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3:00 PM
Yes, I'm known for that, sorry
Yes, I'm known for that, sorry
Yes, I'm known for that, sorry
Yes, I know I'm fat, sorry
.... the button is still there, ye know...
lol knew you'll come eventually.... :P
3:11 PM
@Derpy I wonder
What are y'all doing? I leave the room for just a moment…
Are you actually a brony?
@bjb568 having fun.
@bjb568 it's @Bart's fault.
He asked for diamond without giving the magic word.
3:17 PM
> Speak a little louder next time... I'm a trifle deaf in this ear
3:45 PM
@Magisch And jokes aside, before you ask this, one should agree on what ever "brony" means as a word. There are different interpretations, and even different stories regards how the term came in use in the first time.
I always read it as brownie... ah.
@Derpy For me it means "Person who really, really enjoys the MLP show"
With no further connotations. I'm not involved in the community so I don't know about distinctions within it
May be related to rule 34.
4:00 PM
Nope. just nope.
this doesn't even deserve the standard reply.
the cat has won something different.
also known as "So long, and thanks for all the fish"
@bjb568 You **** what?
On that note, lets switch the topic back to something benign. like, now.
Let's switch the topic to me.
Tips of the day:
4:06 PM
> Don't let @ShadowWizard buy those gummy bears.
This TIP saves lives, actually.
4:22 PM
4:35 PM
1 hour later…
6:32 PM
4 messages moved to Sandbox
I already cv-ed that one, that couldn't wait till it popped up in the queue
but thanks for helping out ;)
... you're bad at badge farming, you know?
I am? I already feel bad for the stalking of the review queue ...
There's other queues that would love your reviews. Like the CV queue on SO... :P
lol, myself and Andrewsi would have been covered with gold badges by now ...
Isn't this a FR instead of a bug: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/281000/…
6:44 PM
Yeah, probably... that whole "feature" is a mess.
I hardly ever use the close vote queue now. SEDE is much better.
Yeah I can understand that
:( stackoverflow.com/questions/33085312/… only managed to pick up 1 more reopen vote... even though I don't see how that is a tool rec.
@hichris123 ... close vote mob ...
@hichris123 you can move this to trash ...
6:50 PM
@rene Speaking of, did the room owners ever think of any way to prevent every question from being mob-closed? I think room owners have been going through and seeing about the older ones but I'm not sure if that's what you all decided?
@rene Trash? The closest thing to a trashcan we have is the Sandbox. :P
whatever ...
1 message moved to Sandbox
@hichris123 no, but I'm thinking about making the archiver a bit more aggresive. If it didn't get an extra vote per day or so, just ditch it because probably nobody cared
That's actually a smart solution.
7:42 PM
my first 'proper' tag wiki edit suggestion, I'm quite proud of it :').
What did I miss? Or mister?
@TIPS but... but... I want those gummy bears! :(
@TIPS lol! So not me.... maybe @Bart, when he'll become one.... :P
8:49 PM
Q: 'County' vs 'State'

einpoklumA "country" is (mostly) a geographical designation, a "state" is a political structure. There are countries with more than one state, like Cyprus, or Italy with the Vatican; and state sometimes span multiple countries (e.g. islands under a state's sovereignity). People very often conflate the tw...

9:42 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: UK Postgraduate student loans for 2016-2017 intake by Illuminate Godfather on academia.stackexchange.com …
10:25 PM
@Quill When did the Strawman stop beating his cowardly husband, Dorothy?
10:44 PM
A: Cancel misclicked flags

Michael StumThis is now completed and (for now) enabled on meta.stackexchange.com and meta.stackoverflow.com. If there are no issues, it'll go live network-wide soon. Note that if you're a moderator (and thus your flags are authoritative), there's no retracting. Also, close flags get converted into close vo...

I feel like flagging something to find out if it works... :P
11:39 PM
I thought that VLQ/NAA flags by mods are not "authoritative", they work the same as flags by non-mods...
There was even a feature request Immediately delete if mod flags as "not an answer" by Raphael on meta.stackexchange.com
> It works for Questions, Answers and Teams.
Good to know Teams isn't being left out.
@Bookend I believe you're correct but usually a mod doesn't NAA/VLQ flag something...
Only one more reopen vote needed for that not-really-tool-rec question: stackoverflow.com/questions/33085312/…
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