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@JourneymanGeek Don't you mean, Normal Humans (with an apostrophe)?
I mean actual people names
I kinda went through about 2-3 communities where no one ever used their real names
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog It's annoying from both sides. Meta is about sharing knowledge. There's not enough of us to answer everything, so you need to realize that community answers are valuable and often correct and expecting answers from staff puts a lot of burden on us.
In this specific case, I had doubts that Tinkeringbell's answer was correct (specifically, I didn't know if the "helpful spam flag" check also checks for same authors, and the different hypothesis I came up with was also valid).
As can be seen in my past questions, I've generally been open to community answers if I had no reason to consider otherwise.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog accepting an answer is different though
The big difference is telling someone you want an official answer.
@JourneymanGeek "accepted" in the general sense of the word.
12:05 PM
Its fine to wait for one.
I had a recent question on my site meta where I was a little annoyed with a user and gave a curt, short, to the point answer.
So the complaint was with the fact that I expressed it in a dismissive way, not that I simply had an internal preference?
Another user, who isn't a mod, and is relatively new, and does a lot of good work, quietly around the site did a really good job of it.
His answer has more value than my 'offical answer'
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog you're welcome to your internal preferences, as long as they are internal
Worth mentioning that I've seen - both on the sending and receiving end - where questions I've asked or answered have had staff answers posted that directly contradicted the community answers.
Which is fine
True ^
12:08 PM
But in a high functioning site - its ok to see an answer that's not right, and post a more correct answer based off the information you have
not just meta
In this specific case, I had specific reason to think twice about her answer, since I came up with an entirely different hypothesis from hers which was also valid and reasoned in the same manner as answerers do, and her answer had some holes that make it seem invalid.
I don't think you're getting that other people exist
her answer didn't have to be perfect
It doesn't have to be. That's not what I'm saying.
but you also need to be aware and appreciative of the time and effort folks put in.
And that comment didn't reflect that.
Yes, and I'm sorry if that comment made it seem like I wasn't.
(FYI I was typing that message before you posted the last one)
12:11 PM
I don't need apologies though. I'm not the affected party or parties
I'd like understanding
maybe growth
Yes, in fact if you check my profile, you'll see many other questions where I have outwardly appreciated other, non-staff answers.
Such as the one about interacting with suspended chat users, or the one about privileges not awarded with mod rights, etc.
Well, I pointed out a specific case, and a broader idea of empathy.
So "action" "effect" "mitigation"
and that certain things just don't work the way you want them to (sometimes?) and that's ok
@NoDistractionWizard Its monday. And I'm off work
@NoDistractionWizard EXIF!
12:46 PM
@Sonic disregard my last comment, it's indeed 100% spammer: alternativeto.net/software/ncache/reviews
> I have been working on NCache from a long period now
Spammer using same avatar, n00b mistake. lol
Who said something is not clear? — Shadow Wizard 51 secs ago
It got downvoted.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog sigh
Who said it's because it's unclear?
You of all people should know by now there are many reasons to downvote on Meta.
Don't get me started on how the system treats them. "I disagree with this and think the author should lose rep for having posted this."
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog funny thing is it's the same system we all deal with
In short, it's a roundabout way of asking why people downvoted, without actually doing so.
If I get no response, it's subjective. If I do get a response (because I didn't phrase it as "why u downvote dis?") then there's something to improve.
12:55 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog rather than worrying about the numbers...
Sort of like saying, "it would be great if someone explained to me potential pitfalls [with this feature request], so I can edit it to address concerns".
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Don't get us started that the current system is not your ideal.
I don't want to get started on it.
The conversations already exist.
It might be worth considering what the effect your words have on people
Most of the times edits won't help anyway, and wondering about downvotes rarely ends well.
12:56 PM
Alright, then let's think about Labor(ous) Day on May 1
@JourneymanGeek What specific words where?
In general
So you mean to say, they downvoted me because I posted it, and wouldn't have if someone else had posted the exact same text?
nvm, I got baited...
!!/blame me
@NoDistractionWizard It's Rory Alsop's fault.
12:59 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog that's an option too, yes. I consider this as part of being long time user, and it's fine too.
@SmokeDetector yeah, we have crossed path each other at random metas sometime...
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog well not directly
e.g. the most extreme case I know of is Evan. I admit that few times I downvoted where I wouldn't have done it if same thing was posted by someone else. (Not all his posts, just... few times.)
Anyway, I remember there's an answer on MSE talking about how presentation is one of the factor for good meta post... where is it when I need it...
But more broadly what you say is coloured by how people see you
And by your understanding of the audience
If you're constantly complaining about downvotes...
1:02 PM
Yes, I'm aware of the factor that tone has on posts. I've been careful to phrase my (otherwise) more controversial posts such that they are more likely to be positively received, and have come across several other posts that express good ideas but do so badly.
@JourneymanGeek "Then SE is not for you"™
Well kinda.
And I'm also aware of how capricious downvoting can be. For instance, every request I've made regarding making reopening easier has encountered at least a little flack from users, one of which expressed that they believe reopening should be much more difficult than closing (even if it means misrepresenting questions to reviewers).
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog and you deal with it
1:05 PM
On the other hand
If you're considering the impact you have on the community, you do more good
A lot of stuff I do on SE probably never gets seen. And that's fine
Also, when you're targeting the Curious/Inquisitive/Socratic badge...a single downvoted question can end up ruining your entire day.
So... I'm targeting Peer Pressure badge right now...
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog you're not the first or the last to be upset about unexplained downvotes, e.g.
Jul 4 '14 at 15:52, by Final Contest
meta? The place where you can downvote for free without understanding stuff? Thanks, but no thanks.
That's like... 5 years ago, when there was always a recent one of the metas...
People still downvote without explaining, nothing really changed on that matter. :)
1:17 PM
The COC kinda encourages that, too. You can't get punished for breaking your conduct accidentally if you don't say anything.
True too yeah
1:29 PM
So... you look catfish.
@JohnDvorak You don't get punished for breaking conduct accidentally, unless you're making it a habit, then it's not longer accidental though.
Some people can't help it.
Most do which is good, but I also believe some simply can't change their ways, so their only option is to not post anything.
Some help can eat people.
@ShadowWizard Hmmm. I'm never fond of people claiming they can't change.
Everyone can learn, some a bit quicker than others, but on SE, I'd expect a level of intelligence that implies people can learn ;)
Otherwise people wouldn't be asking questions to begin with, they're what's needed to learn...
Not always about intelligence, some can change but find it really hard, think that's the case with @Sonic. He love the site enough to make those efforts, but I'm pretty sure many in his condition won't.
1:39 PM
@ShadowWizard Still, not a case of 'can't change' like you first said. Really hard != can't.
True, people often shout 'can't' when stuff is just 'really hard'.
Well... same final result: they don't post or leave.
That said... (non-affiliated shameless advertisement)

Proposed Q&A site for the people looking to know more about neurodiversity (autism, ADH-D, dys- spectrum, OCD ...) and for neurodiverse people looking for some advice on how to deal with neurotypical-based situations.

Currently in definition.

@NoDistractionWizard Already following that one, though I'm not sure how well it's going to work.
@NoDistractionWizard Isn't it covered in Health Medical Science.SE?
Even earned a nice question badge there, I now see :D
@ShadowWizard I'm thinking this one is a bit more after practical advice, instead of medical... but yeah, it might overlap a lot of medical science and also with psychology/neuroscience
It's already a bit telling that there's a load of interested people, but little/no example questions
2:23 PM
@Tinkeringbell It does sound like one of those topics. Need OR popularity in themselves aren't enough for a site to function
@Tinkeringbell CAN'T
1 hour later…
3:29 PM
@ShadowWizard Out of curiosity... what exactly was the point of saying this a solid day and a half after I said I had a fix ready?
3:51 PM
@AdamLear What if it was a smooth sphere and didn't have a point?
@Margarine 🤔
2 hours later…
5:36 PM
@KaranHarshWardhan: Don't tell anyone, but the next episode is going to be released tomorrow. We have a bit of a backlog right now, but I don't want to run out over the summer when people take vacation. At any rate, followers are very low on the priority list compared to getting into a sustainable habit for us. It's possible we'll record faster in the future since it really isn't time consuming. — Jon Ericson ♦ 26 mins ago
tells everyone
Speaking of podcasts, Random Wikipedia page ran through TTS is one of my favorites.
News in Slow Spanish are good too, mostly because I still can't follow spoken Spanish.
You have been duped into becoming their marketing pawn. Do you not think the creator of a website as big as Stack Exchange doesn't know a thing about the Streisand effect?
coils in shame
And just now I re-read all the legal agreements I'm in on this site. I'm a criminal ... — rene 46 mins ago
5:56 PM
Users don't upload images to SE, they are uploaded to imgur... the site only has a URL which itself isn't copyrighted.
Mmm... not entirely accurate.
The imgur section that SE rents is technically still part of SE liability.
Not that it matters. There is no legal precedence for images that has ever been enforced for the internet aside from improper use with regards to impersonation.
Stuff gets deleted via DMCA, and nobody gets sued?
OK, that's not so bad.
I feel sorry for the Internet as a European...
@JohnDvorak Still not as bad as being duped into becoming a content-moderation pawn.
@MEEthesetupwizard article 13?
6:02 PM
@Tinkeringbell yep
I don't really care about Facebook, etc...
What I think problematic how it applies to small commercial community-run sites (like SE).
6:52 PM
@Feeds uploading unused space to cloud seems a pretty nifty idea though...
um... I think it means "add more space to your cloud, if you organize your stuff well you're getting more" :P
I think it means the Internet stashes its own exciting images on your hard drive without your express consent
... @Sonic was this really necessary? That's bumped a long-stale post to the top of meta for... a superfluous single-word change.
@JohnDvorak I think it has grown to have a very gruesome idea of "exciting"
@ArtOfCode Is it just one edit?
7:08 PM
Wow, was the name revert to SO really in 2015?
What the hell have I been doing these four years? O.o
> I had change to help a new-comer to stack overflow in this question.
Teehee, the typo gave it a whole different meaning
Although I am inclined to think of 1-reppers who don't ever capitalize as hobos asking for change
7:28 PM
@ArtOfCode See my most recent answer.
that doesn't explain why a superfluous single-word change was necessary
there are some small edits that make sense and are good and useful
there are some that do nothing and bump old things for no reason
that was one of the latter
I was planning to edit in an editor's note regarding the brand name change, but I wasn't sure how to word it (plus I'm on mobile)
again, why does it need one?
it's 7 years old and has been fine as it is for all of those years
This is so confusing. It's like as if you could buy a Corolla from the Toyota Network, but then find out that the Toyota Network is actually The Corolla Company and that people who bought Camrys are still Corolla customers. — Robert Columbia 2 mins ago
7:56 PM
and "official legal" made that unequivocally clearer than simply "official", did it?
@Feeds -1 for lack of colors in the pie chart. Randall is getting lazy.
prints out the comic to color it
I know, colou?r is the universally correct spelling.
8:35 PM
@NoDistractionWizard Physics election is back to its previous state with 3 candidates (one unqualified). :/
in The h Bar on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 3 hours ago, by ACuriousMind
@Blue @vzn @SirCumference You can stop pestering Kyle, it was CM action, not his own choice.
Censorship and freedom of X rights invokation meta post in 10, 9, 8
No, he's not like that afaik.
That is no fun
Meanwhile, Chem's nominations started
5 or 6 people said they would nominate
@VoteDukakis I forgot that the real fun in physics.SE comes from the crackpots
If I want a freedom of speech meta post I should probably look in Politics or Law
Although even that is sometimes too convoluted with boring math. Chem charlatans are the best.
Skeptics isn't too bad either
9:33 PM
AU election could be fun, too (next week)
2 hours later…
11:42 PM
@Margarine Philosophy.SE might also be fun...
iirc candidates can withdraw at any stage of election.
What happens if one of 3 Physics candidates withdraws now?
On one hand, it seems the election should be cancelled as it's no longer competitive. On the other... looks like a way to sabotage the election for a candidate who had no chance of winning.
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