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12:50 AM
Ahhh. The system works.

user2840754This is the code that I have and I want to crawl the models but it is impossible I dont know why. $ch = curl_init(); setGeneralOpt($ch); $make = $_REQUEST['make']; $targetURL = 'https://www.dupontregistry.com/autos/sell2/Step1-VehicleDescription.aspx'.urlencode($make); curl_setopt($ch, CURLO...

Well, sometimes.
4 hours later…
5:00 AM
Do you guys made any changes in websocket support?
Actually I was getting websocket error every time
today I haven't
working fine now :)
5:15 AM
that "frosty" guy seems to be a good programmer but in wrong direction.. sad..
5:59 AM
Maybe someone took his magic stovepipe hat, and that irreparably messed up his moral compass.
Well, that's all the "frosty the snowman" jokes I should probably ever make. Guess I'll go to sleep now.
There's nothing immoral about facilitating the sale of crack. Sheesh.
"It's only immoral if you get caught." - Any Politician
I mean, there's really no reason to conflate morality with legality.
Yeah. I guess. As long as he wasn't ripping people off. There's nothing I hate more than when someone over charges you for a couple {inexplicable unit of measure}'s of crack.
I suppose hiring a hitman can't really be called moral, but the evidence of that is pretty specious.
3 hours later…
9:10 AM
@perhapsPekka gotta have a word with my three year old and get him to re-read the site FAQ again and Skeet's how-to-ask article :)
1 hour later…
10:33 AM
From a recent discussion on MSO, I learned that I should be more mindful of newbie questions. This question is currently in the close vote queue: stackoverflow.com/questions/19147559/how-can-i-solve-this-error On one hand, I think it should be closed because the answer is rather obvious: look at intellisense or read the error message. On the other hand, this could be one of those valid newbie questions. What should I do with this one? Are there any guidelines available for such questions?
It seems to be in the queue for an "unclear what you're asking" close vote. That doesn't seem to be the case to me.
I personally would not necessarily close this.
That might actually be a nice moment to explain in an answer what those error messages are hinting at and how the user can resolve those errors himself the next time.
@Bart thanks for your input. I agree the question is clear.
4 hours later…
2:10 PM
If you want to use SO learn not to criticize. Learn from Bart. He is a 365 days a year SO Admirer. He never criticizes anything. — S Nash 21 mins ago
Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling ....
And they say users are not given much leeway...
2:32 PM
See, @Bart? Not everyone thinks you're a despicable no-goodnik! Today is a brand new day.
They sort of accept me. They really really sort of accept me!!
2:58 PM
I just happened to come across this question in the re-open review queue. The question is on hold and it seems like the user has posted the question in cstheory (based on update in question). Should this be flagged for immediate removal (or) be left as-is because it is already on hold?
Immediate removal would be best.
Thanks mate. I should flag it with "other" option right?
never mind, thanks for the help. bye :)
2 hours later…
5:22 PM
"Welcome to meta, where everything is made up and the points don't matter." -- Drew Carey
1 hour later…
6:25 PM
Hey, maybe the points matter. @Pops got a job out of all these points.
7:06 PM
Aw, Popular Demand is holding a mysterious grey rectangle in front of his face in his employee picture.
What is this, Home Improvement?
That's not a mysterious grey rectangle it's a hideous birth defect, you insensitive clod!
Golly. There I go putting my foot in my mouth.
Sorry, Pops.
7:21 PM
Really interesting timing for the launch of the Tor site.
@jadarnel27 at least you have a mouth and not just a grey rectangle
I think he's just upset because it's a grey rectangle rather than a brown one.
@JeremyonVacation Q: So, is this thing just a giant honeypot for the feds?
Naw. We expect read Tor experts to never log on. Because privecy.
7:26 PM
@AnnaLear I am so insensitive!
insensitive -> clod -> dirt -> brown!
Yeah. That fits ^^^
I found the following website that steals questions and answers from stackoverflow: asp.net.bigresource.com/…
Is this okay?
7:43 PM
no since they don't follow the attribution guidelines
A: Report sites that use Stack Exchange content without following attribution rules here

Popsbigresource.com Example (http://asp.net.bigresource.com/MVC-3-Razor-Syntax-partial-view-Menu-cshtml-with-full-markup-a9sAFbss8.html) (Original on SO: ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor Syntax question) No attribution No links They mangle the original text (e.g. leave out salutations)

Do SE employees monitor that question / take action on the answers?
we're working on a more well-defined system for that sort of thing, too
Neat. Thanks, @Anna.
8:39 PM
Yes please.
9:00 PM
@animuson or @AnnaLear wanna join us in the js room. A certain user keeps making very odd question and he just stalked a user in the room and sent them a very rude email
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA room link?


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Bookmarked 6 secs ago by Neal

See the two links in that bookmark
> To live is evil, spell it backwards I'll show ya.
@mootinator ha
It was just a quick bookmark name
This is the user:
I bet when the mods bounce 737 it makes a noise.
9:28 PM
You guys ever notice how Neal and Laszlo are never here at the same time?
/me found the bestest answer on SO: stackoverflow.com/questions/19169406/…
That was a little too convenient.
Also, this:
2 hours later…
11:11 PM
I don't get it
11:23 PM
Lot's of fiery wrath on Meta tonight...
11:33 PM
@perhapsPekka He's upset that his dog is suicidal. The drawing is a commentary on the conflict between selfish despair and futile care in today's society.
reminisces about the good ol' days of flag weight
Back in the day, we had to walk two miles uphill through the snow to hand-deliver our flags to the moderators.

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