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12:18 AM
An edit, but only for under 2K. One up and four downs. Downvote's account deleted ...
2 hours later…
2:24 AM
2:36 AM
It's not often that a pilot gives you the opportunity to make the preflight announcement on a flight
2 hours later…
4:09 AM
hm. While its bronze. I have the meta tag badge on meta. This is... meta...
Do any other sites have a tag that is the same as the site name?
It's more likely that they've blacklisted said tag.
Is there a place where mere plebeians such as myself can see blacklisted tags?
Probably not
I need to get promoted then.
4:21 AM
and its probably hidden in a filing cabinet, at the bottom of the stairs, in a locked toilet cubicle with a beware of leopard sign..
Deep inside... the moderator dashboard. DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNNNNN
@Alex try... meta
like, searching for "blacklist" on answer, or on question
Ah. Shouldn't be too hard, with tags for blacklisting tags.
blacklisting is uncommon though
and usually is documented on meta
probably ;p
4:27 AM
sigh I feel like I'm working alone today lol
Well there are 105 questions tagged on Meta.
umm, try child meta ;p
(issue on another site. Guy at third site seems... to be very quiet)
Not every tag on the blacklist is necessarily there due to a meta request.
4:29 AM
@andmyself Yeah I know, but those have much fewer.
@JourneymanGeek Physical site or SE site?
work ;p
physical office site
@Alex yeah, usually blacklisted tags are local to each site
Hmm, it's actually easier to check by just trying to create the tag.
4:34 AM
So far 2/3 sites have blacklisted their name.
Did you check Movies & TV? They blacklisted both of them. :P
@JourneymanGeek @Catija Related question: can moderators see what tags are on the "intrinsic" list for the site (i.e. if normal users vote to migrate a question that uses no existing tags on the destination site but uses a tag on said list, the migration won't be prevented)?
I feel I read a meta post recently about a redundant tag due to site's name change
No I checked Literature, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Mi Yodeya.
I'll need to dig
the mod dashboard is a bit of a UX nightmare (sorry!)
nothing obvious I can find for tag backlists
4:43 AM
I use [computers] as an example of an intrinsic tag on Super User...if it happens to not be on the list I'll have to change the example.
Right now I'm somewhere over Phoenix
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog there's nothing that tells me what tags are blacklisted
or I can't find it
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I was half-expecting that it's only viewable in the DB.
anyway tag blacklists are supposed to be 1) done by a CM 2) an epic pain
so.. probably in the DB
(if there is a place I can find it, I will be very cross ;p)
very cross
wut. there's another meaning...
5:04 AM
@JourneymanGeek The circumstances in this question are no longer answered by the FAQ answer in the dupe target because the system has changed. Can you please reopen and re-close it as "off-topic, no longer reproducible"?
eh. I'm not really a fan of doing that
@JourneymanGeek Would you decline a flag with that request?
essentially though, I don't really consider it a great use of time and effort.
My plane is descending...once it crosses under 10,000 feet my connection will be cut and I won't have access until I reach the ground
go look out the window or something
5:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek I'm on a plane...nothing much to do...
In general!
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I had a flag requesting a different close reason accepted last week.
@Alex I guess it depends on who handles it, but I consider reopening and closing a question for close reason accuracy a waste of time
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I had a flag requesting a dupe target change declined (before the ability to do so directly was implemented).
I asked a Meta question about it once:
Q: Voting to reopen in order to close for a different reason

AlexVery related to this question, I think. If a question is closed for (what you consider to be) an incorrect reason but should anyway be closed for a different reason, should you vote to reopen and (once reopened) then vote to close for a different reason? Case in point: studying for conversion ...

5:16 AM
@Alex @JourneymanGeek There is a valid reason for changing a close reason, though: if a closed question is bad, it will qualify for Roomba deletion, but questions closed as duplicates don't count.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog eh.
that seems a bit like gaming the rules just to have stuff being roombaed
A little mess is good
@JourneymanGeek that's the intent of SOCVR though
this isn't SO though
Anyway, my connection is about to be cut off in a moment, so see you once I'm on the ground.
My personal opinion is that it's better to be precise... others disagree.
5:19 AM
@Alex I primarily consider MSE to be the 'helpdesk' of SE
its kinda of in that strange place where we're dealing with humans, and humans by nature are squishy creatures
Very squishy.
so sometimes letting go of the need for excessive neatness and precision is good.
@Alex that makes meta hard.
tbh, I think the big key to being sucessful at meta is to be shog is getting how people tick
and OCD dosen't quite help there
Being Shog works too
@Alex Personally, I prefer not being squished, but maybe that's just me
5:23 AM
@Mithrandir only 9 one shog ;p
@Mithrandir Just you.
@Mithrandir ;p
(blue meat?)
@Mithrandir I'll need to know what else comes along with that in order to decide if it's worth it.
@Alex tomato growing apparently
5:25 AM
@Alex You must have snark levels at an extreme high, a garden, and to be vaguely feared across the network
@Mithrandir hm, two of three isn't bad.
@Mithrandir I don't think I qualify then.
I'm snarky and I've sorta got a garden, but I don't think I'm feared across the network...
Eh, you're not that snarky.
Everything's relative.
5:29 AM
I used to be extremely snarky
Meta is fun.
@Catija eh, it depends
took me years to get into it ._.
and I know a lot of folks don't wander off their own sites
Ooooh, you can see my first MSE question now.
Of course it's fun. You get to point out problems for free.
5:36 AM
Back on the ground...waiting for a gate.
@Alex eh. Meta's a tough crowd
I think I've only ever had two negatively scoring questions... so I'm guessing that my experience ... isn't normal.
I guess I'm lucky then. All my questions have been pretty well-received.
Q: Have an option to watch a question without posting

Journeyman GeekI'd like to be able to keep track of a post that interests me, while not actually posting (since I have the same question, and nothing useful to actually add.) Since I can get email notification of my questions and answers, would it be possible to add a 'watch this topic' option somewhere?

this is my first question
5:38 AM
(Though none of my requests have been implemented.)
@Catija I had a recent one but at this point I don't think I'm in the rep game any more.
(no 100k swag ;p)
IIRC I've only had one question closed as a duplicate and a couple closed as "no longer reproducible", and no other closed questions.
hm, interesting
I've had a deleted question by one of the previous set of community mods, back when trilogy mods had old MSO mod powers
@Catija you have roughly twice the questions I do in... 1/3? 1/4? the account age ;p
:D I think I've asked more questions on MSE than I have on the rest of the network combined.
5:43 AM
Main sites, that is...
I'm mostly here for answering ._.
Asking questions is fun!
Well, a lot of my questions here are either FRs or Bugs... so ... not really questions, in that sense.
'only' 127 questions on SU
3k answers there, but MSE probably has a better average reputation per post ;p
Meta is actually the only site where I have significantly more questions than answers.
5:44 AM
@Alex being a mod probably helps
Counting Meta.SE, I've asked 390 questions on main sites.
10+ k only (ironically) meta.stackexchange.com/questions/245822/… but I kind of was chasing 10k to see this post.
(I answered so I could see it before, when they adjusted things)
@Mithrandir Where do you get that?
@Catija Doing some addition in my head scrolling through the accounts tab on my network profile.
I've posted over 700 answers this year.
5:50 AM
I've asked 90 questions on MSE and 42 on the rest of the network.
But ELL wins the answers game. :D
And I've asked ~75 questions.
I'd have expected more 0_0
my old second site was 10q and 122 answers (SF)
I really need to get off my ass and get 10k there ;p
who doesn't...
5:59 AM
@JourneymanGeek I just need to finally beat my brother in network wide rep. This has been going on for four years, and I'm getting closer. Only another 2k left!
ahh sibling rivalry
but hey, you're a mod
Brother? Now I want to know who your brother is. :D
that counts extra
@Mithrandir You actually have a brother here?
@Alex I do
6:00 AM
I was going to ask but ;p
Is it a secret?
Unless their brother is a mod too
Semi-secret. I'm not going to link his profile.
@JourneymanGeek Nope. He lost the election.
Came in second, though
Eh... well, now it's midnight and I was up until 2 the last two nights... should probably sleep.
6:01 AM
@Catija good idea
Well unless your brother doesn't know he has a sibling here, I guess it's not one of us.
That's probably a safe assumption to make.
I think you gave too many hints.
Probably. Please don't link, though ;)
6:09 AM
I won't.
There are a few folks on SE who know we're related. Most of them either on MY or Puzzling.
"Puzzling" cause, yanno.. that's what they do ;p
I wouldn't have guessed it without you saying you had a brother, though.
Yeah, we mostly steer clear of each other, because it gets awkward.
6:12 AM
What do you call Community User's dog?
Q: how to take care of community dog?

ankiiiiiiiscenario I live in a college campus where stray animals are not hurt as compared to outside so even peacocks can be friendly. so there's no question of the dog biting me (I also pet only interested dogs.) also my hostel room is too small to keep the dog inside or in my sight. so I keep losing th...

@Mithrandir I think I worked out who :)
Good morning!
good afternoon
6:17 AM
I have to go lol
@YvetteColomb being able to xref IPs certainly will help...
@Mithrandir would be an abuse of modly powers tho
also not fun
I did it without cheating.
6:24 AM
(Assuming I'm correct, that is.)
6:34 AM
@Mithrandir that would be mod abuse 😱
@Alex what did you do ? 😜
asked Google
asked bing
6:41 AM
... I can't almost distinguish @JourneymanGeek 's avatar and @YvetteColomb 's avatar now...
Switch to mobile view... No hats...
ah lol
@andmyself we are animal lovers you see
blame the Winterbash hat to look like SE mod hat :p
6:49 AM
Last year they actually did have the mod hat as a WB hat...
@YvetteColomb I guessed based on one of the hints.
@Alex which hint?
@YvetteColomb I’d rather not say, unless Mithrandir doesn’t mind.
@Alex is it in the transcript?
I'm guessing the "second place" one
And then a quick check to see if the rep counts added up
6:56 AM
@Alex He never minds. Trust me
Ruin his hour! Extreme prejudice
@Mithrandir Yeah.
And he's uncharacteristically quiet.
@YvetteColomb Yes.
@Mithrandir yes
@Mithrandir yes
7:09 AM
Well, I'm his brother.
@andmyself no you're not. I am
20K python meta.stackexchange.com/q/320379/158100 /cc @Bart @ShadowWizard
(sound of del vote being cast)
7:24 AM
We need a sound userscript
big poof
20K kubernetes meta.stackexchange.com/q/320410/158100 /cc @Bart @ShadowWizard
7:35 AM
oh man
the lost ones are out in force.
though one was actually scary...
(guy apparently had his microwave apart. And tried and failed to link a youtube video...)
@JourneymanGeek They spent their life understanding microwave ovens and didn't have time to understand YouTube links
It's not about the size of your YouTube link. It's about how you use it.
7:51 AM
AFAIK, 97 occurrences, not weight...
No. 97 reason weight
Success/All ratio
8:12 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ you know it's now recorded in metasmoke, right? ;)
8:49 AM
@andmyself TIL.
@andmyself Yeah, that's weight.
I still think that it shouldn't be there, but... whatever.
Customization per site chat room is hard to maintain? Where have I heard before...
9:13 AM
Errh... what happened to a user who asked a question 7 hours ago, then got network-suspended for 1 year...
Prooobably not something you want to stick your head into.
@andmyself sock of someone who is already suspended?
Though I'd expect a sock to just be nuked, so... weird.
@Mithrandir or just nose. It's too smelly. ;)
6 messages moved to Chimney
@andmyself he chose... poorly...
Chose what? #nowConfused
9:23 AM
To hat, or not to hat? That's the question...
Indiana Jones reference.
taking the blue pill
and the waffle was conquered.
@ShadowWizard practically a network suspension means, well, a CM was involved ;p
9:31 AM
Of course, question is why. And as always the answer is "we can't and shouldn't know", but we still ask and wonder. lol
@ShadowWizard you stop wondering when you can hand them out yourself ;p
heh and then it just becomes boring. :D
(hey, get out of my mind, bots! ;))
Which reminds me of actual bot being network wide suspended too for 10 years.
(shared that "story" many times already)
It was like 2 years ago, still no clue what happened there.
Poor bot was active in Den for a while.
(otherwise I'd never have noticed of course.)
whoa... exactly 2 years ago! feeling sharp
in Shadow's Den, Dec 18 '16 at 14:32, by Universal Electricity
What happened to NBOT
Wait... that's when the bot was suspended "only" for 7 days, and only on SO.
The big hammer arrived 9 days after that.
@ShadowWizard thing is everyone wants gossip ;p
also since bots are condoned, there's usually a story behind it - you might want to ask whoever owns it
9:41 AM
@JourneymanGeek oh I would, but the two who created it are both long gone. Gone with the bot, though not suspended.
Which makes it even more weird, as if they were part of some voting ring, I'm sure their accounts would also take a big hit.
They just.... vanished.
9:53 AM
... done. 20 retagging edits on SharePoint. I don't really trust this is the actual trigger for the clean up hat, but we will see.
@ShadowWizard does today calendar joke bring back any memory?
10:09 AM
> Sorry, I don't know how to 'pee'. But it doesn't matter now. A grue came and ate you. GAME OVER.
@Derpy ^
But yeah... isn't it from Undertale?
@Derpy what? When really scared it's common to do such an action.
Zork. Grue are from Zork.
innocent face
It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
10:11 AM
What you say!
@andmyself they are taking the hats to Isengard!
Well trying to be more brave failed too, @Derpy
> Sorry, I don't know how to 'light lantern'. But it doesn't matter now. A grue came and ate you. GAME OVER.
Also.. no way to retry, need to reload whole page and run script again. :(
@Derpy oh, so no memory for me, never played it.
@ShadowWizard kinda done that on purpose, but I think you could just rerun the script without reloading the page.
as for why it was done that way, it is meant to be annoying.
11:04 AM
Dang, reached this somehow and tempted to start playing. :/
Is it normal for me to get an email from SE telling me that a site is in beta when it really isn't, linking me to a broken leaderboard, and telling me to go to the meta of meta?
No; it's a Winter-Bash-induced bug
So there are these things called unit tests that software devs can do...
Is that email being sent to everyone?
Hahahahahahahaahahahahaha inhale hahahahahahahahahaa ... unit tests ...
Haven't received an email yet, no
that game was made by some ancient evil deity of pain and tears.
can be rendered unwinable by design in the first few minutes and you are able to play it to almost the end without knowing.
11:21 AM
@Bart It's something the devs of a large site should know about. :P
To avoid stupid bugs like these.
large site being the key here ...
11:37 AM
@ShadowWizard gone
any idea where this question could be asked at?
Q: SICP. Lisp vs Javascript

Vasya FortochkinI've been studying SICP. I've heard a lot of LISP that it is a great language to learn programming cause it's gonna "blow your mind and you become a better programmer." But I still confused what are the key advantages of LISP. I could do the same "magic" with plain Javascript (except macro). It h...

I mean - if the user makes some effort to rewrite it a little, it could be salvageable...
something like "conceptual differences between Javascript and Lisp"
deletion spree on meta. Second time.
Fine, I guess I have better thing to do than trying to give advice to users on where to ask an off-topic question at only to have the question delete while I write my comment.
Q: Why did I get an email thanking me for participating in an ongoing beta on Arqade Meta?

DragonrageI got an email today thanking me for participating in the ongoing beta for Arqade Meta, and congratulating me for making the leaderboard which is a nonexistant page. Does this have something to do with the responsive design updates, or was it just a bug that the email was sent? As far as I know, ...

@Derpy doesn't look like it would have been a good fit anywhere.
11:55 AM
@JNat thanks!
A: Why did I get an email thanking me for participating in an ongoing beta on Arqade Meta?

CatijaThanks for reporting this! We had a hiccup where the chunk of code that excludes meta sites from these emails got removed accidentally - oops! A few different sites had these emails go out, including Arqade, Information Security, and Software Engineering. That's been fixed now, so it shouldn't b...

That's why you always test before pushing a change to prod. :P
@Derpy cruel but expected from such a game to be honest. :)
@ShadowWizard I read the URL. I hate you :(
@forest But dev on prod is much more fun
laughs in doing DELETE queries on prod without wrapping in a transaction
I have to agree. I was very tired once and working on prod and...
iptables -F
"Oh shit oh shit I meant to do -S!"
Had to get our host to actually walk to the server and reboot it.
12:03 PM
once did that with part of a script that recursively cleans up empty folders
well the empty condition didn't quite work right
@JourneymanGeek look for "blacklisted user input"
@rene second one was a guy asking a question that could have been a fit for SciFi. Deleted in 10 seconds flat.
something about Doctor Strange and explanation of some plot elementsin a story. Mind you, it wasn't very high quality, but maybe with a little guidance...
gone instead.
12:14 PM
@ArtOfCode that dosen't look like just tags tho
No, but the ones that have type=Tag are
Or type=Intrinsic
One of em is the URL shortener blocker
So, the answer is: mods can see, but plebs can't? :(
At least it's possible without annoying CM or devs...
See yes. Set no.
12:42 PM
New hat, yay!
It's yet another pair of glasses
I've helped @Bart asexually reproduce O.O
And now that is an indication I've been studying too much biology
Thankfully, hopefully it'll be done by my birthday
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ That gives absolutely no indication of time at all :P
Doesn't need to
But if you need to know, it's Dec 26th
That's pretty soon :)
Good luck then!
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