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5:02 PM
@mmyers Yeah I wasn't sure on the last one
@TheUnhandledException hmm, Pew! Pew! Barley McGrew! Cuthbert! Dibble! and Grubb!
@PiersMyers LOL
12/15, Huh, I'm surprised, I thought I did better!
Wait, that is the correct response to religious conflict, right?
I got #15, #9 and #6 wrong, and I should have known #9!
I will tell all of my Catholic Mormon evangelical friends to avoid you.
5:07 PM
Anyway i'm headed to lunch. Catch you guys later!
Reading the survey PDF now. 65 questions is more than I think I would be happy about.
Ordinarily I like taking phone polls (skewing political surveys is a hobby of mine), but...
damn. 14
Q: How to reduce the number of bugs when coding?

GStoNo one's perfect, and no matter what we do, we are going to produce code that has bugs in it from time to time. What are some methods/techniques for reducing the number of bugs you produce, both when writing new software and changing/maintaining existing code?

^^^someone should suggest unit testing
hmm, i just noticed a question i asked a while ago was closed as a dupe, the answers not merged, and i think my answer is better than the one on the open question
1 duplicate isn't bad; it's when a single question starts pushing 3 or 4 that I don't even bother reading it anymore
5:16 PM
@rchern flag for mod attention and ask mmyers to merge it
it's on WA :P
oh. Well then, merge it yourself!
but since it is my answer, someone else give me an opinion (;
Q: How do I cancel a Facebook friend request?

Zerotoinfinite Possible Duplicate: How do I cancel a friend request on Facebook? I sent a Facebook friend request to someone accidentally. How can I cancel this friend request?

You said "the answers not merged" as though you were blaming the mods -- the answers weren't merged because you haven't merged them
i only noticed because someone commented a bit ago pointing out Facebook changed it. I updated my answer then noticed [closed] on the questions listing
well i didn't realize it was closed until a few minutes ago :P
5:18 PM
Oh, I guess ChrisF closed it. He might not know about/be comfortable merging questions
@TheUnhandledException I thought this said "Anyway, I'm headed to church." Talk about getting mentally primed....
@MichaelMrozek Isn't ChrisF's whole reason for running in interim mod elections -- and I support this, by the way -- that he knows the system and can help sites get up and running "the SE way"?
@PopularDemand Oh, maybe. I was just guessing, I don't know anything about him
@MichaelMrozek Sorry for making that all accusatory-sounding with the reply button. It was only meant to identify what I was referring to.
I was actually asking.
to be fair, I doubt there are more than a couple of moderators who have long-term experience with merging
Aw, no onebox.
Jeff's profile says "benevolent dictator for life. well, mostly." There's a dangerous ambiguous modifier....
@Shog9, the average number of messages per day in this room is 666; talk about "chat is evil."
5:26 PM
I tell's ya...
any sharepointers here?
/me points at joe and laughs
@JoePhilllips Unfortunately.
What's up?
Also, whoa, what's this "conversations" tab, then?
I wonder if I should stay the hell away from "Monads"
It seems that everybody that learns about them seems to lose the ability to talk coherent about stuff related to them
5:28 PM
tries hard to avoid lighting a cigar
I'm afraid that I will be dumber after learning about it
@PopularDemand I'm trying to do something pretty simple... I have a "Projects" list. Each project needs a project code assigned after a "New" project item is created. So there is a "code" field but I removed it from the Create form
/me is waiting for a language with built-in support for Gonads
So there is 1 person who assigns those codes and I'd like to send her an email linking to a page where she can simply enter the project code and be done
@Joe sorry, I thought you were asking for users, not admins.
5:30 PM
they're basically the same thing :p
@Shog9 that would be (under)pants
is mathoverflow.net a legit SE site? How does it differ to math.stackexchange.com ?
5:48 PM
@PiersMyers Dupe, but the answer is yes.
Math Overflow is SE 1.0, it's for very advanced/research-level math.
Math SE is general-purpose.
So I could ask what 2+2 is?
@LasseVKarlsen Use jQuery for this.
Answer: google it
Oh, yeah, forgot jQuery
2 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
5:50 PM
@LasseVKarlsen only if you wear LaTeX
You can wear it too?
Man, that stuff is powerful
I think I'll skip that link :)
me too
At work!
You know, physically, at least.
5:52 PM
well, it's a very... physical link...
How very un-Shog9 of you to give us the choice. I'd normally expect you to paste the pictures in here directly
I'm actually at work ;-P
@MichaelMrozek Why are you encouraging him?!
@Chacha102 Coincidentally, our political conversation gets its answer on the MD anti-wiretapping abuse: myfoxdc.com/dpp/news/maryland/…
5:54 PM
the trouble with P.SE:
Q: Am I completely wrong in thinking this question was subjective?

ChaosPandionI recently posted this question to get the opinions of other programmers. To me there really isn't a definite answer so wouldn't that make it an appropriate question for this site?

@spoulson Booya
@spoulson Thanks for the verification.
@MichaelMrozek like this one:
if you have an demotivational posters/images that are funny, please email links or images to demotivate@chacha102.com
5:57 PM
@Chacha102 Oyez, oyez, oyez! Congratulations are in order for @Chacha102! The preceding image is now An Official Meme!
They will eventually appear in this channel, and might even become a meme
Clearly the duplicate detector needs to be expanded somewhat to stop @Chacha102 from posting the same things over and over again
Ok, we have a new pinned message
Oh, Firebug, I have missed you so.
6:02 PM
@PopularDemand where's it been?
@PiersMyers In hibernation, while I've been working on documentation.
Hmm, Civilization 5 and the new Borderlands addon, both released
Weird, my old gravatar shows up on the "all rooms" page even though the new one has showed up before (and is still showing up in the room).
6:22 PM
different sizes -- your browser probably has some sizes still in the cache, but not all
FWIW, I see the new one
@balpha That wouldn't explain why the new one showed up earlier today.
sure it would, if you're using chrome :)
@balpha Buh? What's Chrome got to do with it?
chrome caching is just... weird
@balpha Cosmic rays. Gotcha.
6:24 PM
different caches for different tabs, stuff like that
I have to admit Joel sold me on Mercurial - it seems to be just like Git thought, right?
By and large
Some things Git does better, and vice versa, from the little I know about Git that is
I too am sold on Mercurial
Joel just has a way with words and he painted a pretty damn good picture. Is there a website similar to Github for Mercurial?
I have basically ditched Subversion as my SCM of choice
Thanks for the link. I'll create my account there
6:36 PM
I have set up a HG server on my own IIS server, I can help with that if you need it
HAHA! Wow! My son just woke up for a bit when he heard the ending to the Backyardigans (when they say 'Bye!') and waved at them; then he went back to sleep. :D
But I also have a Kiln 1-man starter account
Is Kiln social_
What do you mean?
It's FogBugz on demand with Kiln
aka Mercurial with a really nice web front-end
Um... how do I switch hard drives in cmd?
cd D:/ doesn't do anything
6:38 PM
ewww new twitter page
ewww twitter
Incidentally, I think I finally have a good answer as to why I find reading twitter so very annoying...
@Shog9 The content?
6:52 PM
New twitter is unbalanced.
It's unheard of to have two nearly equal columns.
@Moshe I assume you mean "(outside of just about anything typeset)"
it looks roughly like their new iOS app (which I don't have but I saw on an iPad the other day)
it leaves the user staring at a psychological line going down the middle of the screen. It feels like I have to look "around" the "thing in the middle"
I meant on the web.
Of course typesetting uses equal columns, but that's normal in that situation
6:54 PM
You can do it on the web too, but only with some serious JS or browser support
@greg - It does look like their iOS app. iOS, on the hand works perfectly because the iPad user expects to see multiple columns.
the narrower column is the more important column too
(I can't see "the new twitter" yet, so just guessing as to what they're trying for)
@shog9 - The point is that it isn't done. It feels like the right column is too wide.
Hang on. How do I post a screenshot?
@Moshe Yeah, but the primary reason why it isn't done is because it's damn hard to do
6:55 PM
hg commit -> gives me an error "no username supplied see hg help config". How do I set up my global username?
@Moshe Upload
and it feels narrower because the left column has tons of wrapping
the right column has dead space
I came here because I need someone to appreciate this: I just did a page of computation starting with the Haversine formula and some simplifying assumptions and at the end I had derived the radius of a circle. facepalm
@SergioTapia There's a mercurial configuration file in your document folder
in My Documents or the folder I used hg init on?
6:57 PM
lol, now you're trying mercurial @sergio?
did you ever fork StackFlair?
yep, Joel sold me on it.
Nah didn't fork anything i'm afraid.
checking this thing out hginit.com/top/01.html
ah, why not? ):
New Twitter
I think you can override everything for your repo, but I was referring to one common file, let me find the path on my machine
6:58 PM
that looks better than mine. i must have longer tweets or something. there's more wrapping on the left
@LasseVKarlsen Ok thanks for the help.
It's not in the "My Documents" folder, but outside of it, navigate to your user directory
@rchern - What browser?
I'm in Chrome on W7x64
oh, well then, dunno
I used snippet to grab it
The default windows tool
6:59 PM
In the .ini-file, you can set up the username, but you can also override this in your repo
So, I don't know.
for your repo, look in the .hg directory for the hgrc file
In it, add a section called ui, with a username variable:
username=Lasse V. Karlsen
This takes precendence over a similar setting in the common file
Can someone explain why the "New Twitter" 2 column layout is so rough to create?
7:00 PM
Can't seem to find the file there... but I think it's best I find this global file and modify it there right?
No file means everything is default, I have TortoiseHG installed so perhaps it added it
@Moshe that's not "columns"
that's "panes"
What is it then?
i thought you were talking about textual columns
@Shog9 - I guess that's a better word.
My mistake.
Panes is the correct word.
7:01 PM
bah, twitter is still boring
I'm using webspeak for two column layout, 3 col. etc. Where the second column is nav or ads.
in my .hg folder, there is no .ini file - only small files.
changelog and a storefolder file
@shog9 - yep. I use it to push my iOS apps.
@Moshe yeah, I gotcha now
which, by the way, are here: (shameless plug)
7:02 PM
but now I'm even more confused over why you'd expect them to be "equal"
they aren't showing the same content
I'm not expecting them to be equal
@PopularDemand HA! No, I'm not a big Church goer :-)
@LasseVKarlsen LOL. Looks like all the fun happens when I'm gone, as usual :-)
@shog9 - They are confusing because they are almost equally spaced.
@TheUnhandledException - Hey!
@SergioTapia You should install TortoiseHG, and then right-click explorer and use the global settings
@rchern - i got Android SDK working finally. It seems my book is outdated.
7:03 PM
Then you have a UI dialog for everything, instead of the notepad way
So what can I do? I've reached another roadblock :P Where can I set my username? Do you think it's best I learn from the GUI?
@Moshe Hi there. How are you?
@TheUnhandledException - Great.
In your user directory, add a textfile, Mercurial.ini
I just set up Android SDK
7:04 PM
in it:
username=your username
but install TortoiseHG
@TheUnhandledException - considering that vacation is almost over and my friend is way too busy w/ college, I don't know when my driver program will happen. If you find any more info, lemme know please.
Well that gives you a chance to try it yourself first! :-)
Ah thanks! Worked well, it commited and opened notepad asking me for my commit message.
@Moshe Will do
7:05 PM
Hey @Chacha
I gotta get some work done. Personally, I think the new Twitter made some design mistakes, but hey, they can change it quickly. (As they have proven with fixing security holes.) On that note, hopefully they've made it more secure.
@Chacha102 Stick to lipsum.com.
lipsum? As in the lorem ipsum generator?
@Moshe Yes.
7:08 PM
@Popular - Cool.
There, I added puntucation
I saw Harry Potter and the Philosipher Stone in Latin the other day in a book store.
HAHA!!! I just saw this in the ServerFault chat:
@Chacha102 I stand by my previous statement.
"Star Wars Floppy". So hysterical.
7:09 PM
@SergioTapia Let me know if you have other HG questions
I have The Imperial March as ringtone when my wife calls me.
@LasseVKarlsen Will do, thanks for the help!
@TheUnhandledException that is awesome, wonder if the disk still works after that
@PiersMyers HA, I'd bet the answer is NO :-)
@SergioTapia LOL, have a star :-)
So using hg clone I will download the code from a project similar to SVN Checkout?
7:20 PM
you clone the repository, yes
:D cool
This will of course clone everything, think of it as making a copy of the subversion repository + checking out a working folder, both at the same time
I beg to differ.
Hey there @systempuntoout
How are you today? (Tonight for you I suppose)
7:28 PM
21.30 here in Italy :)
what's the event ?
@systempuntoout in 2.5 hours here in The Tavern?
Probably Happy Hour. @Chacha102 has a sense of humor :-)
Happy Hour is a marketing term for a period of time in which a restaurant or bar offers discounts on alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine, and cocktails. Basic Information Typically, it is in the late afternoon Monday through Thursday, usually taking place at some period between 4 PM and 7 PM. This promotion is intended to boost business on what may otherwise be a slow day. In most cases the "happy hour" lasts longer than a single hour. The term Happy Hour also is commonly used to describe the gathering of work colleagues at a restaurant or bar after work hours, possibly outside the...
Hey anyone know anything about programming VOIP?
7:34 PM
programming a VOIP device or programming VOIP protocol?
A VOIP app for iOS using a preexisting service.
Assuming that they are working with me (so I have access to the user accounts and suff.)
uhm, I have configured VOIP on my N95 with a preexisting service (EuteliaVoip here in Italy)
No, I want to write an app that makes VOIP calls.
You want to compete with the Phone-part of an iPhone?
7:45 PM
to use a VOIP service, now that they allow it again
VOIP traffic is almost never included in network plans
I hope you are aware
that is fine. Not even my problem.
How does skype and gv+ do it?
It's your problem, if using your service costs more than your competitors' you start with a handicap
I'm an independent contractor, not the phone company
You choose tough problems @Moshe! :-)
7:48 PM
@TheUnhandledException - So, that's what makes programming great.
Got any answers?
On the VoIP problem? Sorry, never worked in that field
Me neither. Nor Drivers.
I'm not in the field but I guess it's mainly "Record voice, send data, receive data, playback voice"
I assume that the basic process is authenticate ... wait @radp beat me to it
now do it so that it may work between a client behind fascist firewalls that only allow port 80 and (luxury!) 8080 and a client running on a Symbian S40 mobile with a whopping 10 megs of free ram
now add landline calling
and some rad unique stuff of your own
7:51 PM
Is there a way to search chat history for the string "-9"?
@PopularDemand Yes, it involves the previous day button in the transcript and your browser's find in page feature I'm afraid.
@radp That sounds suspiciously like "work."
@PopularDemand If you'd rather, it sounds trivial to automate in mechanizer
grrrrrr i just tried replying to an email in gmail and it blocked it because of spam
@rchern bad gi-- mada-- madm-- good sir!
Argh! My shenanigans turn against me!
7:54 PM
@radp Not familiar with mechanizer, but I've run out of "I care about this issue" points.
> well, if it makes you feel any better, I did change the front page filter threshold on meta from -4 to -10 .. so any given question can survive a lot of downvoting before being banished away from the front page. – Jeff Atwood source
Wow, that question does have a few diamonds
I'm playing the let's see how many answers I've voted for game on WA hehe
ok anyone know about VOIP Programming?
8:04 PM
btw, that totally came across as "right, who cares, go away...attention on ME!" :D
I'm sorry.
i don't mean it in a bad way, just explaining my LOL
In any case, the answer is more than 64 ):
8:08 PM
@Moshe, I think if you had more specific questions, people might be able to provide more specific assistance... looks like there's no VoIP experts here per-say
@Chacha102 Ok now that's mean :-)
@Moshe: Take @Chacha102 with a grain of salt. Sea salt -- bigger grains :-)
a grain of salt?
Why not a spoonful?
more specific questions, yes. but post on SO (;
@Chacha102 Too much salt :-)
@Chacha102 because that isn't the saying.
(With) a grain of salt is a literal translation of a Latin phrase, (cum) grano salis. Since in Italy "to have salt in your pumpkin" (avere sale in zucca - pumpkin is a funny way to say "head") means to have intelligence and reasoning capabilities, "grain of salt" often means "a little bit of intelligence". So, "cum grano salis", in its Latin form, it is often used when it is needed to show that intelligence and personal judgment are needed, as in "I drink wine cum grano salis since I must drive" (with care, moderately) or "please, repair this electric cable cum grano salis" (not scanti...
> Since in Italy "to have salt in your pumpkin" (avere sale in zucca - pumpkin is a funny way to say "head") means to have intelligence and reasoning capabilities, "grain of salt" often means "a little bit of intelligence"
8:14 PM
mmm... salty wine
8:31 PM
@Fosco Hey
how's it going?
i took a sick day today, but completely wasted it by sleeping most of it away
@Fosco isn't that supposed to help you feel better?
Or did you take a Ferris Bueller day?
yeah, but there were things i wanted to do :)
little bit of both.. im sick enough to stay home, but i usually would not.
8:41 PM
i was up all night last night playing Civ 5
Your body surely needed the rest!
one game, six hours until i won
Victory in Civ5 is worth it at any cost
@PopularDemand you still around?
@TheUnhandledException Yes.
Just wanted to let you know I take full credit for the two new answers to your HDMI question
8:45 PM
Sure, if you want it.
I'm not yet convinced that they'll be helpful.
Unfortunately this one is not a great solution:
> The only few/temporary fixes I found were to upgrade the video card, mostly this helps make sure that the newer OS and firmware are updated
new global inbox for Stack Overflow and all related network sites: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/09/new-global-inbox/
The inbox shows a comment to an answer I made on the gaming site, and apparently the question has been moved or whatnot, so I can only see the first few words of the comment. My answer seems to have been deleted or whatnot. Kinda irritating not being able to see what the rest of the comment is :)
"@Lasse Sticking this comment just so it stays in"
@LasseVKarlsen What question?
The indicator doesn't go away for me all the time
8:51 PM
Notice that the question id's are not the same. I don't know why.
I guess the inbox isn't showing live information, but rather that you stick something into it that is left there?
ie. sort of an email inbox, so you put something in my inbox, and if the question is subsequently deleted, my item is still there for me to see, but the link doesn't work. Is that about right?
@LasseVKarlsen Beats me... I like the new feature but am bamboozled by it...
@LasseVKarlsen The answer has been deleted
Comments on that answer:

> Grrr. You got me all excited. "How could anyone have missed this one!" But no, it's taken and in use. – Robert Cartaino♦ 4 hours ago
> @Lasse Sticking this comment with @ syntax just so it stays in your envelope post-deletion. Robert notes that this is taken (it would've been incredible if it were not), so the answer isn't valid. – Grace Note♦ 4 hours ago
@GraceNote your shenanigans didn't quite work
It stayed in my inbox, but it was just more annoying that I couldn't read the entire comment, more than it was deleted :)
Sort of like "Hey, you should really check out this site, link follows:"
Gah, I'm feeling positively awful, hope I can get an appointment with the doctor tomorrow :(
8:57 PM
@LasseVKarlsen Sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon!
Been dizzy if I tilt my head for a week now, I was kinda hoping it was from me banging my head in a cupboard last week
But a fever has set in, not good :P
OUCH! WIthout the fever I was going to say I hope it's not a concussion
But given fever it sounds like maybe some sort of headcold / flu-like something that could be messing with your inner ear? Get to a doctor soon :-/
It's flu-season here now, so I am kinda assuming it's something like that now
I'm prone to whatsthewordforit sinuse congestion and infection
But it's not that, guess I'll see
Perhaps I'll get a few days at home playing vegetable, hope not, swamped at work :P
Man I love LINQPad
Best purchase I've made all year
@LasseVKarlsen do you play vegetables like this?
Yes, exactly like that
Only I use bananas
9:04 PM
It is the best way to absorb vitamins and beat illness.
@LasseVKarlsen amen to that
9:20 PM
Well, time to call it a night
@LasseVKarlsen Sleep well, feel better!
Thanks, see you all tomorrow :)
9:34 PM
I broke the communication between my Flash applet and my JavaScript code and I don't see my error
/me hates Flash

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