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1:00 PM
@JohnDvorak oh it still works?? I'd imagine it will just skip sites where the name was changed less than 30 days ago.
/away afk
Didn't Oded fix it?
(after dear @Optimus abused it by changing almost daily ;))
oh wait.... buh I was wrong.
A: The screen name change rate limit doesn't exist anymore

OdedSo, this has been broken since January, after a large refactoring of the user settings saving code. A check to see if the new display name was different to the old display name was mistakenly changed to see if the new display name was different to the... new display name. Which of course it isn'...

So yeah we can still break the limit using other sites. :)
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard ask me what?
@PrincessOlivia how you feel
Well not really... or not just that... about the other mod in SO
He hasn't officially left. The diamond is still there.
1:04 PM
Yeah, he was exposed here already
f stop being near the d will you!
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard Yeh, that's the one
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard just cut open your keyboard and put the F on the door, and D on the screen :P
giving @410 coffee cups to @Pri
The list of recent badges in the sidebar does not really make Meta look better.
Huh?? Where's that?
Just a usual day, not a particularly extreme example.
The sidebar of Meta front page.
1:13 PM
No repro
I see HNQ
If you hide HNQ.
So don't hide it. :D
I'll take spam badges over HNQ any day.
Price for hiding the precious HNQ: see NSFW text on your screen.
IMO solution is to just remove Informed and Autobiographer from the sidebar badges list.
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard And Autobiographer
1:15 PM
Might be worth an MSE post, or some monitoring to see how often this occurs ;)
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard tempting...
Very often, many spammers complete their profile
So show only badges that require some actual rep
@rene why did you make edit war with yourself??
@Magisch I believe in the glasses
err, apparently ninja'd 100 message ago...
1:38 PM
:D :D :D
meh just the usual meta OT crap not spam
The OT has come back, Yay?
Back?? They never left.
You can log out any time you like, but you can never leave
We just don't always get to see them when the zoo mod team nukes them fast enough. :P
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard tbh a lot of it is people asking cvplz and devplz here
and we rarely see spam directly
1:49 PM
Hypothesis: the whole arbitration thing was just a clever ruse by SE to get our physical addresses so that they could keep sending us our inbox digests even after we've stopped visiting the site and blocked the emails coming from them.
@JohnDvorak eh that would cost actual money
and you can totally email them a request to not be bound by mandatory arbitration
Adblocker proliferation also costs real money :P
@JohnDvorak until told otherwise - SE's not hostile to people using adblockers
That's to say its been said they're fine with it
That's true, but I'm not saying otherwise. I'm only saying that forcing people onto adblockers costs them money.
1:52 PM
@JohnDvorak well...
"we" are a very small part of the overall audience
I'm not even going to say userbase cause there's probably a ton of people who passively use SE sites
I'd be very interested to see some actual data of adblocker incidence before / after the introduction of off-topic ads.
That might be tricky - some folks probably have scripts to hide adblocker detection ;p
@MetaAndrewT. teeeeehnicccaallllyyyyy
SE is worldwide
Barring evidence otherwise, I'm still going with "costs SE in the long run" - and I am afraid evidence won't be found.
1:55 PM
but he does mean on the network
@JohnDvorak So - practically
what sort of person has adblock installed?
(or dns based adblocking - which I suspect would be even harder to trace)
@JourneymanGeek a person who doesn't want suggestive ads suddenly appear at the office...
minimum tech savviness, OR knowledge of someone minimally tech-savvy + past experience with malware.
That's pretty universal methinks, especially among programmers and programming enthusiasts.
got to go, sorry. Will try to show up in a few minutes.
@JohnDvorak exactly
so the sort of folks who use SE would have adblockers anyway
sure, but before OTA there was hoping they'd have SE whitelisted.
@JohnDvorak I've tried whitelisting sites when they asked nicely
I like them. I don't like their ad providers
2:01 PM
I was too late to like SE ads then...
@MetaAndrewT. ;p
@MetaAndrewT. technically when SE ran their own ads, I might have
but I'm immensely lazy
and I vaguely feel I provide value in other ways
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard Nope. That was different one
Rene, I mean the services offered page of my freelancing website
I got an idea few hours ago.
2:17 PM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard You might want to get that cough checked out ...
But ehm ... what are you trying to get me to do?
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard there was something weird with that edit. the stack overflow tag wasn't needed and I didn't get the replacement of support with support so I rolled back. But then I noticed the support tag was listed at the end, not as the first tag. So i tried to make that tag edit. That failed so I decided to rollback again and redo the changes ... sorry for the mess
Stand for SO mod
@M.A.R. ... /me stares at @M.A.R.
@JourneymanGeek too many glasses
@JourneymanGeek Not sure that's a good idea. And I shouldn't realistically stand a chance anyway, given my absence.
2:21 PM
@rene makes for better optics
@Bart well, maybe, but I'm not the one suggesting it
@JourneymanGeek Good dog
niet likken!
gasp, I created a Team!
You stop that right now!
2:34 PM
Glasses Overflow™ Team
@Sha what movie?
@Bart your twin is gone
It's red alert
err, if I continue this, my co-worker will know one of my popular answer on Anime.SE...
All twins must stand together! :D
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard wait, wut? What did I miss?
2:37 PM
@Bart a lot
and some squirrels
Yve is gone, for sure as she told as much
@Bart I'm immune to fractures
Mr. Gray just disappeared from public view
... sounds like this place is not heading in great directions?
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard just
@Bart for long time, but....
2:38 PM
@Bart wakey wakey
@M.A.R. in?
Trudeau! (buh what's that spelling?!)
@M.A.R. eh, there are reasons for my limited involvement.
2:39 PM
No brebering in this chat
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard That's French
@Bart well, SO need some stability
Rock hard mods
And you're a pillar of.... stars! :)
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard rock hard mods are terrible
@JourneymanGeek hard skinned, soft inside
Better? :D
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard did you mean Earth Science?
@Bart it's mostly old news, nothing that needs to be rehashed. You can pick up a few meta posts
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard if I had the impression moderators had any influence on that I might even consider it. But I don't think that's the case.
*read up
I need Z's.
Then go Z
@Bart tbh, we don't really have much direct influence on these things
and occationally find out about stuff on meta or the blog
2:42 PM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard nah, I'm alive. :P
Well there you go @JourneymanGeek.
@PrincessOlivia you're O or P, not Z
Well I donno
I'm here arn't I?
No @Z here...
2:43 PM
I'M gone
@MetaAndrewT. lol
Considering how much I talk
people would notice after a week or two if I was
3:05 PM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard Only on meta :P
TIL Google now uses .gle TLD for short URLs of Google Forms.
It's like google but without all the goo.
Meanwhile, Google Maps still use .gl domain.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
And of course, .google TLD is used for domains.google
goo.gle works
3:16 PM
There will always be goo in Google
gooogle.com will also work
gogle.com too
and my favorite, gogole.com
Why the links aren't rendering
because it needs http:// or https:// ...
3:20 PM
Let me gle this goo for you.
adding random text to avoid onebox youtu.be/90qQMQs0dAg
Naruto runner is the current trend in memes 😂 youtu.be/Dhfx0bR7Zx4
3:43 PM
@410 .gl = good laugh :P
@PrincessOlivia so on meta, Z is dead! It fits, "meta" in Hebrew means dead. (female form) lol
Male form is "met"
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard ^^"
That's if you're pronouncing "met" as "mate". ;)
dead is just "met", "mate" is "מייט" or "מיית" which isn't dead. ;)
I've never heard anyone pronounce the word with a literal "met" sound.
3:51 PM
@Mithrandir yo mate (/-_-)/
The ת is נחה
oh wait not נחה
But it has no nikkud
Anyway, gtg, cya laterZ!
4:03 PM
@KevinB What's that supposed to be? Spaghetti, or something more sinister? ;)
Hey @ShadowTheCoffeeWizard, about your bounty on this question -- that's an old, SO-specific question that somebody resurrected today and now the fact that it's open is likely to attract more noise. Your bounty blocks closure. Since it's a "reward existing answer" bounty, are you willing to award it ASAP?
did SE implement/fix being able to tag someone who edited but not commented (also by extension, someone who offered a bounty but not commented)? raised the topic on aviation meta years ago as a bug/feature request, and just got my first notification (a commenter tagged me) for simply editing a post (chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/51802987#51802987)
@ymb1 you've been able to ping people who edited for quite a while. They don't autocomplete, but they are pingable.
Editors are supposed to be pingable but you don't get auto-complete. I don't know about bounties.
4:17 PM
I see, that's good to know, thanks :)
5:09 PM
Bounties too. Anyone whose username is in the revision history, except for closers.
Even if the bounty was set and awarded 5 years go.
I need a way to ping future bountier...
Yay. Solar debacle not quite over. I can't seem to get anyone to write me a check for the refund they owe me.
5:27 PM
@MetaAndrewT. this is great, thanks
6:04 PM
Strangely, google.google does not resolve.
6:23 PM
Is this rollback something mod-flaggable: meta.stackexchange.com/posts/17038/revisions or do we go meh
@fbueckert what refund? ...promises made by mr salesman that no longer works there?
@rene More of a meh, but I'm biased because I was the one who originally typed up that markup
@rene meh. If people are going to learn post markdown, it's probably not going to be from looking at the revision history of that post ;)
If people keep going back and forth over that though, lemme know :)
6:33 PM
sure, will do
Technically, it does go against the notice that was being edited:
> Please note: This post is not a sandbox for performing rollbacks. Please do not perform rollbacks on this post without valid reason. If you want to try out a few rollbacks, do it here instead.
The edit history shows a lot of 101-rep users performing "test" rollbacks.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Meh, I'll ask the rest but as far as I'm concerned, that notice is a good deterrent, but probably not much more. What are we going to do? Suspend for a week? :P
@Tinkeringbell If the notice fails to do its job (which it has been doing for a long time), I think it should be locked.
@Tinkeringbell networkwide ban, 6 to 8 years ...
that should teach them ...
6:43 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog I'm not entirely clear on how locks work (have luckily hadn't had to use them often :D), but I think they prevent new answers :/
@Tinkeringbell FAQs aren't supposed to get new answers; with few exceptions, the CMs have been deleting them on sight
Oh, yeah, that's true...
As a matter of fact, the other answers except the top answer are likely to be cleaned up.
> This content is disputed. Please rollback until it is not disputed.
A lock also would have prevented the Anonymous Editor from editing the answer, but that's no longer a concern due to a recent feature change
6:46 PM
@MetaAndrewT. CoC breach: No jokes!
@rene I disputed your CoC...
We can't be nice things
> Avoid sarcasm and be careful with jokes — tone is hard to decipher online.
The fact that you recognized it as a joke makes your point moot.
You do know how offensive that is for me, right? No one ever recognizes my jokes ...
Poor you. That's because they're too vague.
Try to be a bit clearer.
6:56 PM
@rene The ones made by an agent of the company. One that I believe had the authority to authorize it.
The fact that they may not work there anymore doesn't mean I am not owed it.
ugh ..
7:06 PM
We can't even nice things.
@Feeds Duh. Georgia has lowercase numbers, as seen every day on Mathematics
Text figures or whatever.
On that site, capital numbers are written with MathJax: $123$.
> During this suspension, RDNC Software will be giving out FREE license keys to anybody who signs a pledge to boycott StackOverflow and to denounce them as proletariat organization run by a bunch of power hungry blowhard’s who just want to put you under their thumb. Email with subject “StackOverflow Sucks, I want a Free Key” to ... for information on how to obtain your free key.
h/t that other chatroom
boycotts don't accomplish anything
7:22 PM
girlcotts on the other hand...
@410 fun! I'll send an email while continuing using SO...
"for no reason" lol
Hey smokey!! hellooooo
@OptimusPrime wait for 5 minutes until it returns to Tavern...
(the report, not the Smokey)
A mod closed it as off topic. O_o
my spam flag was disputed. lol
7:29 PM
All this talk about negative interest rates... boring. Imaginary interest rate, like 3.5i% would be fun.
Especially as it compounds.
@OptimusPrime Why do you feel this was spam?
promotion of a business
eh, that doesn't look like spam to me
@OptimusPrime Why was it spam and not just a bad question? I don't see any obvious association of the user with the site (e.g. nothing in their profile; only one post with a link to the site; the user has had an account for > 6 years).
that'd be like linking to google and asking how they do autocomplete
7:36 PM
It looks like a spam to me because
1. It's not a question. Not even a problem.
2. It's promoting a website/business
That's a bit of a grey area
I can't see the question anyway right now.
It's not sufficient criteria to assume spamming.
I used "sufficient" so I must be right.
@M.A.R. MS link
... ugh,
Sorry, I was distracted by a bird
That site doesn't look immediately spammy, -1
@M.A.R. flashes plumage :D
7:40 PM
wait... the user still have the same rep. does that mean the question is deleted by op himself??
this noon was hectic until it drained my mental, but now I feel very awake in the midst of night
Well it kinda does but as much as SO
@OptimusPrime OK. I don't read it as spam, per se. It could be seen as promoting the linked site. There is spam that looks very similar. However, for something that's not obviously spam, we usually look for patterns that indicate there is the intent to spam.
@OptimusPrime Was their rep more than 1?
That's a -1000.
7:41 PM
for spam, it's a -100
Not spam.
@OptimusPrime Not necessarily, but in this case, yes, the user deleted the post.
It was closed by a moderator and got several downvotes.
If they didn't have any previous contributions, and if the website was fishy or spammy or something, I would have flagged it as spam in a bad day.
@Makyen yeah I noticed that. TylerH also said it's a spam.
7:43 PM
It's pretty grey if it was that.
Previous contribution turns off the alarms for me. If they did it again, it would have been self-promotion and ultimately spam.
This is the the link where the download button takes civicuk.com/cookie-control/v8/download They've a free limited edition as well as pro packages.
One link in a question (not answer) from a non-1-rep user that have been on the site for a long time to a site that's not particularly spammy and not in MS's database. QED.
@OptimusPrime In this case, I disagree. On balance, I'd give the user the benefit of doubt. If there was more than one post linking to the site by the user, then I'd be much more inclined to call it spam.
If it was self promotion, I'd usually leave a comment (on sites I'm familiar with) informing the user of the affiliation disclosure policy and asking them to edit (depends on content, but particularly if the content is otherwise good, which this wasn't).
I mean, you're not sure that was the intention. Maybe assume honest intentions or something.
@Makyen fmpov, the sole reason for the existence of the post is self promotion
7:47 PM
"self" promotion?
What if Lincoln came and left a link to pirating 12 Years a Slave. OK, maybe that's spam.
I take another look and the free edition is for testing purpose. They charge Euro(or gpb whatever it is) 39 for single website license and 199 for multi site license per annum
That post is to promote this thing
@KevinB It's assuming mal-intent and non-disclosed affiliation.
@OptimusPrime Potentially. If you've found some association between the user and the site, I'd probably agree. But, I haven't seen any. Although, I did not look that hard.
@Makyen it's the case when a user mention a site along with other content. Or even if it's an open source thing, I'll agree with you. That means the post should have a reason to exist even without the link
7:49 PM
It's not even the "problematic Nasty Stink for domain" reason
Although I don't even know what that does
@OptimusPrime An exception is blatantly OT questions.
Again, this whole thing boils down to assuming intentions.
That's the website of an IT firm. What I'm thinking is, the user may considered SO as a forum and he may want to increase his sales via this platform. Since he contributed something to the community, he believed he has the right to do it. (this is what I think)
You're not wrong, you're just too suspicious. Which ultimately could be the right, or the wrong reaction.
It's certainly possible that it's self promotion, but because spam flags carry serious penalty... they should be reserved for cases that can be proven.
@KevinB agree with that
Was reading the meta post
>A post should be marked as spam only if it advertises a product, service, or similar and is unsolicited or lacks disclosure.

>Due to the way search engines work, this includes links. For example, an otherwise normal post that contains a link to a website only in a punctuation mark is still spam.

>Unsolicited means that mentioning the product serves no purpose other than promotion. For example, if an answer mentions a software that may solve the asker’s problem or a question about web programming references a website as an example, this is not unsolicited (it may still be spam if there is
In this case they seemed to be asking how to accomplish something said site was accomplishing
8:04 PM
The post is like looking for xxxx? (url)
8:51 PM

Absolutely nobody:
9:04 PM
410: Nobody: Absolutely nobody:
9:36 PM
32 mins ago, by M.A.R.
410: Nobody: Absolutely nobody:
2 hours later…
11:18 PM
@rene You called it. They're refusing to honor their obligations.
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