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12:58 AM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard You have quite the memory!
@rene Happy hour is back?
5 hours later…
5:42 AM
25 messages moved to Chimney
6:00 AM
@JNat a cross site spammer for you to handle: stackexchange.com/users/21202535/shakibkhanpust
@JNat a cross site spammer for you to handle: stackexchange.com/users/21332057
6:45 AM
@Tinkeringbell Hello.
Hi, @Late!
I found a strange bug
when you zoom in, click a pop-up and zoom out it floats in middle of screen
6:50 AM
like this
Hi, @Glorfindel!
Recently found a bug and can’t find a question about it, so I’m thinking of making a report
Staff will probably say "we officially don't support anything other than default zoom".
that ^
6:56 AM
and chat is unlikely to get a responsive design either ....
No repro on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, Firefox 87.0
It’s not really a zoom, It’s a gesture on IPad to quickly zoom in (lookup small text or image)
@RocketNikita oh. is that the safari browser then?
@rene yeah
7:00 AM
But I think this bug isn’t important
oh, it works with user popup
and sound popup
So pop-ups are broken
7:47 AM
Did anyone already ask why the new announcement isn't featured?
8:04 AM
Did anyone already ask whether anyone already asked why the new announcement isn't featured?
Did anyone ask if anyone asked if anyone asked why the new announcement isn't featured/
@Luuklag I believe it has been brought up
8:17 AM
@Luuklag I poked Catija about it in a mod room last night, but never got an answer (or the answer is just 'no' :P). I think it's time to flag bomb that post :P
@Tinkeringbell did you use a sharp stick?
@rene pitchfork.
that should do ... Poor catija ...
@Tinkeringbell I'l add a flag ;)
8:29 AM
Hi, @Luu!
@RocketNikita Mine is cuter :P
@Tinkeringbell Let me tell you that I am not upset with you even if you make many other disciplinary actions against me because I prefer not to judge people but their actions. I hope you are not upset with me too. I did not and do not intend to annoy you or other users, though I continue criticizing some actions to help the community to be improved.
8:46 AM
@Later I think that's quite enough
The mailman just arrived, I got snacks from work!
I've knocked more stuff off my procrastination queue....
@JourneymanGeek Traitor
@M.A.R. Its the things I put off that I can do to put off the things I need to do
8:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek How much queue is left before you run out of queue?
@Tinkeringbell It never really runs out
the one big item left is getting my old PC set up again
I ... have a few crochet projects that I'm using to procrastinate on others, but those will eventually run out.... and I really should finish the others as well XD
@Tinkeringbell cool!
9:16 AM
@Tinkeringbell That red hand thing is a snack!?
@DavidPostill Ah, no. That isn't, it just makes noise ;)
But the rest are snacks ;)
Also.. it's orange :P
Nice carepackage Tink
Yeah, that should get me through Kingsday alright ;)
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, should have known. Everything is orange in NL :)
Ah, Kingsday? Today?
@DavidPostill Nah, next week, Tuesday :)
9:19 AM
@DavidPostill next week tuesday I think
Not that it matters, as there will be no parties
I think the carepackage won't last past the weekend either ;)
@Luuklag It's still a free day off :)
@Tinkeringbell For me it doesn't matter. We get all national holidays just as vacation days
@Luuklag That kinda sucks.... :(
well it doesn't matter, as I'm taking next week off anyways
@Tinkeringbell Same here, and we have to work most of them as the business is still open. It's complicated.
9:26 AM
Yeah, I know it can get complicated... the only one that I don't get off is the national holiday every 5 years for May 5th though, so I'm usually happy ;)
I was feeling close to burn out at work. So I'm off from today until 28th.
@DavidPostill well great that that is a possibility
And you don't need to actually get sick before you get off
We came a long way since 20 years ago I guess
@Luuklag Well I did have to book it as holiday ...
Well that's not so great then...
It's not free time off.
9:32 AM
My time off is free. Mostly for my employer, cause they're not paying me :D :D :D
But taking vacation every now and then is also part responsability of the employee ofcourse.
@JourneymanGeek downside is then that its also free for you, as in you don't make money
@Luuklag quite
@Luuklag Of course, but it's hard to book where I work. You have to plan well in advance to guarantee the days you want.
@DavidPostill that's a shame. I guess I'm lucky where I work
If I decide today, that I want next week off, and there is no major deadline that I have all is well
@Luuklag It's a contract issue where I work. We have to provide a set minimum number of hours working on issues for the client. So out of 10 people I think around 2 can normally be off at any specified time (emergencies and illness excluded). So if I suddenly decided to take a week off the system checks if vacation hours are available for the team. If they have already gone then no holiday, or you choose to go on a wait list to see if someone cancels.
9:44 AM
30 messages moved to Chimney
We have one day a year where you are guaranteed a day off regardless (called MyDay) but even that has to be booked in advance. I use it when necessary to get my birthday off.
9:59 AM
@DavidPostill yeah those contracts are really killer. Thats the charm of being in the consultancy, almost all projects are short lived. Projects spanning more then one year are really the exception for us
Usually I work on somewhere between 10-20 projects at once, and just divide my time as needed
10:20 AM
Has advertising been getting worse on the site lately?
For some reason, I keep getting sporadic votes on a quite old answer about ads and content filtering.
Is there any reason for people to be finding that one more frequently recently?
10:55 AM
spam flags are powerful
if someone had 6 socks with at least 5 rep, that someone could delete any question or answer
I think its 15
and if there's wierd flagging, folks may complain and we'd review
and... yeah
15 rep?
11:09 AM
@RocketNikita 7 suggested edits ;)
3 hours later…
1:52 PM
Could a gold [discussion] badge holder fix the post notice on meta.stackexchange.com/q/126832/622284 ?
@user1271772 memory? nah... just basic search skills. :D
My memory is bad. ;)
@user1271772 it was never aborted, and it will run until 12/18/3000
Thanks, @Sha :)
@Spevacus mp
Funny how people still wear masks outside, even when it's not mandatory anymore.
My own kids are divided: daughter doesn't wear mask outside, but son does, saying it makes him feel more safe.
All in all, from what I see about 20% still wear the masks, which is quite high.
I suppose it depends on how many people are around you, and how close you are to them.
In supermarkets where I'm at, I don't really see anyone not wearing a mask anymore. But in convenience stores/gas stations, it's like the wild west.
@Spevacus nah, what I see (and my son included) they wear the masks all the time, no matter who's around them.
@Spevacus well here it's still mandatory inside closed space, e.g. supermarkets, inside room, etc. Just not when you're outside.
2:02 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I... would personally love it if more people kept wearing masks even when this is over, like wear one when you have a cold and really need to go use public spaces/to an office.
I hate having colds, and I hate them even more if I can reasonably well trace them back to that one person in the office or train that sneezed on me.
@Tinkeringbell I'd like to see mask wearing normalised but not compulsary
Yeah, that's what I meant... but I wouldn't mind if being outside and sniffing without a mask carried the same stigma with it as bothering everyone with the stench of your cigarette smoke does these days ;)
@Tinkeringbell also - we have occational pollution outbreaks from the neighborus setting their country on fire so...
2:20 PM
here it's... odd
there's some people that are adamant against masks, and will tease/bitch at other's who are wearing it now that theres no mandate or restrictions at all here anymore
@JourneymanGeek sorry!
but more often than not, when you walk into a storefront with more than just one such person, everyone has a mask
I don't quite get the rush to end wearing them
2:40 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard 🧠
and... what @user400654 just said.
But.... yep, apparently people here don't even realize that the face masks do not isolate audio....
since they keep pulling them off to talk.
:884503 to be fair, most peeple don't bother you at all, it's just running into one is enough to cause anxiety
I personally don't wear one unless going into a small retail store or restaurant
3:06 PM
@user400654 not really a rush, just another step towards lifting all restrictions and getting back to normal routine.
@SPArcheon they don't isolate, but make it harder to understand what the other person says.
i guess? i just don't see why we can't be "normal" with them. we can still go out, eat, shop, work,
if anything they allow us to return to more normal activities sooner
3:35 PM
@user400654 Previously our banks had a sign on the door prohibiting hats, sunglasses, and masks. Now that sign is gone, replaced by one requiring masks.
i always thought those signs were kinda silly
who would wear a mask into a bank (pre-covid) other than someone about to commit a crime? if they were about to commit a crime, why would they care about the sign?
put up a "Robbing the bank is illegal!" sign
@user400654 Where is "here" for you?
The idea is that you wouldn't be able to stand in line and quietly slip them a note, that you would need to burst in; upon which everyone drops their till into the safe underneath and repeatedly hits the holdup alarm - prompting the police to silently surround the area and send a plainclothes in. --- The crook is given a dye bomb and a tracker along with a small amount of cash, they are discovered within a few hours or so.
a very red state
3:51 PM
Ah. So the governor says you don't have to wear them so nobody does even though only 20% have been vaccinated and 16% have tested positive.
though, it's also important to note that most weren't wearing them anyway
Foolish to say the least
@user400654 Reasons why some people wear masks (pre-COVID): tctour.co.jp/info/surgical-masks-japan.html questionjapan.com/blog/location-guides/…
the mayor here continued the mandate for an additional month, but, yea
just like the state-wide one, there was no teeth to it, and because he's a democrat, the conservative majority was more than happy to go against it
@Rob The hay fever one make sense to me as I'm a sufferer
3:56 PM
it's certainly possible i'm just seeing a political pushback where there isn't one though
I thought the pimples and no makeup one was funny. There's also the exemption for religious reasons, but some parts of the world don't permit that excuse; the ability to identify is necessary and mandatory.
I guess that means they're a big fan of retinal and fingerprint ID.
@user400654 Health. Respect for others. Same reasons I hate the idiots that pre-covid had to come at work while clearly ill, constantly coughing, with 39°+ temperature just to "look at me, I deserve a promotion"
yeah that's just not normal here, or wasn't pre-covid
it was more a, if you're sick enough to require a mask to go around... you're being a ------ getting out at all for anything other than going to the doc or picking up meds (both places where it's more common to see)
4:05 PM
@user400654 Didn't USA entry questionnaire had a multiple answer question that went like "Please state the reasons of your visit to USA" and "Terrorism activity" as one of the options?
no idea
my memory served right...
Sorry for poor quality, I don't remember the actual form name so I had to go for the first picture I found
Second question
"Kindly inform us if you are seeking to enter to perform criminal activity"
Totally going to work
yeah i'm not generally a fan of our current system
it's just weird, considering the roots of this country
4:33 PM
@user400654 If you compare the west coast asian population with Mississippi it's 15x higher in California, and 1.1% in Mississippi.
5:04 PM
@SPArcheon They don't actually expect people who are going to do that to tick yes. But if they are caught that's another charge to be added
For the same reason income gained from illegal activities must be declared when filing taxes
Quick question: is there an easy way to find all answers by a given users that are in questions I've bookmarked? I tried user:<user_id_here> is:a inbookmarks:me but seems inbookmarks restricts the results to only the question posts because even is:a inbookmarks:me does not return anything. I want to find specific answers to those.
@VLAZ You can't bookmark answers, so it makes sense that is:a doesn't work.
@Tinkeringbell I agree with this. But I'm interested in restricting the search to only answers of questions I've bookmarked. I've not done much bookmark searching so I assumed inbookmarks will go through the entire Q&A
Nope, only questions... as stated in the help: inbookmarks:mine (or any user id) returns only questions that you (or the user whose id you entered) have bookmarked.
It's probably not 'smart' enough to deal with post joins?
Yeah, just found the same information in an answer by Glorfindel.
It's not possible, I need to use SEDE.
*sigh* that's a bit annoying. Well, it is what it is, I suppose.
Nice new birb avatar @Tink :)
5:14 PM
Thanks! Got the basic idea from SPArcheon ;)
5:26 PM
Hey, I found possible typo in teams:
Cancel your Teams subscription

If you cancel your Stack Overflow for Teams subscription, you will lose access to all of your Team’s content. Additionally, your team members will no longer be able to log in to **Stack Overflow.**

Cancel subscription
Emphasis mine
Uhh, I’m scared to press that button
@RocketNikita Posts about SO for teams go on Meta stackoverflow, so I guess reporting it there could work... You could also make it a support one, asking whether you'd lose your account if you do press the button.
@Tinkeringbell thank you for advice
I’ll keep messages here
5:55 PM
@Luuklag gone
Here we go ;)
@Luuklag gone
@Tinkeringbell heh
We missed this! :P
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
@Tinkeringbell glad someone enjoys it xD
in any case, Cesar's looking into maybe creating better tooling for this, so it won't be such a manual process for me to take care of these
Hey, you can "Miss things like a toothache" according to the Dutch saying. Just missing something doesn't mean that specific something is an enjoyable something ;)
I do hope you get your tooling soon though!
6:01 PM
@Luuklag gone
@Tinkeringbell to be fair, I'm also being too harsh: this is the sort of task that's good for moments, like now, where I look at the clock and think "what can I do with my last ~30 minutes of the day"
doesn't take a lot of investment, and can always drop halfway through the backlog and not lose context, etc.
it's just... a bit too manual
True, it does make a good task for those moments.
I'm glad my work doesn't come with such tasks though, so I can stop 30 minutes early :P
also a viable solution, yes
(I'd make up for it on other days, that's the downside to that...)
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@Luuklag gone
@Luuklag gone
@Luuklag gone
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
@JourneymanGeek gone
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
@Luuklag gone
@Luuklag gone
Howdy. I hope everyone is having a nice week so far. They are flying by fast these days
6:14 PM
@Luuklag gone
@Rosie \o
@Luuklag gone
3 moar weeks
@Rosie yes, it is a nice week. Weather is good.
@Luuklag gone
it's been rather chilly the last few days, enjoying it while it lasts
The sun is out and it is dry. That is all I need
6:18 PM
@Luuklag gone
prepares for getting pinged by JNat ...
some rain today but I'll take one bad day especially if it's work day

outdoor activity planning is a little challenging here because of capacity restrictions, you have to book things ahead of time unless you're just going to the park

My partner and I were thinking of going to our local Aquarium which is mostly outdoors but Saturday is already booked. Going to a different park than we usually do instead to throw in some variety
@Luuklag gone
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
@Rosie Yeah, doing mass tourism things is not advised these days ;) . It does allow for getting creative in exploring new outdoor places.
@Luuklag handled in some previous ping (apparently, 6 mins ago)
6:23 PM
Just came here to clear my chat pings. Thanks @JNat
@Luuklag gone
@Luuklag there's more to come, though
Yeah your backlog is about a month now I think?
Or was atleast
20 days
Could've been worse ;)
@RyanM gone
@Luuklag true
@rene gone
there you go, have your ping, @rene ;P
oh, there's another one coming soon
@rene gone
6:31 PM
3 pings for the price of two. @rene 's lucky day.
@Luuklag gone
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog this feels like when you're doing the dishes and someone comes along and just drops more dirty dishes in the sink
Let Sonic get in front of the sink for a couple seconds then ;)
oh, hey, luckily I'd just gotten through the last one in the backlog!
@JNat Perhaps they were waiting for the sink to be clear and did so the moment it was
...otherwise it wouldn't fit
6:35 PM
highly suspect
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone, gone, and gone
nobody throw more dirty dishes in the sink
hide them under your bed, or something
How about: nobody spam for the rest of the day
burn them, maybe
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog would be nice
Then there'll be no dirty dishes to throw anywhere
@Spevacus One ping for the price of three

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