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12:01 AM
@410 uhm who?
And honestly that speaks for itself
1 hour later…
1:12 AM
I forgot to bring my other phone, which has my unlimited data
1:36 AM
@Aibobot Ouch. Sounds like a slow day. :(
@Catija oh - my normal line has 20gb
so no youtube (I use it for background noise)
I'm remoted into my home PC but that seems to not use that much data
as long as my email dosen't go "I NEED TO DOWNLOAD 3GB OF EMAILS NAOOOOO" I'm good
then I'll just switch to the work supplied dongle
which sucks so no one uses it
I guess "sucks" is one step up from "no internet"?
@Catija uhm
its so bad I cannot get work done
So no
but if I need to waste 3gb of data for work
I can use work's data plan ;p
1:51 AM
Meh. I'll... uh... wait to email you until tomorrow, then. :P
(about stickers)
"oh its fine
I can check it after work ;p
or on my phone
I'm currently using RDP to do mod stuff ;p
Whatever works. :D
. anyway, one day shift left ;p
Do you get at least a day off between switching?
@Catija oh, 2-3 days
but I swapped yesterday's day shift for sunday's night shift
and that's kinda messed up my cycles somewhat
2:04 AM
That's good. Not enough... nothing's ever enough to switch frequently like that but... at least you're not going home for 8 hours and coming back.
I wouldn't consider this "good enough"
Just that, well - I probably need to stick out this job until at least nov-december (when I apply for housing somewhere non sucky)
Better look for application if you've been in the same position for a while?
Well yeah
and that's certainly an issue here
I mean in singapore
as I often joke -the hardest part of getting a job for me tends to be HR
and typically when I do get hired, I manage to bypass them XD
@Catija so public housing here has a lot of rules if you're buying a new build
I'm restricted to being able to buy a 38 or 45 square m apartment as a single
I need to be in one job for at least a year and employed at the time I get an allocation
Ouch. Tiny.
Unless mrs geek appears out of nowhere... ;p
I can buy resale - but thats significantly pricier
2:10 AM
I'd do magic if I could.
Yeah ;p
but I don't really believe in magic as an adult
just hard work, and sheer dumb luck XD
I guess you're not planning to go to Disney World any time soon, then. ;)
at best, legoland malaysia ;p
I've been to the London one. It was nice.
I've been sending out requests but well... I suspect I would have an easier time once I switched jobs
especially since I seem to be doing this on my own and there's a bunch of logistical messy stuff
2:14 AM
That's a bit of a catch 22... the job you have is good for getting an apartment but it would be better if you had a mrs... to get a better apartment but need a different job to have a better chance at a mrs...
well, time, energy and parents actually respecting you
so one problem at a time
apartment, then job (unless the right job came up - then I'd apply anyway)
while swiping right, so to speak if anyone who seems interesting turns up
<3 I respect your patience. I know that there's not much else to do but... you deserve some credit for sticking with it.
@Catija I'm not sure if its patience or resignation XD
There's a lot of stuff I'm patient about - but patience means I'm expecting an outcome
I'm not that tough ;p
2:24 AM
I'm perpetually tired ;p
Its just how it is
until it isn't ;p
If I was any good I'd be asking your address to send you a wedding invite ;p
which admittedly
You're a good guy. The websites are getting in the way.
if stuff works out I am looking forward to ;p
2:26 AM
But you do have to send me an invite.
At the very least I can send you congratulatory computer hardware.
so.. there's actually 2 styles of invote
There's the family version, that's simple
Its always printed on yellow paper
then there's the "other folks" version
Why yellow?
which tend to be various levels of fancy
Yellow is an auspicious colour
So, traditionally a married woman wears a yellow string with a pair of gold ornaments. (Some people swap it for gold, but it should actually be a string)
yellow is also the colour of turmeric, and gold and other stuff like that
2:30 AM
Huh, interesting!
but that's also too... erm
so folks outside the family get embossed ones with little resin greebles
and I've seen one that was literally this monumental, one pound hardcover... thing
(very rich family showing off ;p)
.that's sanscrit.
We call it thali. Not to be confused with the north indian set lunch.
I'm just googling things.
Oooh, there's a place here who does those thali lunches.
though you do get fed in indian weddings.
Even the short half day ones
2:35 AM
I like that a half day wedding is short. Our wedding was like a 15 minute wedding and three hour party.
And it was interminable.
I think the minimum for one of ours is 3 days
I mostly love all of the color I see in Indian weddings.
Well, when it happens I probably need to put the video on youtube (unlisted of course ;p)
I'll link (one of the other mods mentioned they want it too)
Entirely possible there might be live streaming if one of the geekier cousins decides to
but ya, pending... well ;p
2:39 AM
People plan their weddings before they've met their future spouse all the time... so no worries. :P
@Catija oh I was basically running around mostly during my brother's wedding...
usually its the girl's side that does these things but...
erm, that was probably a red flag ;p
Yeah. It's interesting when different cultures have similar traditions... in the US it's tradition for the bride's family to pay for the wedding.
Oh that's the case for us too
and we still do dowries, though its entirely symbolic in my family
Here it's usually shared from both sides
will likely be a 1 rupee coin
2:50 AM
Ah. yeah, that's tiny.
its the smallest denomination that's still money
that's the point ;p
@Catija oh in terms of "running around doing things"
its usually the teenagers and preteens...
How old were you when your brother got married?
but I was basically babysitting the seniors .-.
about 29/30
so actually old enough not to bother XD
But you were being helpful... That's nice.
Well yeah
but also - well someone had to do it
and keep the seniors hydrated XD
(the caterers had gotten in bottles of water since you can't trust tap water in india. I kept getting asked to fetch it)
and when I got water for myself, my granma needed it
so one more round XD
2:57 AM
You should have gotten a tray. :P
I'm not the server ;p
I just grabbed 3 bottles the next round
rather than 2
Not what it sounds like to me. ;)
well no
that's kinda the red flag XD
usually there's a giant pile of cousins doing this
and nephews and nieces
(I'd expect that - and once distant cousins! And even twice distant cousins!)
and at least some nephews and nieces
and that cousin in law who isn't from my community, but we like him more than the cousin he married ;p
3:33 AM
@JourneymanGeek based on google cache, a 30k-rep SO user, but rep is somehow irrelevant in the end
and apparently, morning...
@MetaAndrewT. in this case, sure
the user has clearly been rude, based off what this person has posted
can't agree more, there's no free speech on SE! :D
bans @MetaAndrewT.
Oh wait
4:30 AM
@fbueckert well, tbh I didn't expect otherwise. You call it a day or do you have it in writing somewhere that you can take it to court?
2 hours later…
6:42 AM
@rene huh??
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard he's talking about @fbueckert's solar install
or non install
@Aibobot oh
lol yeah it's a long time thing
@MonicaCellio no problem, can award it in 6 hours.
I half suspect I have the same confusion you had D:
and no, no one here is sueing anyone over anything ;p
Other than maybe a certain solar vendor
7:19 AM
Just sue The Sun
@rene the tabloid newspaper? good idea
sue the sun?
<<you died>>
7:52 AM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard already voted on ... I was the 1st voter
8:12 AM
@rene show off!
hmm... @MonicaCellio sorry but you are mistaken. The issue reported in that old question where I put a bounty is far from being specific to SO. stackexchange.com/search?q=%22bare+with+me%22
It's all over Stack Exchange.
So the question should not be closed. Edited, perhaps.
I'll give the bounty anyway now, that person nuked tons on SO.
8:27 AM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard eh
Should be questions per meta site then 😁
(one does not rules lawyer an old wargamer)
@JourneymanGeek nah nobody will ever see them, traffic on small meta sites is somewhere below zero from what I've seen.
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard only cause people don't post
and whether going after a specific typo is acceptable and the manner of... bare hunting should be up to each community
@JourneymanGeek and don't vote and don't view
Q: Site design updates are live!

StéphaneMost of the changes won’t be visible (except for tweaks to the header that were made to condense the space to get the question list higher); these tweaks go along with recent updates that were made to Stack Overflow: We are moving the site's CSS to a newly refactored LESS system, so that it's e...

except at such a point of time that there's for some obscure reason a network policy about it, and I suspect our CMs have enough on their plate
Super important message, only 128 views.
In over four years
So, can't be more dead than that...
Asking there to change text is pointless, nobody will ever do it.
If one wants something to be done, only choice is MSE.
(or MSO)
8:36 AM
But that doesn't make it suitable for MSE
So bare will stay bare. Fine with me, to be honest. :P
as a highly upvoted post though
chances are it won't get roombaed
especially as its a legacy MSO issue
@JourneymanGeek but Monica plans to close it, maybe delete too. dunno
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard eh. I'd close it too
9:03 AM
chatting over RDP is all sorts of funky
There's a SLIGHT latency in typing
but when you switch tabs the screen refreshes VERTICALLY
Maybe because you are at the wrong side of the earth?
9:19 AM
uhm actually
I do suspect my data might be going through a work VPN ;p
works a lot better now ;p
the logging solution we use is called monologger
it holds a monologue with itself while logging...
@Magisch oh
I don't log into personal accounts on my work PC
but this seems like a reasonable compromise - I can access my stuff with no additional software (remote desktop is standard)
or I suppose bring a laptop or NUC to work ;p
9:44 AM
@Magisch as long as your monologger dosen't get mono, especially while logging logs
@rene actually
I see example code, actual and desired output...
Yes? You want to undelete it?
Cause this is not SO
exactly. I was more triggered by the [Plis help] in the title then anything else
9:51 AM
rene is a snapbloom
Belize help
I know something cheery
> I couldn’t unscramble it,” he told the researchers. And he claimed it had been the work of a programmer who developed it while not entirely sober: “He told me it came upon him when he was drunk and whacked out of his brain.” Aycock tried to contact the programmer in question but got no response
Wonder what the programmer who made the bug causing Boeing planes to crash took...
Could have overshot or undershot
9:58 AM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard probably entirely sober
Amazing how such a sensitive area lack proper code review and QA.
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard IT and tech is a cost center
you'd save a lot more just getting rid of the suits but nooooooo
Suits decides how to save money, they can't get rid of themselves.
@JourneymanGeek Sounds a bit like the fast inverse square root story
10:03 AM
I hate math, I love stories ;p
I expected more drunkenness
10:35 AM
the cost center / profit center thing is so outdated and stupid
It is
But that's how management sorts think
10:49 AM
(I'm a management major 🤮)
@JourneymanGeek I regard my current manager as a very good manager, although he does very little
he listens, defers to experts on decisions and considers our input, and works to remove annoyances and obstacles and red tape
11:20 AM
@Magisch doing very little can be good
Doing very little is a virtue if you're a method in programming.
I thereby apologize for using the phrase "in programming"
@JohnDvorak a method, or a function
I struggle with keeping the single responsibility principle while also not making my code more fragmented then it needs to be
@JohnDvorak doing just enough is a talent
Be the nail scissors, not the chainsaw
The secret sauce to heeding to the single responsibility principle is to define "single responsibility" as whatever your function is doing. It really is a misnomer. It should read "concise naming principle". "UpdateModelAndView" = two responsibilities. "OnValueChange" = one responsibility.
@rene It's all in writing. And there's not nearly enough goodwill left to just let it go.
11:44 AM
omg probably not intended, but this user's display name means "fragile penis" in Hebrew. :P
In Arabic, the Hebrew (vulgar) word for penis appears to be a common name. :/
But the combo with the other word.... priceless. :D
hmm @Journeyman @Tink repeated offense... better prevent that user from posting for the third time?
Clearly they don't bother to read comments, so there's only one way to stop them.
Flag. Will deal with when free
12:45 PM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard pickles?
Pickles. Yanno
Stop em with pickles
Too long
Olives are better
Small and round, easy to eat.
Also pickles
And I can't find the good stuff at the moment
1:03 PM
If you want to stop people, surely you use watermelons. Throw those suckers at people and see if they continue. Where are your olives now?!?!
... in that case
Durians !
I suggest pomengrenades
@Bart [insert watermelon slingshot gif]
@JourneymanGeek hold on Satan. That's a bit much.
1:21 PM
... I survived! (really, I survived...)
I expected the ad carousel to have a logical conclusion, e.g., an ad for an STD clinic.
Healing from a hallucination is a conclusion, however shaggy-dog it may be.
When you're an evil official? I know some.
Recent ads promoting to check my mental health 😂
1:33 PM
Maybe SE should use .xxx domain and be done with that?
At least then people would know what to expect...
I think I should check my mental health...
I think SE should get straight to the point and advertise uBlock.
and those uBlock ads are full-screen, animating, nagging, threatening, etc...
> Tired of seeing all of those full-screen, animated, nagging ads like this one? Click it, and it'll be the last one you ever see!
1:52 PM
my cat not yours
2:04 PM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard could you edit to make it more clearly not SO-specific? Sure the problem exists elsewhere, but that question only talks about SO and seems to be asking about a cleanup drive there, not across the network. I'm happy to have a general question stay open, but if it's really about SO it should be there (except it can't because it's too old, from before the MSE/MSO split).
Looks like SO has a new CEO
@MonicaCellio well, @Journeyman here thinks that it should go in each site's meta, so such edit won't do any good anyway. Bounty awarded, question can be closed.
Generation Z of SO?
ads are x, so yeah.
2:09 PM
@Feeds one-blocked
See... you complain about the sad one-box only liking bullet points and now it won't do anything at all.
Poor feeds.
He has no Twitter, how will people complain now?! :D
I don't have a problem with that ;p
Also he still didn't update his LinkedIn profile... linkedin.com/in/pchandrasekar
Maybe he doesn't even know he's the new CEO? Won't surprise me.
Imagine he'll find out about his new job by reading the blog by chance...
2:15 PM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard the funny thing is...
I found out from chat
After all, SE love making one sided actions without letting anyone know in advance.
and I don't mean super seekrit chat
And it's coming from the head.
I mean root access
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard My work colleague only updated his LinkedIn profile before he left current company
2:16 PM
"where we are starting to close many huge deals and becoming a hyper-growth enterprise software company". Huge deals. The best deals. Hyper deals. People didn't even know you could have such hyper huge deals.
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard well - they did say it would be from outside
and I wouldn't be suprised if they had only a few degrees of seperation
On a serious note, I'm afraid there is a huge chance he'll be Mr. Friend 2.0 - after few months he'll give up on the crappy job and move to a better place.
I'm just curious how the meta posts would look like
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard eh.
and I forgot I have a LinkedIn account
2:17 PM
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard Sometimes there's just opportunities you can't pass up
CEO is expected to keep their LinkedIn profiles more up to date, but meh...
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard that's what you have a PA for
or even a social media person
@JourneymanGeek CEO of Stack Overflow is indeed nice to have in CV
It would
But I'm 10000% sure he has no slight idea of what he got himself into.
2:18 PM
CEO of My Own Company.
Work: doing nothing.
Well - only one way to find out
But it would be nice to give the chap maybe... 30 seconds in the job before scaring him off? ;p
@JourneymanGeek of course, nobody from the inside wants that role.
also... no one looked up his reputation?
@JourneymanGeek for some reason I doubt he'll ever reach this room.
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard I don't think I ever saw Joel here either ;p
2:19 PM
And if he is, I'll bring a big Welcome Cake. :P
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard you'll meet Shog instead.
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard also there probably are folks who want to work at SE
and arn't completely bitter yet ;p
staring at you
and an outsider might have a bit of a better perspective of stuff an insider might miss
Not even SO profile yet
CEO without account in the site he's responsible for. Makes lots of sense. lol
Anyway..... I really doubt it will do any good, but would be happy to be mistaken. :)
2:24 PM
Like i said
30 seconds
at least
I'm starting to feel disturbed by this conversation...
I waited whole 120 seconds
I mean after the dude started
Anyway, Joel was here!
Apr 10 '11 at 3:36, by Joel Spolsky
whenever that is ;p
2:25 PM
I'll keep low for now, and wait.
And wait.
That's all we can do. ;p
But if one can't hope for better days, its a much darker wait ;)
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard oh ok; I won't do anything to it without checking with JG first, then. Or, actually, let's just do it here -- six-year-old question asked on MSO (when that's all there was) about a persistent typo across SO, question's now on MSE and open, problem exists elsewhere too but the solution is likely different -- what should be done with it?
@MonicaCellio oh I'm for closing, but not deleting.
since its a historical relic
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard I've never updated LinkedIn before actually starting a new position. That doesn't seem abnormal.
I haven't updated linked until I go "Oh snap, I should!"
2:32 PM
@JourneymanGeek I wasn't proposing deleting.
@MonicaCellio excellent, we're in agreement ;p
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard was under the impression you were
He doesn't start until the 1st, y'all... so of course he hasn't updated anything yet. :D
@Catija oh.. missed that in the blog
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard yes, you have to wait.
2:47 PM
Me.Wait("6-8 days");
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