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1:54 AM
@JourneymanGeek Missed spam account: meta.stackexchange.com/users/588586Ирина-Челохсаева
Localization bug? The chat system doesn't seem to recognize Cyrillic characters as being part of links
Must be.
I think I ran into that issue as well with some other characters.
2:21 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone. The userid ended up useful enough
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3:22 AM
The last message was posted 1 hour ago.
3 hours later…
6:14 AM
@MetaAndrewT. I need sleep ...
@rene sleep is for the week
I get about 35 hours of sleep for the week. :P
I should probably go to bed.
I do 7 hours a day unless I'm working nights. Then I slum it out on.... about 5-6
I have a Gus.
I relish in my ability to get in 8-9 hours per day
6:23 AM
@Catija night shift sleep patterns. Sometimes 1 hour on a train, 1-2 hours before lunch... 2-3 hours after lunch....
... I love my boys but... I miss sleep and freedom of movement.
@Magisch I used to do 10.30-6.30 like clockwork once.
I do do that almost consistently these days
Weekdays is almost always 21.30-23.30 - 7.30
I used to sleep from ~2 am to ~10 am.
@Magisch cat has small humans to herd
I have strange hours ;p
6:24 AM
yeah thats why I said I relish in it
I used to stay up till 1am playing video games most days, and you don't even notice how much better quality of life is when you eshew that and get decent sleep in instead
god I sound like an old curmudgeon
yes you do
or a 30something single ;p
When I worked retail, I could have it both ways. Stay up late and sleep in until 10 or 11.
@Catija but... working retail.
@JourneymanGeek but I'm only 24
You need to deal with... people
@Magisch precisely.
6:27 AM
@JourneymanGeek and I don't now? Clearly you haven't listened to my podcast.
@Catija actually... I'm backlogged on those T T
friends of mine always moan about how they're tired and need so much caffeine
while staying up till 2am when they have to be at work by 8
but dealing with people on the internet is different
It's 1:30 and my alarm goes off at 6:45.
6:30 AM
It's ok. I usually have a day where I crash at 8:30. (That's probably a sign I should sleep more)
do you have fixed work time at SE?
or is it fully flextime?
I mostly just have to be available for meetings.
sounds like an "always kinda on" type of deal
I've always got SE in my pocket.
@Magisch Its probably not as bad if you're going to be 'here' anyway ;p
just ... in more places
6:35 AM
you know I used to think that
but working at something you like tends to make your dislike it in the long run
@Magisch and there's a certain degree of well...
somewhat enforced sabbatical
Five years and then you get to (have to?) take a month off.
I get 30 days PTO a year and we have to take at least 2 full weeks every year
beyond that you can accumulate but the bosses don't like it when someone has more then 90
I kinda took a month and half straight off my job last year ;p
Can't do that any more
6:38 AM
@Catija How are they doing now?
@Magisch and eh, a few CMs have talked about the potential for burnout.
There's a reason a lot of CMs have 'office spaces'
Sleeping. Bennett turns three on Sunday.
I figure CM is like being a cat herder and serial listening ear
@Magisch I feel that's the ideal.
@Catija wow! Three already. Time flies quick.
6:40 AM
And dealing with community is hard and most companies blow it pretty hard.
@NogShine indeed!
You'll regret having kids when they start to talk, or worse, have an opinion of their own ...
That will be my grumpy contribution for today ...
@rene also true of users.... ;p
Don't get me started ...
Probably a bunch of stuff I forgot in there, too.
6:47 AM
politely that disqualifies me as CM ...
Maybe tactfully is a better word.
@rene I doubt its all the time ;p
@Catija That doesn't help me either ;)
@rene You're usually at least trying.
A CM is basically the Single Point of Contact between company and "customer"
@Catija thanks for being kind to me :)
6:51 AM
Eh... ish? We have a long history of direct communication, too. Though, mostly related to bugs.
@rene I like flowers.
And sometimes CMs deal with serial voting
Yeah, they shouldn't do serial voting, that sets a bad example ....
@rene It should be. Hasn't always been the case
Destroying spam user accounts
6:57 AM
I do that for free ;p
Dunno. I'm totally fine with Meg posting blog posts and Brian announcing the features he's worked on.
@Catija oh was thinking a bit further back
when everything was probably much more terrible
What, when Jeff ruled meta?
Jeff's big core competancy was blogging IMO
I'm thinking the period where SO was flailing with the next great product.
Teams (no, the other one), docs, careers...
Ah. The dark period.
7:02 AM
I think the period I idealise the most is early SE 2.0 - when SE actually kinda did a lot of things I thought were pretty clever.
Yeah. We're not clever anymore. 😅
@Catija eh, the framework is still out there. But its for folks a little higher up the totem pole to really work out if they are willing to invest in things.
I'm definitely not the one making any decisions.
@JourneymanGeek I thought Documentation had potential, although it may have worked better if it was built into or replacing the tag wiki system.
7:07 AM
I should decide to go to sleep, though.
The docs editing UI and rewards system was flawed though
@Mithrandir it was a problem looking for a solution in a lot of ways
and SO (the company) was super focused on stuff for... SO (the site)
And well - to me, that's kinda a small symptom with what was wrong with things
I was dreaming that SO Docs is the final product, while SO (the Q&A site) is the incubator
though... I usually don't know what I'm talking about...
If the tag wiki system was overhauled and made into a place where people can contribute useful tutorials or examples... that might be better than what we've got now. Of course, that would basically be adding a "tutorials" feature to the site, and it would have to be prominently discoverable to be useful.
@MetaAndrewT. I actually think SO has a better chance of making it work now
@Mithrandir I guess there's a few things.
Anything new can't be at the expense of stuff we have now. And that's kind of an antipattern SO has had a while.
"This thing is awesome and everyone's going to benefit". While other stuff kinda gets ignored
has had? eh, I guess that's accurate on the short term still.
7:14 AM
30k-rep personal blog? :)
I mean, google does it, sure, but you don't see them ignoring ads search for side projects
they just kill side projects like a millenial
ahh... Google Wave...
reader :/
But those are barely a speedbump for google. Its a volcano on the lawn for a smaller company
The tag wiki system needs an overhaul. Aside from the excerpt, which could reasonably be renamed "tag description", the larger tag wiki system is perhaps the least discoverable and least used tool on the site. It's not really serving any purpose at the moment, for the vast majority of cases. There are a couple spots on SO where people have fleshed it out a ton, but the people who would most benefit from what's written there will never discover it.
@Mithrandir that sounds suspeciously like a feature request ;p
7:22 AM
Q: Allow access to tag wikis from the Android app

George DuckettOn the website I often click on a tag in a question to read up on more questions about that tag and sometimes the tag wiki. Currently, clicking a tag in the Android app searches for that tag, but does not provide access to the wiki. Please provide somewhere to access the wiki summary / more inf...

...well, yes. I'm trying to organize what I'm thinking before even considering writing a post. Not to mention I won't be able to boot up my laptop until late in the afternoon...
So if we take the tag wiki excerpt, and rename it to "tag wiki description", that would both eliminate the confusion about what it is and save the useful part of the current system.
@NogShine can be safely tagged as .
If SO decides to create a "tutorials" feature - akin to Docs - and spends time making it discoverable, searchable, and relevant - that could replace the tag wiki system.
Some random ideas for tutorials: They have to be linked somewhere other than the tag page, but there as well - even a top level link like "questions" and "users". They have to show up as "linked" in the sidebar. They have to be editable. They have to earn rep and badges. They should be sorted by tag, and able to be tagged with multiple tags.
@ShadowTheDragonWizard Because it is on Android app?
@Mithrandir They tried to mess with tutorials. They got serious burn. Doubt they'll ever try again.
@NogShine yup
apps are more dead than a corpse.
7:30 AM
What about mobile users using Desktop site?
What about them?
They face the same problem.
With responsive design in place, mobile web is also dead.
@ShadowTheDragonWizard the apps dying was... kinda strange
@ShadowTheDragonWizard Maybe they can learn from their mistakes.
7:31 AM
@ShadowTheDragonWizard slightly dead
@ShadowTheDragonWizard If we are using a laptop or desktop, we can hover using mouse to see tag excerpt. How do we do this on mobile phone even we use Desktop site on a mobile?
@JourneymanGeek why? Pure business decision, one that I actually have no problem with, once I understood the reasoning. (Lack of money.)
@Mithrandir lol
@JourneymanGeek did they fix any bug in the mobile web view in the last year?
@Mithrandir well - I think there's folks who realise there's some things it does better
@ShadowTheDragonWizard dead dead would be like SO's mobile apps ;p
7:34 AM
@NogShine we can't, but as with 99.999% of the feature requests, the answer is "The team has better/more urgent things to do".
@JourneymanGeek I never even tried it
It was meant only for new users, who type "stack overflow" in the Google Play or App Store, and for them alone.
@ShadowTheDragonWizard eh no
They hoped that millions of people will do it, but... it didn't happen.
I think someone was a little obsessed with the SO branding
7:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek nah, saw some comment that the SE app didn't succeed, among other things, due to its name.
People didn't realize it's related to Stack Overflow.
@ShadowTheDragonWizard and the SO app was a ... resounding success...
@ShadowTheDragonWizard ... see that's kinda what got us into trouble IMO...
@JourneymanGeek they hoped for millions of downloads.
"Hey, SO's famous, lets stick the branding on everything!"
hmm.... well, maybe.
"There's a ... rest of the network?"
7:39 AM
wow Shadow, you look... purple...
@JourneymanGeek That's what most people who visit SO think, they have idea SE even exist.
And I actually suspect that was a last gasp at getting the mobile apps active again
@ShadowTheDragonWizard eh, Its probably true
but I'm not very happy about that ;p
@MetaAndrewT. thanks! You're gray as ever. ;)
Is the company called SO? or... was it SE? ah, maybe it's SU!
7:40 AM
@MetaAndrewT. As I understand it...
the legal name of the company is Stack Exchange Internet Services...
or something along those lines
but they do business as Stack Overflow
@JourneymanGeek I suspect nobody in this world knows for sure.
@ShadowTheDragonWizard I hope Joel does
SOFU Exchange.
I stopped trying to understand/follow this naming mess long ago.
@ShadowTheDragonWizard Well, dark ages man dark ages.
7:42 AM
Both Stack Exchange, Inc. and Stack Overflow, Inc. are valid legal names for the company.
@JourneymanGeek nah.... it's just a name. ;)
@ShadowTheDragonWizard oh, the broader thing that caused the name change
@Mithrandir and Stack Experts? :D
Experts Overflow
Where we are questioning about the experts instead...
the new apprentice is driving me mad
my precious peace and quiet :,(
7:51 AM
(sorry, bad joke is bad)
@Magisch now you know how we felt when you came fresh to the job ;)
@rene touche
but he's always humming or asking questions or making some kind of noise
I'm 2 minutes away from throwing him out of the window
7:55 AM
Okay, I stop the humming.
or asking me some impressively unimportant question like do you think this server desktop wallpaper is nice. Well I don't know but I do know you just interrupted me
throws table
I guess they want to socialize
I read not long ago the the Pyramids used to hum
Did you already followed them on Twitter?
When they were still power generators
7:57 AM
@rene yeah but I'm coding and it takes concentration
So you hangout here?
Buy noise cancelling headphones
not allowed
Restrict their speech ... wait ... that might not be allowed either, anywhere
Maybe... wait for this.... Talk with them?
Explain gently that the humming annoys you.
8:02 AM
Already did three times
in one ear, out the other
Eh. He is probably nervous.
My open office is almost always nosy...
So either eat the frog, or be more strict about it, risking a conflict...
I'm used to having a reasonably quiet workplace. I'll have a strong word with the sysadmin, his manager, this afternoon
8:38 AM
Q: not able to delete from coredump.pt

Rajesh Raii have deleted an old question that i posted on stackoverflow quite a time back but it still shows at below location, https://coredump.pt/questions/44386120/facing-oom-issue-with-twitter-finagle-rest-api I also see a link to my user account and i am not able to delete this post. any helps?

dupe of the canonical scraper question?
8:49 AM
@JourneymanGeek it is slightly different I think. I edited that to make it clear.
Maybe your guidance can go into the cannonical
eh maybe, but its hardly official
The canonical advices in which cases to contact SE. That specific question doesn't warrant a message to SE. As long as that is clear I guess we're good
9:20 AM
send a DMCA notice...
Its CC with attribution
they attributed
9:52 AM
... WTF, THE ADS ARE NSFW (and I'm in the office...)
@MetaAndrewT. can you trouble yourself to get info on the ads so we can get a complaint up to SE? ;p
If their ad providers are ... horrible complaining is the best we can do
@JourneymanGeek oh, the coredump.pt one, not SE
(I should have installed adblock once again on office)
@MetaAndrewT. not much to do there then
10:20 AM
giving @Journeyman slice of bread with a hole in it
@ShadowTheDragonWizard we bake our own bread
its pretty common
eats bread
@ShadowTheDragonWizard also means you don't get crappy bread.
made with the chorleywood process...
I want prata...
11:23 AM
Q: Is there a StackOverflow website for beginners? Should there be?

ETHAN SIAOThis isn't me condemning the website. It's an incredible website that allows programmers from all over to solve problems they couldn't before. The community isn't "toxic" as other people claim it to be, it's just difficult for a single forum to have such a large gap in knowledge and still cater...

Tempted to upvote just for the two first paragraphs.
It's not the website that's not beginner friendly at all; we love beginner questions. What we don't like is questions that don't meet our quality standards. The thing is, beginners generally assume we're going to teach them from the ground up. Unfortunately, that's not what SO is for; that's what books and other websites can do. Once you have a grounding in programming, then you should have the skillset required to understand what answers are saying. — fbueckert 11 hours ago
Of course this is true @fbueckert, but misleading IMO. The blind-leading-the-blind argument holds some water, but when most of a group assume something practically most of the questions are the way OP thinks they are
I'm not convinced such a site would function, FTR.
11:36 AM
A: Experiment: closing and reopening happens at 3 votes for the next 30 days (until 2019-09-07)

brancoThe votes cast on the other answers show a clear bias of this community to participate in closing questions just for the thrill of giving a knock to the fellow that asked the question. By contrast I can atest to the numerous times I have landed by searching on Google on Stackexchange web pages t...

Wow. The rudeness is staggering.
You know, I'm just gonna screenshot that next time high rep users are accused of toxicity.
They can be, of course, but easily outmatched and outnumbered by a minority of the complainers.
@M.A.R. Sorry, I think I'm missing your point here.
@M.A.R. Also, not sure what rudeness you're referring to; I don't see any comments from the poster.
11:52 AM
@fbueckert Well, the post comparing curators to bloodhounds
@M.A.R. As far as insults go, there's been a lot worse directed at curators.
That one barely budges the meter.
@fbueckert I'm saying "oh but we LOVE beginner questions when nicely done" is misleading because we don't get relatively that many nicely done beginner questions
@fbueckert Yeah I know. Maybe a bit of a short fuse today.
@M.A.R. Fair. It was more a challenge to their perception that skill level matters.
Either way, the attitude being demonized is supposed to be curators' but in reality it's not.
Or perhaps there was a much nicer attitude being demonized?
30 years later, news headlines "School Teacher Arrested for Criticism Allegations"
Oh well um.
Hopefully we won't have Twitter 30 years later.
One could only hope.
@rene Oh, but you're a really niceable flower!
That is totally a word.
I take your word for it
1 hour later…
1:25 PM
1:54 PM
@JourneymanGeek the small office dog has conquered the lab too
suddenly dog is no longer disallowed from being in the lab.
I'm now starting to think "posts" (aka. Q&A) as our friends, and "comments" as our enemies...
@Magisch I'm a bit concerned with the safety, but I don't know the lab...
lab personnell have been spotted using the pressurized air system to amuse the dog
@Magisch mwahahahaha
The bosses would do something except they're also in his spell
Ya, this tends to happen
1:59 PM
Dogs Rule the World™
2:11 PM
apparently the dog was severely neglected before being rehomed, so now he's ridiculously cuddly and goes around getting pets from everyone
that's basically Ash's backstory ;p
The previous owner claimed he was too much trouble and kept disobeying
this is the most quiet, chill and nice dog I know
IE...he was being a dog
no barks, no spitting, no disobeying, only overly cuddly
if this dog is too much for you, you'd despair at an actual normal dog
this dog is uncharacteristically well behaved
honestly the best way to get a dog to behave is to give them enough attention and tire them out
Ash kinda chewed up the trunking, bit people ....
look at him now ;p
(Oh, other than being an insufferable smartass...)
Erf. I need to go to another site at 3 am ._.
and I can't find check if the nearest convininece store is open cause its so new its not on their website
2:15 PM
cheers actually
Honestly the poor dog got sold to an owner with no idea of a dog's needs and wants
@Magisch This happens a lot
like not going on walks with the dog, expecting him to be quiet and not want to play in the evenings
especially with the cute cuddly fluffs
2:16 PM
but hey, bought a 1500$ dog, right?
@Magisch funny thing...
If you don't want to walk a dog, don't get a dog
@Magisch too damned true
all of a sudden now he's been rehomed and his new owner walks him twice a day and plays with him regularly, he's incredibly well behaved, quiet and very cuddly
@Magisch there's a bunch of helpers here who basically have playdates for their canine charges...
which works very well cause they tire themselves out, get socialised... and are less work
You save effort by taking care of your dog ;p
2:20 PM
This is like the people who get kittens and surrender them once they're no longer kittens. And then they get a new kitten
@Magisch Ash's ex owner almost got a second dog lol
the pet shop guy was like "Take care of this one first, I'm not selling you a second"
Darn, I can't think clearly what to write, perhaps I need to take a rest earlier...
Most sites seems to be down?
Only MSE and MSO load for me
and Ask Different, but e.g. SO is down
Anime.SE works, Android.SE doesn't
for me, both of them work
so it's also a localized issue
2:31 PM
Maybe it's rolling.
Too fast for Fastly
I was getting no response from WebApps meta but on a second refresh it loaded jus tfine.
Ah, 2nd reload works for both
yes, everything is working now.
2:59 PM
@Feeds ★★★☆☆ Poor location at the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy.
Also, in poor condition due to owner negligence.
@404 The people could be better
3:16 PM
@Feeds ☆☆☆☆☆ too hot and salty...
@Feeds ☆☆☆☆☆ Has cats.
Q: How could we improve our planned post notice improvements?

Journeyman GeekMegan has written a post on the Stack Overflow blog about changes that are planned/upcoming on the Stack Exchange platform I've seen a bunch of discussion about it on chat - but it feels like having it purely on the blog is a little clunky. So specifically - what does the MSE community feel abo...

@JourneymanGeek ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Has cats.
3:32 PM
@Catija silly things. NO respect for gravity... murderous tribbles...
3:45 PM
@MetaAndrewT. I think that went well
Though that feels like easy rep :/
And its a very strange case of doing the jeopardy ;p
I also shared it on SO's The Meta Room for more visibility...
Oh dear
I'm not really sure how the experiment went XD
@MetaAndrewT. does it need more visibility? ;p
I'm assuming somewhat that most people would see either the blog or meta
And that a good fraction of power users would see main meta, and that, presumably would be the sort of people in the Meta Room
practically we're getting feedback from folks in the company, which is good
and the response has been positive, though I'm not sure if its due to tone, content or something rlse.
4:43 PM
@Aibobot Left a comment on the question you closed
5:23 PM
It's gotten cold outside by the bus stops at night.
6:01 PM
@Mithrandir I'm picturing you like Yusuf in Inception now.
Waiting for a bus sucks, amirite.
Worst part is it's typically no one's fault so you can only be angry at the bus stop sign.
I've sworn at it more times than I can count.
6:45 PM
@M.A.R. Never watched it.
@M.A.R. I kinda freaked out because the bus I was supposed to catch disappeared off of my tracker and it was basically the last bus.
Luckily, it did show up.
@Mithrandir You truly are a Wonder.
Wait, you probably haven't watched that one either.
I don't get the reference, so... I guess not.
I don't either.
I haven't watched it.
BUT at least I know of it.
It's IIRC about something totally irrelevant.
So I just capitalize something because that's badass.
And I like how my messages are in increasing size order right now.
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