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1:44 AM
2:26 AM
@rene Video of Ingenuity flight on Mars.
2 hours later…
4:15 AM
@Rob yep, I've watched the livestream and later the press conference. Amazing stuff.
thursday might be the next flight
5:23 AM
13 messages moved to Chimney
6:17 AM
Are we getting closer to the Kerbal?
6:45 AM
@MetaAndrewT. To the what?
Mars thingy...
@Luu heh
funny game
6:56 AM
just joking
avatar changed
I refreshed your profile XD
Thank you
6:58 AM
oh, that’s why the page refreshed
I'm not sure if that was the profile refresh, I can't remember it doing that when I used it for my own profile yesterday.
7:17 AM
dunno, first page refreshed, then browser crashed.
and then my profile picture is updated
7:30 AM
@Tink why do we have fire department and chimney? They have very similar functionality.
Shouldn’t have pinged you
No, that's okay... I just can't respond all the time immediately :P
IIRC fire department is a room where smoke detector posts, and the chimney is a room where we move the posts smokedetector makes in this room to. So there won't be any duplicates.
7:49 AM
funny bug
8:11 AM
@Tinkeringbell the pc in the new avatar looks more like one of that "launch missile" buttons.
therefore my new headcanon is that that one is the "burinate user" button
@Moderators What will happen if I continue flagging some posts for moderators and saying that thing again? Will I be suspended?
@Later Say what thing?
The moderators know.
@Later I am a moderator and I don't know.
I meant the moderators of Meta.SE
8:18 AM
@JourneymanGeek ^^^
@Later in general, if you've been warned not to do something, and then keep doing that thing, there will be consecuences obviously
If you manage to annoy the mods enough that consecuence will be banning you
No moderators has told me not to do that thing; they only rejected my flags.
Ah in that case, enough rejected flags automatically ban you from flagging
If they are all custom flags, mods might speed up that process manually
Ok. I have no problem with being flag-banned. I want to be sure that I will not be suspended.
well they might do that if you piss them off enough
So if your flags get rejected repeatedly, take the hint
8:31 AM
I hope I and my posts will not use up the monthly vote quotas of downvoters.
@Later There are more than enough users and downvote quotas to downvote your posts to oblivion if they deserve it. If you post enough bad questions/answers you will get question/answer banned before any quotas run out.
"if they deserve it". I highly doubt that many of downvoters have read my posts
@SPArcheon I love my new button! :D
Don't think I've had a chance to use it yet though, seems I missed all the MSE spammers on here since yesterday evening XD
8:58 AM
@Later On Meta downvoting is also used to signal disagreement, for that reading a title might be enough
Also looking at your questions you propopse things that were tried and tested, or proposed before. You'd be better of spending some more time researching what you are proposing.
@Tinkeringbell Gambling advertisement account since you asked.
@SPArcheon It's a good button :)
If I know that any of my posts is a duplicate of some older post, I will admit that, as I did that before, as you know well. I am not here to post many things to be upvoted; I am here to express my ideas.
9:14 AM
I think you might benefit from reading meta.stackexchange.com/questions/44188/…
@Later Well - suspensions are meant to let people cool down. If you're in a situation where you need to cool down.... You're also meant to learn from them. If both your current posts are heavily downvoted, and you get into rollback wars, and your reaction to a time limited lock is to keep flagging....
I'd strongly recommend taking time to try to understand what's going wrong
@Later You're free to express them as long as the question ban doens't kick in, or you don't do anything that'd get you suspended (like excessive discussion in comments). Other people are free to disagree or not want to listen to them though, that's how the world works. Complaining about people disagreeing will do you no good, they won't suddenly start agreeing.
9:32 AM
Quite the contrary, I am interested to hear disagreements because I can learn new things. I only object to si----ing policy (unfair closing/deleting posts, suspension, post ban). If all users downvote all of my post, I will not become upset.
@Later closing, and deleting are part of how we disagree with things
Post bans on MSE are hard
I meant unfair ...
@Later well - it usually takes super experienced users (mods, gold badges for dupes) or 5 users ....
And generally we tend to trust their judgement
Furthermore, disagreement should only be shown by voting.
@Later uhhh - weren't you complaining about that too?
9:37 AM
What do you mean?
@Later <----
For effective meta - you need to understand the whole system of SE, and how your proposed changes will affect other features. It also needs awareness of past proposals, related or otherwise. In some cases - it needs humility cause your absolutely brilliant idea wasn't (and I've had a few that no one really liked!)
@JourneymanGeek Yes, it is a fact. I only wanted to emphasize that post closure/deletion should not be used to show disagreement.
@Later Then how about the unclear close reason, that clearly disagrement as to the clarity of the question.
@Later If there's posts that are purely ending up closed or deleted because people disagree, flag them. But don't be surprised if your flags are declined: Often there's a much more reasonable reason for posts to end up closed/deleted than 'people disagreed'.
People have wasted hours of their time trying to explain things to you... Stop attempting to play the victim, if there are any victims here it's the people wasting their time explaining things to someone that isn't listening. So yeah, you're chat suspended for 30 minutes now and no, you're not being silenced, you're dealing with the consequences of your own behavior.
10:05 AM
finally some silence in here :)
I would create some noise but there's not much to talk about :P
Looks nice
For when you want to stay in your new house whilst is has no heating yet ;)
Hahaha... I have better blankets for that ;)
WOW, thats an intricate one
The one I'm working on now is ... more just busy-work, to keep from being too bored.
@Luuklag Yeah, it was loads of fun to do, because of the variations in stitches.
10:14 AM
Kind of interesting that we actually have Community Building
@Tinkeringbell I imagine yeah! Looks amazing
@MetaAndrewT. Some of the SE staff should spend some time there I think every now and then ;)
@Luuklag I think they actually do (or at least used to :P)
Sure :D Have to try out that button a few times, after all ;)
@Tinkeringbell If you REALLY feel that boored, just browse the new users list on any site order by creation date. You are bound to find a good number of accounts for deletion in the first few pages
Yeah, I know. Perhaps next weekend or something ;)
11:12 AM
@Tinkeringbell go try that button again meta.stackexchange.com/users/984044/himanshi-a
11:43 AM
@Luuklag Gone. Geek stole the other one ;)
12:40 PM
18 messages moved to Chimney
12:59 PM
rene the chimneysweeper ;)
@Journ @Tink content dispute: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/363467/…
@Luuklag Solved.
I wonder what will happen with my edit to their other post...
2:01 PM
I'm boooooooored. Too many meetings :(
It needs to warm up a bit more outside.
This "Teehee I'll be warm outside soon, I promise!" stuff is getting old.
I like the weather as it is now: Not sunny to the point where it starts to sting, and the temperature is just right for walking outside in a hoodie :D
Hmm. You're Dutch, so I will translate that to what a Mediterranean would understand as: "Cloudy, but not raining yet and cold at around 10-12 degrees. Jacket weather".
melting in 31C outside
@Spevacus Teehee I'll be warm outside soon, I promise!
2:07 PM
@M.A.R. >:(
Personally prefer it to be a bit warmer, where a hoodie is optional. Fall weather, in particular, is top tier imo.
Here I'm both melting and freezing at the same time
It's like a critical temperature or something
@terdon Mostly right ;) 13-14 degrees and sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny ;)
I feel cold or cool most of the day, sometimes even shiver, but when I wanna exercise, I sweat a gallon
Same here, sitting at my desk I can be shivering, but when I go on the treadmill the room is colder but I sweat a lot.
Actually, the high temperature today was already 17,5 degrees.
Cloudy at 4.5 celsius/40 F here. :(
2:21 PM
Yeah okay... you need at least 10 degrees more, I hope they arrive soon!
High of 36, low of 14...
It keeps jumping around. A couple weeks ago it was summer weather. Now it's like we're moving back into winter >:(
we have another freeze coming
I guess we do. Forecast is indicating it'll snow tomorrow...
@Tinkeringbell ha! I knew it :)
I want a minimum of 20, preferably closer to 22-25.
2:25 PM
@Mithical soon enough it will be high of 35, low of 30, give or take 5 each direction. (aka summer) :D
Most likely we already had the מלקוש.
@terdon For sitting inside, sure ;)
מלקוש הוא הגשם האחרון שיורד בעונת הגשמים, לקראת האביב. תופעת המלקוש ייחודית לאקלים הים תיכוני, שרק בו יש עצירת גשמים במשך עונת הקיץ. באזורי האקלים הממוזג לא מפסיקים הגשמים לפרק זמן ממושך בשנה ולכן לא מיוחסת שם חשיבות לגשמים האחרונים באביב. המלקוש הוא גשם סמלי בתרבויות האזור, והוא מבשר על סוף עונת הגשמים - ועל בוא הקיץ, העונה היבשה בארץ ישראל. == פריסת הגשמים == בדרך כלל יורד המלקוש בחודשים אפריל או מאי. במהלך הקיץ יכולים לרדת גשמים קלים כתוצאה מהתעמקות האפיק הפרסי שהיא מערכת שקע תרמי הנוכחת באורח קבוע בחודשי הקיץ. במהלך הסתיו עשויים לרדת גשמי זעף גם כתוצאה מפעילות של אפיק מים סוף, אשר גם היא מערכת...
20 though, 22 is too hot.
Too bad, no English version.
What I hate the most during spring/autumn are days when it's really cold when the sun is behind the clouds, but it's very hot when sun comes out. :/
Chrome's translation of the page isn't bad.
2:29 PM
@Spevacus good!
How did it translate the caption? @Spe
@Spevacus almost accurate then
A shallow rum channel (the shape of the "bowl") is very close to Israel. When it arrives, it causes cloudy weather with local rains, but usually no more. These systems are the ones that usually bring the whip (500 MB map)
Malkush is the last rain that falls in the rainy season, towards spring . The Malkush phenomenon is unique to the Mediterranean climate , where only it stops raining during the summer season.
Nice alt text for the image
I want a rum channel.
Yes ,#metoo
2:43 PM
Well you get your own, I'm not sharing! :P
If you have an entire channel of rum you'd best be sharing >_>
That's a lot of rum, no?
You can have it after I die, then.
Drinking yourself into an early grave is bad enough, but doing it alone?
2:45 PM
Heh. I have issues with drinking and company, so yeah :P
drinking and sleep, alone, is one of the best things there is ;)
I can certainly enjoy some good company and sigars to go with my rum
You share with @Spevacus then ;)
@Luuklag lol
Source of mistake is the word "רום" which is "rom", not "rum" (same mistake as malkosh vs. malkush) but it means "something high". It's not very common word in Hebrew.
Looks like it says on
no, that'd be "חם", which is hot
2:51 PM
When you write in hebrew, but then again its hebrew, so I should read it as no
Is it happy hour already?
i'm happy
Thanks to hebrew it is @rene
@rene Let's make every hour happy hour from now on ;)
!!/rum Tink
2:52 PM
@Luuklag No such command 'rum'.
It's okay, you can't expect a bot to know which users are old enough :P
@Tinkeringbell it appears at least one user is trying to get you drunk, so count me in as well ;)
he brew...
@rene I'm very capable of getting myself drunk, I don't usually accept help with that :P
2:55 PM
!!/brew He
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard No such command 'brew'.
@Tinkeringbell a bit selfish .. but fair enough. I bring my own beer rum then.
:D That's acceptable ;)
making room for the rum
2:56 PM
Time to get some moonshining done
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard it is GROG.
My moon does not shine.
Wasn't Shog into that?
2:57 PM
I think so, yes
Thought i read something about that sometime
I mean, this year is the 30th anniversary of Monkey Island.
Well he doesn't like rum
Jan 5 '11 at 20:33, by Shog9
all these great names for rum... If only the shit wasn't so terrible to actually drink.
2:58 PM
You don't drink rum... you drink other stuff with rum :P
Rum is great mixed with vodka, tequila, gin, triple sec, cola and lemon juice :P
Rene posted about shog and shine
As for moonshine, not much I could find.
Dec 4 '14 at 2:17, by Shog9
I picked a bad day to give up moonshine
But searchbis too terrible on mobile to get the post id
@luuk who is @Rene?
I know only rene.
A wilted flower
3:00 PM
He's (case) sensitive. ;)
Making that "r" big changes the whole meaning! :P
@rene is not a flower. Clearly they are a goat.
The flower thing is just a temporary issue
^ clearly, this is the real appearance of rene.
Nahhh ...
(and I fear I am the only one who gets the joke)
I got the reference
I at least missed it.
3:11 PM
Dec 2 '15 at 9:22, by Derpy
@rene You should replace your avatar with Flowey.
Ah yeah, that's from way before my time.
3:29 PM
@SPArcheon wow, it's already this old...?!
@MetaAndrewT. Undertale? Had a 5th anniversary concert not long ago.
And... Deltarune is two years in the making now
Hope it could be done next year, but I'm not sure.
Kinda want to know how the "totally unrelated, trust me, said the dog" game will go on...
Guess we know which side of the holy war Ben and David are on. :P

> [...] once we set up a system to react every time someone typed *Command+C*, we realized there was also an opportunity [...]
ffs markdown...
3:38 PM
> how much other information can we secretly compile about our users to improve sales...
@user400654 it looks a lot like it was from information from the april fools prank actually
wonder what they collected from the tamagotchi thing
2 hours later…
5:17 PM
@canon All these lockdowns have almost gotten me bored enough to start taking care of one of those again XD
6:08 PM
Looks like we've got some new review queue onboarding dialogs when you first open a queue:
@Tinkeringbell that's dark
@Spevacus And I think you found a bug... 'Within 70 days of closure' ?!
Yeah that doesn't sound right at all.
"If enough people vote to reopen a question, recommend closure flags will be declined" > is that retroactive?
You can't flag to close a closed post IIRC, and the flags are marked helpful upon closure.
Yerpy derp
6:10 PM
You going to write a post? :D
Working on it
@canon It is a tiny bit huh, if you think about it... don't think too much about it, it's a joke :P I got a tamagotchi from my brothers a while back as a gag gift, and while it's still in the plastic now, it is tempting to open it if there's little else to do :P
@Tinkeringbell Hm. Actually, maybe it's correct?
@Spevacus If that's true, it's either SO specific or MSE's help center is wrong! Closed questions that receive edits within the first 5 days of closure are automatically put into a review queue to be considered for reopening.
6:15 PM
Those same 5 days are mentioned in SOs help
@Tinkeringbell Yep, I see that now. Neat. Sounds like the help center requires an update in that case.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Ah, @Spevacus can write an answer there then ;)
@Spevacus I'd write an answer, link to help, and ask which of the two needs updating ;)
Sure thang.
I find the 70 days weird, given that roomba still deletes after 9 days: stackoverflow.com/help/roomba
New Flagging coming to SO also:
Q: Outdated Answers: results from use-case survey

Anita TaylorIn February, we announced an initiative to address outdated answers on Stack Overflow. Here's an update on what we've done since then and what we're working on now. TL;DR: We are still conducting various forms of research, but we see unpinning the accepted answer as our first key area to explore....

All kinds of busy.
6:18 PM
@Spevacus It's not a bug.
Q: Why was the period for closed questions to enter the reopen queue extended from 5 days to 70 days?

Sonic the Anonymous HedgehogIt appears that on December 20, 2019, the team increased the period of time for questions to enter the reopen queue from 5 days to 70 days. There was no announcement made of this change at the time (as far as I could tell), and I only got to know about it after a post documenting the behavior was...

The help page is wrong: it hasn't been updated.
Yeah that's what I believe is the case.
Then we need a post to update the help. Anyone? :P
I'm concerned that this shouldn't be an answer to this question, but rather a new question asking for the help center to be updated.
I'll do it
@Spevacus Yes, it should be a new question.
6:19 PM
@Spevacus Yeah, that should be it.
I'm halfway through an answer that I can convert to a question, if that's amenable
The thing about recommend closure flags still is an answer to the question I think.
I would also post a new answer asking that the parenthetical note about the "on hold" period be removed since that was removed with the new post notices.
Sure, that seems reasonable.
6:23 PM
"Most post require 5 votes to close" Isn't it that all posts require 5 votes, but some votes are binding
except on SO
@JohnDvorak yeah, or other sites, but that number could easily be made "responsive"
there have been some unheard suggestions to boost the voting power of badge holders, too
@JohnDvorak On SO it shows 3, I think... that's in the screenshot in the question? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/363485/…
@Tinkeringbell It does, I just tested :)
6:25 PM
Nice edits, Sonic. Thank you.
@Tinkeringbell the appeal of a tamagotchi scales inversely with the quality of life :P
@canon I nagged my parents for so long to get one though... I also still need a Furby :P
oh, god
parents got both me and my sis one, don't think either of us messed with it for more than a week or two
6:38 PM
Announcements like this are great for getting my silver discussion badge :)
@user400654 Furbies? Or tamagotchis?
i never got a furbie
I used my tamagotchi for weeks, until it drove my mom crazy. ... there's a reason I never got the Furby :P
Are posts in triage not on the site?
" How to work through this queue:

3 users must say a post Looks OK for it to publish."
@Luuklag I already have one! All I need now is the gold one :P
6:40 PM
@Tinkeringbell good parrot!
I just need 2 more answers for the badge
Ooh, nice. You should be able to get there soon then :)
7:17 PM
Does anyone have that triage flowchart Shog once made at hand?
7:52 PM
whoop whoop 20K in the pocket
Congratulations, now you can help clean up even more ;)
yay xD
Woohoo! Congratulations, Luuklag! Now get to work deleting off-topic stuff :)
And I've got my silver discussion badge
Good luck getting all the answers necessary for the gold badge. That's... a lot of answers.
7:56 PM
Thanks to finding another bug in the stacks editor
@Spevacus yup, 120 more. The score isn't the problem, I only need 76 more
Pretty sure I also have the score required. Meta SE's different like that.
Yeah. Score isn't a problem here either, recently got the silver and now only need 116 more answers for gold XD

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