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1:18 PM
Back to bugtesting/fixing today
2 hours later…
2:52 PM
Anybody around here? tap tap
3:29 PM
@spoulson Hi
Was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a .NET setup project I'm looking at
I want to automate the build/deploy for multiple environments that each require their own .config file
3:39 PM
uh oh!!1!
I am unable to be serious... I did create the tavern, after all.
Think you'd be of any help then? :)
There seems to be a number of approaches to building environment specific deployments.
Trying to figure out one to stick with
1 hour later…
4:46 PM
@spoulson Sorry, I was out of my office
I'm a PHP guy, but I could maybe help with general concepts...
3 hours later…
7:56 PM
This is sooooo helpful:
> Caught an exception: upsRate got an error from UPS: Failure
"Failure". Gee, thanks! =p
8:56 PM
@Chacha102 burn who?
Burn @spoulson, for using .NET
@Chacha102 is a PHP developer like me :-)
Wait, you're josh on the other room, yes?
The avatars are the same
I am :-)
I changed my name on meta in protest...
because The Tavern was not renamed to "the Unhandled Exception"

The Tavern of Tuesdayness (General)

Here we have our fill of bread and wine, and then tell of tale
terrible name
Tavern of ....
Q: Naming the Tavern

Chacha102I think Popular Demand put it best: It's a well-known fact that all the best taverns follow a specific naming convention. "The Brass Lantern," "The Prancing Pony," "The Drunken Clam," "The Mended Drum,"... they're all "The [Descriptor] [Noun]." Unfortunately, the tavern we're in isn't so bles...

8:59 PM
Try Tavern of Terrible Nameness
9:31 PM
@TheUnhandledException you should try FedEx instead
@PiersMyers LOL
But my client uses UPS! :-)
Maybe I should tell them that's the issue :-)
a UPS is just a big battery, you are hardly going to get anything meaningful from that. The more complex they make it the more unreliable it becomes.
9:54 PM
nevermind, I was never here
haha, you're welcome to stay :-)
10:05 PM
ok @Josh... a kinda hard ASP.NET question, which I'm learning now... I've been trying for a while make a File > New > Project from existing code... But it always crash. How can I make this work?
Hmmmm... Second ASP.net question I've gotten today
@Cawas What crashes, your IDE?
Ms Visual Studio
Hmmm... I'm a PHP guy, so I'm not sure
@PiersMyers you still here?
the project must have over 1gb in size, it takes a long while to crash
I'd post a StackOverflow question
10:07 PM
1 hour later…
11:20 PM
So now instead of an error I get nothing
I can't decide if that's better or worse...
lol @TheUnhandledException
I'd argue that it's worse to not knowing / having notification of an error.
in your case you know it already, so it's no different.

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