taking random posts out of context and sticking them to the top of the feed... sounds like fun! star +1
meh fine. but it is 20 til midnight. let's all laugh at rchern day ends then!
@rchern LOL LOL
@rchern ROFL!!!!!!
@rchern HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
@rchern he he he he he...
@rchern ho ho ho ho ho....
@rchern ha .. ha .. ha...
is this how you define interesting by the way?
@rchern ha...
@rchern - just star @chacha102 s laughing
4:43 AM
You did say to laugh at @rchern's days end.
@moshe, no point...i just figure @Chacha102 will pin it here shortly :D
how does pinning work?
it sticks to the top and it just doesn't come down...
}, 3000);
This should do
@YiJang - Javascript, yes?
how do you pin something?
4:44 AM
> I love to laugh, Loud and long and clear, I love to laugh. It's getting worse ev'ry year
> The more I laugh, The more I fill with glee, And the more the glee, The more I'm a merrier me, It's embarrassing!, The more I'm a merrier me!
@Moshe Yes, jQuery. It should automatically fill the input box with some laughter before sending it. Every 3 seconds
}, 3000);
Of course I'm not going to try it out... or maybe I should
I will
4:45 AM
> When things strike me as funny, I can't hide it inside, And squeak - as the, squeakelers do, I've got to let go with a ho-ho-ho..., And a ha-ha-ha...too!
If you're going to try it, do it in a new room :)
@Moshe, on a serious note, pinning is for informational stuff that is vital to know. or at least, that's what its purpose is
Disclaimer: I am now trying some code written by @YiJang. If my account get's suspended, someone help me.
@rchern - thanks
Erm.. DON'T
4:46 AM
> I love to laugh, Loud and long and clear, I love to laugh, So ev'rybody can hear, The more I laugh, The more I fill with glee, And the more the glee, The more I'm a merrier me!
it worked!
I closed the tab to stop it
HA HA HA he he he ho ho ho ho .. ha?
@Chacha, paste this into your address bar:
javascript: setInterval(function(){
}, 3000);
it only works once unless you type something else..
4:49 AM
there is a duplicate detector on chat
Hmmm? Ah well...
@YiJiang !!!!! Fix your broken code!
it won't post a message if it is the same as the last one..
I was enjoying it.
So add a random character, like a period or question mark.
yes, because they have spam prevention. sad that it is necessary.
4:49 AM
@Chacha102 - Mary Poppins, yes?
Ok, cool
@rchern- thanks for the the help. @YiJang - Pin your script.
This one has more Stereo sound..
oof, don't pin the spam script
or star it
4:51 AM
You just had to say that....
@Moshe Please don't.... No seriously don't
pinning two versions? Way to use up all the space for starring :|
Note only I can pin stuff ... and mods
@Chacha102, sadly, yes, I did have to say it apparently. A script to generate spam should not be starred and should definitely not be pinned.
Here, let me get rid of both of those..
I can also cancel stars/pins
4:53 AM
Well, I'mma make a new version that beats the spam filter and star it in the "Test Chat" rooms.
See how they go over.
Here, let me pin something more whimsical and suitable for the room
Unless of course, there are any objections.
@Chacha102 Much better :D
I gotta get Android running. Time to port iOS apps to Android. (iOs= great frameworks, Android = start from scratch...)
Gnite - thanks @rchern, @HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL @everybodyelse
Thanks for the reopen on the "online ide" question too... :D
Well that explains why my surveys havn't gotten back much usable information
Must use Comic Sans and txtspk next time
5:10 AM
OK, I'm back. Got another issue with Eclipse.
Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: Android Development Tools 0.9.9.v201009221407-60953
For the record, my Question on SO got a bunch of views already. It seems that there are Android Devs awake at all times of the night.
3 hours later…
8:18 AM
@YiJiang big media catches on ars technica articles with a month difference? :)
1 hour later…
9:43 AM
just finished a SIX hour game of Civilization 5.. holy crap.
9:55 AM
That's moderately ridiculous
10:25 AM
It's good I assume?
10:38 AM
@Fosco That's relatively little
Last sunday we had a 22v21 game lasting 3h34m (not a Civ5 game obviously)
that's roughly one mythical man week total
10:56 AM
@radp, is a question with multiple possible right answers subjective or not? :)
(wonders if I should answer that multiple times)
@MarcGravell, I'm still mulling over the fact that (to my mind) people are confusing "we don't like subjective on SO" with "subjective can't work on SE"
and whether polls/discussions/subjective are one and the same, or whether there are differences
my view: "not subjective" means "every answer is either wrong or right"
that doesn't mean there can't be several correct answers
"use jQuery" and "don't do that" are both right (regardless of the question)
11:21 AM
That's how I view it too; I generally close as subjective if every answer can be considered equally right, since that means voting on them is pretty useless
How about poll-type questions, is that in the "don't want" or "can't work" category?
My most upvoted and most favourited question is a poll-type question with no-right, or all-right answers
Q: Handy F# snippets

BenjolThere are already two questions about F#/functional snippets. However what I'm looking for here are useful snippets, little 'helper' functions that are reusable. Or obscure but nifty patterns that you can never quite remember. Something like: open System.IO let rec visitor dir filter= se...

12:14 PM
Seems rchern is making a lot of commotion in the starred comments
12:36 PM
12:51 PM
someone finally joined
This is the first time I've seen someone ask a question on meta which belongs on SO:
@spoulson, I think you mean Chacha was trying to be funny... (;
@Benjol there's always a first. :D maybe he was trolling?
So this is the chat interface - nice to finally see it. Looks like they're trying to evolve the wheel again
1:04 PM
I find it very nice to use and very simple to see what's going on. Plus the ajaxy crap fits really well :D
hello all
Oneboxing is just about the only reason I like this chat over a pure text one, but it's a pretty big reason
@SergioTapia, don't think so, but you never know
@MichaelMrozek Oneboxing?
Q: long Polling webservice

WolandI have a webpage what asks through jQuery json data from webservice after every 1 second. If there is no data then webservice returns null. The problem is that if client is on site over 24 hours then the browser will collect too much data and will crash. So I decided to set timeout to 60000 in j...

@spoulson, that is one boxing
certain urls when pasted on their own are 'magicked'
1:14 PM
A: What links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThe current list of integrated (we call this onebox, or oneboxing, ala search engines) sites is: Stack Exchange Questions Stack Exchange Answers Stack Exchange Users Stack Exchange Chat Messages Stack Exchange Chat Rooms (though not really pretty yet) Amazon Twitter Wikipedia XKCD YouTube Githu...

I get it, but don't get the name
now it's twoboxing
ahh well, it's just too vague a term I guess. If I were Google, I could get away with coining drab tech terms, too.
javascript: setInterval(function(){
}, 3000);
[moo](javascript: setInterval(function(){
}, 3000);)
seems they thought of the obvious :P
1:45 PM
anyone getting timeouts when trying to clone/push/pull from github?
nvm, firewall issues!

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