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6:05 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog damn that's unpleasant to read
He, he, he. That was probably a bit of mean advice:
@Inflationary_Bubble "but I think there should be a way to tell someone else about things such as this." Well, there are chat rooms you can use to do such with a minimum of 20 rep. — πάντα ῥεῖ 1 min ago
this seems off: =P
Ahh, I probably favourited it on multiple accounts that were later merged.
Oh, you avoided the bad, bad doubleu word :3
Wise guy you are!
6:10 PM
I wouldn't want to use bad language.
@user3956566 If you wouldn't mind, could you please modify the edit summary of meta.stackoverflow.com/revisions/367726/4 to remove part 3?
Is bad bad BTW?
Bad is awful.
Awful is very bad.
German (or even worse bavarian or low-german) is inherently a "bad language" :-/
I believe that's true for many other languages as well.
6:14 PM
I've lost the thread.
Do you mean, like, it's seen as less classy than French?
@πάνταῥεῖ ?
It's probably just about the common use of phrases and connotations changing in regard of awareness not to offend anyone. As an example: When Astrid Lindgren published her "Pippi Langstrumpf" books, no one really felt disturbed about the title "Negerkönig" of Pippilotta's dad (it was that in the german translations). It was felt innocent and without bad connotation.
Nowadays it's considered a bad offence (maybe rightfully), and the translators have to overwork it to make our children aware, what is OK speech and what isn't.
And of course I don't use the word "Neger" myself, unless for citing it!
@user1114 Awesome sounds way better. Kudos!
On a more dire note, the US supreme court has upheld forced arbitration for all employment claims
Which means companies can now immunize themselves from getting sued by their workers
Sounds like another great deal :-/
6:37 PM
@user5389107 not quite, they can't be sued in class action by their workers. If the action or tort exists under another section of federal law then the claim is still actionable.
but yeah it's really really bad
I was about to post an image and then realized it would run afoul of the keep politics out guideline. sigh
6:56 PM
@Mgetz I've asked a question:
Q: What's the most applicable translation for "Ich hab' schon Pferde kotzen sehen!"?

πάντα ῥεῖNote this question needs expertise in german and english language1. Much as mentioned in the title. I am asking about a good translation for the german colloquialism Ich hab(e) schon Pferde kotzen sehen! to express that "Things ever might happen, no matter how unlikely it seems to be." ...

Let's see if we can gain something to synchronize our commons, rather than emphasizing the diversities.
> new users must see the ability to ask questions as a resource that can quickly deplete in order to consider conservation, or asking questions only when you really need to and making them count when you do.
But, but, if homework is due so badly, and interwebz deniez to halp????
that's what chat is for
But, but, they can't :-(
TBH? I am quite proud that they might call us the "Worst 'Do my homework plz' experience." out at the campus.
Hangover students having homework due at the next 2 hours after wild party nights at sunday are the least (minority) we want to see here. Others should try to sound differently and serious.
7:12 PM
I always forget the time shift. For them it might be more like monday morning.
@rene N@z:
sponsoring that fine manual is kinda cute
now I imagine a blushing manual
7:14 PM
I hope you notice I respect you well.
@πάνταῥεῖ well, sure :D
@πάνταῥεῖ well, sure :D
I am still waiting for the 3rd confirmation, but got plenty of time ;)
KennyBOT, there's nothing worse than unwanted email. and there is another one test, there's nothing worse than unwanted email. ... I obviously have more socks then accounted for ...
1 hour later…
8:39 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ on the self censoring: it's actually to do with SE policies concerning language, I honestly don't care
When I am doing self censoring, that's mostly sarcasm from my site ;)
tbh colloquialisms amuse me quite a lot, particularly if you look into the origins
You don't really want so see horses throwing :3
Not even going to try...
I believe @user5389107 had seen some. (broke the rule now)
8:54 PM
sounds like an equivalent to FUBAR, SNAFU, or Charlie Foxtrot
the latter is a very sanitized version of what it actually means
Still respect everything now.
Foobar and SNAFU are quite different things.
@πάνταῥεῖ different levels of Charlie Foxtrot
also foobar is not FUBAR
So are "S$@#" and k07z3n". Do you have kids, and try to argue with your partner in front of them?
@πάνταῥεῖ Single
but I have a niece and have to watch my mouth
We all have to obviously, single or not.
8:58 PM
i mean
i don't understand
@KevinB What in particular?
Profane language?
Mgetz's deleted message
So you're stating you're simply mean? That's your final stance?
9:09 PM
no, i disagree with "We all have to obviously, single or not.". while it's certainly... preferred to avoid profane language in most areas, it's certainly not a requirement
Is that a new apple product "iMean"?
we don't have to
just don't be surprised when you have to deal with the consequences of doing so
Timing collapse?
You can always say ^That. Comes up more clear.
i mean...
@KevinB "it's certainly not a requirement" IMO, we should make that an art of it's own way. We should drag that to it's extreme, and turn it to the sarcastic site with excessive formality. It might help for triggering a lower brain switch. :3
9:18 PM
The site already works that way, you can post whatever you want as long as it gets past any automatic filters/blocks
but... you will of course have to deal with the consequences
I.e. "I always have something nice to say", despite I don't have ...
9:59 PM
What happens to users who post clear and undeniable spam, which is then removed from spam flags and deleted by the Community User?
Why don't they get their account suspended if they are 1 rep and that was the only post they ever made? Is there a mod flag raised in addition to community deleting the post?
no to both?
We get zero notice... but they get a ban of some sort, I think.
Not from what I just observed.
I'm not 10K on SO.
The only y/n question you asked was "is there a mod flag raised"... the answer to that is "no".
Okay, that is clearer.
Maybe the first one doesn't immediately trigger the burn as some show of good faith.
I disagree though in the case of 1 rep though.
So you're saying that they posted twice?
10:05 PM
I only saw 1
I meant maybe they don't get suspended from only 1, and more will lead to some sort of automated action.
Oh. Well, I think that automatically deleting them is potentially problematic but unlikely to be completely destructive.
Hmm... Fair warning, this sounds expensive. I still think a better solution is to auto-destroy user accounts when their only contributions have been spam / abusive deleted. — Shog9 ♦ 30 mins ago
So... maybe they'll implement it... Would certainly make my life easier.
I think it makes sense.
My main concern would be that the user creates a spam post, it gets burned. They then make a different account, and do the same thing. So long as the previous user didn't get suspended or nuked, it is possible the system may take some time in realizing that IP was causing problems.
Eh... they do that a lot anyway...
They cycle their IP as well?
Probably. I don't get a lot of spam on my sites.
10:16 PM
I feel like the request headers could be a strong indication as well. Now I wonder how account duplication is detected. Oh well, no use barking up that tree.
Main point: that user should have been suspended or nuked right off the bat.
10:29 PM
@TravisJ sometimes,no mod ever sees the user
10:39 PM
Q: Auto-delete/destroy 1 rep user when their post is deleted as spam

Mad ScientistMy common workflow when I see a blatant spam post by a 1 rep user is: flag as spam (when I'm a mod this auto-deletes) go to user profile As a mod, I destroy the user. As a regular user I spam flag the other spam posts linked from the profile These are a bit more clicks than absolutely necessa...

@TravisJ He's so close to 100K... voting on that will help :P
> "I now support the automatic deletion of accounts whose only posts were all destroyed via 6 community spam flags" Brad Larson
@Catija Not as much as the bounty I put there ;)

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