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6:43 AM
had a good weekend ?
Saturday was busy, but yesterday was nice and lazy :)
not too bad. Saturday was easy going, and sunday we went to a park
I see Yaakov has returned from his sabbatical?
8:01 AM
@Luuklag He should still have 2 weeks or more from his sabatical left. Seeing it was 6 weeks and started 24th of may according to his twitter.
yeah, otherwise he would be timetravelling ;)
He might be online but not working
@Luuklag infinite sabbaticals ;)
I'm under the impression sabaticals in SE are SRS BZNS
@JourneymanGeek I think if you have a more front-facing role, that interacts with the community... it's pretty hard to take a sabbatical but still be active in e.g. chat.
That would be like walking around in an office, drinking coffee with everyone, but no one is allowed to ask you anything about work, or mention work when you're there.
8:24 AM
that's true
sabatticals would be hard for someone like me if I got hired :D
Probably, as soon as you make something you love your job, it becomes easier to take breaks from it.
@Tinkeringbell yeah most likely
@Luuklag I think the dog was hungry ;)
@Tinkeringbell alas, all have is a very large hammer, and dramatic explosions ;)
@Tinkeringbell community was
8:35 AM
@Luuklag lol I nuked it
Yeah, I saw the account was gone, that's not something the community usually does ;)
I'm procrastinating on the tasks I am using to procrastinate from the tasks I am procrastinating from
I did that last week, I really should get something done this week....
(I mean I actually got things done)
@Tinkeringbell so did I
8:38 AM
just none of which was on my priority list
But this week I have to finish a lot of things, since next week I'm taking a week off
You mentioned that, yeah.
I am going to try to make some 9 hours days at the start of this week, so I can hopefully stop working a bit earlier on Friday. That's when my parents will be gone again, so I'm hoping to get in some gaming on the TV before the covidiot starts throwing parties again.
@Tinkeringbell defenestrate him
Just watched a video of how a wallpaper kills android phones
its hilarious how somebody forgot to put an error handler in somewhere
@JourneymanGeek I actually might, one day.
He's ... driving me up a wall and I'm not sure how much wall there's left before I run out of wall and come crashing down.
9:09 AM
@Tinkeringbell that guy you answered about bumping edits replied to you in his question
Q: Organizing Edits Without Bumping

LaterWhy do we need this feature? Sometimes community leaders (community members who care their community and its meta issues) decide to make some minor edits on a certain set of posts (which may include numerous posts) to help community visitors to find their needs more easily, for example, by removi...

@Luuklag If it's up to me... feel free to roll back and comment saying edits invalidating answers are frowned upon... and mention the bumping :P
Please don't use edits to respond to / invalidate an answer. Also it was great this edit bumped your question so I could do the right thing and undo it. — Luuklag 9 secs ago
If they're so obviously different from this post, perhaps you'd have done better to edit your post (and bump it) to include reasoning as to why yours is so different, instead of just repeating that it is obviously different. Because apparently, it's not obvious. — Tinkeringbell ♦ 10 secs ago
@JourneymanGeek Would you mind rolling back one more time and locking, to prevent a rollback war here? Luuklag already tried but Later is being a pita again :)
Thanks :)
9:23 AM
I think its from before you became a mod, but one point we could delete/edit/undelete for unbumping edits
but folks started misusing it
Yeah, I can imagine that.
"That's why we can't have nice things"
and its not too hard to trickle in edits (though I'd love some tool based way to do this)
and no matter how trusted, edits need someone to take a look in some fashion
I mean, if my community wants to edit hundreds of posts, fine. I don't care all that much about the front page... on sites like IPS bumping good old posts with good edits is probably better than having the mediocre or closed ones on there anyways.
@Tinkeringbell oh, we've organised that in the past
Yeah, that's what I mean: It can be organized.
And once it is... it's good.
we're cool, we've decided that the changes massively outweigh disturbing the front page a little.
9:32 AM
I like that old post that's the first duplicate target there, having these edits reviewed. But then again, there's been so many mentions of the suggested edit queue being full on SO, that I doubt that adding minor edits to a queue would actually solve a problem.
Ah. It seems that's an unoriginal thought
SE has been around long enough that nearly every good/bad idea has been explored :D
Yeah, I think we've reached the point of the game where we just try to break things in case there's easter eggs :P
bah, that is not true.
balpha never explored my suggestion to update the unicornify service to produce MLP ponies instead.
@SPArcheon well he is no longer with SE, so that expired ;)
9:40 AM
@SPArcheon Sometimes there isn't much to explore. Some areas are out of bounds ;)
@Luuklag unicornify isn't related to SE, so technically he could still do that.
@SPArcheon lol he worked on it yesterday
you could fork it and make ponys yourself
I am back again.
@JourneymanGeek You do not want to unlock my post?
Oh joy.
Of course he doesn't.
No moderator in their right mind would, if the user does not show any signs of improving their behavior.
@Luuklag Oh, now I want to make one with parrots ;)
@Later whatever would give you that idea?
9:48 AM
When I respond an answer in comments, I am suspended and told that I should not argue in comments. When I add my response in my post, my post becomes locked.
@Later Well - one of the skills needed for effective meta is winning over people. If you're moving from arguing in comments, to arguing in edits.... after closure (which had naught to do with us), maybe its time to cool down and consider exactly how you want to come across now and in the future.
You weren't told not to argue in comments. You were told the following:
> We've noticed that you have a pattern of engaging in lengthy discussions in comments, frequently consisting of responses involving multiple, back-to-back posts. Comments are intended as brief messages to provide feedback, add minor information, ask for clarification, or discuss the content of the post.
As much as the current idea - its useful to consider options used in the past, and what potential flaws in your own ideas are . Appointing people with special privileges for example isn't the way SE does things. There's no reference to previous posts along those lines, or how sites have managed this previously.
what if the other side is wrong though, where should the respective conversations be held?
@JohnDvorak As much as right or wrong, its about fresh ideas and perspectives, and that means knowing what was discussed before
9:55 AM
@JohnDvorak I'm here, and I'm the other side. The mod message template goes on to suggest chat as well ;)
But if you find yourself writing responses involving multiple, back-to-back posts... that's often when you need to start writing your own answer.
What if I'm defending an answer in its comment section?
I can't accomplish that by writing another answer.
@JohnDvorak At that point, the person you're defending the answer against should probably write their own answer, or you should edit the answer you're defending.
@Tinkeringbell ....... apparently, one already exists.........
Shog9 wrote a pretty good post explaining the process on IPS once
9:58 AM
@SPArcheon Doesn't look verry parrot-ish to me, more like a crow or raven ;)
This one I got using your name as a seed. :P
I cannot understand what the main disadvantages of my suggestion are.
......Stupid me. I needed to be more specific. Not just "Tinkeringbell". Tinkeringbell The Parrot".
@Later appointing people with special powers (as opposed to by reputation), and not really making it clear why its better than just 'accepting' a certain degree of bumpage. If you read up, we also discussed how there was a mechanism to do so and it was abused
@SPArcheon And that gives you?
10:00 AM
AAAAAAARGH. That's green! :(
@Tinkeringbell this one. Your favorite color
@SPArcheon now you're just trolling her.
next thing you know, you'd hand her tomatos.
We'll know in 15 minutes.
@SPArcheon yours has a cute hat! :D
@Rob ooh, is it streamed?
10:02 AM
@Rob Earthquake? Or should I call the paramedics, epileptic fit? :P
I think that works better :D
It even has a diamond :D
How did you manage that? :D
Yes, click on the video; from the history above.
"why its better than just 'accepting' a certain degree of bumpage". Why should organizing edits, which add no new information, bump posts? As I said in my post, it bothers many community members.
peppercarrot.com/extras/html/2019_bird-generator/… I like your version just a bit better even, @JourneymanGeek :D
10:06 AM
@Tinkeringbell spaces!
@JourneymanGeek Heh, weird. In your case, there's no difference between with a space or without, it seems
Possibly poor case choices
and by poor I mean perfect
@JourneymanGeek Ah yes, it seems it makes a difference if you use a lowercase g: peppercarrot.com/extras/html/2019_bird-generator/…
Looks more manly with a lowercased g.
I am not a bird :D
10:08 AM
"appointing people with special powers (as opposed to by reputation)". Why is it bad? Who complains of giving some special powers to do janitorial tasks?
One day, maybe you'll join the dark side ;)
It has cookies! (And no banners!)
@Later Its not how we do things. It means you have cliques, there's overhead...
SE is almost purely run meritocratically
(hell, these days, I've got the one site mod role that's not voted on)
I still have two :P
Lol...... this is precious.......
10:10 AM
Pro tempore appointed moderators are a dying race.
@SPArcheon What is?!
Userscript :P
Hahaha nice!
I'm going to change my name then ;)
There is no clique. There are some volunteers to do some janitorial tasks while not bothering other members. Is this bad?
Excluding people is in the definition of the word clique. What you call 'not bothering' is actively excluding people, by making it more difficult for them to join.
Any community member can join.
10:16 AM
Then you'll have too many people volunteering to "do janitorial work" in the form of reopening their own questions and then bailing out of responsibilities
@Later but then if anyone could do it - it would make sense to have a mechanism to do it anyway
Reopening of their own question?
@Later Yeah, just like anyone can walk into a building. But if the door doesn't open easily enough, some people might think the building is closed and go away.
Not to mention the people that need wheelchair ramps.
@Later or joining just to 'fix' their pet peeve
and lots of folks get overenthusiastic about it
bumping is overslight
I do not know why I can not understand what you mean.
10:20 AM
@Later Well - that's the problem. Its easy to get enthusiastic over something. But sometimes that enthusiasm can go the wrong way
the systems we have now mean someone might catch an issue if someone say, tries to eliminate a tag without community agreement
bumping is a 'check'
The community already approved to add or remove a tag on meta.
@Later It's okay, understanding things isn't a thing just anyone can do!
@Tinkeringbell O-o
Any massive edits can be already approved on their meta.
@JohnDvorak I meant that seriously, it's not something everyone can do. In which case, it's probably best to not frustrate both parties (1 by making them try, the other by continuing to be unable to get the point).
This isn't the first time Later has said they're unable to understand, so at this point I'm going to advice... just stop.
10:26 AM
If I want to continue, I will be suspended again?
For your own mental wellbeing and that of others in this chat, very likely, yes.
@Tinkeringbell does it ever actually work that way?
Going in circles benefits nobody,after all.
@JohnDvorak I've edited the message a bit, but yes. It mostly works for that of others in the chat, at least.
Not everyone can see that they are being saved a huge bunch of frustration, and the reputation of being one that's frustrating, as a positive thing, I agree.
10:58 AM
@Tinkeringbell I like your new avatar. It's also colorful, slightly less assertive, certainly less flamboyant, the arara changed for a cartoonish peacock.
@bad_coder Less assertive and less flamboyant?! I'll change it back then :P
I probably will anyways, I'm not liking this one all that much. Wrong shape :P
11:14 AM
Its a wierdly coloured peacock :D
The new head shape is more of a pigeon than a parrot, isn't it?
@Tinkeringbell hey whats going on here, the parrot turned into a chick?
(both are good with me)
@bad_coder also, no more glasses! @Tink contact lenses, or laser surgery? ;)
@JourneymanGeek @John @Luuklag True. I will probably end up fiddling a bit more with it tonight, perhaps I can get something that follows the color scheme but is a bit more parrot-ish ;)
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I've had lenses before, so perhaps this is just a childhood picture? :P
11:27 AM
@Tinkeringbell The arara was more elaborate, indeed. In perspective, the listener from a side profile compared to the full frontal glass wearing intellectual. Going from a scrutinizing look to onlooked. Perhaps the change in avatar towards the contemplative also reflects the author's changes...
@bad_coder Whahahahahaha no, never.
@Tinkeringbell you haven't changed? :)
@bad_coder I change all the time. Probably more than I change avatars. But 'more contemplative' probably isn't one of the directions I'd ever change in ;)
@Tinkeringbell huh! You do look young there.
Yeah, it's very babyfaced...
Ugh. I want to keep basically everything but change the headshape and tail (also tail color preferably more blue than green). Can't find the right letter/case combination XD
Is that better? It still isn't very much a parrot....
(and it's sadly missing the laptop....)
11:35 AM
I like it
Yeah but it really needs that laptop. XD
I also said I'd do this tonight, dammit. I have work to do!
Bad Tink.
Go photoshop
Ah you already have a laptop now
@Tinkeringbell I like the bowbow on that one.
@Luuklag Yeah, but this one has a peacock tail and a dove's head :P
@bad_coder Yeah, I like that too... I think I'll take Luuklag's advice and do some photoshop on that one, and update later tonight.
I guess this one already makes @SPA a lot happier though... they couldn't stand the shape of my old one ;)
@Luuklag Eh, I'll give that one the benefit of the doubt. If it posts again with more blatant spam, or more nonsense, it can be nuked :)
meh okay ;)
Let them post garbage on a different site theyve joined and JNat can handle it ;)
11:48 AM
Also true :D
o/ have to go, bye.
@bad_coder \o see ya
12:20 PM
> This code doesn't show me any product, any recommandations !!
Some spellings....
recommand me a speelchecker?
Was this moved at some point? meta.stackexchange.com/posts/210312/timeline
I use Grammarly, but not on my work laptop... hence the enormous amount of mistakes I make during the day too :P
@Luuklag moved as in migrated? Doesn't seem like it, unless the migration history was cleared, in which case no mod will ever know.
When did the great Meta SO -> Meta SE migration happen?
Before my time...
12:25 PM
The post all linked to MSO, but with the user account number of OP on MSE
could as well be they just F'd up
It seems to me like that was one that was moved from Meta SO to Meta SE, but I don't know when that move happened. I think it's old enough, but I'm not sure.
Is it some sort of avatar changing time?
@Spevacus that was 2014, so yeah probably that happened
@Spevacus The post was definitely posted before the split
Q: Operation 'Split, All The Metas!' Shall Commence On April 16, 2014

Tim Post Update 2014-04-17 04:47 UTC: Stable, with some odds and ends to clean up The main MSO/MSE sites are stable, but there are plenty of corners left to sweep. For details, see: The Status Of The Split Not all of them mind you, just Meta Stack Overflow into Meta Stack Exchange. I'll have yo...

12:28 PM
@RocketNikita Naw, pretty sure it's just coincidence that multiple people are changing their avatars atm.
@Luuklag Then I imagine that's why the links are all whacky.
Were, anyway ;)
Who changed their avatar besides tink?
@Spevacus yup, that was my initial guess too
@Luuklag Don't know, but I'm often a bad example anyways so...
Ann Zen over in some other rooms that Nikita frequents, and Shadow did as well I think.
@Luukag @AnnZen changed
@Spevacus shadow changed a while back I think
at least before the weekend
12:30 PM
Ah. Yeah he's been vaccinated for awhile I suppose.
@RocketNikita ah yeah, they used to be a person. Now theyre a gravatar
Good thing SE profile don't change ;)
@Luuklag identicon
@RocketNikita same same
@Luuklag different different
12:34 PM
I only changes my avatar if a particular user changes theirs...
12:54 PM
Q: Can we make the placement of hyperlinks in the migration post notice more obvious?

LuuklagToday when I saw that the post notice for a migrated post looks like this: Now what struck me as odd was that the word "Migrated" is used as an hyperlink twice. The first occurrence links to the FAQ post that explains what migrations is. The second links to the questions timeline. The placement ...

1:07 PM
A: Can we make the placement of hyperlinks in the migration post notice more obvious?

TinkeringbellDifferent solution, or perhaps an extra but very related request: Make the order of links in the notices similar. Currently, the notice for posts that were migrated away looks like this: With the first link linking to the question on Meta Stack Overflow, and the second link linking to the help ...

I'm getting used to this avatar. It looks nice on posts, at least.
@Tinkeringbell you lost the diamond?
Hahaha yeah... maybe I'll end up photoshopping that one back in too tonight :P
@Tinkeringbell can I visit the migration stub as well?
nope, it forwards automatically
1:15 PM
Huh, weird.
@Luuklag not very long ago though
@Luuklag You can throw ?noredirect=1 at the end of the URL if you happened to need to see the stub.
@MetaAndrewT. Norm?
@Spevacus poof
But it wasn't spam or offensive, actually.
Had an e-mail in there, weirdly enough.
Oh it was an email in a link... an image link
so... eh, noiiiissseeeeeeee
1:28 PM
No doubt it should be deleted, just doubting its Smokefullness. ;)
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard :/
@MetaAndrewT. \:
Who was the meatballs? You or Norm?
Soup and Meatballs.
Oddly enough that's the combo I best remember.
I believe meatballs was me
BTW, @Tink look what I just found
Feb 4 '19 at 9:25, by Shadow Wizard
user image
Ah, no... I'm going for cute this time :P
2:06 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard one step at time....
By the end of the month Tink will look like this one.
That's definitely not ever happening! XD
@SPArcheon good luck with that! I have a feeling she's a hard nut to crack, even harder than @Dro and myself. ;)
Parrot Pony Power!
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Eh, that's not all that true... I did take one of your suggestions once too :P
Pony Proxy Protocol
2:19 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Better a P then a K ;)
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard That's so not me
@Tinkeringbell This is me
Aww you're cute!
Catija is eloquent much
@Tinkeringbell Shadow is cuter
@Luuklag Perhaps for Catija, the Cat generator is better ;)
@Luuklag He is very green, suits him.
2:24 PM
@Tinkeringbell Your cat had a rough day
Oof, yeah....
@rene 144 rep more and I'll join
2:36 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard See? Even @Catija supports that.
28 mins ago, by Catija
Parrot Pony Power!
@Tinkeringbell The parrot is at least green... the cat is pink :P
anyway... look at the claws. That is griffon, not a pony Shadow.
@Catija That's true ;)
Eh... the rear hooves make it closer to pony?
Griffons wouldn't have hooves.
It could be a parrot/pegasus.
Unicorn generator is the best unicornify.pictures
2:41 PM
We started there :D
Do keep up :D :D :D
I will take notice... apparently Catija did indeed notice that the griffon had hooves. This knowledge shall be looked into. Have we got an undercover MLP expert? :P
2:58 PM
How long is teams going to live in the featured on meta box?
Quick poll time!
6 to 8?
Uploading image, please hold
@Tinkeringbell uhhhh
Which one? :P
I like the eye shadow stuff
@Tinkeringbell +1
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I got that and just dropped whatever I liked on some layers in paint.net ;)
no blue or green wing option?
@rene Okay... but with the diamond in front or behind the wing?
3:01 PM
the second looks better IMO
looks more natural
@JourneymanGeek Oh, sure. I don't want a blue wing though :P
On the other hand.. lemme see how that looks.
I thought yellow would look.. .brighter.
Yeah, not fond of the blue.
gotta run, dinner. Feel free to keep up the ideas though ;)
Yeah include the eye shadow stuff, put the gem behind the wing, and include the tail effects that you have in the most recent one.
Since today is parrotday anyway...
3:08 PM
Ben Popper on April 19, 2021
April Fool’s may be over, but once we set up a system to react every time someone typed Command+C, we realized there was also an opportunity to learn about how people use our site. Here’s what we found.
I just found this: github.com/francoislg/PPaaS
a service to overlay a dancing parrot gif on a provided picture
3:46 PM
There. Much better :)
End result:
4:03 PM
Something is missing...
@Tinkeringbell eyebrows maybe?
that's a bit angry birbs
^@Catija take notice: next April / Christmas we want the "shoot angry Tinkeringbells at Meta trolls" minigame
4:27 PM
Oh that's bad, I didn't notice that!
Oh well :D
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7:28 PM
54 messages moved to Chimney
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8:42 PM
huh... i didn't know you could effectively downvote something twice
wait, no, i'm misreading
@user400654 you mean community downvoting when spam flagging?
i saw two entries in my rep history
butno, it was the other answer
haha yeah, that's always nice too

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