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@HomegrownTomato phonennumbers doesn't recognize it as a valid phone #, so it'll never be reported.
Hm. Is it important to use that library, anyway? Does it filter out fps that pass the regex?
I... think so?
Okay. Then I suggest a modular approach: do not put a negative lookaround for digits at the end of the regex for numbers that begin with +. This way the above will still be reported after it's truncated by regex and then passed to that library.
Or if it's too complicated, just drop the filter. Does it really make a difference in the fate of posts? Hardly.
12:16 AM
Whatssss up people
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: Optimize large table design by mlbrink on dba.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector ignore-
@HomegrownTomato I just turned it off for bodies.
12:34 AM
4 upvotes in under 40 seconds meta.stackexchange.com/questions/258544/…
Shoulda known it was CR.
12:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in body: Linaro restore partitions in IFC6410 by bitelyuzz on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector I was about to edit, but... is this on topic?
Roomba eligible now, I think.
@HomegrownTomato True = False
@Braiam One nice thing about Haskell is that even if you try to overwrite something from the prelude, it errors out when you actually try to use it, because now it's defined twice. You'd have to do import prelude hiding (True) for this to work.
1:32 AM
Q: Do tomatoes really need support to grow?

cspirouI am new to gardening and I am starting out with tomatoes. I keep reading that tomatoes need support like a stake or a cage. However is there a reason why they can't just grow on the ground like pumpkins or watermelons? Do wild tomatoes grow with support as well?

@HomegrownTomato, your time to shine.
22 hours ago, by Homegrown Tomato
I do.
Dronehinge posted it yesterday.
Aww, and I thought I was clever :P
> The OR datacenter is packed and ready to ship. Don't look too hard at the arrows, it's safe, trust me #milehighops pic.twitter.com/YxrNog5U6v -- Geoff Dalgas at 5:20 PM - 11 Jun 2015 via Twitter
1:54 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SELECT SUM MYSQL by Bruno on pt.stackoverflow.com
2:16 AM
When participating in site self-evaluation, do users actually "Run comparative Google searches" as the instructions say?
It somehow never looks to me like something worth doing.
Maybe kill it as NAA instead.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating words in answer: Why did Apollo mission numbering skip 2 through 6? by Kye Watson on space.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating words in answer: Why did Apollo mission numbering skip 2 through 6? by Kye Watson on space.stackexchange.com
@HomegrownTomato I do, but against Bing
2:20 AM
For a second there, I thought Smokey was just repeating the answer
@SmokeDetector tpu-
2:45 AM
@KevinBrown tpu both
@bjb568 Why both? It's the same user.
They're both true positives…
Oh right, the basian thing doesn't work for answers.
or howerver you spel it
the Bayesian thing doesn't work for anything
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: Bodybuilding Workouts by zeesii wioz on meta.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
2:54 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu -
@James body building workouts should?
@KevinBrown Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Who toil this is the super-sized by tbiba jhuta on superuser.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted user: When will Deadman Mode with High Risk and High Return come to 07 runescape gold finally? by rsstar on gamedev.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
3:26 AM
Jumping back on the SO answering train
Going to bed…
sleep well kitty cat
Not asleep yet.
Is there an internet police place where I can report spam mail, specifically from supposedly-not-dumpy .edu sites?
anticipates no
I highly doubt it
nowhere effective anyway
3:39 AM
Meh, probably not then.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: Nutritional Advice When Bodybuilding by Ralph David on askubuntu.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
4:09 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: A little bit of a bigger another like by kathrinhmitt on drupal.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: Too spaghetti and we don't do the by octier lisa on superuser.com
sd tpu-
blacklist candidate eyebornfacts.org
Apparently this isn't a thing anymore?
Jun 1 at 6:38, by Homegrown Tomato
Blacklist candidate proposal. Blacklisting facts\\.(com|net|org) worked very well: not a single fp that I've seen (although legitimate sites with such URL exist, they are rarely mentioned). This pattern actually made 10 other entries of Smokey's blacklist obsolete, since they also end in "facts". I suggest extending this way of blacklisting to recovery(pro)?\\.(com|net|org), which would include 14 of existing patterns. And maybe password\\.(com|net|org), including 5 existing patterns.
@Doorknob The offensive word was near the beginning of the post, so it was included in the excerpt that is transmitted by websockets. Smokey checks that immediately, and reports as "body". The full-body check is delayed, since it consumes API.
4:21 AM
In this case, Smokey already reported the post, so it would not go for the full body anyway.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: 100% satisfaction bonded? by simyiawolky on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu- this one is based on the API
4:36 AM
@HomegrownTomato Ah, I see. Deleting the blacklist candidate message then.
never mind, too old -_-
4:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Perfect Age Anti Wrinkle Cream by Ralph David on askubuntu.com
sd tpu-
@SmokeDetector tpu- (this was also triggered by body_summary)
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Cause a lot of damage or is by Paul Simpson on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: Redirect after login using module by aaaaaaaaaaaa on joomla.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
@SmokeDetector tpu-
5:07 AM
A: Java (Bukkit) how to acces to the Config with out this?

Adrian SohnDeutsche Version (English version below): Die getConfig() Methode wird von der JavaPlugin class übernommen. Nur einer deiner classes sollte die JavaPlugin class übernehmen oder "extenden". Es gibt ein paar Wege wie Sie auf das config file von einer anderen Klasse zurückgreifen können. Zum Beispi...

Should I nuke the "Deutsche" part?
@Unihedron yes
5:30 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Like to use heavy creams and things on my skin by Bobby Flores on drupal.stackexchange.com
@stribizhev - Weren't you also "thinking up problems" when you "improved" my solution? The OP's regex, for "abc", does not search for overlapping results. The OP's previous question suggests he is looking for a general solution: stackoverflow.com/q/30738714/7586 - but both question are missing details (actually, they probably should be merged) — Kobi yesterday
sd tpu-
blacklist candidate isongs.pk
5:37 AM
blacklist candidate lumalifteye.com
blacklist candidate teeth whitetening
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: She got in last me I'll take by nady shah on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: So, if you want to lose weight and stay healthy? by MarkPenny on superuser.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@SmokeDetector tpu-
sd tpu-
5:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: SkinCare Suppliment For Oily Skin by ridaa wioz on meta.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
sd tpu-

Proposed Q&A site for cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts

Currently in definition.

something doesn't feel right when the proposed person is named laughter
Is there a site where I can ask a question about piano stuff?
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: One great workout people don't by Thomas Owens on drupal.stackexchange.com
6:07 AM
sd tpu-
@Unihedron music maybe
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SIGMOIDE OR “S” FUNCTION by pedro on math.stackexchange.com
sd ignore-
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Extract subtitle from mkv files by blueberryyummy on askubuntu.com
sd tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Do You Need An Age Defying Face Care Cream? by Qufipo Roqoj on meta.stackexchange.com
6:18 AM
sd tpu-
6:33 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Actually love this guy this Isa by mermt popet on superuser.com
ds tpu-
@SmokeDetector ignore-
6:46 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Forge X supplement: Know the Side-Effects & Ingredients by David Johnson on drupal.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: top this as it is in this line on tra by Remy Tammy on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: Later on the video I will talk about you know by leahkruger on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
sd tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: What is weight reducing product offers? by pilonajuriya on drupal.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
Dunno about the ubuntu one
@SmokeDetector ignore-
.... nothing. Seem tavern don't like formal greetings.
Take two:
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: USE OF AC IN SINGLE PHASE CONNECTION by BS RAO on diy.stackexchange.com
7:42 AM
@SmokeDetector ignore-
7:53 AM
@bummi @SPArchaeologist Morning!!
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website, repeating characters in body: How make lovely skin few days? by hilzijuriya on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
8:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in answer: How can I delete old commits in Github via terminal? by Rikard Söderström on superuser.com
My most of tag-wiki excerpt are rejected with reason: "Simply defining what a [tag] is rarely helps those using it unless the tag's name itself is ambiguous. Excerpts should describe why and when a tag should be used. See the help center for more guidance."
But when I visit the popular and frequently used tag's-wiki excerpt, they mostly define tag, then why they are not rejected?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Inside your antiaging Skin Care Review? by jajteuld Oief on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: What is meant by complete outer shell? Why do the noble gases have zero valency? by aditya on chemistry.stackexchange.com
8:39 AM
@PatrickHofman Thank-you for adding link in my question . I had not known the use of current user!
@Pandya You are welcome. :)
@PatrickHofman btw, I should not use "feature-request" in question-title. right?
@ShadowWizard Flag, and move on. Yes, tp is only for spam and has no effect on answers, only tpu (and fp/fpu) can be used on answers because tp registers the question title as spam and won't do that for answers.
@Pandya Never use tags in the title. That is where tags are for.
9:00 AM
@JanDvorak Done, and "gratis" is excluded from softwarerecs.SE because it's a pretty common word there.
@PatrickHofman ok
9:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: it just does not where well as my foundation by Leonie Pk on meta.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
CloudFlare (our DNS provider) is having issues serving around the world. A fix is being deployed now.
10:09 AM
DNS for http://sstatic.net is now propagating around the world - if you’re seeing issues a few minutes from now, please let us know.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Best Brain boosting supplement ever-Brain fire by allie andie on communitybuilding.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
@Doorknob :/ can't even open the site, like others ...
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported question: Cross Training And Interval Training by felon wach on meta.stackexchange.com
10:11 AM
That went from -1 to -5 in the span of ~1 second.
10:28 AM
Update: we are seeing additional routing issues due to a BGP route leak coming out of Asia - certain ISPs are affected reaching our sites.
I knew I shouldn't have edited that rant ... sigh.
@Bart what rant?
The Meta SO "WTF I can't be more specific" rant
I gave it a shot to pull it back from the depths. But the author rolled back.
Anyway, time for lunch.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: what is skin problem by Arlen Frany on drupal.stackexchange.com
sd tpu
10:40 AM
sd tpu-
@cybermonkey Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector gone
I don't get why this question is even being asked:
Q: OP posted code in comment => User brought it to question via edit

ShubhMany a time I have seen the OP forget to add code to their questions. When asked by any other user, the OP posts it as a comment or a jsfiddle. Now, despite a reminder if OP does not update their question with the code a user Suggests an Edit to post, then should the edit be rejected? As a rev...

11:03 AM
Does anyone else see the latest xkcd ("Types")?
11:17 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: the massive beauty product promoters by wolf bari on superuser.com
sd tpu-
11:37 AM
^ answer is spam too
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Is there a Tungsten alloy more dense than gold? by BEN on physics.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
11:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in answer: 'has_key()' or 'in'? by Rohit on stackoverflow.com
sd ignore edited
@SmokeDetector ignore, edited
@Doorknob Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
Huh, I guess you can't have "comments" in sd *?
sd ignore
@Doorknob "ignore" isn't yet shortcut'd
Why are they special-cased?
Why not treat sd * exactly the same as :12345 *?
That's a good idea. Didn't think of that. Working on it.
.... I am famous. Second day, and Bart question still defends its place on the star board.
Really honored
The room is slow these days
Come to think of it, we don't even have a room troll any more.
12:11 PM
Are you sure?
A grammar nazi will have to do, then
@Bart or maybe you all are just pretending to not like mlp and thus you don't want to lose such a wonderful message.
@jadarnel27 we have come to accept brown and therefore no longer see you as a troll.
@SPArchaeologist the scary thing is that I've heard about it so often now that I'm actually close to looking it up.
@Bart How sweet. Brown to you all.
@JanDvorak every time I see that owl, first thing that actually comes to mind is that old child book, Where the Wild Things Are
12:15 PM
I don't see what's funny about today's xkcd. Isn't that just a list of the JavaScript type rules?
Except these don't make any sense at all
in The Nineteenth Byte on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 7 mins ago, by Doorknob
@aditsu I wrote up a quick explanation (there are also some interesting theories in the Discussion section at the bottom), but yeah, those made the least sense to me too.
@ProgramFOX I get the comic =) I was just picking on JavaScript.
For being ridiculous.
@jadarnel27 Oh okay :P
@jadarnel27 ooh, go do that in the JavaScript chat and report back.
12:19 PM
Haha, I don't think I can be that confrontational this early in the day.
@jadarnel27 do we have the names of the people in the audience? Can I track them down and smite them? Gah!!
@jadarnel27 at least you were joking. I skipped over it very quickly before and actually assumed it was javascript.
@Bart Haha, I unfortunately do not =P
@SPArchaeologist An understandable mistake.
Happy Birthday @Unihedron!
It's Uni's birthday? Happy Birthday!!
12:30 PM
wake up @uni! it's your birthday!
@Dronehinge I'm entertaining my guests
But thanks ^^
@Bart look. There are two good things in that show. The first is that the authors must have forgot their brains somewhere else because the plot are pretty mad on their own. The second is that they show a total disregard for the fact that the show was originally intended as "for kids"
so, the result is a "for kid" shows that actually manages to have an episode based on Harrison Bergeron
12:32 PM
@Doorknob ^ SmokeDetector's shortcuts have been generalized!
"Unity has a new UI system. Perhaps this time I'll like UI dev" <--- NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE.
sd delete
Uni is busy so don't ping him, just star this message so he knows you care :)
You all know how there are all those popular youtube channels of like beauty/makeup tutorials? right? well, this question made me think of that, there should be a beauty.se or makeup.se or something, it could really help the male/female ratio
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in title: Better Modeling Tips and Tricks: SHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMS! by Nefer007 on blender.stackexchange.com
If you feel the need to say "please don't delete" - maybe you should have chosen a better title — Jan Dvorak 8 secs ago
12:46 PM
Q: Are the 'Family Feud' surveys systematically fake?

EmmaVAre the surveys in the gameshow 'Family Feud' (and its many international derivatives) systematically fake? When I used to watch the British version, 'Family Fortunes', I couldn't imagine that they'd bother with all the trouble, time and expense of conducting endless trivial surveys, each of whi...

1:03 PM
@SmokeDetector fp
@ProgramFOX Registered answer as false positive.
1:52 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted website: Screen capture software that can record 3D games by Kervin Lee on softwarerecs.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in body: Installing pygame for python 3.x, getting difficulties by Ryan Cobourn on stackoverflow.com
TMNT to you too @ShadowWizard ... or something ....
@SmokeDetector tpu- spam
2:11 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IS MYSQL BETTER THAN MSSQL? by Lit India on superuser.com
^ Spam
@SmokeDetector more spam from that user's SO account
@Bart @ProgramFOX Is this spam too? stackoverflow.com/q/30777689/656243
It looks like it is because of that forum link.
Don't want to follow the link.
Yeh, ok.. that was my thought.
2:19 PM
Yeah, that account only exists to spam that link
@ProgramFOX Is that website a known spam link in Smokey?
The "question" is copied content from other sources.
@LynnCrumbling Not yet, but I'll add it.
@KevinBrown @Unihedron SPAM: stackoverflow.com/q/30777689/656243
Same for their answers
2:21 PM
Wonder how many more we need...
I raised a custom mod flag on that one answer..
It doesn't have a link in it, but it's useless answer, and probably a spam seed.
2:38 PM
I'm getting old and can't remember the word I'm looking for.
What's the word that means, basically, pythonic, but for other languages? Sort of like idiomatic.
Context being, I'm trying to say that while you could do something in (x) language, it isn't consistent with the philosophy of that language/how it's meant to be used.
I know there's a single good word for this but can't for the life of me remember it nor google it...
EL&U Question!
Hmm. That's not what i'm thinking of, though it's in the ballpark.
Yeah, it may need to be one. Though I feel like this may be a Stack Overflow specific word (it's definitely something I learned here).
2:41 PM
@Joe elegant?
Not that EL&U would be a bad way to get SO specific words I suppose, I'm sure plenty of those users are from there.
@Doorknob No, it's not that either. It's definitely not a highly commonly used english word.
You could say that it's counterintuitive to use a language for that purpose...
I also may be imagining it entirely, for all I know. I am getting old...
(or, as @Unihedron said... Unconventional.)
2:42 PM
Idiomatic works pretty well, and is what i'll use until I figure out the actual word. The specific word I have liked before and want to use, though.
It would be the equivalent of writing a c++ program using entirely functional style, no objects at all.
I have a better word
@Joe I'd post on english usage. I bet you get a good response.
@LynnCrumbling LOL
that was to Unihedron
I apparently am not only old and forgetful, also old and can't use a chat software...
2:43 PM
I figured ;)
@Unihedron LOL
There we go.
up arrow will allow edits in chat for up to 2 minutes.
@LynnCrumbling Yep, I will do that.
@LynnCrumbling Yeah, I could do that, but it's more fun to leave my history of incompetence for the world to see.
ROFL. Insurance company is telling me I haven't responded yet to their questionnaire. Which is supposed to be anonymous .... so how do they know I didn't respond?
Oh, don't worry, you can right-click an see edit history :)
@Bart Nice.
2:46 PM
@Bart I realize this is a rhetorical question, but in the survey industry anonymous simply means the data aren't directly attached to the respondent information; you still can call a survey anonymous and keep Record of Contact information as well as demographic information for the purpose of weighting.
You just keep it in two separate tables. :)
@Joe sure. That's not what they claim however. But /ignore it is
@Bart The proper way to send out those notices of course is to word it as: "If you haven't responded yet, please do"... but of course to save money only send to those who haven't ;)
Hahaha, apparently I can't get away with "shitload" or "crapton" in a comment. :D
^ inb4 that is flagged
2:57 PM
At least the user got a badge for the flag :D
@SmokeDetector ignore-, edited
sd tpu-
sd gone
Oooh, I passed 1000 helpful flags on SO. \o/
i passed 8000 last week
my enthusiasm with flag milestones has completely faded
3:15 PM
cool. 96 to go
Congrats @Doorknob :D
@Dronehinge has 33k + helpful flags on SO.
halfway between round in decimal and round in binary isn't good enough for you? :-D
Getting thousand of helpful flags would make a good secret badge.
Q: Implement secret badges

Lance RobertsAfter watching the flurry of activity, and people (i.e. myself) trying to do a lot of stuff to try and get some of the secret hats, I realized that it might be worthwhile for SE to give out secret badges. Some criteria and specs: more work than gold ones of the same type shown with some spec...

@JanDvorak I'm picky
@LanceRoberts how does that not yet have my upvote? Fixed!
3:22 PM
> reference implementation is never wrong.
It's nice that it has status-review on it, hope they do get to that someday.
Hi, Where do i ask this question: "Is there any difference between women and men reviews on products/movies"
I cant figure out a good exchange site where i can ask such question if the question fit any category...
Yahoo Answers or maaaybe Skeptics.se
3:31 PM
hmm ok thanks
Jan Dvork... you are on stack exchange chat rooms too right?
This one is a stack exchange chat room
and yes, I do appear to be here
sorry i meant stack overflow
I remembered your name :)
somewhere in my sub conscious although nothing is associated with your name.
Associate a feeling of terror with that name. Fear the Dvorak!
3:37 PM
*THE JAN DVORAK ~ Lord of Winterfell & King in the North
I hereby bestow upon Jan Dvorak the annual award for making neverending judgements in grammar. May you continue to enlighten us with your wisdom.
Wait, that's grammatically broken.
Help me, Jan!
3:59 PM
...and he is breaking grammar...
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