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6:00 PM
@Fosco that script is a real quickie, just hides the images
30 mins ago, by Popular Demand
Bonus points for displaying the image upside-down if you use patented rchern backwards smileys.
/me shall personally donate OVER 9000 bonus points (:
Wait so @PopularDemand was that upside-down unicorn smilies or a script for chat which upside-downs images for Fosco?
Here's what I want... a script which automatically grabs josh.gitlin.name/jabber_status.php and places it in my "about me" / pseudo-status field :-)
6:22 PM
Been dealing with this challenge all day:
Q: Recommended way to build a .NET project with selectable configurations

spoulsonSuppose I have a .NET project that builds successfully. Now, I need to selectively build to different environments, such as DEV, QA, and PROD. Each require their own config files (app.config for instance) to contain corresponding connection strings and other settings. I've looked at simple pre...

6:33 PM
Sorry @spoulson, I'm not sure...
Hopefully someone will chime in with an answer that makes me look stupid. :) I can't imagine I'm the only one facing this.
@rchern you'd better watch out, I'm about to overtake you for the #5 chat user spot ;-)
where do you see that?
is it by number of messages?
do you know?
maybe spoulson knows
i can keep talking :P
@spoulson The first time I've seen anything like that is now at my current job... They have a DLL just for determining which environment the application is running in, and it sets the configuration appropriately.
6:38 PM
@TheUnhandledException It's unfair, now the bulk of my (and tzenes') activity will move to Gaming!
@rchern 4202 all time messages
hi room
I think the top 5 chat users should get T-Shirts
@Fosco Sounds hardcore
Maybe @balpha can make that happen :-)
6:39 PM
@TheUnhandledException I'm an M
Hey @Sergio, how are you?
@spoulson It's even seamless to the developer.. I call a function and pass a string that refers to the database (i.e. "D" is the main 'daily' database), and it will use the right connection string depending on where it's running from.
you only have 4k because of rounding :D
@spoulson here, there's no difference in the code between dev/test/prod (which I think is nice)..
6:39 PM
@Fosco Being able to switch out the entire app.config is necessary. Lots of apps I'm working with have custom config sections and stuff.
@spoulson what about using machine.config
@Fosco And I'm working under a continuous integration system, so i just wants to build to a Zip file and pass it to a deploy script.
@rchern I like how we're both past @balpha and @JeffAtwood xD
The apps can use custom app config stuff, just not the database strings.
6:41 PM
@Fosco lots of servers involved, too.
ah.. well lets see what you get as answers, I assume there's a good way to do it.
@TheUnhandledException: posers (;
@SergioTapia You're not even on the first page, better chat chat chat chat!!!
what numberis that?
im 12th by activity
6:42 PM
I have 152 as a number - is that my chat ranking?
@SergioTapia How many all time messages you've posted in chat
@SergioTapia *that*'s your meta rep
yeah i know
Oh! Yeah got it, I have 431 posts. Gonna have to troll you guys more often :P
@Fosco Damn scrolling chat :-) That wasn't for you!!
@Fosco What I think would work really nice is to bundle it all up in a setup project. But I can't seem to figure out how to configure it to conditionally include the necessary config files depending on a parameter
6:43 PM
surprises me that I've had 1,300 chat lines.
We shouldget achievements
@SergioTapia I agree :-)
"Squid Pro Ro - A user has responded to your private message"
@balpha or @marc, you should delete a few of @TheUnhandledException's messages...
6:44 PM
something like that
> You've earned the Blowhard badge. Click to see your profile.
@rchern I have flagged you for that comment! ;-)
still waiting for chat.meta message no. 200000
@rchern how many users using stackflair now?
6:45 PM
how close are we?
@balpha Is there a T-Shirt for that??
200000 GET
btw how can i change my avatar?
@TheUnhandledException Unicorn smilies.
6:46 PM
LOL @PopularDemand, delayed reply ;-) I was like, What? The unicorn smiles at me? Whaaaa...?
@Sergio, I dunno. The only somee page I can get to is the actual StackFlair pages. None of their homepage or admin site return for me... |:
@TheUnhandledException The only thing worse than not having an SO t-shirt (currentState) would be "earning" one for chat volume.
@TheUnhandledException I went out for "lunch."
Actually used my lunch break to search for a replacement mirror for my car.
Someone knocked mine off while I was parked on the street.
@PopularDemand I hear that's a popular thing these days ;-)
@PopularDemand Damnit, I hate that.
I like working from home :-)
@PopularDemand i hate dumbasses that do that. no respect
6:48 PM
My mirror is taped on..
@Fosco My mirror is a jQuery routine: $(driver).turnHead(180)
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, I was parked in front of my apartment.
horizontally or vertically?
The guy was really nice about it though. I actually feel bad for dinging his driving record.
I assume it's constrained to the horizontal axis. :)
6:50 PM
Yeah, we're not talking @AndyEshead here...
@PopularDemand Double ouch! Glad he was nice about it
@rchern i tried download the code repo today at work but i got an error 200.
i was using tortoise svn to download it at: svn.github.com/sasfdasdfasf/asdfsaf
@SergioTapia HTTP 200 is "OK", not an error ;-)
@TheUnhandledException Please. These cars' mirrors might be jQuery routines: cs.cmu.edu/~red/Red
6:51 PM
@PopularDemand OMFG DO WANT! !!111 ;-)
@Sergio, there's no code there yet. I'm slacking. ):
oh really? i wonder why it didn't download then
> Red Team robots estimate position and state by evaluating GPS, inertial measurement and odometry data (Applanix). The vehicles perceive terrain with laser sensors, cameras (SAIC) and radar (Duke, Boeing). A laser scanner and cameras are mounted on a stablizing three-axis gimbal which directs sensors into terrain regions incompletely scanned by fixed sensors. Sensor data is fused into a composite cost model of the terrain in which less navigable areas are assigned higher cost values.
so the repo is empty?
mebbe >_>
6:52 PM
@PopularDemand That would be so sweet to work on a project like that
@TheUnhandledException It's awesome, but a little scary, to watch one of those things driving itself down the road in your direction.
heard about the manned helicopter that crashed while filming the autonomous Audi driving up pikes peak?
is that true?
Sure, it was flanked by police cars, but any moviegoer can tell you that vehicles with lightbars are the first to go during the robot uprising.
6:54 PM
Let's see here. If I break out the connection string into a separate connectionstrings.config file, and then list that in the ignore file, I think it'll be good.
@Fosco One of my business partners used to shoot video from helecopters
Now if he crashed into the Audi, that'd be ironic
he said it was INCREDIBLY dangerous
just ignore that file
6:54 PM
Please help me get some traction with this:
Q: Can we get notification in the tab?

Lance RobertsI'm usually running many different StackExchange sites in Firefox using tabs (using ReloadEvery to update every 5 minutes). Right now to check for activity I have to manually click on the tab to see if the envelope is lighted. How about making the icon on the tab or the text change in some way,...

The pilots would often fly like crazymen, way too close to other choppers
@LanceRoberts Good idea, +1. And LOL @PopularDemand
> @Lance, the first step is admitting that you have a problem
Actually @Lance I could probably fix that with a javascript...
needs moar bounty
@LanceRoberts No deal. Sorry. My joke comment aside, I don't think I'd ever notice a change in the icon. Not to mention Craig's point.
a greasemonkey script?
@PopularDemand He's saying in the Title, like how chat updates to start with (1) or (1*)
So the title could be updated with (*) to let you know you have new stuff in the envelope screen
6:57 PM
Q: More than one person should be able to offer a bounty for the same question at the same time.

AristosI think that some question can start by one person offer bounty let say +50, and some other can offer +50 (total +100). This way more than one person can share the cost of the bounty and at the same time show the interesting for a better answer.

@LanceRoberts You might want to update 'tab' to say page title, since that's technically what it is.
@Fosco I agree, I will script it if the bounty is >=200
@Fosco Ah, I saw the word "icon" and the non-freehand square and missed "or the text."
@SergioTapia Yeah, but will also work in Chrome
maybe I can script it...
6:59 PM
I just installed Easy SEO plugin for my wordpress blog andalready a search engine entry! dumb luck or its working?
@Fosco Probably, I think it would be pretty easy :-)
use the /me script Shog9 wrote as a template
I have to attend a conference call in a few minutes.
to explain to my client what a pixel is... wish me luck everyone! ;-)
@TheUnhandledException "A 'pics sell' is a shiny graphic that makes you sell more product."
I really want to buy a WP7
something i can actually touch and use
@TheUnhandledException I'm sure it will go something like this:
Client: but there must be thousands of them
You: maybe even...millions!
@PopularDemand LOL. They keep telling me images aren't the right size and I keep asking for the proper size
7:03 PM
@systempuntoout hey
@TheUnhandledException "Just as many as we need to sell more product, but no extra; I'm not paying extra! I bet you think I spring for undercoating and VIN etching on my cars, too!"
@LanceRoberts +1 for notifications on tab
do you guys use some Firefox addons for Stack Overflow?
7:06 PM
@LanceRoberts I think I have it written in a user script
@PopularDemand + on the first step is admitting that you have a problem.
I started using Chrome again today - it's gotten so much better
@systempuntoout I don't use addons for any browser. Never heard of one that was good enough to justify installing it.
javascript:var notifyme = function(){ if ($(".envelope-on").length > 0) { window.title = '(*)' + window.title; }; };window.setInterval(notifyme, 1000);
but that wont kick in on a reload.. would need to be a real user script.
@Popular are you kidding me?
7:08 PM
@PopularDemand Even Firebug?
@systempuntoout No.
@PopularDemand which is your favourite browser?
@spoulson Developing doesn't count. Good clarification.
@Fosco will do, thanks for the idea
@PopularDemand you are missing a lot of cool feature imho
7:09 PM
Yey for other people in the office!
My most used non-dev add-on is Delicious.
I was saved, lol
@Fosco Nice work!
Adblock Plus
@systempuntoout Been with FF since before it was Firefox... switched to Chrome at work for a few weeks but didn't stick with it.
Only ones I need.
7:10 PM
@Sergio yep, I have them all
@LanceRoberts it was definitely @TheUnhandledException 's idea.. that's the first bookmarklet I've ever written.
@TheUnhandledException Thanks man, you rock.
and Colorzilla
@systempuntoout Never even heard of that one. What's it do?
@Fosco Thanks :-) Likweise! To make it a script just put in in that template Shog9 made
@PopularDemand you mean Colorzilla?
7:12 PM
// ==UserScript==
// @name           So Notify Me
// @namespace      shog9.com/greasemonkey/scripts
// @description    Fosco done wrote this!
// @version        2.0
// @include        chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms*
// ==/UserScript==

var script = document.createElement("script");
script.textContent = "(" + grease.toString() + ")()";

function grease()
  var notifyme = function(){ if ($(".envelope-on").length > 0) { window.title = '(*)' + window.title; }; };window.setInterval(notifyme, 1000);
@systempuntoout Yes.
@LanceRoberts Maybe this works? posiverse.com/grease/notifyMe.user.js
With ColorZilla you can get a color reading from any point in your browser, quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program. You can Zoom the page you are viewing and measure distances between any two points on the page. The built-in palette browser allows choosing colors from pre-defined color sets and saving the most used colors in custom palettes. DOM spying features allow getting various information about DOM elements quickly and easily. And there's more...
wow ColroZilla is great!
nice find!
7:13 PM
Actually Include http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/* line needs to be altered
Downloads 3,684,165
It means something
That is a nice find. But I wouldn't use it outside of development.
That's awesome @systempuntoout
can you put multiple @include lines?.. I made it .*stack.com
@PopularDemand why else would you use it?
7:13 PM
I have use the digital color meter program on my mac, but that's good for my clients
err.. star dot star stack star dot com
and JSONView also..if you play with JSON.
@Fosco Not sure... never created one before, just copied Shog9's and tried to make myself look smart, HAR!
@SergioTapia The point is that I don't use any browser addons when I'm just hanging out at home (as opposed to doing development).
7:15 PM
@Fosco, ok installed, now I'll see what happens, just have to wait for a notification.
@LanceRoberts Would you like help?
well i posted it as an answer.. will that give you one?
@Popular I can't live without Fastyub addons
@Fosco for the win.
I'm totally addicted
7:15 PM
Never heard of Fastyub either.
You need to know Yubnub
do you know it? yubnub.org
it's a social command for web search
when you start to use it, you never return back.
@systempuntoout I do not. And whoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa, systempuntoout image on the Fastyub download page. Craziness.
What does "social command for web search" even mean?
You wrote that?
Everyone behave, @Chacha102 just entered!
@PopularDemand it's a lame addon, but it works well :P
7:18 PM
@PopularDemand I think that means: /me searches google
yep, "g stackoverflow" "y stackoverflow" .. etc etc.. (google, yahoo)..
you can create commands
like stack for example
"stack c# executereader"
give it a try
Mildly interesting, but not enough to make me install an addon.
awesome, I got the accepted answer for this question:
Q: What's the biggest software security vulnerabilty you've personally discovered?

Dan DiploBeing a programmer makes you more aware of security issues and vulnerabilities, so it's only natural that developers tend to be more acutely aware of potential security issues in the software they use and the websites they visit. So what issues have you personally discovered in released software ...

I hate putting more stuff on my computer. I wonder how long I can survive without Flash.
@Fosco Nice work!
7:20 PM
@PopularDemand buuuu
@systempuntoout If it makes you feel better, I'll download it and just not install it.
Actually @Fosco, double nice work. Triple even
Was that RamDoubler for Mac OS 7/8?
which was really just virtual memory?
@TheUnhandledException It was SoftRAM / SoftRAM 95
@TheUnhandledException The DLL files were actually just renamed DLL's from Windows.
7:22 PM
@PopularDemand don't download it, just give Yubnub a try. If you like it you should try Fastyub :).
I used to use RamDoubler for Mac, which did make the OS think there was double the ram but also made the system slow as a dog
@TheUnhandledException The logic was entirely Display (<get system ram> * 2)
@Fosco Holy crap!?!?
That's crazyness
At least RamDoubler did something, lol
I proved it, found a lawyer myself, and the law firm even matched my settlement amount because I did the tech work for them.
@Fosco That's really awesome
7:24 PM
not bad at 16..
@Fosco +1 for that !
@systempuntoout So I could either continue to do what I do now, which I don't find annoying/offensive/negative in any way, or I could try Yubnub and learn a new syntax?
@Fosco not at all
Wow, RamDoubler still exists for purchase, haha
Connectix Corporation was a software and hardware company, noted for having released innovative products that were either made obsolete as Apple Computer incorporated the ideas into system software, or were sold to other companies once they become popular. It was formed in October 1988 by Jon Garber; dominant board members were Garber, Bonnie Fought (the two were later married), and close friend Roy McDonald. McDonald was still Chief Executive Officer and president when Connectix finally closed in August 2003. Products Primary products included: * Virtual, its original flagship produc...
7:25 PM
@Fosco, +1 for that indeed.
> Connectix Corporation was a software and hardware company, noted for having released innovative products that were either made obsolete as Apple Computer incorporated the ideas into system software
Actually I remember some other Connectix software I've used a lot..uhmm..
ah, VGS
@systempuntoout I used Ram Doubler, Speed Doubler and Virtual PC
yes, and VGS
The Virtual Game Station (VGS) was an emulator by Connectix that allows Sony PlayStation games to be played on a desktop computer. It was first released for the Macintosh, in 1999. VGS was created by Aaron Giles. The recompiling CPU emulator was written by Eric Traut. Released at a time when the Sony PlayStation was at its peak of popularity, Virtual Game Station was the first PlayStation emulator, for any platform, that enabled games to run at full speed on modest computer hardware, and the first that supported the vast majority of PlayStation games. It was advertised to run at full...
7:27 PM
Speed Doubler's best feature was making file copy boxes non-modal!
@systempuntoout I miss that!!!
git still shows me the Setup instructions even when I click "Continue"
i thought the git extensions would take care of it all >_>
@TheUnhandledException me too, I played metalgear solid on pc with that.
@PopularDemand This was before he gained cognitive awareness and began answering SO questions...
7:30 PM
@TheUnhandledException starred
Not "cognitive awareness", what's it called when an AI learns about the world and becomes skynet?
@systempuntoout I think you meant @TheUnhandledException
@PopularDemand you deserve stars too!
Wow, the notification works on edit. I've used the chat system for like 2 weeks now and I'm still amazed :-)
@TheUnhandledException Um... yay? I'm not sure if this cheapens my existing stars. But okay, thanks!
7:33 PM
Well fine then. BE THAT WAY! Maybe you'd like a flag instead?
Man, I wish he'd gain more cognitive awareness. There are a lot of downvoted posts there. And the ones that aren't are subjective upvotefests.
OK. Have a non cheap star :-)
I hope you like it. it was very expensive
@TheUnhandledException Woo hoo!</HomerSimpson>
I wonder if he'd pass Jeff's "low quality questions" filter if he joined today.
That profile is making me increasingly unsettled.
@TheUnhandledException "self-awareness" or "the end of the world," depending on how you look at things.
@PopularDemand Ah yes, thanks. I can't believe nobody inserted the obligatory xckd reference!
A: Is sizing fonts using "em" still relevant?

metal-gear-solidDo not specify the font-size in absolute length units for screen stylesheets. They render inconsistently across platforms and can't be resized by the User Agent (e.g browser). Keep the usage of such units for styling on media with fixed and known physical properties (e.g print) If you will use t...

That has +25, even with:
> -1 because you copypasted parts from w3.org/QA/Tips/font-size without mentioning it as source and doing as if it are your words (of which I already spotted they certainly can't be yours as you on average don't write like a professional). – BalusC Jan 21 at 12:26
@TheUnhandledException We were all thinking it, weren't we? Basically, @balpha created xkcd oneboxing in chat users' heads.
7:39 PM
@PopularDemand True, true
@PopularDemand I'm agreeing with you...
@TheUnhandledException I didn't say you weren't.
LOL. I guess I meant, as I look deeper I'm feeling the same way
@TheUnhandledException I got confused by your ellipsis. Sorry. Carry on.
7:41 PM
@Chacha102 Hello.
@Chacha102 Hello again
I just say Hello alot
You know I was kidding before right @Chacha102? :-)
What, that you all would behave?
@Chacha102 hello
7:42 PM
haha, yes :-)
(I'm at school, internet is flaky, hence the leaving and coming back)
You know us too well @Chacha102
@Chacha102 You're going with "internet is flaky" rather than "I have multiple classes to attend"?
@Chacha102 Read: (I'm at school, teachers keep passing by, hence the leaving and coming back)
7:43 PM
This place is a learning exercise! At least keep Roach Motel open in another tab or something.
Nah, the internet is the biggest problem..
Or are they making you use IE6?
Does chat even work in IE6?
I'm in Chrome
@SergioTapia, github.com/rchern/StackFlair should look a bit different now. Also added basic stuff to the wiki
Whoa. Fancy school.
7:43 PM
@PopularDemand That might work if there was every anything happening in there ;-)
@TheUnhandledException Oh, yeah, like his teachers are going to check.
New Feature request in Chat
Please Star
No thanks. (:
7:49 PM
Muffin Cat = King of Muffins
in Chat feedback, 1 min ago, by The Unhandled Exception
Feature Request: automatically convert backwards smileys (: to forward smileys :) /([()])(-?)([oDpbP])/\3\2\1/
@LanceRoberts looks like it doesn't work.. I'll look into it.
New feature request in Chat Feedback
Please star!
I'm starting to get used to the backwards smileys, so I need that bug fixed ASAP! :-)
7:57 PM
@Fosco Yep, it didn't work for me.
Am I allowed to ban backwards smilies in the Tavern?
Well, that was easy:
A: How do I estimate Fanatic progress?

Popular DemandThis used to be a great question — I installed perl just to run that script — but it's past its expiration date. The answer: to estimate your progress towards the Fanatic badge, go to your profile and look at the "consecutive days" count; you just need to visit for the next 100 - cu...

8:16 PM
@LanceRoberts I figured it out, tested it working... updating script
waiting for a new domain to become active is painful
@rchern I think you're doing it wrong.
Poking yourself in the eye -- or anywhere, really -- is completely optional.
@PopularDemand LOL
@rchern Don't you mean: ). ?
8:24 PM
I mean what and say and I say what I mean!
I mean what I mean and I say what I say!
just closed all of the open issues on StackFlair ^__^
blah...and...gotta run, bbl.
Later @rchern!
I mean to say what I say means...
hmm.. got it to work as a bookmarklet, but in the user script it's not firing
will see if i can fix it later.
@Fosco I'll have a look in a few minutes
8:28 PM
time to go
Anyone here able to help Moshe with
Q: Custom USB Driver for Windows? Mac?

MosheI'd like to modify a USB driver to send and receive USB data over a network. Take for example, an iMac and a PC. I have an iPod plugged in to my PC (in NY). I want my iMac (in LA) to recognize the iPod as plugged in to a local USB port and be able to communicate with the iPod. Forget my qualifi...

If so, he's over at SuperUser chat
@Fosco You're gone, but I'll look now
I think @include http://*.com is the issue

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