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12:23 AM
> .@alexa offers great life lessons in "Turning 31" alexascordato.com/turning-31 Congrats on the progress! Can't wait to see you in 2018! -- Hynes at 11:23 AM - 31 Aug 2017
A little late for me, but still interesting...
> I stopped drinking diet coke. I gave up dairy and grains and alcohol. I started practicing yoga 3-5 days/week. I went church hopping in search of my spirituality. I lived in Mexico for a month and spent several weeks in Brazil and London.
Um... I don't know what's wrong with grains, looks like a pretty basic food group to me. The rest sort of makes sense.
cause some people think carbs and.or gluten is the devil.
> I’m eating pasta and drinking wine and I’m not judging myself for it. I’m disconnected from work, guilt-free, comforted by the fact that I have an incredible team and talented colleagues who are more than capable in my absence.
12:28 AM
Looks like carbs and gluten aren't an issue.
Having an incredible team that handles stuff in your absence must be nice.
Following dead people: Michael Jackson's birthday 8/29 (would be 59), Princess Diana's death 8/31 (20 years ago). Combined...
@Michelle if you're giving up dairy, you're left pouring beer on your cereal, which kinda ruins the beer. Give up beer, and you're left with dry cereal - so give that up too.
I'm not fond of breakfast cereal, but rice is a staple food... how can <insert a number> Chinese be wrong?
12:40 AM
I'm just assuming "grain" is short for "cereal grain" here, since otherwise what do you have left? Potatoes?
Apparently, all kinds of grains are excluded. "Paleo"... more in A Healthier Start to the New Year
> For breakfast I make omelettes with different vegetables, bacon, and sweet potato hash (so yummy). Lunch is usually a salad, sometimes with repurposed ingredients from breakfast (e.g. leftover avocado, sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables). And dinner is a protein with a vegetable.
. . . back in the stone age of 1.0.
My lunch situation is tragic... Because of a major construction project, a number of nearby eateries closed or relocated. I've got Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwiches for lunch 4 times so far this week. And Friday isn't looking any better.
12:48 AM
Too lazy to pack my own, on top of that.
Nice thing about working from home is, you can be lazy in walking distance of a fridge
The Paleo site has tried everything tag...
and apparently doesn't limit the number of tags to 5.
@Shog9 technically beer is cereal.
Bread is yeast, water and grain. Beer is.... just bread.. with a lot more water.
usually filtered though, at least the most chunky bits
1:02 AM
@Michelle heh, I've packed lunch my entire life.
@Michelle and indians (least in the south)
@Shog9 usually, but that's probably a later feature request...
1:17 AM
@Michelle did cavemen have avocado?
@Shog9 You going to get in on this? Is idownvotedbecau.se recommended?
1:55 AM
@AndrewMyers not overly annoyed by it yet
2:16 AM
> One idea we've tossed around for a while is just implementing a simple warning: if the system notices that most of your recent votes have gone to the same person, ask you nicely to stop doing that.
I like that. When I'm in the mood to answer SymPy questions on SO, I get a bunch of upvotes from their lead developer, and he gets a bunch of upvotes from me at other times. And there are like 5 people looking at that tag in total, so not much activity from outside.
I'd rather be told to back off than have those votes erased.
7:06 AM
15 messages moved to Chimney
I wonder how many things are on the not overly annoyed by it list ....
7:35 AM
Things that are not on the "meh" and "kill with fire" lists
7:48 AM
That sounds logical ...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body, mostly dots in body: R&d specifically artificial intelligence and nanotech in medical science by Piyush Kumar on workplace.SE
A bit surprised to 'requesting a tag rename' meta post when a mod edited the meta post but didn't rename the tag from the only question on the main site O_O
8:06 AM
Maybe they are in the edit posts mode and then later on switch to handle posts mode?
Not sure how moderators organize their workload normally
IIRC on SO the mods filter the flag queue for a specific type of tasks and then handle those in one go.
To reduce context switching I guess
Not sure if that is needed for slow sites
8:19 AM
rant on meta mode
Im excited that my homebrew third rate noob SEDE query is as good as SOs 2nd line of vote fraud defense :D
@Michelle There is a legit diet in which you try to cut carbohydrate consumption to <25g / day or less then 5% of your recommended daily caloric intake. It's called keto. Some people really love its effects.
1 hour later…
9:28 AM
@Shog9 I understand your second third and fourth internal systems are company secrets, right?
Otherwise I'd love to get my hands on some of those techniques and see if I can use them to make my own system better
1 hour later…
11:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link following arrow in body: Start a Drop Shipping Business with A Simple 3-Step Process by beeketing on windowsphone.SE
Is commenting with out site ressource of tutorial and on line lesson a bad thinhg, that can be view as spam or anything like this? context: op is asking for code with no effort.
Not sure if spam, but it's usually unwelcome. One could "answer" at least 100000 JavaScript questions on SO by posting one line "learn javascript on codecademy.com"; but we don't do that here.
If a question is bad, that's a reason to vote down the question, not to add more crap to the site on top of that.
11:35 AM
Hm... I used to flag non-English answers on SO as "not an answer" but then again, if all text is removed, what's left is a code block, which is a pretty typical SO answer. Just ignore the text part if you can't read it...
Updated this to include August's updates, y'all
Hey JNat
Not enough! (goes to read the update)
11:51 AM
Cool, I missed the "stop reflagging comments for the same reason" meta post.
Wonder how it works with too chatty -> no longer needed transition.
Tested: can flag NLN if it was previously flagged too chatty. Okay, they are technically different reasons.
12:11 PM
Hello. Searched a bit around the meta, but couldn't find anything specific. Somebody has yesterday downvoted my top 5 answers in a row (I can just assume it was the same person). It's obvious that someone is bitter for to me unknown reasons. Is there any place I can/should report such behavior?
@LazarLjubenović I assume you mean on your SO profile what happened yesterday between 16:11 and 16:12
You can custom-flag one of the posts it happened to asking for them to be reversed or use the "contact us" link at the bottom of a page and describe your problem there
CMs will usually reverse serial downvotes if you complain.
Ah, it was reversed. I missed the notification, it was tangled between some other. Sorry for troubles!
For what its worth, if someone keeps doing that, they'll be suspended or at least warned, so don't worry
12:24 PM
@LazarLjubenović I don't think there's a notification for it
there is an automatic script for the worst of it
12:47 PM
Hey @JourneymanGeek You're a moderator, right?
In your opinion is it my place to flag serial downvoting that happened to other people?
or should I leave people to do that on their own if they're bothered by it?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How to express "From the point of view of Information Theory"? by sinidomino on english.SE
leave it to people on their own
We'd need to call in a CM if it looks like we need a vote invalidation anyway
@JourneymanGeek I know, I've been flagging about a hundred give or take serial upvoting cases since last week
1:07 PM
Yes, you've been creating a lot of work for me :P
We'd need to call in a CM if it looks like we need a vote invalidation anyway
If you worked out something clever...
its a bit like SD, let folk know and maybe that can be rolled in ;p
1:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, blacklisted user: Hackerrank "Strings: Making Anagrams" Javascript Solution by sanaya on codereview.SE
sd k
@JNat Are you the guy who has to deal with that?
I also sent the script through the ticket system so you can cut out me as the middle man if you want :D
Generally, yeah. Me and animuson
@JNat If you're interested I can give a detailed explainer about how I find these (But I assume you already know)
@Magisch I'll get with Shog, and we'll reach out if we need that, thanks ;)
1:30 PM
@JNat I think shog has already taken a look from his answer on my meta post
Yeah, I think he has
Not sure if anything further is gonna come of that or if I just keep farming flags once a week
so far they've all been helpful so I assume I'm hitting true positives
1:50 PM
@Magisch with something like this, if you're doing regular flags... probably a good idea to let local mods know what you're up to
there's this chap who was bulk flagging profanity on SU from SEDE queries...
SO mods know. He's posted a couple questions on MSO about how much/often he should flag.
@JourneymanGeek I could run it on SU too
1 hour later…
3:41 PM
Oh, it seems they're trying to build a resource central...
> sucking the fun
almost misread that
I don't want to know
This is the second day in a row that Tim steps in with comments. Not sure if I have to watch out for trouble.
The next time you meet, comments are suddenly eligible to be downvoted.
He's on Affinity Patrol, watching for signs of decreased affinity among developers.
How to DMCA takedown requests affect public data dumps?
@Elias and I'm really tempted to reply with "We hate fun™"
3:53 PM
If the request is granted, doesn't it mean SE has to replace all earlier dumps in which the offending post appeared?
Publishing as HTML vs publishing as zipped XML doesn't seem to make a lot of difference from legal point of view.
Granted, it's not SE but Internet Archive who's hosting the dumps, so presumably the takedown request would have to be directed at them... and presumably result in the entire dump taken down?
Is it technically published when the content sits in an xml/zip file?
If I take a bunch of copyrighted movies and books and put them in a zip file, does than make it okay to put them on my website?
Doesn't seem so.
4:02 PM
@rene Google gets DMCA requests for .torrent, .zip, .rar files all the time. They act on those and remove the links.
That makes sense, yes.
4:17 PM
How is the wifi @Telkitty? And your roadtrip?
@JourneymanGeek would you mind if I extended my flagging shenanigans to superuser?
demote(@JourneymanGeek); // @ApprenticeGeek
4:42 PM
> We've earned the "Guru" badge (Accepted answer and score of 40 or more) #magento #stackexchange pic.twitter.com/TMyTQiNRZp -- Ibnab at 8:47 AM - 1 Sep 2017
We, a guru... So magento.stackexchange.com/users/32932/ibnab is a communal account
4:58 PM
I assume that is OK?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: "You will never be the man your mother is." by anoyyy on ell.SE
5:17 PM
I suppose so. Prohibition would be unenforceable anyway.
1 account, all users?
"We are legion, we are one"
Has there been any news on the Channels™ front or was the big "introducing channels!" post effectively it?
5:37 PM
The next big news would we "we built it".
The Business Insider interview with Spolsky presented them as an existing thing,
But I think "began beta testing" means essentially "created a Google Form for signups".
@SmokeDetector not sure
5:39 PM
I think it's an okay post. The site is stupidly named, that's all.
Wasn't the signup 6 to 8 weeks ago? Still on schedule ...
5:54 PM
Wasn't there some comic that said something like "all software is multithreaded except yours"?
I don't know... only a recent tweet comes to mind.
> A lot of my work is unparalleled. Mostly because it’s not thread safe at all. -- Nick Craver at 8:06 PM - 28 Aug 2017
6:18 PM
Ah, well, I'm going to be kicking off my programming club with a lecture about async.
@canon We're working on a prototype. I believe it will be tested internally to make sure it's not embarrassingly awful before rolling out to the volunteers. We've done a bunch of user interviews to minimize the odds we build the wrong thing. (Trying to learn from Docs!)
(And I'm not involved on the project. Just reporting the scuttlebutt I'd gathered.)
I'm blocked with a message that I can "only post once every 40 minutes" - but I haven't posted at all today. I presume people at my firm are hitting the rate limits?
@AaronHall On Stack Overflow?
patents - 101 rep there
Hey, it posted finally...
40 minutes is across the network: meta.stackexchange.com/a/284769/158100
6:29 PM
@JonEricson gotcha. Thanks.
@bjb568 That's pretty cool. Teaching is a great way to learn and cement your knowledge, and in that environment you're sure to learn from your audience as well (I'd hope).
6:44 PM
and now I'm gone... say hi to happy hour for me.
Hello. Do you know where to ask questions about animal behaviors in wildlife? Is not there something new since this post? Thank you
7:10 PM
Animals? You could try the c++ tag
@AaronHall aren't you a moderator?
Can moderators be rate limited?
as can employees
hey shog
I tried very hard not to incite a meta witch hunt
but all of SEDE is public
Maybe y'all want to purge the queries from SEDE now as serial voters could use their similarity to the official stuff to bypass the official stuff, no?
I'm all up in your dbo schema...
7:24 PM
I'm thinking ahead. The reason the internal things aren't public is to avoid people gaming them. But as you yourself said mine is very similar to the internal ones so it may not be a good idea to leave public
> I don't use @StackOverflow since '13 but one my library users asked me to be there so I can answer questions about it I wanted to help, but pic.twitter.com/H3sCdQvOWj -- Andrea Giammarchi at 12:21 PM - 1 Sep 2017
> so, as solution, I've used two tags instead, yet I really wanted to use the one not there yet. stackoverflow.com/questions/46006825/… … -- Andrea Giammarchi at 12:27 PM - 1 Sep 2017
End result:
Q: hyperHTML, what is it and how to use it?

user2800218Being a relatively new tiny library, one of its users suggested me to open somehow an hyperHTML channel in here so they can ask questions, and receive answers. I've recently updated the library to provide the following features: fully based on JS / Web standards, virtually no tools needed blaz...

Affinity level: dangerously low.
7:31 PM
But, a great use case for Documentation!
Where on Earth did the phrasing, "... suggested me to x" come from?
@canon raises hand
Actually, not a great use case for Documentation because it required having a widely used tag.
@rene What the hell, rene? Is it an awkward port from Hindi or something?
Q: "Suggest to go" vs. "suggest going"

IkkiI took an English assessment test online and this was my answer: Someone suggested to go for a walk. My answer was wrong and this was the correct sentence: Someone suggested going for a walk. Can someone please explain why my answer was wrong?

7:40 PM
@Michelle Good use case, but not the kind we were looking at addressing in the beta.
I think your answer was not so much incorrect as 100 years out of date. "Suggested to go" would have been fine around 1900. See this Ngram. It seems to have survived to the present in Indian English. — Peter Shor Sep 2 '13 at 12:26
It also survived in Michelle English, FWIW.
If married to, "suggested to", I'd be inclined to phrase it like, "Someone suggested to me that I go for a walk."
It would never occur to me to phrase it as, "someone suggested me I go for a walk"
I like the one that's shorter and just as understandable.
e.g.: "someone suggested I go for a walk"?
me too
7:48 PM
Someone suggest to me a sandwich
@canon I'm subject to the issues described here
@Shog9 Standard issue BLT with some very nice oriental mustard
ate all my ripe tomatoes yesterday :-(
@Shog9 Spicy tuna and pulled fish sandwich with extra pulled pork
optional a sauce you like
@Shog9 both of them?
7:51 PM
@rene interesting...
pulled fish sandwich? What the hell?
don't know that @canon?
What kind of fish-flesh lends itself to being "pulled"
Spicy tuna and another type of fish cooked and pulled apart and then mixed with the spicy tuna
It's heavenly with raw onions and a nice cold green sauce
7:53 PM
extremely nutritious too
If I wasn't on keto I'd eat that regularly
@JonEricson omg... nightmarebeast.
8:07 PM
I’m going to teach some middle schoolers regex, get them into the hacking biz.
hey, man... children are the future. Spare them from regex.
@AaronHall Yep, a lot of people were there, it’ll be a good year.
8:27 PM
@bjb568 don't forget the vanilla JS too!
because, why jQuery when you can do it vanilla
and Ruby
(it's so expressive)
vanilla JS?
awww... corrupted chars on paste
8:44 PM
(has (lisp (S Expressions)))
@Elias Definitely.
2 hours later…
10:19 PM
@Magisch frankly, I don't really like things getting flagged all at once since it disrupts my day to day, regular flag handling. Also, considering the seriousness of it, definately needs a meta post, and mod input.
10:32 PM
Granted, I think/hope there'll be less since there's no profit in inflating reputation on our site

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