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12:03 AM
@ArtOfCode You can ask questions about your own posts on the main site, plus some sites disable the rep requirement
Those are both SO-only, IIRC.
@ArtOfCode No, the former was actually enabled on all sites except SO for a while, and the latter also applies to sites listed here. Additionally, to ask questions not about specific main-site posts on MSO, <5 rep users must be using Teams.
I actually spear-headed the request to have the former feature enabled on SO.
(there were concerns about disruption, but said concerns never materialized)
So on all sites except five, you have to have 5 rep to ask on meta without having posted on main first.
So in terms of needing to migrate meta -> main... still not likely. If you're posting on meta, you've more than likely posted on main first and know it's there and at least basically what it's for.
@ArtOfCode Those 5 and MSO, if you're a member of a Stack Overflow Team.
20k+ NAA foreign-language rant: meta.stackexchange.com/a/323150/377214
12:23 AM
Helpful person translates the NAA and edits it into the answer. (Instead of a comment).
@Rob I rolled it back.
But kept the translation as an editor's note so reviewers see it.
there was no point translating it in the first place, and there was even less point going to the effort of half-rolling back but not really
@ArtOfCode People were flagging it as spam
It's not spam
Plus moderators don't see comments by default when reviewing NAA flags
pretty sure our moderators are more than capable of figuring out that a non-English post needs to be deleted as NAA without referring to comments
@ArtOfCode But not deleted as spam or offensive.
12:37 AM
I couldn't be bothered, don't have time available, to look up the Meta but I'm pretty sure there's one about not translating NAAs (and spam) and fixing the post. It just bumps it and can invalidate flags, I thought my comment was helpful as it saves a half dozen people the trouble of translating it. Unfortunately it's fairly common for someone over 10K to edit junk.
@SonictheIntrovertedHedgehog they might even stretch to working that one out with a bit of thought
@Rob True, completely replacing the original foreign-language text with a machine translation crosses the line IMO, since machine translations may not be accurate.
@ArtOfCode Good point.
I can get back to this in an hour, afk
No point discussing this further; the post has been rolled back to the original revision.
1:01 AM
o/ Journey
@ArtOfCode or are curious enough to google translate it ;p
1:31 AM
For future reference. From the Community Wiki on Meta: "Do posts have to be in English on Stack Exchange?", answer: "What should I do if someone else makes a post that is not in English? > If someone makes a non-English post on a site other than one in the above two lists, or in a language different from the site's accepted languages, first, check to see if it's spam.
A small portion of wrong-language posts are actually spam, so be sure to check for that.
If it's not spam, vote or flag to close it as "unclear what you're asking" if it's a question, or flag as "very low quality" if it's an answer.
2:26 AM
2 hours later…
5:02 AM
Excuse me, what? My physical connection isn't supplied by either Google or Amazon. Not the copper wires my ISP pays for, and definitely not the WiFi router next to my TV.
@SonictheIntrovertedHedgehog It's not as simple as that, 3 is as good a guess as 2. See: area51.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/13328/… and area51.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/6029/… or even area51.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/10324/… and the related links in the right side column. Rarely it's a week or a couple of months, sometimes it's 3 weeks. There's a lot of answers to look thru.
@Rob Huh, there was a comment Robert Cartaino made on a per-site meta of some newly created site (don't remember which) that private betas generally last 3 weeks, with the possibility of launching one week early, or extending for some time. In the past, private betas used to last one week, but it was later extended.
You'll want to hunt through that to find the most recent answer, there's a lot of exceptions too. I'm sticking with what I said, 3 weeks is as much a guess as 2.
5:35 AM
@JohnDvorak in theory they could
@SonictheIntrovertedHedgehog @Rob I'd wait a bit
2 hours later…
7:53 AM
16 messages moved to Chimney
@Tinkeringbell I assume you're at home, stocked up on food and waiting for the severe weather to pass? I can report from the Rotterdam area what you're up for ... there is no snow here ... it is not even raining ... nothing ... I'm pretty sure this Code Geel will be laughed at by @bart ...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer (78): WinForms or WPF for DataEntry Application by DonaldHarper smith on softwarerecs.SE
8:35 AM
Last night (3am) suddenly heavy rain, flooded some parts of the city (as usual)
8:54 AM
Yeah, that will be the new normal. The climate is fine ...
@andmyself Are you okay or do you have to evacuate, take measures?
@Sonic Can you share your canned comment for blatantly OT questions? I'm going to adapt it to Glor's userscript (my own fork)
@ɪBᴜɢ Welcome to Meta Stack Exchange! This site is for discussions, bug reports, and feature requests *about* the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites; unfortunately, we have to mark this question as "off-topic" for this site. Please post your question on the [correct site](https://stackexchange.com/sites), and check to make sure your question is on-topic for the site you've chosen.
great, thanks!
@rene I'm fortunately okay, though my senior manager couldn't get out from the home and took a leave today :S
9:13 AM
what's your preferred button text in substitution for "lost soul"?
9:29 AM
my own fork of Glor's userscript, using Sonic's canned comment and a different button text off-topic
wait, bug!
bug hit iBug impossible :)
nvm, fixed with a quick SO search :)
@Glorfindel it doesn't cause any trouble in your userscript (current version), but I recommend you apply this fix
9:47 AM
Posted a comment well aware chance to get reply is very near 0:
@Adam did you have a chance to dig through the logs, in the 8 months that passed since the bug was reported? — Shadow Wizard 52 secs ago
but hey... if I won't try, I won't know.
bunch of off topic stuff folder name, radar simulation, wrapper issue @Bart @rene @TravisJ
(one last vote needed in all of those)
BTW, looks like mods are on hold holiday today? Didn't see such a wave flooding MSE since, well, before we had mods. :)
I think Chris is asleep, Tink appears to be busy, and I guess Geek isn't working tonight
I honestly forget about him since he's not in chat.
Interesting business model
(and never handle off topic questions, at least none that I happen to check)
I guess he's doing other mod things, don't really care. :)
"We'll use IPs and google analytics to find out which companies visited your website, and then automatically collect XING et al contact info for them, so you can contact them directly for marketing"
10:06 AM
@ShadowWizard voted on what I didn't vote already on
@rene thumbs up
petal back
sd k
10:13 AM
nothing... I just wanted to laugh in a critical situation...
@andmyself oh, the floods?
If so, here's something funny related to it!
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Messaging number in answer (89): dvb-s to dvb-c direct transmodulation by Mazfar Hussain on dsp.SE
(trying to learn from HNQ)
sd k
REM phase.
that's a replacement for "morning", to be used when you aren't actually sure that you can be considered awake.
@Derpy losing my religion?
@rene I'd wish. I'm at an office, for retro's, reviews, sprint plannings... Ugh.
Spent the entire morning doing nothing but meetings.
Now I could stop complaining and do some coding for 12 minutes...
Or just wait until after lunch ;)
10:49 AM
meet me half way plays in the background
@Tinkeringbell sitting or standup?
@Tinkeringbell that is what I call productivity
@ShadowWizard Sitting.
@rene I don't feel particularly productive
Except that I had yet another argument with people about the way stuff is released here, and about how we should measure burndown
@ShadowWizard ???
@Tinkeringbell awesome, isn't it?
10:58 AM
@rene Quote the scrum master: Something is only really done if it's live in Prod. Which is okay, were it not that for that to happen, we're dependent on someone to actually put it on Prod, and those people are now being difficult. Also, I'm being frustrated by slow reviews, only a single release per day (night) to Test (meaning I could fix something in 10 minutes, have it reviewed and merged in 5 and we spent the rest of the day 'waiting' until it can get actually tested).... Yeah, awesome :(
We've suggested soooooo many times to separate the building from the testing from the going live, just to make stories smaller (does that sound Agile? :P) and to not have a single huge story that needs 5 different people to even consider calling it finished
Also, that way I could actually 'measure' my velocity. But we're going lunching ;)
@Tinkeringbell enjoy that ...
@Derpy hehe, usually it's the other way around. :P
11:17 AM
Quick question: is there a question wizard on SO?
Just tried with 1 rep sock, nothing I could see.
Same old interface as there was 8 years ago.
Was it one of Joe Friend's projects, that got buried when he left SE?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in body (66): Tips and Tricks for Organizing a Crowd-Pleasing BUFFET by The Catering Company on superuser.com
@ShadowWizard it is A/B tested with a 20% chance you get it I believe
@rene oh. So by all means, it doesn't really exist.
Since nobody can really see it for 100%.
(e.g. to test, someone said one of its steps lead to MSE, hence the off topic wave.)
Which makes perfect sense.
yeah, I saw that. But that recent 100 rep user was a bit unsuspected and I'm pretty sure they don't go through the ask wizard
Should put big red blinking message on top of the wizard: "***DO NOT TRUST THE WIZARD****". ;)
But seriously, question wizard leading people to MSE to ask programming questions is the worst thing that can ever be, causing frustration to everyone.
@rene why? What's the rep threshold?
11:36 AM
@ShadowWizard not sure < 50 rep I think. And that specific user had +/- 400 rep on SO : stackoverflow.com/users/1922447/point-networks
@Tinkeringbell At least you have structure at all
here's just "here are 20 tasks in the time it takes to do 5, you choose what is a priority and what isn't
@ShadowWizard try with IE or Edge
@rene I think the A/B testing is the auto-redirection to the wizard, but it should never 404 for other users...
@ShadowWizard I'm getting it. What do you want to know?
@Magisch Define structure. Sprint planning is at 1, it's now 12:40. This morning my scrum master mentioned putting me in yet another team (perhaps). So.... Insecurity, anyone?
I'm going to write a CV tonight, I guess
@andmyself nah, really not worth such efforts. They chose to hide it and make it impossible to test, it's their right and I respect it.
11:41 AM
@andmyself Spam on Area 51? That's a first for me.
@EKons I have no opinion about that. SE is free to implement it on whatever way they seem fit. I personally feel I'm not in a position to demand or suggest implementation to devs that are capable of delivering reasonable working software. They don't need our 'advice" specially if the implementation is a blackbox for us.
@andmyself Kenny isn't here.
(Only in Den)
blame my laggy office's MacBook
11:42 AM
@andmyself Post 1: Already recently reported [ MS ]
@rene um, that's not an opinion, I think it never 404-ed for me before, and I'm not a part of the A/B testing...
although the "before" was, well, before the A/B testing officially started
@Tinkeringbell Ugghh. yeah, let's remove the critical opinions so we can proceed with the process that is proven to be not working ... someone needs to be replaced, but it is not you ... :( shakes petals
@Tinkeringbell if there is link to MSE somewhere in there. :)
@rene Oh, that came before the retro ;)
(doesn't matter what it says before or after, people don't read.)
(so if there's link to MSE..... people will blindly click it, and ask there.)
11:46 AM
@ShadowWizard Oh, we discussed that yesterday. The question wizard asks you to make a choice, then links you to the help-center of a specific site (say Super User). From there, it's only two clicks to MSE (e.g. the article on deleted posts, and then to the faq on community user)
There is no direct link to MSE in there, but it's still quite easy to get there via the help-center
SE Filtered Questions sometimes let me down...
12:02 PM
spasm on metas
@Tinkeringbell would be hell for me
could also be that they're shuffling you to get you to quit
@Tinkeringbell I'm enjoying my vacation even more knowing how much work I'm missing
saves paying severance and/or problems with employment law
Speaking of which, I'm flying off to india tonight, so I may be missing a day or two
don't panic
psst, I think MSE spam lords heard that...
12:07 PM
immediately panics
you're in good beaks, paws and other appendages.
alternatively bite their ankles like the wraith of dog
12:29 PM
@JourneymanGeek business or pleasure? ;)
@ShadowWizard trying to get the matchmaking process chugging along
kinda have a half dozen on a shortlist to contact (but that might be easier from india)
12:50 PM
@PetterFriberg nothing is black and white. That's what Shog's been trying to say. We need to use our brains to think things through. We're giving people examples. Passing things that can be handled by the community over to mods is not a good idea at all. NAA and Low qual flags bump posts into the review queues where they can also be deleted. A rude/abusive flag prevents a new user from posting again from that IP. It spam hobbles them and frankly, that's a good thing when people are here for fun and games only and not serious at all. — Yvette Colomb ♦ 4 hours ago
Even cows? I'm pretty sure cows can be black and white
Especially the cows on cream cheeses
especially cows
@JourneymanGeek Lemme inform Keto Trim Diet "customer service" about that
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ smokey can handle it.
smokey does not sleep. Smokey dosen't even blink
Hmm, OK, then I'll tell people from SO who have a question about Listview
Or parsing JSON. Why would anyone want to parse Jason?
May 21 '15 at 23:02, by Jason C
ur face is a square wave
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ they're brown
12:56 PM
@ShadowWizard Nah not the ones that make the milk needed for cheese
It's always on the label
You can see a cow model staring at the screen
And that's somehow supposed to make you like the cheese
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ not in Israel
common cheese brand ^
Well OK, nothing is black and white in Israel
Think reason is the cow is trade marked for chocolate...
or computers...
1:06 PM
(I assume someone else here is old enough to remember gateway2000/gateway)
White text on black screen?
@JourneymanGeek I'm not old but I remember it because people still use those here
their logo was cow coloured no?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ with the floppy drives?
Ha, people use floppies too
Obviously not newer users of computers
1:10 PM
@JourneymanGeek if that thing is a cow, they're really awesome with art.
That's a boxed cow? ^
Anyway, a big milk producer here stole that logo.
Guess if Gateway still existed, they could sew them. :D
I hope you mean "sue them"
What a shame!
@JohnDvorak umm... oh, sure! :P
this may have very problematic implications about what happens to you when you run out of credit
1:26 PM
Such as? XD
how much do you know of Puella Magi?
puella what?
@Derpy Name's familiar
Ooh a wish in return for battling witches
1:32 PM
Oh, anime show? Probably familiar from a YouTube comment then
I... need to stop... looking at the image... results.
@FreezePhoenix yep.... a wish in return for battling witches...
Hm so you get more credit but you have to battle witches I think
... I will just reply with a pretty well made cosplay of the girl on the left in the credit card picture...
but why stares at the city behind her
I like the red eyed one digs a hole and hides
1:40 PM
@FreezePhoenix I assume you think that the show is just an happy and cute anime about random girls being turned into Magical Girls by a lovable plush-like creature from another dimension
well.... It's not.
to put it into context.
THIS is the show opening
@Derpy Hmm . . . the creature isn't plush-like and is mostly bald?
all cute and frilly to give you the idea this is just another candy colored story about Magical girl saves the day
@Derpy bonus point if it's still using magnetic stripe, and the stripe is on the top
THIS by comparison is the ending theme
Please notice that the first episode DOES NOT use said ending theme. Instead, a fake ending is used, still attempting to lure the watcher in a wrong idea about the show...
so basically you go like this:
First episode: this is just another magical girls show
Second episode: this is a magical girls show but the enemies/setting seems more interesting than the average magical girls show
Third episode: ARGH
Anti-Reconciliation Global Huntsmen?
1:53 PM
I'm still not yet finishing Magical Girl Raising Project...
The second paragraph of the Plot section is probably what Derpy is referring to. Another possibility is that they'll dress you up and parade you through the town.
@Rob So, basically Fury except Brad Pitt has big eyes and a skirt
strongly advising against reading that chapter if you could ever consider watching the show. If you never plan to,go ahead.
Saving Private Madoka
anyway, wouldn't say it really compares to that movie
2:03 PM
Perhaps I'll try Yuki Yuna is a Hero series then...
(gah! country-restriction license!)
still pretty dark from what I get, but at least in that case the girls where somehow informed about the situation (which doesn't mean they really get much options, just that they knew about the mess they were dropped into)
@andmyself Yuki Tuna?
how do you tuna fish?
You don't do Tunak Tunak Tun
2:13 PM
@andmyself no I don't. ;p
What flavor of hummus should I now eat? Spicy, or with pine nuts?
that sounds like flavours not brands
@ShadowWizard Looks like It has too much tomato ;)
certainly not humus
@Tinkeringbell you were away! hides below tuna
2:17 PM
unless there's humus flavor...
@andmyself yummy!
Yeah, I don't think that's something anyone would willingly taste xd
@rene code geel .... hahahahahahaha. Amateurs.
@Asuna and this?
Spicy ^
And with pine nuts:
I like 🌶
2:20 PM
Blank square?! hmm....
@ShadowWizard Meeting is still going strong and still being boring! :(
@ShadowWizard I don't know what that is xd
@Asuna hummus
yes, but hummus != humus
@Bart I like code geel. Gives me excuses to avoid certain co-workers ;)
2:21 PM
The M's matter here ^^"
one is edible, one is literally waste
@Bart yeah, best part is that I still haven't seen any snow. A slight drizzle at best.
code geel sounds dangerous
that ... is what we're supposed to do, yes.
No, we should kill it with fire!
@Tinkeringbell Is it a bird meeting to discuss migration patterns?
That'd be interesting :p
2:26 PM
@JourneymanGeek yellow ... There's also orange and you only need to start worrying at red: that's windspeeds that'll damage your kite or an Elfstedentocht :P
@Magisch 'sprint planning'.. makes me really want to migrate though :P
@Tinkeringbell It sil heve is probably a better weather warning then all colors we throw at it ...
Thought it was it giet oan :P
I'm old ...
Heh. 85 vs 97
I'm old
2:32 PM
When was the last Elfstedentocht? 97?
and going to beed
see 'all eventually ;)
Sleep well and enjoy India :)
I'm old :/
@Tinkeringbell yes.
I'm old too!!!
2:44 PM
@ShadowWizard It looks like unicorn poop.
hm... can't seem to find the "uncouth" part...
@Asuna This is no Arqade.
2:51 PM
@Derpy Well, this is true, but what gives the pony the right to say that
Well, no
But we have beer!
@ShadowWizard we do have beer, right?
Nani? xd
I said: (Asuna doesn't drink)
That's wrong
Of course I drink!
How else will I get enough H2O?!
2:55 PM
Too solid
@Asuna Intravenous therapy
... Kiwis
@Derpy Too tube-y
@FreezePhoenix too expensive I think xd
@Asuna cucumbers
2:56 PM
I don't like cucumbers either...
@Asuna to be fair, that was the cannon answer to the "how they did survive for a year while stuck in a VR world" thing.
There's only one time I like them, and that's on top of some food
But never on burgers or in salads xd
Pickles are ok
@Derpy Pff, yeah. But I'm awake now
@FreezePhoenix nope
2:58 PM
Is this the chat for Seasoned Advice.se?
No, but this is CLEARLY Unseasoned Advice.
I thought so
lmao, that got starred xD
@rene No this is what conversations resort to when nothing works. I could talk about the one bounty I have that is about to expire, but that's no fun.
@rene no this is a tavern not a frying pan
2:59 PM
@Asuna you are talking to a pony, a dog, a flower, a parrot, a tiger and pair of eyeglasses. Are you sure this is real?
@Derpy well, yeah.
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