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1:34 PM
@Uni: Having fun with your new sock? I see it gained some rep too :)
@Inf: Yep, really interesting experience... And baring with the lack of commenting :P
Now you have 63 rep, so that hurdle is crossed. Else, you can always give a bounty to it's good answer from this account.
So, how rude is SO to a newbie?
I'm not sure. When I first joined, the comments made me delete my posts twice, until I got the hang of it.
It was around the lines of "Are you sure someone's going to get something out of your messy code" and "-1 (downvote reason)"
I guess my answering skills has improved. :P
That was a really rude comment, you should have flagged it.
Nice, positive attitude !
meh, I have only deleted 1 question that was a duplicated and it's because I actually didn't search
1:41 PM
I didn't know when I first joined, so I went "Meh" and deleted the post anyway. Afterall, internet communities are full of grumpy people.
meh, meh, meh... meeeeeeeeeehhhhh
But eventually I got the first checkmark ever. It was really great sense of achievement. Like having a first Hello World program.
I never asked a question on SO, so that experience is pending. I like the checkmarks too, just the thanks man and thanks sir that used to come initially used to dampen the happiness. Now I flag them as too chatty.
@InfiniteRecursion It happened again lol...
user image
1:54 PM
The teeth look sharper than my beak
Now I am safe :D
Looks like he's going to eat @Unihedron now...
lol :D (goes to warn @Andy ...)
1:58 PM
Uh oh, I'm next, must escape
There, now unless he says something I'm safe!
I hope our SmokeDetector doesn't get eaten...
Quick, post some spam so that it talks
phew He's only got 1 rep, we're safe.
2:03 PM
Runs past @Unihedron ...
@animuson The regular edit-review process seems good enough now that the user will be notified why his proposed edit was not meeting the intended standards. It just looked weird to me, because the body seemed almost generic text and the excerpt was super-too-short. Both suggested edits were ultimately rejected for the same reason, using the new ones for wikis.
I didn’t know whether there was a run of these, because there is no “look at last N edited wikis” listing in the 10k tools.
uh oh
Hope his cool glasses saves him...
oh oh
2:14 PM
A: How much disk space does SO take up?

Harun TamokurI have a problem. My Ubuntu Server not running on ESX. How to take file on /var/www? Help me please :)

A: Is the "Hi" filter working?

Tim PostThere was a bit of a problem when we rolled out the Genuine StackDeSalutatorSuperDeluxe, it automatically 'de saluted' entire paragraphs beginning with "Hi". All that you've linked match this: Hi, I've got this problem with the ointment Apple sent me, I'm not sure where it goes Instead of...

wonders why no one is happy to see a happy face
@InfiniteRecursion because we are racist!
Happy face? where?
2:22 PM
@Uni: Do you see a smiling smiley?
@Unihedron The one eating Andy
I wouldn't call that "happy"...
Next time sumer comes, inbox it @Sam
2:24 PM
he will instantly leave
lol :D
@InfiniteRecursion I think this would be more effective though.
user image
@bjb568 and @iStimple You two seem a bit more prone to suggesting closure than appears to be the average in users of longer standing here. Might you care to theorize why this might be? Note that this is not meant to imply that you are wrong nor that there is anything amiss in your actions. It is but idle musing.
@tchrist they see more crap than the average user :P
Ah, so it’s the opposite of rose-colored glasses, or the opposite of la vie en rose, if you would.
Support fatigue?
2:30 PM
I wouldn't say they are biased... just that the circles they move around are where all the crap is
They are more active in moderation...
I think the here is/was meant for questions that would likely remain open without directly asking people to CV them, and some users also do it for questions that would get closed without linking them here. Same as @tchrist, not implying it's wrong, just idle musing.
@Braiam And here I was trying so hard not to mention la vie en merde, and there you go telegraphing it anyway. :)
Crap circles.
@tchrist tl;dr
@tchrist: Your sentence structures are beautiful. Apart from the last two words - crap circles.
2:37 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Depends on whether one has the TRAP-BATH split.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: VIDEO ON FACEBOOK NOT WORKING on webapps.stackexchange.com
@Unihedron oh hi @Zirak
I'm... not... Zirak... But hi
No, not you, the picture
Zirak, Parsons, WV
13.4k 5 32 61
2:45 PM
........ XD
Certainly @tchrist. Yet those who have it can still appreciate the beautiful sentence structures. It doesn't impact a person's reading experience. It may impact you though, if you hear them read it out aloud :)
Your choice of words was so good, I had to pay you a compliment.
@Benjamin: The picture above Zirag is upset because you didn't say hi.
It doesn't look upset :D
3:07 PM
I keep leaving a room and every time a new message is posted I get an alert... is that how it's supposed to work?
I feel invaded.
With Benjamin here.
@Unihedron And this picture
@tchrist Too much spare time, too much crap everywhere, must zap all crap.
3:14 PM
@bjb568 That is a hole without a bottom.
@tchrist Meh, all holes are good holes.
Quoth the sailor.
@Stijn: Am able to repro the issue, tested it.
remembers the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland
3:27 PM
@InfiniteRecursion yeah, something's really broken. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/269549/…
@BenjaminGruenbaum Huh?
Invaded :P That was funny, I wasn't aware there was still beef between us, I thought we moved past that a long time ago.
Meh, all R17 people seem to have negative reactions toward me.
I had problems with the way you handled yourself when you were a new user, then we had arguments in the JS room - that was a long time ago and you've improved sense, in fact I don't even recall speaking with you in the past few months.
3:34 PM
"/me hands out baseball bats with nails and grabs popcorn"
Today's Listening | Electronic / Retro Dance / 80's (Mixsets day 22)
What do you mean @bjb568?
@Bart Why did some random user feel the need to submit an invalid edit?
I have to say that the sentence does read rather wonky
Or I just have difficulty parsing it
@bjb it looks like a valid edit to me. And you have already rolled it back, so what are we trying to discuss now?
3:40 PM
@bjb568 Looks fine to me except for the fact that your last sentence was removed.
I'm burninating if anyone wants to help.
@AstroCB Which is a problem.
I fixed the errors.
@AstroCB Are you also VtD, VtD, flagging, etc.?
@Braiam Well, I can't close or delete, but I'm flagging some of them (most are already closed, so a few downvotes ensures that the system will delete them in a week or two).
4:13 PM
@bjb568 Possible robo.
Actually, wow: he just failed a suggested edits review audit.
Those are always overt vandalism.
So...definite robo.
This guy keeps removing "Thanks in advance" from posts without doing anything else: it's fine so far because nothing else is wrong with the posts he's editing, but I'd just watch him.
Robos... robos everywhere
4:29 PM


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
^ Non-urgent close votes
Congrats on 10k!
thanks :)
4:36 PM
A: Does the current down-vote system incentivize improvement of poor questions?

bjb568 Well, you posted a bad question and wasted people's time. That can't be undone. Not only should you feel good helping the community, you also get rewarded by the community in the form of not getting downvoted more! This isn't really a problem anyway, since most well-meaning users read the faq or...

Well deserved :)
Is it legal to screenshot 10k tools to send to poor peasants?
I'd like to see them.
I think it's legal - they do it on Meta. But don't quote me on that.
even I don't know how to access those tools..:D
4:42 PM
@bjb568 thanks!
Day 1 :D
bjb568 : do you know how to vote to delete a question ?
@TGMCians Is there a "delete" button?
I haven't found any button there
@TGMCians Need screenshot!
4:47 PM
> You must wait for a question to be closed for 2 days before you can vote for deletion. This restriction is removed for trusted users when a post scores -3 or lower. If you feel a post should be deleted despite having lots of votes or for being new, please flag it for community moderator attention.
It's documented here.
@bjb568 ok
@bjb568 ^ ^
@Unihedron oh man no I won't call moderator....
@TGMCians Just adding the excerpt for your reference :)
because I want to keep my flag history good,, :)
5:06 PM
@TGMCians How about the stats tab?
let me take screenshot
Congrats @TGMCians :)
I found a way to delete crap question.. @Unihedron your comments seems helpful thanks :)
thanks Infinite !
@bjb568 ^^
5:11 PM
Most commented? Wow, that's just free flags.
5:25 PM
@bjb568 most commented is pointing to those answers which have a lot of comments
@TGMCians Which most certainly have comments that should be flagged.
@bjb568 Flag ALL the commentS!!!
let me check
I don't think there is any comment to flag
yes but it seems all ok, useful
5:29 PM
I don't know...
@TGMCians CV pls.
I flagged it asking for the comments to be moved to chat.
5:51 PM
@TGMCians What is considered a good flagging history?
@InfiniteRecursion high helpful flags % maybe...
@InfiniteRecursion more than 1000 flags and 85% helpful imo
How high? E.g. I have >1.3k helpful flags, and 36 declined flags, 6 disputed. Is that good, bad, average? I never came across this concept of good flagging history till now
thats good
5:55 PM
Not bad... >97%!
Ok. Thanks for the info @iStimple
@Unihedron Got that spreadsheet somewhere so I don't have to recreate it?
you want xlsx or xls?
dv pls:
A: Does the current down-vote system incentivize improvement of poor questions?

xDaevaxI agree completely. Many new users are not initially interested in asking a robust, well-written piece of literature that will add substantial value to the community and has such quality that it could be cited in a Wikipedia article (we do have high standards and that is a good thing). They are...

@Unihedron Whatever. I'm not picky :)
5:57 PM
@Unihedron xlsx with viruses prty plse
^ Here's mine.
Google is trying to redirect me somewhere...
Is the MSE newest questions view updating for anyone? I posted a question a couple of minutes ago, and I can see it via my profile, but it's not visible under newest questions, even after a CTRL F5.
just wait for a min..
Gah, that's typical...it appears as soon as I ask
6:00 PM
Q: Ability to embed a snapshot of a main site post into a meta post

JonKOn any main site, if you post a link-only question or answer you're likely to get downvoted (possibly heavily) and your question or answer closed or deleted. This is good: links can break or change, rendering the linked content, and by proxy the question or answer, useless. Where the consistency...

@Unihedron Requested access.
I meant I am able to see Jon's question at the top of the list
Yeah, I clearly hadn't waited long enough
@Unihedron 403
6:05 PM
Oh wait. It is clean
Is it really a 403?
False alarm everyone! Bring out the fire hoses and clean up.
No, it downloaded for me
@Unihedron Not for me.
Worked fine for me
6:06 PM
Cool beans!
6:43 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CONTINUE HANDLER FOR NOT FOUND on stackoverflow.com
2 hours later…
8:26 PM
I'm getting compliments:
Ugh, you're no fun. — Won't 8 mins ago
Whats special about the syntax at:


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
@SantaClaus Not sure what you mean?
@rene Why do posts always have to be like "OffTopic/13 <post link>" (or unclear, etc)
To indicate with what reason they should be closed...
@rene GIGO, basically — Marc Gravell ♦ 6 mins ago
@rene Well, is it meant for some bot to close them? I'm trying to figure out how OffTopicReasonIds can help be close a question. I don't have each id memorized (yet).
8:38 PM
@SantaClaus Oh, that might be...
@Stijn Pretty much that. If I don't post it here, my close votes either expire or stay there with one vote on the question.
@rene poke
2 hours later…
10:14 PM
translate: test(this)
Meh, doesn't support JS -> English.
Oops, wrong thingy.
translate tlh: this is in klingon.
qaStaHvIS tlhIngan.
@sgroves This is meta, quit complaining about "wasting space" on opinions. — bjb568 8 secs ago
10:28 PM
this user just posts the same answer ... here, here, here, here, and here. What's super annoying is that his answer is actually incorrect too. Should I just flag one of his answers and select Other?
10:54 PM
@DaveChen Yes.
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