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12:04 AM
@badp 3.times(window.open.bind(window,url))?
Is that for real?
@PopularDemand Prototype, yes
I thought so
no, I'm thinking RUby. In ruby you can say
3.times do |parameter| some code that uses parameter end
Prototype would be $R(0,3).each(window.open.bind(window,url))
OK. I have failed to fix this bug and am no dying of starvation
I hereby declare that I cannot fix this today and must find sustenance, as it's 8PM here and I haven't eaten since 11:30am
Why do I do this to myself? LOL
could I get you guys to try out the image flairs again please
yo @Jeff
How do I try out an image flair?
12:14 AM
just construct the URL as above -- and paste or type it in here
for other users, ideally :)
12:16 AM
AAAGGGHHH, cut-and-paste and chat don't play together well
@JeffAtwood +1, because yours isn't down like @rchern 's is ;-)
(just joking @rchern :-)
meta only @Jeff?
12:18 AM
no, it works everywhere
I can't make it work with either method
@Josh I did it for Gaming earlier
...wow, I said @Josh because your flair said Josh. That's some fail
@TheUnhandledException sorry, I didn't mean the code, I meant the customer requirement.
12:19 AM
Uh... [shudders] is this image-based flair?
@GraceNote I'm Josh everywhere else :-)
@GraceNote Oh wait did you see that image?
I don't see the SO images here in chat
Aaahhh, there's one.
12:21 AM
@TheUnhandledException I do. I also saw my Gaming one
Why is everyone making image-based flairs?
I should have patented it.
gl w/that
Only method 2 works for me.
Oh well... at least mine supports global reputation :)
12:22 AM
what is with the sudden outburst of everyone and their mother doing flairs o:
@rchern: I know.
Jeff asked us to test them.
At least this one isn't global.
@Lance, I don't mean you.
@George, mine does both.
12:23 AM
So does mine.
Mine does all 3
Mine is written in jQuery...
Mine uses PHP.
just kidding
12:23 AM
Mine uses 3GL
@GeorgeEdison It is? Ok @rchern, Im defecting
....and mine is written in Perl?
@George where can I use yours instead or @rchern 's? :-)
12:24 AM
ooooooooh puuurdy :-)
The link at the bottom allows for global rep.
I'm off to get dinner now. Later everyone!
ok can we try again. everyone put in a flair for a random user on a random site
@JeffAtwood OK but this is the LAST ONE, then I go eat!
12:28 AM
it needs to be a user we HAVEN'T seen before
Only 8 bronze badges :P
12:29 AM
OK, Later @George, @rchern and @Jeff!
and @PopularDemand and @GraceNote
@Jeff: When will these be deployed?
12:29 AM
this chat has an issue with scrolling down when an image is slow to load
Later, @Theun
it needs to let the images load before scrolly polly
12:35 AM
And the most obvious:
^--- too many badges!
what's going on in here
Not much.
Just trying out some flair.
rchern did you read your github
This is where the magic happens
your private parts are exposed! your API key i mean
12:39 AM
@SergioTapia: That's okay.
There's nothing wrong with that.
i'm paranoid like that
It's okay.
:P so i'm downloading the WP7 tools
it seems devs are absolutelyabusing the pivot tool
expected,why would they make something so slick looking and then ask why people are using itall the time
A: How to protect API Keys?

Sky SandersThe name 'key' is a bit misleading. It is not your 'license', it is simply a means of controlling anonymous access to the api and to gather usage metrics. So, while there is no value in advertising your key, there is no need to be concerned with it's visibility in your application code.

Good read thanks
12:41 AM
@SergioTapia, I did.
disregard mypost :P
I'm not concerned about that, but I did refactor a few things into app settings. They should have been there in the first place
I'll do a checkout later on tonight and poke around that's coolright?
It's a repository... why not?
12:42 AM
except github doesn't show it
...the heck? |:
ok there, git is weird.
Git is awesome
So is Bazaar.
apparently the master branch really isn't the master branch
[head explodes]
i'm sure i'm using it wrong shrugs
12:48 AM
That was weird... the chat window suddenly scrolled out of control and went crazy. I had to reload the page.
I'm a Mercurial man myself
how canI see how many posts I made>?
oh, and @SergioTapia, you can look at the code any time you want, hence the repo hehe
@SergioTapia You've posted 458 messages to the tavern
compared to my 1.7k
And @TheUnhandledException's 2.9k
1:06 AM
Ahh! That hit the spot - my wife just made supper. >3
1:30 AM
Post makes it official-ish.
@Chacha102 4,292 :-)
/me feels much better having eaten
@TheUnhandledException I meant in this room
@GeorgeEdison That happens to me a lot, normally after playing with the JavaScript code :-)
@Chacha102 Oh! :-)
How do you see that?
(I was really just bragging that I'm the #5 most active user on chat and want a teeshirt)
@GeorgeEdison Jon Skeet has more badges than I have rep on SU/SF!
I need to get out of the habit of writing code, it's distracting me from answering StackOverflow questions...
@JeffAtwood if you're still here: chat.superuser.com/transcript/message/10977
For your "new hotness" router
1:48 AM
@TheUnhandledException ^^
@rchern DO WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@rchern ooo love the dark style
thats like my new favorite editor, sublimetext.com
badges need more padding..
and less padding on top/bottom
Ok so I have a question...
1:59 AM
better? worse?
@rchern I like the darker version :-)
I'm in a bit of an awkward situation. I have a Gmail email address which I have never given out to anyone; I use it for one purpose and one purpose alone: for alerts that my servers are down to be sent to my cell phone
I never give it out because I don't want people emailing my cell phone :-)
Recently a few people (maybe 5) have all started emailing tis address as if they know me.
I recognize none of these people. But maybe I've just forgotten who they are??
One keeps referring to my father
I emailed one of these people two weeks ago asking who they were and he said "it's your neighbor!". I have no idea who this guy is!
Well, now I got an email from one of them saying her father passed away, and she invited me to sit Shiva with them
I feel I have an obligation to respond to her and make sure she understands I'm not the same Josh! Am I correct, or would that be rude/insensitive?
@TheUnhandledException, change is live...if somee decides to cooperate
@rchern It's thinking about it...
Is this appropriate? Insensitive? Overeaching...?
> First, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and your family... A small number of people whom I do not recognize, yourself included, have been emailing me at this address, and I'm afraid you have me confused with another Joshua Gitlin... At first I thought it was just Mark, but after receiving this email I am pretty sure that you must have me confused with someone else..
Awkward situations thanks to the Internet!
is there another you?
@rchern > Server Error in '/' Application
2:10 AM
@rchern Well Googling "Joshua Gitlin" turns up some people I don't recognize...
@rchern Result #1 is me, #2, not me, #3 is me, #4 is not...
Almost all of the second page is me
I normally go by "Josh", Googling "Josh Gitlin" brings up a lot more relevant links but still some people who are decidedly not me :-)
@rchern That's a new site to me!
> There are 2 people in the U.S. named Joshua Gitlin
A lot more than two!!
There are 79 people with my name
and that page is REALLY screwy, my personal details are mixed in with like 15 different results!
2:16 AM
stackflair.com isn't active yet ):
"There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. named Grace Note."
So is it inconsiderate to tell this person she has the wrong Josh?
or is it inconsiderate to not tell her?
"We have information on both names, but chances are low that someone has this combination of names."
@GraceNote That's what it gave me for "Josh Gitlin", and I beg to differ!
2:18 AM
@Theun How related is your email address to anything about you specifically?
@GraceNote This one in particular is pretty related :-) They could have just guessed it...
Don't provide the address, of course, but I'm wondering if there's any real method to tie it to... oh
but do people just randomly guess email addresses???
Typically? No
There's no links to it anywhere I know of
which is what's so odd!
2:20 AM
But none of my email addresses have anything to do with me other than "I thought of this for my email address!"
And If I am somehow mistaken and I do know these people, I can't tell you how mortified I would be!
do you know their name?
facebook stalking time!
Responding to news of her father's death with "Sorry, you have the wrong Josh", when she didn't!
I was about to say, as illicit as it sounds, your best bet is to do some research. High school yearbooks, ask your parents...
@rchern Just "Amy", "Mark", email addresses which reveal nothing...
@GraceNote Parents have no clue who these people are :-)
2:21 AM
guess that means you'll have to amp up the stalking then
My dad used to get calls/mail for another attorney in a neighboring state who shared his name
Do you actually know anyone named Amy? There was one common guys name that I have never known anyone personally with that name
@GraceNote My family had a nanny for my brother named Amy when I was a kid
...younger or older brother?
I had a friend in college named Amy, who was Jewish, but she's connected with me on Facebook, don't think it's the same Amy :-)
@GraceNote Younger by 6 years
2:23 AM
google the email!
...now I'm curious what I'll get if I google my email
@rchern Ah HA! Found a "Mark Golby" on facebook!
I get... bonsai trees
2:25 AM
@GraceNote LOL!
Ok, so I have no idea who this guy is.
If he googles himself he'll probably find this chat now, HAHAHAHA
and wonder what the HELL was going on :-)
Okay, so only 1/5 of my email addresses returns anything even remotely related to me
No info on Amy
She did address the email, "Hi Julie and Josh -"
I have no idea who Julie is :-)
But it's partly cheating - one of my email addresses was the random-letter captcha image I got when confirming the previous email.
@GraceNote From now on the only email addresses I ever give out is your_name @josh.gitlin.name :-)
So when I ordered from CompUSA and they asked for my email address it was: [email protected]
the rep was so confused!
2:29 AM
Hah, nice
but if that address gets spam, I know who's to blame!!!
Ok, so I'm now triple sure I don't know these people
I use each email address for separate purposes. 2 for specific circles of friends, 1 as a spam wastebin because I used it too much, one exclusively for shopping, and one for here and one other net community.
I used to have a similar setup
So now I'm writing too much in this situation, LOL
> First, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and your family... While I have not experienced the death of a parent firsthand, my family and friends have, so I know secondhand how difficult it can be, and I wish you the best during this difficult time.
I should probably just go back to what I had before and be done with it... just feels so cold!
> A small number of people whom I do not recognize, yourself included, have been emailing me at this address, and I'm afraid you have me confused with another Joshua Gitlin... At first I thought it was just "Mark Golby", but after receiving this email I am very sure that you must have me confused with someone else...
> If I am mistaken, please forgive me! If not, please let me know if there's anything I can do to be of assistance to you in finding the Joshua Gitlin whom you intended this message to reach.
Thoughts? Reccomendations? Or should I just let it fly?
My condolences Amy! Whoever you are... :-(
I'm off for the night! Have a good one everyone!
did those 3 show up for everyone? y or n?
You just caught me @Jeff. And Yes
I'm really leaving this time, so no more tricks!
2:46 AM
@Jeff, yes, they show.
(so when is the global flair rolling out?) lol
3:21 AM
David says he'll have it done tomorrow
since, it has to be served from stackexchange.com
that is their project in NYC
Oh |:
4 hours later…
7:08 AM
7:47 AM
@Benjol I noticed that too, thought it was my monitor or eyes going
I don't see any pink... refreshing
some kind of concession to the 'meta is too grey'?
ahh now I see pink
Q: The Need to Introduce Beginners to the StackExchange Platform - and what I think should be done about it.

George EdisonEver since the new site proposals have gone into public beta, there has been a need to explain to beginners how the StackExchange system works. After all, the site can be overwhelming to anyone who has never seen it before. Some of the Metas for the new sites contain questions like I am new here...

what do you think of George Edison's idea of creating a wikibook presenting stack exchange?
8:06 AM
You know what SE really needs imho?
A "StackExchange in Plain English" video from the guys at CommonCraft
narrated by Christopher Walken.
Q: What determines the number of dolphins chasing my unicorn?

sjohnstonThe "Dolphin Dancer" achievement requires that I get three dolphins to appear on screen. It seems that the longer I run, the more likely I am to get more dolphins, but I'm curious what actually causes this number to increase. Is it distance, number of fairies collected, number of stars destroye...

@badp Or just a plain 5-page 'introduction/tutorial'
One of those clever ones done with paper cutouts :)
@Benjol Nothing beats a 3 mins video :)
The Ubuntu.SE intro video is also okay, although it's kinda on the long side of things.
As long as it's not hosted on YouTube (blocked from here :( )
8:28 AM
@Benjol You don't have to watch it, you know the site already...
@badp, true :) but you never know, I might learn something new...
4 hours later…
12:12 PM
Got a voicemail last night on my work phone just after I left work: Hey, Sweetheart. This does not sound like your voice on the recording by the way. Just wanted to say hi and touch base. Had a good meeting with Roberson, who knows what will happen.
But Alex got a Spanish Test and Science Test back, and he did not do well in Spanish at all. Got a B in Science. As you can imagine, I'm a little disappointed, but anyway, we can go from there. So anyway, I'll touch base with you when you get a chance. Bye.
12:29 PM
eh... yes?
@ErickRobertson wrong number I take it unless you like sharing your personal messages with everyone
Hi Sergio
Or you're testing Markov chains..
hey, everyone's awake now
12:33 PM
Have been for a while now
@Piers: got my blog up, whattheheadsaid.com - thanks again for the name idea :-)
@AndyEshead np, looks good
@PiersMyers ty, hoping to use a less generic template at some point.
@AndyEshead I like the design
I had that tempalte for my blog :3
I changed it though - the code looked kinda iffy there.
12:36 PM
@spoulson: it's not mine (design isn't my strong point) :-) Just something I'm using for the time being
@AndyEshead I like the javascript input post.
you should ask @Jin for design pointers as he seems to be the master at this kind of stuff
I haven't posted anything to my blog since redesigning it a couple months ago
Just don't have any real meaty content to put on it for now
explodingcoder.com (shameless plug)
@spoulson Thanks, it's something that's been bugging me for a while on SO :-) At least now I can leave a gentle comment on the answers that say "use onkeyup" with a link to that post.
@PiersMyers I might if he's active at some point.
@AndyEshead Great post on JS Input... will be referring to that for a project I'm working on.
12:45 PM
@Fosco thanks very much :-)
Yup, added both of you to my growing list in google reader...
jesus christ
That is why I avoid Facebook, it's full of trash like that
@spoulson I came across your blog the other day, some interesting stuff on it. Is an exploding coder one that sits eating beans all day :)
12:55 PM
@PiersMyers Oh, cool that you've seen it before. And the term does not come from lower bodily emissions, fyi.
1:15 PM
Good Morning
morning morning
Morning Chacha102
How's your Wednesdayness coming along? :)
Is that how you spell Wednesday?
done :)
It is too early
It is 6am right now...
I don't like getting up at 6am..
1:17 PM
3pm here, and sunny :)
9:17am. Cool and breezy
The sun isn't even out here
it is still dark outside
maybe it is
but it is overcast
9 21am here
Ok, I'm going to think about actually getting out of bed and doing something
Talk to you all later
Hey everyone!
1:31 PM
@TheUnhandledException: hey
@TheUnhandledException: I got my blog up :-)
@TheUnhandledException whattheheadsaid.com
@AndyEshead Sweet, I'll check it out shortly!
1:40 PM
Any Apache experts in here?
intermediate, maybe
@spoulson Any ideas on
Q: Apache gets "clogged" with certain requests.

JoshI have a very odd intermittent issue. It occurs on a shared hosting server running CentOS and Apache/2.2.8, serving mostly PHP based websites at a rate of between 10 - 30 requests/sec. 3.5 GB RAM, kernel 2.6.9-67.0.7ELsmp in case that matters. What happens is, about once a week (but seemingly ra...

I just recompiled Apache and PHP, issue happened again last night :-(
Hmm, dunno.
Is the CPU pegged while this happens?
How about disk utilization %?
CPU is not pegged...
[root@webserver cgi-sys]# df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1            1004M  666M  287M  70% /
/dev/hda1             496M   49M  422M  11% /boot
/dev/sde1             197G  103G   95G  52% /home
tmpfs                 1.0G  134M  891M  14% /tmp
/dev/sdb1              11G  7.0G  3.9G  65% /usr
/dev/sdc1              11G  9.1G  1.8G  84% /var
happens apparently randomly...
it's like Apache just stops responding...
1:57 PM
disk utilization as in disk time... Are the processes waiting for the disk?
or waiting for the database?
Back... ah, good call @spoulson
I figure if the CPU is not pegged, code is waiting for something to happen.
iowait% is not unusually high at these times
Could be PHP waiting for disk I/O, could be MySQL waiting for disk I/O, or MySQL locking tables
it might be waiting for the database, I'm not sure. That's been suggested by others
whatever it is, it never stops waiting. This happens over the course of, normally, hours
with more and more Apache requests queuing up...
2:04 PM
It's been a while, but there is a query logging mode you can enable in MySQL that might shed some light
Performance bottlenecks can be like that. You're running smoothly right up to the threshold and then --- nothing wants to run
I'm not familiar with WordPress, but I wonder if some of those requests are vulnerable to this condition
Maybe they do some expensive operation
Yeah, I'm not that familiar with wordpress either... maybe that's the problem, lol
Thanks for your advice @spoulson!
2:21 PM
I try :P
so is git usable on windows now or does it still fail?
I'll try git one day
Anybody good with nant scripts?
Q: In nant, how to delete contents of a directory, but not the directory itself?

spoulsonSuppose I were scripting a deployment using nant on a Windows server to a file share: "\server\share". I want a nant script to delete all files from the share then copy in new files. I have this code to delete the files, but I'm getting an error that it can't delete "\server\share". But I didn...

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