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2:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in body: How to install android-sdk on linux pc? by Kannan Soorej on android.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: Top Border Image in CSS3 by GregBlack on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: Unable to install Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 7 16GB by Aaron King on askubuntu.com
sd tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SIMPLICFICATIONS by rohith on math.stackexchange.com
Are you implying at that all hackers are not Ubuntu users, @Bart?
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: Forgot password .pst by alvin.hampton on superuser.com
@jadarnel27 I'm implying that I know people who are stupid enough to associate Linux with hackers because of "all the characters you need to type". ;)
2:47 PM
"Typing into a command prompt / shell window" -> Hacking
I think geektyper is actually derived from the original hackertyper.
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: Problems running Altium CircuitMaker by Dan Fernsebner on electronics.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: Problem in running r.slope.aspect in GRASS by Vishal Tiwari on gis.stackexchange.com
3:06 PM
I just realized @Bart message from yesterday is still in the star board. But you haven't actually replied to my question, Bart. What should I actually be believing?
@Bart Too big. Ponies are much smaller.
Perhaps it's a tiny psychiatrist?
@Bart still, this one actually seem an horse. It is a know thing that gen4 ponies aren't draw to remember an horse at all.
Even the way they move seem more cat like than horse like
Anyone want to tag-team with me? Or just plain take over this discussion?
3:14 PM
I try to be neutral...
I mean, I don't know if ponies are monitoring everything I say in this chatroom
It's a good sign of a weird day when I feel like I'm the sane one.
@Braiam nope, I only monitor the Sugarcube room
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: I NEED HELP WIPING by Siddy on stackoverflow.com
Uh oh, out of tp?
took me way too long to not parse "tp" as "true positive" there...
3:24 PM
@Bart That you would feel like the sane one worries me greatly.
> Remember that story about Hercules cleaning up the Augean stables? Imagine how that must've looked riiiight after the water hit... -- Joshua Heyer at 9:41 PM - 10 Jun 2015 via Twitter
Love that story. Still bummed that the feat was disallowed.
That may be an interdisciplinary question for both Mythology and Law: would Hercules have a chance of appeal in court?
@jadarnel27 the people I've been staring at for the last hour say the same.
3:32 PM
> "We don't allow that crap on our servers" isn't censorship, it's just our absence of obligation to host your horseshit. -- Tim Post at 9:12 PM - 10 Jun 2015 via Twitter
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Doesn't let me change my name tag by THEEPICDUDE999 on gaming.stackexchange.com
dat username
@HomegrownTomato relevant xkcd.com/1357
James Mickens fills a void in my soul I didn't even know I had. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/people/mickens/thenightwatch.pdf http://t.co/27EINZcs70
(since we're posting funny stuff from Twitter)
@Doorknob Isn't that Tech Point?
@HomegrownTomato Want an orange gel?
3:37 PM
@HomegrownTomato Are you manually formatting the Twitter links like that? I thought maybe it was the new way they oneboxed until I posted mine.
@jadarnel27 With a bookmarklet
@Bart Wasn't Socrates the one who said something like "I know that I am mad and that is the only thing I know"?
Way behind the times.
Jun 6 at 3:14, by Undo
is this NAA?
A: I need a regular expression with an exception to ignore

paul_disimply made 2 regexps. first filter all lines that starts with that words. And then apply regexp which pulls out legal adresses

Sure, it addresses the question, but doesn't actually provide an answer.
3:46 PM
Software recommendation in disguise: stackoverflow.com/q/30785412/656243
just me or the blog entry is twice in the CB?
@HomegrownTomato Five days is certainly not the furthest behind the times I've ever been.
Is asterisk dialplan config on topic?
Technically, it's just a question on how to config (pbx) software.
Nevermind.. they're using AMI, which is on topic.
Tim Post on June 11, 2015

Some time ago, we hired a Russian-speaking Community Manager named Nicolas Chabanovsky. He works remotely from St. Petersburg (we’re pretty sure it’s the one in Russia). In the past Nicolas was a software developer, and participated in the development of DLNA-stack at Motorola, webOS at LG Electronics and many other notable projects. What we found the most interesting about Nick is he’s one of the founders of the most advanced clones of Stack Exchange we’ve ever seen, which was ХэшКод, otherwise known as HashCode. …

4:01 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu-spam
in Python on Stack Overflow Chat, 7 mins ago, by vaultah
"Joining our network as a very active and healthy site, Stack Overflow In Russian" - it's not very active and crappy questions and answers overwhelm it
Did I misread the email as "mutufukufinance" on purpose?
That's kind of a belated welcome...
Nov 20 '14 at 2:04, by Rafflesia arnoldii
Whoa, SE got a Russian-speaking CM (and it's not me!).
> Page Not Found
4:02 PM
@vaultah SO in english, however, is very active. Still overwhelmed by crappy questions and answers, though
At least some users are willing to clean up SO
I gave up already
@vaultah It got good stats in both QPD and VPD. Crappy posts are everywhere. I find it's more boring than SO because everybody's either developing a stupid internet-shop using LAMP, or doing homework in Pascal or C.
Does SO in Russian run on the HashCode engine under the hood, or has it been migrated to the SE engine?
@LynnCrumbling migrated
4:04 PM
@LynnCrumbling It's on SE engine now. They imported the content.
Must make Nick sad... all that time spent dev'ing HashCode... and they just grabbed his data and didn't use the engine.
life's sad m8
> Community development is a very interesting, but quite a difficult job and, more importantly, it is extremely resource-intensive. What 10 people do, cannot be done by one. As a result, the project team was always missing something... Editing forums; correction of technical defects; the timely introduction of new functionality;
sale of advertising space, etc. Correcting one drawback, we failed at "another front." At some point we realized that the quality of our service froze in place, and the project was stopped in development. We are pleased that the Stack Exchange team supported the Ne
Slightly edited Google-translation of Nicholas 's post in Russian
4:10 PM
tl;dr not having to continue developing the engine (which was a clone of SE to begin with) was a plus of migration for them.
Oh.. wow... thanks
4:22 PM
@SmokeDetector fp-
Somewhat predictably, meta.ru.SO turned out to be a 21st century remake of the 19th century debates between Slavophiles and Westernizers.
@Shog9 I did a Bad Thing and made another sockpuppet, can you merge me?
I didn't know mods couldn't do that, I just wanted to annoy some people.
That's a lie, I wanted to talk to people without being GnomeSlice.
@Shog9 Huh, I never had to do that before.
It won't get merged into my sock will it
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in body: meaning of "I'm so in my head" by Rwy5 on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu- spam
@SmokeDetector done
5:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in answer: Litterature on network-flow (optimization) approximation algorithms by YOUSEFY on cs.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector if you transliterate it I might bat an eye
@SmokeDetector fp- edit suggested
@JanDvorak I gather you're not old enough to have been taught Russian at school...
Well it was some generations ago.
5:10 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: Netbean autocomplete doesn't work in some folder by Siki-Siki on stackoverflow.com
I have been taught cyrillic at school. I still can't be bothered to learn to read it at full speed.
Smokey should add Google translation to reports from lang-SO sites.
Main benefit: translations are occasionally funny.
@HomegrownTomato OK, convinced
5:33 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in body, phone number detected: Scipy.stats.anderson_ksamp negative return values for test statistic by user2514022 on stats.stackexchange.com
@Unihedron around?
@LynnCrumbling positive; half dead from all the late night chess games
Happy bday man.
Thanks :)
years++; eh?
5:35 PM
Oh uni's older now!
@Bart What an offer!! :D
Do anything special?
yay for things to celebrate ^^
@LynnCrumbling any suggestions in the idea bin welcome
Happy Birthday @uni. Wish you a great day and a wonderful year ahead. :)
Thank you @Inf! :)
5:37 PM
@Unihedron Trying to think of what my memorable birthdays have entailed. Some.. drinking... but the best ones all involved lots of people :)
Too much smily!
^ that works.
5:38 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ECUADOR VS CHILE COPA AMERICA EN VIVO VER GRATIS by rokivai19 Jhb on patents.stackexchange.com
note to self: post smileys on kitteh's b'day
@InfiniteRecursion "too much" of them.. to be exact.
@ProgramFOX bad keyword "gratis", blacklisted website "endomondo.com"
Yup..I will make a smiley bot for bjb's b'day.
@uni should sleep on his b'day, that would be special for him :)
5:41 PM
I know ^^ I plan to sleep early
like, you know, 2am
that's really early
Make uni RO of ALL the rooms on MSE
All your room belong to Uni?
I don't get the joke there.
@jadarnel27 no joke, just classic SE awful frontend choices
It makes no sense and is distracting,
5:43 PM
I corrected it @LynnCrumbling
@InfiniteRecursion Love the new avatar btw
Thanks :)
@InfiniteRecursion You're room owner... s/MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS!/MY GOD, IT'S UNI'S BDAY!
I don't think my birthday is such a shocking event though xD
5:46 PM
(Limited time offer; not valid in other localities or rooms. Certain restrictions apply.)
^ Fine print
Beginning power down of our Oregon data center. It's time for #milehighops.
room topic changed to Tavern on the Meta: MY GOD, IT'S UNI'S BIRTHDAY! Wheel of blame link bolted on for your ease of use: jsfiddle.net/Ldvwp8uv/1/embedded/result [bug] [crickets] [discussion] [excuses] [support] [waffles]
@Feeds Crosses fingers
Perhaps I should organize a birthday party in my room or something. I have nothing to do irl anyways - exam features a subject that's none of my business so I get a free day off, parents off as usual, and the entire class is busy with their exams :)
5:48 PM
So, the chat's going offline for a couple of hours?
I am actually generally confused by InfiniteRecursion's MSE profile. It lists only one account (MSE). But if you click on "Account (1)," you're taken to the network profile, which lists two accounts (MSE and SO).
You can hide accounts in the list.
I'm betting that's what she did.
5:49 PM
I pulled the majority of mine, since they're only there for flagging.
Yes, I did.
All my 145 accounts are listed
I didn't realize that list was driven by the self-managed communities list. Neat!
TIL I learned something today.
5:51 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Limit the Internet bandwidth of Android device by chacha bhatole on android.stackexchange.com
14 mins ago, by Infinite Recursion
Make uni RO of ALL the rooms on MSE
if there's one room on MSE I want to be RO of, it's the Sandbox :P
anyway, night!
blacklist candidate endomondo.com this site keeps spamming Patents
@HomegrownTomato Well...I think that feature request is a bit of an overreaction to some placeholder text haha.
I just didn't get the "joke" (although now I do).
It's my highest voted post on MSE ever, so it's not just me overreacting.
We are now powering down our databases in the DR data center. This will be the final notice of the powerdown unless we run into issues.
@HomegrownTomato I didn't mean to imply it was just you overreacting.
6:06 PM
@Unihedron I get invite?
@Feeds SE has a data center in Dominican Republic!? Maybe Braiam knows ...
Twas nothing personal, @HomegrownTomato. I think you're great! ...based on my interactions with you in here.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: READ DESERIALIZED FILE USING C# by RAMWEB on stackoverflow.com
@bjb568 Everyone* is invited! :D
6:17 PM
*: account with chat privileges for chat.SE required
@Unihedron :D
We all ams invite!
Who is the strawberry?
Jun 1 at 19:15, by bjb568
me eat strawberry!
What's a strawberry?
ok I reverse image searched it
It's a strawberry
fruit invented by John Lennon
6:43 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: How do I create a complex Radar Chart? by Kunal Dharamsi on datascience.stackexchange.com
7:16 PM
spam? I flagged as spam cooking.stackexchange.com/a/58159
@ProgramFOX Oh, okay.
7:32 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CANNOT ACCESS NEW VM SLICE by Mike Di Fulvio on stackoverflow.com
> Our first class travel arrangements for servers leaving OR to Denver #milehighops pic.twitter.com/IWbUTwaOYM -- Geoff Dalgas at 12:00 PM - 11 Jun 2015 via Twitter
> Update: this interface has been disabled, the winning(-est) query was proposed by [Travis J] in [this answer](http://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/289709/80572). Analysis showed an increase in second answer rate, and that the answers so posted were typically better (as measured by reception w.r.t. voting).

> The actual "next answer suggestion"-feature remains disabled while final adjustments are made (exposing the dismissal setting, tweaks around answer flow, changes to prompting logic, etc.). I'll probably be posting again in the coming weeks with the final-ish design.
^ click "see full text" to be disappointed
7:41 PM
@KirkBrown you have been given enough starting points I would say. Now it is your turn. — rene 17 secs ago
7:58 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RADIATION OF PHONES WIH REMOVED SIM CARD by Niwemugisha Denis Lohan on electronics.stackexchange.com
Can anyone help me test my bot?
!xkcd find bots
So no?
I don't believe that "434603106442432512" should be detected as a phone number... @hichris123
@SmokeDetector fp-
8:31 PM
@michaelpri What's the bot do?
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in body: Search engine of magen to : need a big help by Jérome on magento.stackexchange.com
> I need some huge help and huge improvement on my magento website :
Luckily we have a huge review queue for that
8:46 PM
@SmokeDetector ignore- edit suggested
Oh noes, the logo is messed up
Reminds me of nicael...
That is me again, show me a picture and ask what is messed up ... I have no &^%$# clue....
The interaction designers always hate me....
@AstroCB It is a welcome bot. It welcomes new users to the room. I got someone else to test it though. It's currently working here if you want to check it out.
@AstroCB Hehe, it has custom welcome message though :)
9:16 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: writing data in defined format into file by setareh on mathematica.stackexchange.com
9:38 PM
@SmokeDetector ignore, just another number
@KevinBrown Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: POWER SAVE MODE DIDN'T DISABLE ANDROID STUDIO by Olaoluwa Aladejana on android.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector NAA but dunno how I should report it to you, Smokey
@Pro what should we do with NAA reported by smokey? "tp" is just for spam, right?
9:55 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: persistent dock icons after image by user349263 on apple.stackexchange.com
@HomegrownTomato I'll look...
@ShadowWizard I just reply "naa". This is not a valid command, but it tells others what is going on.
@HomegrownTomato hmm... fair enough
@SmokeDetector fpu 10.10.3 is not really a phone number
@ShadowWizard Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
10:12 PM
@HomegrownTomato Hmm, who wants to bet that the regex detects the x # long phone number, and only sends that to libphonenumbers?
@hichris123 So, word boundaries? or at least a negative lookaround to make sure there are no other digits adjacent. Also, how does it deal with 10.10.3 that just came up? Which file is this part of algorithm in?
Am I asking too many questions?
@HomegrownTomato About the 10.10.3 uh... I have no clue.
I'd say it just counts dots, but it can be improved IMO
It... doesn't even match? Er... regex101.com/r/rM0pO8/1
Maybe it was ninja-edited?
10:23 PM
@hichris123 hmm.... maybe, think a mod can see if post was edited during grace period
or maybe smokey keeps a log of what exactly it found, i.e. keeps the phone number somewhere? @hichris123 @Pro @Undo?
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in answer: OpenGeo Explorer for QGIS 2.6.1 - No module named ogr2ogrtopostgis by natan on gis.stackexchange.com
Nope to the first question... and I don't think so to the second.
Here's the HTML version: regex101.com/r/rM0pO8/2
@hichris123 I see the regex in findspam.py, which will happily match 11111111111111111111111111111111112334444444444444444444444444444444
I don't see a call to the libphonenumbers found it at the end
@hichris123 so maybe add the bad phone number to the report, or at least first x characters of it?
e.g. Phone number detected ( [title] by ...
10:29 PM
How about wrapping the existing regex (all of it) in negative lookarounds (?<!\d) and (?!\d)? That would prevent the situations where only a part of a longer number is matched.
> I updated the #stackoverflow & #stackexchange server stats: stackexchange.com/performance I'll work on making that page live in the coming months. -- Nick Craver at 2:57 PM - 11 Jun 2015 via Twitter
10:41 PM
I just filled up one of my hard drives :o
Stupid 60GB video game.
Witcher 3?
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: Purpose of spheres and fins on submarine propeller by user1951 on engineering.stackexchange.com
so you filled 1TB disk?
It would help if I didn't have 30GB of files in my recycle bin. What?!
10:52 PM
30GB of trash... that's a lot!
>>> FindSpam.test_post("", "4346031064", "", "", False, False)
Possible True, Valid True, Explain: Country Code: 1 National Number: 4346031064
['Phone number detected']
>>> FindSpam.check_phone_numbers("4346031064")
@ShadowWizard No, 500GB.
@jadarnel27 time to upgrade then ;)
For some reason, when I bought this PC it came with 1TB split into 3 partitions (500, 250, 250).
@ShadowWizard Haha, I think I'll just move my Steam install onto one of the two empty drives =)
@jadarnel27 yup that might work :)
@SmokeDetector fpu like major part of the phone numbers reported recently
10:56 PM
@ShadowWizard Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@HomegrownTomato Doesn't work: regex101.com/r/rM0pO8/3
Revenge, sweet revenge...
@hichris123 Ah, you have 3 regexes there, joined by |. So, they need to be wrapped in non-capturing parentheses too: (?: ...) .
(?<!\d)(?:\d(?:_*\d){9}|\+?\d_*\d[\s\-]?(?:_*\d){8,11}|\d[ -]?\d{3}[ -]?\d{3}[ -]?\d{4})(?!\d)
Or, you could put lookarounds around each of three blocks separated by | if that's easier.
11:05 PM
I see.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SQL SERVER 2000 QUERY CONVERSION by Bob Zarrabi on stackoverflow.com
:3565578 fp- edit suggested
11:29 PM
Huh so I guess +34489252871583 isn't a valid phone #?
Looks too long to me.
At least according to the regex, it is too long. Not saying that it can't exist, but have you seen spam with phone numbers of this length?
@HomegrownTomato Yep.
But it doesn't pass phonenumbers. :P
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CANNOT LOCATE MYSTERIOUS CRUNCHING/GRINDING NOISE by beatles on bicycles.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 I could not parse that.... If you think the regex is too limiting in length, bump up the upper limit in the second block to {8,12}
11:37 PM
Or even {8,13}
Hm... I can buy one hanging organizer on Amazon for $9.95, or a set of two identical ones for $22.29
Decisions, decisions...
11:52 PM
@HomegrownTomato i've noticed that a lot lately at the store where the old general rule of thought was the higher quantity you buy the less each individual piece is, however, they have became so sneaky where that is not the case a lot of times now
Or maybe they forgot how to math.
no, just always trying to find ways to make more money, well in your specific case you linked to .. who knows
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