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@Ash Tavern is dead.
@M.A.R. Wasn't exactly talking to you
@M.A.R. does netcraft confirm it?
@Ano everything in our lives is imprecise
@Ano I don't know your sister either.
@Ash I actually expected you were either NormalHuman or AndrewT
12:02 AM
@Catija Yep. Most of it can just be edited but there are a couple parts that will need to be retranslated.
Those two changing identities every time is so confusing
@JourneymanGeek up high, sir
@Mithrandir But the flow is the hard part. It's the artistry. Even if you don't care about money, I'd want credit.
@M.A.R. Oh no, I am just myself.
The flow is what makes it so that someone can get into the story. A bad flow makes the book impossible to read and enjoy.
12:04 AM
down low. Good sir.
I'm going to take a look probably Sunday and edit a bit of it so I can show the difference and see how difficult it would be to actually do the whole thing.
@Mithrandir The trouble is that if she's not fluent, she may not realize how bad it is? So she may not see the difference?
She's also gotten feedback from other people that it needs some polishing, so I might ask them for their opinion.
At any rate, I'm ironically having trouble expressing myself at the moment, so I think I'll go to sleep.
It is after all after two in the morning.
@Mithrandir let's debate whether that's ironic
You can shut your eyes, and connect your brain to the internet so we can keep discussing
@SmokeDetector K
My goodness
It's really strange to see that while all the answers are basically cookie cutter (not meant insulting at all, I mean all good mods will have very similar answers, nobody expects someone to go "I'll kill'em all muaahaha!!!1 Give me teh modz!" all of a sudden) they vary that much by voting. I wonder how much of that voting is actually the associated name, not the content of the post. — nvoigt yesterday
All of it?
We're electing people, not questionnaire answers
They're just sanity checks
The average voter doesn't read the questionnaire anyway.
Although I've argued this before --- questionnaire votes give an unfair edge
Arrest Art
That still assumes that people actually look at it.
Some do
12:19 AM
Most of the time, when you compare the number of votes to the number of views on the questionnaire, it's startlingly off... particularly when you assume that some people view the questionnaire many times, so it's not counting unique user visits.
There was also this argument that some people think they're voting in the real election
Kinda a stretch, but you'd be surprised at things people don't get in a foreign language
with funny letters
You'd be surprised at things people don't get in their primary language
@Catija off as in, high?
Or its a way to show "I like these answers"
@M.A.R. Low. So there'll be 1000 voters but only 800 views of the questionnaire answers... and you know, particularly the candidates, are viewing it multiple times, likely daily... and everyone who's really following it, will view it every time there's a new answer added or it's edited...
12:23 AM
should this not not be possible?
So, if even half of those are unique views, I'd be surprised... so that's 400 out of 1000 voters... which is less than half. Though, I'm pulling those numbers out of the air. I'm sure I can find some. Probably from the previous SO election.
oh, you mean voters in the election
We should require a non scrollable final credits style display of a candidate's questionnaire answer when someone votes for them
@Catija yeah, you're making it sound less startling
> viewed 18,325 times
30,584 voted
That's from 2017's election on SO... Even with all of those being unique views, nearly half of the voters never read the questionnaire answers.
We also suck at educating people that rep is not everything
Mostly because they suck at listening
Everything is vacuum
12:27 AM
No. We create a metric where rep is half the value... so we train them that it is valuable.
@Catija valuable != everything
@M.A.R. that is a bit of a thing
You can't create a mod score and then tell people that 20/40 really isn't useful information.
So we can't tell them that a rep farmer that didn't care about meta or moderating can't make a good mod
but I guess the idea is the most hardcore of users kinda make up for it.
12:29 AM
@Catija Are the grades at school really all that matters in a scholarship?
Most of the hardcore users aren't the voters.
@M.A.R. I would totally go "Nooooo Don't vote for him" with certain high rep users on my site
@FélixGagnon-Grenier It is here!
@FélixGagnon-Grenier That's really not relevant. The people deciding the scholarship are actually (hopefully) reading the supporting documentation.
@JourneymanGeek interestingly though, all high rep users on smaller sites have done their fair share of modding
I've just proven that half or fewer of the people voting in an election aren't actually educating themselves about the nominees at all.
12:30 AM
Hmmmm. I think I used a word without knowing what it really means here.
@M.A.R. oh, thinking specific examples
There's a reason that it's usually safe to predict that the highest-rep user will win the election.
@JourneymanGeek SU is not a "smaller site"
(capping at 20K).
indeed, scolarship !== the whole process of educating one self
12:31 AM
But I'm thinking chem, bio et al. This applies to them
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Perhaps you meant scholarship, not "a scholarship"?
yes, I thought of the whole process of going to school from youth to adult
yeah, "a scholarship" is like a grant of money awarded to help pay for tuition. :)
@FélixGagnon-Grenier all folks in asia care about is ... grades, or "reputation" ;p
In that whole process, while grades are indeed important, the people you will meet, the teachers!, your friends, your contacts, all of this will matter in the global evaluation of your candidacy for something
12:32 AM
(Personally I find it a bit silly)
#1: One has to be a hardcore meta user to read that wall of text
#2: A hardcore meta user already knows who those people are, from past elections, meta participations, etc.
I believe there is a parallel to be made with the moderator score
@FélixGagnon-Grenier in a practical sense, for a good mod, reputation is a concequence
indeed ;) (to both of these)
@FélixGagnon-Grenier moderator score is an easy abstraction of overall meta moderation and activity
12:33 AM
The median time spent by a voter on an election in total is probably < 5 minutes.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Only if the people evaluating you are actually looking at your entire portfolio and not just your candidate nomination and mod score.
@JourneymanGeek your consequence is too British
Touou British
But I 'd rather have someone low rep who posts fantastic meta posts than a clueless 100+k user who dosen't care at all about anything but getting more reputation
@JourneymanGeek Not really... if you don't ask or answer questions, you don't earn rep... you cap out for edit suggestions at 1K.
@Catija so very true..
12:35 AM
@Catija I'm not chasing rep, I'm sharing and gaining knowledge ;)
@JourneymanGeek you and I are so on the same page, I think you're my sock
@Catija a few elections ago I actually doubted people look at the candidate score
You're both my socks. I just never got to finish that deep learning session so that you would upvote my posts
... so long for me and humor, I think I'll drop that
@FélixGagnon-Grenier defective bots are how the apocalypse beings
@FélixGagnon-Grenier if you're not German, you shouldn't
I'm not, I believe
(sorry any actual germans for doing unspeakable things to your language)
12:40 AM
for a moment there, I almost thought that was legit
As a German I have to ask: What is humour? — Martin - マーチン ♦ Jan 18 at 3:09
that was amazing self derision
Oh, he changed his avatar
Germans love to joke about how they never make jokes.
@JourneymanGeek they also make German jokes
in g-block elements on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Feb 2 at 10:10, by pH13 - Yet another Philipp
12:48 AM
@M.A.R. kinda like Das Blinkenlighten's english cousin?
@M.A.R. I'm pretty sure I don't get it. asking for a friend.
Coots are small water birds that are members of the rail family, Rallidae. They constitute the genus Fulica, the name being the Latin for "coot". Coots have predominantly black plumage, and—unlike many rails—they are usually easy to see, often swimming in open water. They are close relatives of the moorhen. == Description == Coots have prominent frontal shields or other decoration on the forehead, with red to dark red eyes and coloured bills. Many, but not all, have white on the under tail. The featherless shield gave rise to the expression "as bald as a coot," which the Oxford English Dictionary...
that deserves somewhat of a lol ^
oh wait, the flag is not on the question
.... he posted it twice
It makes no sense google translated either
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I should hope not.
my "lol" moment was on @SmokeDetector raising the message upon a long, detailed question
I wondered if images were considered as non-latin characters or something
1:23 AM
probably not
... damn, I look like I've been around SE for all of two weeks in the last hours
and its probably more for CJK spammers
@FélixGagnon-Grenier How so? When you're up against MSE wonks like some of us, it's easy to look like a novice :D
heh. I'll gladly take the stance of novice in such a setup
@FélixGagnon-Grenier TBH, I have no idea 'what works' here myself ;p
2:14 AM
@JeremyBanks size aside, I wonder if the (unzipped) data dumps would be the sort of thing that ought to be stored in SCM ... ;p
(looking at your requests for old dumps)
Locked out morning
(the office's door, not the PC)
2:42 AM
@Shog9 While auditing the anonymous edits, I came across a couple anonymous edits from others where the editor was able to bypass the 6-character minimum (as in actually bypass it, I checked the Markdown). How could they do it?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in body, bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body: Can Time Machine up an external hard drive in addition to internal one? by Shx qgvj on apple.SE
@Ano why are you auditing anonymous edits?
To work out which are mine and which were performed by other users, in order to prepare statistics and release a more public list (whereas the current one is cluttered with thousands of pages of automated script edits).
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user: How to convert Peanut Butter chips to peanut butter by Cara on cooking.SE
2:57 AM
@Ano ... why? Is there a demand for this?
'release a more public list'... FWIW, I rejected over 95% anonymous edits on anime.se for 'changing OP's intent' or 'attempt to reply'. I don't know who's been suggesting anon edits there (I recalled it's not Ano though)
@SmokeDetector gone, nuked due to edit wars with the mod themself
I may yet hit gold on that breaking up with Graduation question...
... no... Great Question.
oh - that title could have been IPS ;p
@JourneymanGeek Is that an abstract statement or a reference to this?
3:44 AM
As you suggested, I think GitHub would get a bit cranky if we tried to store all of Stack Overflow in a single repo. =p
Getting curious about what Jeremy is up to
gonna make a hostile fork where we don't let the nazi moderators censor anything and pitch it to VCs as the next great programmer community.
don't tell joel.
well that's creepy.
3:47 AM
every new post goes on three different blockchains for security.
@JeremyBanks a bit
I wasn't thinking github specifically...
How big is a data dump?
about 60gb each
however, storing all the datadumps in a SCM system might save space overall since a lot of data is duplicated.
I was about to say the opposite. :P
3:51 AM
@JeremyBanks well, cough You probably are more likely to be right ;p
7z/lzma is pretty tight since it doesn't need to have the data be usable. But I'm not sure. Maybe a well-configured smart database would be close.
Depends on how you store them
Well, compressons a thing but you'd need to decompress it (on the fly?) to be usable
if you mapped post histories onto the git revision model or whatever... yeah, maybe.
and other than deleted and new posts...
(just remember its plausible I have no idea what I'm talking about)
3:52 AM
In another life, I'd get some major efficiency by taking deltas for each revision, then compressing them together. But this requires care.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, +2 more: healthsupplementsreviews info/vitax-forskolin/ by Joechampion on superuser.com
I am sad that 7z is not a "seekable" file format. You can't get any data without decompressing everything before it.
yup, but that's probably why its so efficient?
Adding indexes to make it seekable would increase the size a bit, yeah, but it's not at-odds with the file format design in theory.
Is that like what Time Machine is? It only saves the differences between the versions?
3:58 AM
but most people do just care about size, as you suggest, so nobody seems to prioritize this feature.
@Catija Yeah, pretty much. Apple's new APFS filesystem too works a lot like this under the hood.
It seems like a really clean way to save space... but it sounds complex.
@JeremyBanks though most sane DBs do that right?
I know postgres has that built in, Mysql... needs spinx?
I'm not much of a DB guy, I couldn't tell you.
hah, nor am I.
I just run stuff I need and pick up stuff along the way.
4:02 AM
All I know is that the database I have to use at work sucks.
I wasn't aware of Postgres using any compression, but my knowledge of its details comes exclusively from a 25-minute high-level talk I heard at a conference once. ;)
oh not compression
indexes for searching
ahh, gotcha.
5 hours ago, by Jeremy Banks
no indexes. :P
We discovered together earlier today that Google BigQuery apparently does not, because it just scales up and eats your entire database on every query, more or less.
4:04 AM
Cause they can just throw more hardware at it? 0_0
(which is probably a bad mis-simplification, and working at google I should really know how this actually works.)
That's what it seems like!
kinda almost makes sense.
Oh, you're querying 100GB at once? Let's just load the database into 1000 servers to get your result in seconds.
Who needs indexes when you can run nested loops in memory and in parallel?
4:05 AM
It's weird and I don't think I understand the real use cases.
"shit that causes death by join otherwise"
heh, I guess in a sense, also the fact that google can literally just stand up a crate of servers ;p
Seems sort of wasteful...
Constraints make for better.... well everything, to a point.
4:06 AM
It's the antithesis of what SE's doing with their nine.
Indexing only works if you know ahead of time what you won't be searching for
@Catija Well, good software engineers are 'rare'. As are good SRE. You can probably hire datacentre technicians by the crateload, even when you're picky.
True. I guess if you're studying the data semi-interactively, like logs or data science, rather than optimizing for users giving 100 QPS, this could make sense.
This is where Google made their name back in the early days: everyone else was limited to how they built their indexes; the most powerful search engines had gobs and gobs of different operators to hit various criteria
+1 Insightful
4:09 AM
Google would match on... Whatever
Behind the scenes, they'd rebuild your query to prioritize various things, but it wasn't like you had to know that. Search for basic stuff - the stuff bthat'd be full of noise on other engines - just getting better, as if by magic.
I set up a VPS to try to download all of the torrents (again), but forgot to save the user password after disabling root login and have locked myself out of SSH. I forgot to bootstrap the BitTorrent DHT connection, and I'm not sure if it managed to do it itself or not. I'm waiting to see.
since if I got it wrong, I probably need to tear down the VPS and set it up with the software and data again. also partially because I accidentally downloaded the data onto the boot drive instead of the detachable storage volume.
I guess I can try pinging the server over the DHT protocol to see if it's bootstrapped or not. Time to copy-paste some code from Stack Overflow.
@JeremyBanks no console?
4:20 AM
@JourneymanGeek It used the root SSH credentials I disabled before failing to save the new ones.
ah oops
was half certain those things were independant of it...
There exists some way to fix it, but by the time I'd figure it out it would have been faster to do everything from scratch. ;-)
Q: ping a bittorent dht bootstrap node could not get a answer

clochicinewhen send find_node to router.utorrent.com there is no response code like this import bencode import random import socket # Generate a 160-bit (20-byte) random node ID. my_id = ''.join([chr(random.randint(0, 255)) for _ in range(20)]) ping_query = {'y': 'q', 't': '0f', 'q'...

ok @Jeremy... I'm seeding 8 of the first 9 dumps in your list. Good luck!
@Shog9 ❗❗❗ Thanks!
4:25 AM
(I have 2 december 2011 dumps, but not sure whether "Update 2" is part 2 or part 3 in your list)
The answer said "your code worked for me" so I went with the question's code and trusted it. :P
IIRC I named "update 2" as "part 3".
Sorry, trying to get out of the unnecessary-ping habit. :P
oldest dump I have is December of 09... Man... only 450-some MB
look how far we've come
4:28 AM
thank $deity for packrats? ;)
Although unfortunately bittorrent hashes don't align with file boundaries in those old ones, so we can't actually validate or seed the last piece of the .7z file unless we have the correct readme and other files to complete its piece.
@Shog9 Are you using qBittorrent?
bittorrent: yet another promising future tech from SO's early days that went nowhere.
@JeremyBanks yep
4:31 AM
@Shog9 eh, it works well enough for piracy ;)
nice, then I think i've got you on my local machine, even if not on this seedbox.
@JeremyBanks heh, its probably the best current torrent client since utorrent sold out...
(though, ugh, rss feed management in qbitorrent-nox would rock my socks)
uTorrent: "if the obnoxious ads didn't drive you away, then the malware in the obnoxious ads will!"
@Shog9 and the entire point of utorrent was its lightness.
Yeah... the sketchy associations with the BitTorrent protocol certainly aren't helped by the sketchy behaviour of BitTorrent Inc. :(
4:33 AM
@JeremyBanks and that its not an obvious thing to monatarise...
There was one we used 6-8 years ago that had really nice visualizations... but I don't remember what it was called... Azureus, I think...
eh. I used that before utorrent
And then it became Vuze and it got all crappy.
I was going to say that ;p
I think IFPS has a good chance of succeeding as a next-gen distributed content platform, for both legitimate and illegitimate means, partially because it now has hundreds of millions in stupid Filecoin ICO money to help move it along, and because it has a great design that can abstract-over most pre-existing P2P systems.
4:35 AM
I would watch this for hours...
Though, usually I had fewer connections...
ah lol
linux livecds are good for that ;p
/ipfs/z8q7215P1pn9MfZXVJjJmKEEU7bPt6Tb1 is the IPFS address of the september 2011 bittorrent release. (This is a few bytes of headers to specify types, then the bittorent ID, base52-encoded.) IN THEORY, this could be referenced by other IPFS objects, shared over the IPFS protocol, or bridged in from the BitTorrent protocl. These are all on the roadmap, and partially implemented.
My tiny contributions to the effort have been to suggest 7B as the hex encoding of the BitTorrent protocol ID in IPFS, because it looks like "BT" backwards, and to get BitTorrent v2's magnet URLs to at least adopt IPFS's multihash flexible hash encoding. That is to say, things that had no real effect but I got to stick both hand in the wet cement. :P
Note in the screenshot here, the creator of BitTorrent telling me it's a stupid idea.
4:40 AM
But he is lazy and didn't actually write much of the spec, just signed-off on it, and the actual spec editor guy liked the idea.
proving yet again that apathy is the best policy
... So... Since I can't flag comments on the SO elections... is it really necessary for me to ignore someone calling IPS a "SJW cesspool"?
I guess you can flag one of their post on SO/MSO then referencing the comment with its URL...
They seem to be gone now. But even the direct URL links don't actually work. You can't pull comment links on nominations... I think there's a userscript out there that creates them for you but I'm still not sure they work.
They work if the person you give them to also has the userscript ;-P
4:49 AM
reading the transcript, wondering if JOIN OTHERWISE is a SQL thing I haven't heard of yet
Meanwhile, I'll be in apathetic mode for SO election sooner than I thought...
44 mins ago, by Shog9
"shit that causes death by join otherwise"
@HTTP May I refer you to my user profile
(here in chat0
there has to be some syntax for a disjunctive union; "join otherwise" seems plausible
4:52 AM
Okay. So I need to figure out shog's bittorrent client's port (probably randomized) so I can tell my seedbox to connect to it. But Transmission only gives me the IP address, not the port. So I need to look in transmission's log, I see it stores its torrent peer state in a simple format (like most clients)....
2\M"��V #'b��+#'h�>^��
@FTP thanks, I feel better now ;p
shog's IP is A.B.C.D, the other peer is E.F.G.H, and I've got map(ord, bencode.decode(open("../.config/transmission/resume/stackexchange.0ea39049afdbaa‌​ea.resume").read())['peers2']) == [0, 0, 0, 0, 50, 92, 77, 34, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 200, 213, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, A, B, C, D, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 35, 39, 29, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, E, F, G, H, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 35, 39, 29, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 104, 132, 62, 94, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 247, 228, 5, 0]
ports numbers are two bytes, I see an isolated non-zero two bytes kind-of near shog's memory. converting it to a single integer we get 200 * 256 + 213 = 51413, which is in the standard range for ephemeral ports.
4:58 AM
let's see if that works.
> I see an isolated non-zero two bytes kind-of near shog's memory
far far away, trying to identify imposters @ShadowWizard @YvetteColomb
@HTTP unintentional SciFi...
It did not work.
5:02 AM
:6768495 This is why we should all reply to every single message. ;-)
Okay this VPS is getting the hammer and I'll just keep downloading onto my workstation for now.
6:28 AM
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6:46 AM
> How to make a living by programming from home?
Some look valuable. Some not so much.
7:06 AM
@TelautonomousKitty awesome :)
Smokey is reporting a lot of already-deleted posts here. :/ Is deletion watcher broken again?
Is 12 a magic number of candidates for SO elections? The previous two had 12, and this one currently does.
Perhaps nobody wants to be #13...
bjb can take it, if he wanted
He's too busy college-shopping now.
7:24 AM
8 messages moved to Chimney
@JourneymanGeek who are you, Santa? :D
8:07 AM
@Shog9 Is /home/recommended/debug still supposed to work? As far as I can tell, it was for an experiment back in 2014 and never got disabled.
that's interesting...
This link?
20k MySQL How to get month number from month name using MySql query? cc @rene @ShadowWizard @Bart @TravisJ
yea, can't remember seeing that before.
@Glorfindel needs one more
8:33 AM
SD 4k
OT shower on main
@jnat Out of curiosity... Does it make any difference to you and the other staff members if we remove the tag from OT closed question that have been using it? I mean, does it help you in any way when browsing the real bug reports?
[bug] closed:0 ?
that's why I have asked. Surely, it wouldn't do any harm... but would it do any good?
That said, I could keep them as my secret "edit X post from at least 5 years ago" hat stash...
8:54 AM
12 messages moved to Chimney
@Derpy Don't see the benefit of flooding the front page with off-topic mistagged questions
20K wordpress meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308002/… /cc @Bart @ShadowWizard @Glorfindel @TravisJ (needs 1 more)
20K loginacticvity meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308003/… /cc @Bart @ShadowWizard @Glorfindel @TravisJ (needs 1 more)
Kaboom confirmed*2
@ShadowWizard can you also vote on the earlier one posted by Glor?
9:15 AM
2 hours ago, by FTP
Smokey is reporting a lot of already-deleted posts here. :/ Is deletion watcher broken again?
(for context)
I'm not cleaning up while the Smoke is being investigated.
Please keep windows and doors closed
@JNat that's why I asked :P. If it had some value for you I would have slowly edited them, but I didn't want to bump old topics without need.
sees the office assistant icon
... we need an exorcist.
9:53 AM
o well,
Ash on the Meta
@apaul - If it was up to me that's what I would choose. I was in app dev 20 years ago using stack exchange. While not all posts were on point, sometimes i could patch together 2 or 3 to get my answer. — Stacy Mar 7 at 6:13
Unless I misunderstood, there was Stack Exchange 20 years ago..?
11 messages moved to Chimney
@Derpy eh, we could just delete them ;p
@HTTP maybe in dog years?
@rene That's plausible. Woof?
@JourneymanGeek Woof woof
10:03 AM
April Fool and Easter fall on the same day this year....
@Derpy so... there won't be any Easter then
@HTTP Quick google search shows you aren't the only one that came to that conclusion.
user image
10:21 AM
@HTTP 20 years ago, Jeff played a lot of Counter Strike.
> I played a lot of Counter-Strike from 1998 to 2001, and Stack Overflow is in many ways my personal Counter-Strike
@ShadowWizard o_O
> to the two users who stared the rabbit picture: you are evil.
... make that three
10:54 AM
@Derpy off-by-one error ...
20K XPATH meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308007/… /cc @ShadowWizard @Bart @Glorfindel @TravisJ
@SmokeDetector gone
This is getting akward...
11:14 AM
ah lol
@rene that's a good reason to stand ;p
@rene what a beautiful love letter! :D
Cherish it. Print it and frame it. :D
@YvetteColomb @TelautonomousKitty March, 19 - Poultry Day
Start preparing the chicken pictures flood
Ah, yes. The chicken.
The chicken did its role, doubt she'll be back.
11:35 AM
@rene If you'd run, I'd vote for you
on an unrelated note, anyone can suggest a good string distance algorithm to use for performing some full name comparisons? Have to clean up some data... Was thinking to compute some Jaro–Winkler distance, but I notice that many of the records have reversed Name/Surname
11:57 AM
@rene if you want I can go in there and insult you a little. Just for the sake of balance
@Bart Oh, please do :)
@Derpy aw
1:20 PM
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2:19 PM
Should be fixed. Sticking around here for a bit just in case.
sd del
sd 2- del
Forgot you didn't get those, sorry
I'll clean up when you're done, no worries
Also for future reference: if you want to block the Tavern, you gotta do it here
it assumes it's on the same network
OK, I'll try to remember that
Pretty sure it's always been that way but I don't know
It might have seemed to work
Everytime I used the command I didn't see reports from smokey during the Townhall meetings ... so ...
2:24 PM
I'll make it so that says a warning (since it would know if it was a room that it wasn't currently in)
Yeah, that sounds like a good measure
2:51 PM
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