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@AstroCB For the first, just downvote everything to be less that 0. The nuking cron will come through and remove it soon
@Braiam no
1:54 AM
I don't think that this user is ready for close vote privileges.
A: using javascript and jquery in same file

V31Because variable b is a jquery element and its html is set by b.html("wow"); More documentation on .html()

I hv edited it...can be upvoted now — V31 4 hours ago
What's worse is that someone actually did.
downvoting on a correct answer should not be the resolution... — V31 1 min ago
Someone should answer "no": stackoverflow.com/questions/25457689/…
2:39 AM
Do you think a node.js site would be helpful? For developing node apps, administering node servers, etc?
@Braiam Do you not understand the words coming out of my keyboard, or not understand the value of the proposal?
2:54 AM
@bjb568 Can't believe those words came out of your hands pawns
So the answer is no?
from a totally functional point of view I see little value in creating a site for those questions
Aww, there's little coverage of nodey stuff on the internets.
3:07 AM
@hichris123 closed
Q: The biggest bug for me in html is that this language doesnot displays any error !!!! Is there any solution for this?

Harshit ParikhI am using html & html5 in notepad++ . The thing is that whenever i code in this language & run this, if i am doing something wrong also then also this language doesnot display any error. So is there any way how can i know about my problem ?

Q: некорректное отображение изображения после обработки в canvas

RuslanЗдравствуйте, такая проблема: Добавляется с помощью js водяной знак используется canvas, ничего особенного... 1 получил картинку 2 создал пустышку 3 вставил в канвас 4 получил водяной знак 5 вставил в канвас 6 получил ссылку на изображение Все работает, но есть одна странность: если тэг img был...

translate: некорректное отображение изображения после обработки в canvas
incorrect display of the image after processing in the canvas
translate: Все работает, но есть одна странность: если тэг img был указан с шириной и высотой меньше изображения
3:18 AM
Everything works, but there is one oddity: If the img tag is specified with the width and height is smaller than the image
Not spam.
4:00 AM
translate: 嗨,这是一个测试
Hi, this is a test
4:19 AM
@Braiam we give up, what is it?
@iStimple eh, there isn't... but somehow all my post seems to be rude to the reader...
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Mar 20 at 23:29, by Gilles
Impatience, n: the feeling while you're waiting for Stephane to see your zsh question
@hichris123 that really comes in handy, however be careful not to paste translate something offensive on accident!
4:48 AM
@iStimple gone
Haaay, why aren't mods going thru the queues on MSO?
5:06 AM
Ooh a blue guy. Start reviewing flags!
(goodnight, empty room)
1 hour later…
6:19 AM
Greetings Sacks of Meat and Various Fluids.
6:41 AM
@hichris123 done
7:15 AM
@Inf: "X is a positive integer." I think you meant to say "X is a positive integer not equal to zero" :D
@Unihedron positive integers are never equal to zero
:O reals
positive reals are never equal to zero either
mind = blown!!
blood = everywhere!!
Hi @Unihedron; how are you today? How will you be tomorrow?
7:26 AM
Greetings @Sumurai8
@Unihedron also, cv-pls the question
@Uni: I meant a positive integer (0 inclusive). Else I would have said "X is a natural number" :)
@InfiniteRecursion Oh I see!
@InfiniteRecursion 0 isn't a positive integer
did you mean non-negative integers?
7:33 AM
@Jan zero is an unsigned integer
@InfiniteRecursion it's also non-negative
@Unihedron [0,inf) ^ Z? those would be all non-negative integers
No, I meant positive signed integral values. 0 rep makes no sense in the context of my post where I want a msg to be displayed to the user. ▲ Jan's range are positive integers.
[1,inf)^Z are positive integers
Sorry, I was wrong when I said I wanted zero inclusive earlier in the conversation. Checked the post again just now.
Don't know. I've confused myself..
7:46 AM
Happens, when you start maintaining socks @uni
Jan has written the range, where is the confusion now?
Ah! So zero wasn't included in the range of positive integers on the first place.
Yes, and my incorrect statement that I wanted zero confused you.
Oh it all makes sense now. Thanks!
Why are all the fields in you sock's profile reversed strings of your profile @uni? Anyone who doesn't know that it's a sock will think this user is insane.
If he can have a proper image, then why not some proper values in his profile?
Any suggestions?
7:54 AM
Sorry, no suggestions right now.
Ok! I'll try to come up with something meaningful...
Long one lol
8:33 AM
... who even voted this:
8:59 AM
@JanDvorak now deleted
10:17 AM
@Unihedron get the question closed and you'll see :p
... am I missing the point of that review somewhere?
me too
10:23 AM
For those closing this question because "This question appears to be off-topic because it's just awful" ... would you mind stating why this is all that awful, and wouldn't a default (non-snarky) close reason suffice? — Bart 13 secs ago
Reviewed btw @Unihedron.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: LOvE maRRiAge SpEcIaLiSt bABa on superuser.com
That's not spam. That is an advertisement for something you are not yet aware of you need it. In fact, every Q on SO and SU and every other site should be replaced by the text of that Q to remind you of this.
j/k, rite?
10:38 AM
I wish I could say that. Baba has hijacked my soul and now controls my thoug... No spam, really noooooo spam. The most unspammy post you'll ever encounter.
kk, ignored
Now I am wondering if Jan did actually do that and is just grumpy or if he is kidding as well.
I'll let you guess
He's grumpy & kidding... an unusual combination. He also ignored me :(
Nah @JanDvorak is just making sure we don't miss Laszlo too much by on occasion stating he's ignoring people. It's a kind gesture really.
I should edit out the link and post Baba's post as an answer
Since I don't know nothing about Drupal I just have to assume it is on-topic, right?
Don't make me take out my smiting stick
11:02 AM
hovers hand over smiting stick
*takes out Stick of Unicorn Summoning*
*points stick in general direction of @Bart*
*prods Bart repeatedly with stick and therefore summons several unicorns from thin air*
*grabs Unihedron by their feet and uses them as impromptu shield*
You want war? :O Well... I am ready for war!
bicycles.stackexchange.com/a/24317 - I wonder if that user ever used a bike
11:20 AM
That is not what will happen if you prod me repeatedly with a stick ...
Is this a threat?
Noooo, not at all. Just an informative message.
Huh, I've never gotten a mail like this before...
I don't remember receiving such an email either. That might be because I gained 2 upvotes on the day I registered though.
I think it's a new feature......
11:30 AM
.... I seriously wondered for a second why you could see the email address in that user's profile ...
Yes, feel free to register on some spam services for me.
/me calls Baba
Sorry @Bart, I appeared instead of him/her
Then again I've never seen the two of you together @InfiniteRecursion.... suspicious
Conspiracy theory.
A: We should be able to initiate a search using the mouse

bjb568Remove the magnifying glass. Don't add a button. I don't like buttons. I don't like magnifying glasses.

-16?! :O
seems legit
I have seen Baba and @Bart together...suspicious
It deserves a "Good answer" badge (+25 score)...
@Uni: bjb has a unique style of writing which may not go down well with everyone. Those downvotes are understandable.
it's not the style, but removing the magnifying glass is a bad idea
Question: Can you place a bounty on a question you have answered, and then award the bounty on your own answer?
no @Unihedron, I don't think so
I meant he/she presented it as an opinion, without mentioning any valid reasons. If reasons are presented by the author, people are more likely to agree @Jan
11:51 AM
the help page about bounties explains everything about what can and cannot happen I believe though
that is: I read about it somewhere, sometime
Yes, you can place a bounty. No, you can't award it to your answer.
But it brings more attention to the question, and people might upvote you answer, if it's good. So it promotes your answer.
Will it not land on your answer by Community if you don't award it after it times out, even if it qualifies for all the criteria?
I would have thought that if there was no valid answer for it to be applied to, it would simply be lost
Oh I see. Thanks!
Uni, Cupcake wrote a couple of posts about self-promotion of own answers using bounties on MSO some time back. It seems to be an acceptable strategy to gain rep. You can read his posts.
11:58 AM
Read ALL the meta posts!
Q: What kind of bounty message is acceptable for promoting your own answer?

CupcakeAccording to Is it OK to start a bounty on a question you have answered to promote your answer?, it's generally considered OK to promote your answer on a question by adding a bounty to the question. However, I was wondering what the most appropriate way to do this is? In particular, what kind of...

A: Is it OK to start a bounty on a question you have answered to promote your answer?

Second RikudoIt's a calculated investment. If you think that by investing 50 reputation, you'll earn yourself more than 5 votes, go ahead. Your bounty might just attract an even better answer. My $.02: Go for it!

False positive?
It was on May...
Was just answered though
question: is there something about older posts .. before 2012 or so in SEDE that causes the query to run really really slow or not work at all? Are all the posts in SEDE? or is their a cut off date? Or are the way older posts in some slow database or something.
@iStimple all non deleted posts are in SEDE
@iStimple which query?
12:50 PM
@rene ok , good, thats what i thought. I just seem to be running into weird slow / timeout behavior sometimes if searching for older dates. Like plagirsm query would work fine for a 3 month period in 2014, but if go to 2011 and try it , don't work. Then I lower time span to like 1 week period and still doesn't work.
Let me check, hold on
Those old posts are there in SEDE (2011,2012), but it runs really slow
I have retrieved some of those old posts last week with queries
Well, it could be that the old posts have to be read from disk and that recent posts are permanently kept in memory or something like that. I have no clue if that can explain the time difference though.
Q: Take our words please, Moderator

revoI don't know how many down votes this post is going to take, but before any words I thank you all for taking seconds reading my post. Why does a community need moderators? However there is a lot that Stack Overflow talked about them, that's too general to be replied back. But obviously, I thin...

@Sumurai8 it doesn't help that a couple of those queries are now hammering on the box...
12:59 PM
OP wrote "It's the only way that a community can help himself to be alive and clean". Thinking about editing it to make it gender-neutral
Surely it should be "itself"?
Maybe "oneself" is better...
Not sure it is when the subject is "a community"
Need one close vote if anyone can spare one stackoverflow.com/q/25461813
You answered the question @uni and are asking for a cv too....not ethical :)
1:03 PM
Only after I answered it did I realize that it already had two vtc's...
You should vtc just because others vtc a question. It isn't meant to be herd-voting.
Good point.
But votes are typically found in small herds of 2-10. They also prefer grass as their diet.
1:19 PM
I edited that question, "unclear what you are asking" didn't look fit for it. People understood and answered it too, it was pretty clear was OP was asking.
I've voted to reopen it.
1:51 PM
Today's Listening | House / Nu disco / Dance (Mixsets day 23)
2:43 PM
Has the Meta effect taken place for this user yet?
Q: Take our words please, Moderator

revoI don't know how many downvotes this post is going to take, but before any words I thank you all for taking seconds reading my post. Why does a community need moderators? However, there is a lot that Stack Overflow talked about them, that's too general to be replied back. But obviously, I thin...

@AstroCB Nope.
That Q&A though... so many votes o_o
@bjb568 That's surprising. Maybe @Cupcake's post taught them a lesson.
I kind of want to write an answer, but I really don't want to get involved. I've already edited out the worst part of the post, which should stem the flow of downvotes.
You can't.
It's closed.
Q: Is this the way that we can get people off of welfar?

Tradd PearsonBy the way if we made these into space suits we could already be on Mars living happily? I don't see why we can't stop working our asses into a hotbox here on Earth and finally go somewhere and expand. There is nothing stopping sending every African-American off the face of this planet forever. B...

2:46 PM
@hichris123 wtf
the tags, too
This sounds like a pile of nonsense, but is the tl;dr of that post seriously "I hate niggers and want to shoot them to space?"?
That actually is VLQ. ;P
VLQ Flags, you're not forgotten!!!!! :D
I never forget them.
I'd have flagged it offensive if I could understand what meaning is trying to be conveyed…
2:52 PM
5 mins ago, by ThiefMaster
This sounds like a pile of nonsense, but is the tl;dr of that post seriously "I hate niggers and want to shoot them to space?"?
So i guess offensive flags are appropriate for it
....... You sure?
Too late, already flagged VLQ.
> There is nothing stopping sending every African-American off the face of this planet forever
@Unihedron True.
@AstroCB ... And I'm willing to bet another +50 bounty that it's not getting reopened.
2:54 PM
@ThiefMaster It could mean either "I want to send them away" or "HALP, I think the government will send them away because they're asshats"
Ah well, it's bullshit in any case :p
@Unihedron It's not even a question, so I don't think that any amount of editing could fix it (hey, look: the definition of the VLQ flag!).
For once, a snowball VLQ flag's chance
Once? I've got hundreds…
2:56 PM
How many declined flags do you have again? o_O
I haven't casted a VLQ flag in months.
@Unihedron Reviewers in the LQP queue will delete/close almost anything.
The problem is when mods start handling them.
Good point!
Don't let mods handle flags
I don't think I've ever selected "Looks OK" in the week that I've been reviewing there. Everything is either "Edit" or "Recommend Deletion/Close."
3:00 PM
@AstroCB No, the problem is not how mods handle them, but what gets flagged. You shouldn't usually flag VLQ on questions. You shouldn't do some of this stuff. And that's simply because the flag has a specific purpose, and by flagging such things you're ignoring the purpose.
@Braiam Then what happens to other flags?
@hichris123 That's very true; I just thought it worth pointing out that the decline rate for VLQ flags has skyrocketed since mods started reviewing them because reviewers in the queue have no problem deleting them.
stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/5607933... this doesn't even have anything related to the question...
@AstroCB Nope. The LQP queue can only delete answers, questions are only sent there to be closed. And you should be happy more are being handled by mods... they finally got through a couple-thousand flag backlog.
@hichris123 Sorry, I meant delete/close, but yes.
> 3 posts Low Quality Posts
I hate caching!
> 10k questions Close Votes
I am not surprised.
@hichris123 So what's their purpose if not letting the community delete stuff without mods?
@bjb568 Again, LQP only lets one close questions. Which is kinda not useful, as VLQ is for the horrible, horrible posts.
@hichris123 VLQing also lets the 10kers know what questions to delete.
3:09 PM
@hichris123 nah, catching is cool, that means that when it says 0 post you should review and when !=0 you shouldn't
@bjb568 10kers never see the flags. Unless they browse the LQP queue, and wait for a question to be closed...
@Braiam lol
@hichris123 I'm pretty sure a 10ker said that there was a list of VLQd closed questions…
@bjb568 There used to be the flags queue for 10kers, but that went kaput for LQP queue.
Closest you can get to that is:
> Delete votes

Most Votes
(I have access to the 10k tools on ES)
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 8 hours to continue reviewing.
3:20 PM
@hichris123 hey, that would be deleted tomorrow
@mvp Agreed and I'd love to, but my rep is here - it's very annoying that rep doesn't go with you to the other sites. — Illizian Jul 15 at 13:35
Don't let this turn into the CV queue. If you have a bunch of cv requests, go to the cv room.


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
3:25 PM
@bjb568 >:(
I'll save one CV...
3:33 PM
@hichris123 lies
lie ban pls
@hichris123 has been banned from this chat room because he lies
LPT: Little caesars deep dish pizza: eat it
3:34 PM
@Braiam :( Also, translate has to be a new message.
@bjb568 Little Caesars is the best
@hichris123 Yup.
@hichris123 done, need one more close vote
3:39 PM
@TGMCians pokes @Jan
@JanDvorak ^^
3:42 PM
no ws controls :-(
You can use W and S
no ,o controls, though :-(
@Unihedron Ugh, requires flash.
@bjb568 Flash sucks.
... Until I learned ActionScript.
@Unihedron best score: 1
3:45 PM
@Unihedron They all suck, except jQuery.
@JanDvorak My best score was almost perfect...
@Unihedron I kinda like ActionScript. But flash still sucks.
@Unihedron Gah, couldn't get over 5.
@Unihedron thanks!
Jan : flagged + downvote
gone ^
@TGMCians don't downvote spam
3:53 PM
@JanDvorak why?
it doesn't help anything, and it dilutes information about how many flags are needed.
or whether there are people who downvoted without flagging
ok gotcha
4:09 PM
Flagged VLQ.
@bjb568 did too
Why? A parenting advice you disagree with is still a parenting advice
> and should be outlawed
> And frankly, I think many teachers are lazy as well
It's a bit more than just parenting advice.
Well, I kinda agree with this part
there are medical issues that should be solved by medication, but medication is not a substitute for parenting
but then again, there's only so much a smiting stick can do.
g2g, bye
@JanDvorak seya
4:33 PM
anyone knows where to do ASCII flow charts online?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: USING FRACTIONS on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
@Braiam What's an ASCII flowchart?
                   — Current file on Disk
    File-orig —
                  — Your buffer (*)
@Unihedron ^
Search finds nothing.
4:45 PM
@bjb568 I can read a deep philosophical reasoning in that sentence
@Braiam I can't, actually
(bak, btw)
@hichris123 other people handles them, not mods >:)
@Braiam Except for (needs ♦ moderator attention). :P
@hichris123 (needs community effort) :P
@Unihedron (needs) :P
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