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I'm going to set up a new account dumper here
that automatically posts new accounts
just temporarily
Looks like our favorite basement monkey's bored again today, lol.
Working fine for me. I think you might have ended up on the Stack Overflow site by mistake or something. — animuson ♦ 17 secs ago
A: How to acheive this mirror effect?

user258613Je moeder is een grote kunt en fies

A: How to acheive this mirror effect?

user258612Je moeder is een echte echte viezerik hoor

uhhhhhh, ABORT ABORT
3:03 PM
Lol that went badly
When does community ♦ automatically delete open questions?
ok, fixed methinks
3:06 PM
The answers were calling someone a whore, I'm pretty sure..
There we go. Bot up and running
stackapps.com should resolve in the next 10 minutes - thanks for the report @PeterMortensen — Geoff Dalgas ♦ 12 secs ago
tua madre è na mignotta..it means bitch — user258616 15 secs ago
Woo hoo free meta flags.
3:08 PM
I got Deputy! :D
@Doorknob It means "Give me attention. I need a girlfriend."
ok gtg, I'll leave the bot running
can we stop it?
in case it gets out of control?
Haha. It can't be stopped. It either works, or Skynet happens.
ya bint el qalb — user258618 21 secs ago
3:10 PM
uhhh, now it's trying to post here but it's throwing a bunch of errors
@rene Ping me if it borks :P
^ already deleted...
what the heck is happening on that one question?
It only takes 3 flags to delete a comment
@Undo spam
3:12 PM
but why
I don't know what I should go buy.
Ok, I really have to leave now, I'll just hope the bot works
cya @Doorknob
FYI, you can use Blaze to keep track of new comments.
type in meta and use the dropdown thingy to choose comments.
3:14 PM
And this... is why comments require 50 rep.
@Doorknob How'd you get it to post users?
Ok the bot seems to be doing now what I did for the last 30 minutes or so...
@3ventic'sShadow ... on non-mSO sites :P
should require 3 rep on MSO imo
3:16 PM
One good way of putting it "on hold" is to actually put it on hold. If the question meets these criteria you've outlined, why is flagging/voting to close not the best option? — animuson ♦ 41 secs ago
so... is that thing just going to post every single new thing? :P
comments and users
Sorry bot, gotta ignore you for now.
3:17 PM
gtg, later...
Same issue on my separate Nexus 7 (2012) tablet... — RGraham 33 secs ago
I picked meta from the sites dropdown list. Strange! I did have a issue this morning where the app just didn't load. Maybe connected. I'll uninstall /reinstall and see if I can repro — RGraham 1 min ago
I think he realized he's not getting anything done by spamming the question
either that or SpamRam picked up on him :D
3:20 PM
So you'd want to have an "on hold" state which would be different than the current "on hold" state (which is in fact the "closed" state but under a different name), right? And this "on hold" state would be attainable after one person with the necessary rep votes to put the question on hold? Or am I misunderstanding?? — Louis 1 min ago
Thanks DoorknobChatbot, for highlighting my comment!
@DoorknobChatbot : Only show new content from users < 50 rep.
(cc @Doorknob)
@3ventic'sShadow 30 days if >100 views, 9 days if >0 score
365 days, 0 score, 1/0 comments, low views
3:24 PM
I'm back! :D
After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue [Y/n]?
Let me think about that.
I'm back too! :D
ok... I wouldn't like to put the power to close a question singlehandedly to the hands of our biggest repwhores. — Jan Dvorak 34 secs ago
@Undo API /events
ah, neat
3:25 PM
I'm going to kill it because spam wave over
Oh, @Undo what did the DMZ folk tell you?
Bot killed manually.
@hichris123 meh, nothing really fun
@Undo Maybe, but I don't think /events exposes rep so I'm not sure how that would work
Someone give me a dupe link for this:
Q: Down voting should be changed

user2492As a new Stack Overflow user, I have seen that all of the high-ranking people on the website down-vote questions without giving suggestions or any useful advice to the asker. I believe that when a down vote is issued, the down-votes should have to give a suggestion on EXACTLY what to change to ma...

3:26 PM
@Undo Oh did you see my link about blocking w00tw00t in general?
@Doorknob surely it does.
@JasonC yeah, I did
@Undo LAZY!
Nope, doesn't look like it does :(
3:26 PM
@Undo rofl deleted. :D
@hichris123 yup, self-deleted.
walks around SR with a pointy stick waiting for spam
Oh btw @hichris what do you think of my new homepage design? keyboardfire.com </shameless-self-promotion> :P
takes advantage of Tavern for free UX feedback :D
And no, it's not Bootstrap, so that's automatically -100 points from you, right? :P
Pings in both rooms!
Both? What's the other room? :P
^ lol.
3:30 PM
@Undo actually, the Y/n is to highlight everything else, upgrade, install remove

 Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break thing...
yay, got 2k on meta!
Use your new editing powers wisely :D
I needz 2k on meta. :(
4:38 PM
Q: Why isn't our Twitter account tweeting?

hichris123So we have a Twitter account, @StackArduino. However, it hasn't tweeted, has no profile picture, and isn't linked to anywhere. Why is this, and can the account be "activated"?

A: Link a closed, locked question to on-topic question

user2586233ventic's and Undo. neither of them. I just went to bathroom for shitting and then went out with friends because i have a life unlike you who stay always in your monkey basement and virtual friends.

Not me? :( :( :( — hichris123 14 secs ago
@hichris Lol
rofl I just made the comment go away.
A: Link a closed, locked question to on-topic question

user2586233ventic's and Undo. neither of them. I just went to bathroom for shitting and then went out with friends because i have a life unlike you.

4:50 PM
You're flagging so fast that the bot doesn't even have time to post them!
A: Link a closed, locked question to on-topic question

user2586233ventic's and Undo. neither of them. I just went to bathroom for shitting and then went out with friends because i have a life unlike you.

... you don't have a life if all you do is this. — hichris123 19 secs ago
^ watch for new posts from him...
Oh, hiya @Bart!
yay @Bart's back!
4:54 PM
@michael It's Tavern on the Flag now.
@Louis Seriously, that's more important that all the other stuff happening right now? :P
@Doorknob What all other stuff? (I know there's a spammer on the loose.)
@Louis The spam. SO MUCH spam
4:58 PM
Bot killed manually.
in Ham Shack on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 24 secs ago, by hichris123
This user is spamming us on mSO, so could you please destroy them here before they spam you?
A: Link a closed, locked question to on-topic question

user258626I have a life that's why i was shitting in the bathroom and went out with friends.

@hichris123 don't engage
@Bart Meh, true.
It's more fun that way though. :P
5:00 PM
Your choice
Ooh, yay! Accounts are deleted.
Er... whoever deleted that last one was quick.
I'm in a car now
.... given your age I hope you're not driving?
Chatting and driving, shame. :P
Lol, I am driving but it's perfectly safuhff hh cc. Bj big hj. Jho ok hgjk
5:03 PM
If you're in "the Tavern" while driving, does that count as drunk driving?
I'm going to a place in downtown Texas for my history project
I'm in an crocodile. Obviously, I'm not driving.
I'm going to try connecting to my computer with TeamViewer and starting the bot again!
O...kay... that mod is quick.
Hahahaha, America and history .... Right other Europeans? Right? high five
It worked!
@slhck I have a life that's why i was shitting in the bathroom and went out with friends. — user258631 20 secs ago
rofl it was deleted before either of us posted it. :(
Okay I can't flag these efficiently on mobile but I can try!
5:07 PM
150 helpful flags on meta! :D
I have 87 :-P
... I can't VTC.
‮Just‭trying out ‮RTL comments — ProgramFOX 21 secs ago
Just to give some feedback, we started hanging out in chat and pointing people there. My impression is that it has had positive effects on community moderation, but I did not run the numbers. (cc @jmac) — Raphael 1 min ago
Lol I broke oneboxing with my comment!
5:10 PM
wonders where spammer is
^ There? :-P
Q: how to add dynamique columnchart in one page

user258627In Advance , i apologize for my bad english . this is what i have in my page: this is what i want to have: my code: ` google.load("visualization", "1", {packages:["corechart"]}); google.setOnLoadCallback(drawChart); function drawChart() { // dessin du graph de la journée <?php inclu...

Uh, that's just OT...
5:11 PM
Was expecting worse :-P
We're on high alert today. :D
Who said "alert"? FLAG HIM!!
@Bart You're the chat flagging person.
Only when appropriate
5:13 PM
where should I post it then?? — user258627 35 secs ago
attomos, Bangkok, Thailand
We don't mind bad language - that can easily be edited. Problem is, you posted on the wrong site... And even on the right site - you would need to actually explain what the problem is - it is not clear from what you posted what the problem you are having is. Or what you did to try and solve it. — Oded ♦ 1 min ago
I don't know. What is the actual question (beyond - fix this for me, that is)? — Oded ♦ 18 secs ago
Another new user?
Yeah, flag this Oded fellow.
Can't be trusted
Lol, he's a well-known spammer
Soooo slow
5:20 PM
Wow, 3 minutes? Usually it's pretty snappy :/
Connecting to computer to check on it :-P
A: Formatting Sandbox

ProgramFOX‮‮‮‮‮Right to left in answers. Does this Unicode character break the design?‮

That time it was pretty fast!
Testing the speed of Doorknob's bot in the Tavern! — ProgramFOX 1 min ago
About one minute!
5:34 PM
Well played Rich. That made me laugh.
Dinusha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Turning off Chrome extensions did not help, I still got the problem. Actually, like the other question, I capped out my "Close Queue" posts for the day without seeing an issue but when I tried to review "Low Quality Posts", I got the error quickly. — Eric 14 secs ago
Reproduced in Chrome 34, Win7. — Eric 4 secs ago
What features are we talking about? — hichris123 11 secs ago
Most of the site's features are in turn borrowed from other sites, so generally - no — Pëkka 23 secs ago
Reproduced in FIrefox. — Braiam 31 secs ago
Q: Is it permitted to clone SO features in a custom script?

Recep IvedikI'm in the way to making a custom script having many features borrowed from SO. Actually I'll also implement features non related to SO. My goal is to make everything open source if possible. But still, does borrowing specific features requires a license or else?

5:51 PM
wow, opendns had a downtime
I suspect that reverse engineering isn't permitted in that case, but cloning well, right? I say reverse engineering because of the spam filter inner workings ;) — Recep Ivedik 45 secs ago
@hichris123 moderation, spam filter and the likes. — Recep Ivedik 1 min ago
Q: How to split hyphenated tag-strings?

DeduplicatorI have found a tag named unicode-string, which is used to categorize some questions which should properly have tags unicode and strings on StackOverflow. Most of those questions have at least one of the constituent tags, if not both. Imho, the hyphenated tag should be replaced by those two tags,...

Why @LaszloPapp?
Same on Mathematics. By the time an edit audit loads, I already know what it is, and am hovering over reject button with some impatience. — cheap effective diet pills 6 secs ago
@RecepIvedik I would suggest editing your question so that the title and the last sentence ask essentially the same thing. When I looked at Pëkka's comment at first I thought it meant "no, it's not permitted" which does not fit with the start of the comment, but then I thought maybe the reply is to the last sentence of the question (i.e. "no, it does not require a license"). Harmonizing the title and the last sentence would help. — Louis 46 secs ago
Thanks @psubsee2003 I don't think it's a user scripts issue seems to only be an issue after the Ajax reload — Ashley Medway 39 secs ago
Ok killing bot
6:00 PM
@Doorknob what was the propose?
Bot killed manually.
@Bart: because it is not worthy on Stack Overflow in my opinion (and apparently a few other people's).
Let them have their way then. I don't see the point.
it is just clean up for content that is not supposed to be on the site.
oh, "dv" is actually vague an abbreviation.... it could mean downvote as well as delete vote...
6:41 PM
@LaszloPapp Except that there's real quality content there. It's closed as opinion-based, and serves as a signpost of "yeah we don't allow this here". Don't go around delete-voting such things, please.
does accepting an answer bump the "thread"?
@Undo: as already written 6 people already disagree, and no, that content is unwelcome according to several people. Bring it up on meta if you want. I cannot accept your reasoning.
sigh then, who cares ;) Meta is the right place for it, or you can undelete vote once you gain enough reputation by participating to the site.
If I want a bunch of comments removed on a question can I flag the question with other or should I flag one comment as other?
some mods prefer the former.
6:45 PM
@rene Either works.
I personally prefer an other flag on the post, but meh
@Laszlo I'm going to modify what Undo said a bit, but the gist is the same: don't delete vote things that are actually useful to people. Some of those hidden features posts have no use, and are not hidden at all. But that post actually had useful information.
flagged the post, tnx @Undo
6:49 PM
@hichris123: says who? One person having the same opinion in a primarily opinion based topic?
Says both of us, @LaszloPapp. Want me to find others?
there is no need really; it will burn in hell soon, it already got 6 delete votes.
flags to request historical lock
I do not understand why you like arguing about primarily opinion based threads; the whole point is that on the site, flame is not welcome, which those posts imply.
Give me an example of flame in that thread.
6:51 PM
I really do not understand why I would have to.
@LaszloPapp, that answer is an awesome answer to a question that maybe shouldn't have been there.
> Before voting to delete, please check that there are no good answers; if so, then the question should be flagged for moderator attention as a potential merge candidate. We don't like to lose great answers!
pfff, those 6 people (and potentially others to come) will disagree with you; that is fine, move on.
@LaszloPapp So 6 people outweigh the 7 thousand views it's gotten?
comparing apple to orange?
Fruit has no relationship to the question at hand.
6:56 PM
@LaszloPapp No, people == people. Apple != orange.
/me steps away to do more constructive things than arguing about different opinions
Q: Help me!!! I am new to minecraft!

RavenAre there unicorns in minecraft, because someone was talking about them? If so, how do I get one?! I have not tried anything because I just saw that question, but it would be really cool to have one!

Because unicorns.
Q: Instagram Unable to reach callback URL

gabrjanI'm having weird problem that instagram won't allow me to subscribe to more tags. I subscribed yesterday to 3 tags without any problem, I tried today with new tag and no effect. Does somebody else have same problems? I keep getting APISubscriptionError code 400 Unable to reach callback URL, but ...

^ What should we do with questions like that?
The answer is apparenlty They fixed it.
Should be fine to leave as-is
Seems obsolete though.
7:00 PM
Looks like a certain someone just put it on hold with a certain reason.
... I feel dumb now.
Forgot about that close reason. Closing didn't even cross my mind. :P
I'm probably going to re-open it as a merge target shortly - digging through dups now
hey fellows !
how does @DoorknobChatbot works ? for SPAM ?
7:14 PM
ok; dup-closed, merged, edited, annotated.
@Shog9 ... anything else you could have done to it? :P
@hichris123 done it all twice, maybe
@hichris123 what a silly question
Giftwrap it?
7:17 PM
@TGMCians we had a persistent troll that kept creating new users and then started posting offensive stuff..
oh well
Can we close this as too broad, please: stackoverflow.com/questions/23044250/…
I sometimes wonder why he gets away with that much crap
yes I also
7:24 PM
He marked his answer CW, did you notice?
And it's CW... :(
Yeah @rene. That's his MO
He knows full well what he's doing.
^ but still he does
@3ventic'sShadow sometimes a single binding vote isn't enough, and you need two. This, of course, doesn't change the fact that a single moderator should be able to close a question by himself.
@TGMCians He is gifted with stubbornness? (not sure if this translates well...)
7:31 PM
may be
Hi I'm back
Hi @Door.
Or is it @Knob? :P
o/ @Doorknob
Catch me up on what happened while I was gone?
A: No results from mysqli query result when using bind_result

Your Common SenseIt is always a great amusement to see a question that is based on the lack the most basic learning, and a handful of hastily written answers, each of those failed to correct these extremely basic issues. This. Is. Sparta Overflow!!!

And Laszlo wanting to delete useful questions.
About it.
7:33 PM
Hey, don't only use half my name, @hichr :-P
Okay then
Flag that answer as offensive I'd say
@Doorknob Yeah, I did that.
/me also
Hit him with the -100 penalty if anything
@Doorknob I used NAA, but good point; it is offensive.
How on earth can a question on URL rewriting be opinion based?
7:35 PM
@rene most likely it was unclear to the closers
@hichris123 ?
I'm tempted to post a snarky comment referring to his username and lack thereof. >:D
@Bart Another one of those unclickable users... and the profile description looks weird on the expanded usercard.
@Doorknob Would be funny, but don't stoop down to his level.
Ah true
7:37 PM
Yeah, that's why I didn't post it. :-P
@JanDvorak Sure, but choose unclear as close reason, or too broad....
@rene I didn't even see the question
Q: I want to do like this. "http://www.nysite/Default.aspx" then redirect on "Default.aspx",

Sagarurl rewriting in asp.net not working correctly: I'm doing url rewriting in my asp.net web form appplication and its working fine. I want to do like this. "http://www.nysite/Default.aspx" then redirect on "Default.aspx", but "http://www.nysite.com/new" then it will redirect on "test.aspx?id=new".

@rene voted unclear
OK, tnx
7:40 PM
done voted
I really want to apologize to all of you for the crap in
> is-jon-skeet-the-devil
Question Title
It was a misguided effort to be funny...
7:46 PM
@Undo I was looking at the screenshot, and saying to myself Doorknob has an autoflag button? Then I realized it was you. :P
bye friends !
That sounds dramatic. But bye :)
@hichris Can't, sorry, I'm on my phone :-P
@Doorknob Undo got it for me.
7:54 PM
I should write up a "deleted question dumper" that eats a URL, scrapes the page, and spits out the text, answers, comments, etc
... eats a URL? D:
nom nom
@Doorknob ... already done. Kinda.
Anybody here with close vote privelege for CR?
From the help page: This site is for code reviews, which are hard to do when the code is behind a link somewhere out there on the internet. If you want a code review, you must post the relevant snippets of code in your question.rene 55 secs ago
@hichris Linky?
Me wants
8:04 PM
@Doorknob Isn't that up to date: stackoverflow.hewgill.com
Nah, that's not going to work. Not up to date at all. :-/
I could write it in Perl so I could put a deleted question viewing form on my website!
Gtg to eat (very late) lunch
@rene voted
3 hours later…
11:56 PM
oh, man... I have a little bit of spinach that's not completely off. BST Time!
@Shog9 lol, I read it as "spin ache". I thought is there such a thing? :P
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