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12:08 AM
this user edits their answers into ..........., I've rolled them all back here, here, here, here, and here. Can someone stop him from editing?
@DaveChen Raise a custom flag on the answer and describe the issue in the comments. Include a link to the user's profile page in the custom flag, as well as links to some of the other answers if they fit.
@DaveChen Also consider politely suggesting, in a comment, that the user delete their answer instead of editing it away. It seems like they want to get rid of their answers and that's their choice, they just aren't doing it quite right.
Sorry, I do not believe that deleting useful answers is their choice. I believe they have the right to have the answers disassociated from their account on request, but for high value answers, they can not just delete them all. There's even a 5 limit delete/day.
@DaveChen Watch out for rollback wars though. In any case, another option you have is to flag as not-an-answer / low-quality instead of editing or custom flagging.
Thank you. I have taken your suggestion and raised a custom flag. I don't usually rollback more than once...this isn't like wikipedia :)
I think I know why he is a little frustrated, he just lost 4000 reputation. I'd be a little mad too.
thanks , I already found the solution without your help — Arif 1 min ago
it was "but without your help"
@DaveChen damn ...
12:24 AM
woo woo getting serially downvoted atm :) (first time, I knew it would come)
You rang?
@DaveChen Lol he must have been part of @animuson's anti-voting-ring rage last week.
@DaveChen Lol this is hilarious :D
@Doorknob I'm hesitant to rollback a second time && I've already flagged
12:29 AM
@Doorknob Rage quit! Although weirdly methodical.
I'm rolling back.
No meta post from the puppetmaster yet, surprisingly
@Undo thank you, just be careful -> he might come and downvote you later ! D:
not too worried :P
Holy crap. This is way bigger than those five posts.
I know, I'd really just like a mod to sort this out
12:33 AM
We must track one down, then...
@user1745356 please de-accept my answer. I would like to delete it. — user2845946 2 hours ago
@Doorknob ^ And he couldn't even be bothered to put that comment on the question itself. It's on some random guy's answer, lol.
lol :D
lol awkward, omg that answer is pretty nice
12:37 AM
Anyway, I think I got a mod's attention. I'm going hands-off on it for now.
in that case, me too.
must... resist... temptation
finger hovering over rollback
I think a third user is also getting involved
at this point in time, should we rollback still?
@RobertHarvey Can you stop stackoverflow.com/users/2845946/user2845946 in his tracks somehow so the rollback wars stop? (Sorry; you're the last blue name I saw talk in here.) It's one thing to be deleting posts, but editing them to be completely incorrect is inappropriate, especially when they're accepted.
12:43 AM
My text is my property so back off you and the mods! — user2845946 1 min ago
Ahem, no it's not; all user-submitted content is licensed under Creative Commons (as you can see in the footer), and you have no right to force us to remove it. You can, however, request that it be disassociated with your account (and it will show up as posted by an anonymous user) if you would like. — Doorknob 11 secs ago
well said
@Doorknob claps
oh doorknob you're getting downvoted :(
Hahaha :D Yay this is fun
12:44 AM
"back off you and the mods" reminds me of "take off every zig", for some reason.
all your content are belong to us
Hehe, I can tell I'm going to have quite a bit of fun with this
Is there anything there worth preserving?
I don't disassociate until all my contributions are removed. — user2845946 1 min ago
@RobertHarvey Yeah, he's self-vandalizing valid and useful answers
@RobertHarvey Looking. Some of the answers looked decent; the majority were useful enough to at least be accepted. He has been explicitly requesting users to unaccept all of his answers and also editing content out / etc.
12:47 AM
@RobertHarvey well, the one linked in comments was a bad Q
I think I'm confused. I was linked to
But there's only 8 deleted answers on his account.
No, check the undeleted answers
@RobertHarvey it's the revisions
12:48 AM
He's 1. Telling the OP to unaccept so he can delete and 2. Self-vandalizing them.
Uh. The internet ate my last message.
@DaveChen Are they all fixed?
@RobertHarvey Requesting all OPs to unaccept and making edits like this to accepted answers
@RobertHarvey not this one, and every time we rollback, he continues to vandalize
Is that the only one?
12:49 AM
Supposedly it was useful to at least one person, seeing as the OP has accepted and upvoted it. Why do you want it to be removed so badly? It can also help future visitors. I have a feeling there's a bit of a longer backstory behind this.... — Doorknob 35 secs ago
I hope there's at least a reasonable response to that
41 mins ago, by Dave Chen
this user edits their answers into ..........., I've rolled them all back here, here, here, here, and here. Can someone stop him from editing?
OK, he just got suspended by someone. Have a ball with his answers.
Woo hoo!
12:50 AM
rollback It feels so good
If you'd like to continue this discussion (seeing as you're suspended), you could post a question on Meta (link). Otherwise, you'll just have to live with the content remaining undeleted. — Doorknob 19 secs ago
eagerly watches meta
grrr you beat be to all the fun
I also got two downvotes as a souvenir! :D
I got 18...
Wait a minute, he actually downvoted wrong answers. Heh, now I can delete my bad posts! Thanks, random person! :P
12:53 AM
I got like seven
@Undo no those were me, I downvoted you
Gah y u no post on meta already? I have to go soon and don't want to miss the fun :P
\serial downvotes Undo
12:55 AM
I'm going to go eat dinner. Someone ping me if the meta posts appears and I'll set my volume high so I'll hear it :P
@Doorknob Maybe he knows he wouldn't have any ground to stand on.
He seemed to be quite confident in the comments....
@Doorknob okay :D
\Gives Doorknob just enough time to walk out of the room... wait for it...
opens realtime tab
12:56 AM
@Doorknob @Doorknob @Doorknob !
Haha I'm still here I tricked you :P
anyway now bye
1:08 AM
is tempted to ping Doorknob to tell him nothing has come up yet
@Doorknob y u no link to the Ask a Question page?
@hichris123 Dang it you made me think he posted it :P
I'm almost done with dinner
@RobertHarvey Do you have any objection if I flag his comments asking for people to unaccept the answer?
I flagged most of them as non-constructive
@hichris123 I hope not because I flagged every one of them as non-constructive as soon as this thing started, lol.
1:19 AM
... okay. Gah, why isn't SEDE updated yet?
Oh, API might help.
@Doorknob Guess what!! NOTHING!!
I just want the ID's so I can auto-flag them. :D
cough lazy
@Andy I love my autoflagging script (ManishEarth actually made it).
@JasonC Hooray! :P I finished eating
1:21 AM
@hichris123 That's cool. I've used Blaze before and found that helpful. I haven't seen anything autoflagging so it must not be in there.
@Andy It's actually part of Charcoal, but Charcoal's currently locked down.
Ah. Makes sense then. I've clicked over to that, but got the password prompt and figured I wasn't allowed past that point
1:39 AM
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 15 mins ago, by HackToHell
And someone got the key ! https://www.cloudflarechallenge.com/heartbleed
Any idea why my question got downvoted?
Q: Get contents of another site's element using only JavaScript

The Guy with The HatI'm making a userscript that requires finding a word related to another word. I found a site where I can go to http://semantic-link.com/#/stack, and there will be a list of words related to stack in the format of: <!-- various stuffs here, e.g. <head>, a <div>, another <div>, start of <body> -->...

1:55 AM
@TheGuywithTheHat No clue. I'm not seeing anything that looks problematic.
@hichris123 I AM EVAN CARROLL!!!
@EvanCarroll So I noticed.
I have revealed myself to you. It stands to reason that you noticed. Like all good revelations not made by incompetent fools, one can not doubt it.
Ah ah ahhh everyone hide
@Doorknob whispers "am I hidden well enough?"
2:06 AM
do italics make us hidden? I hope so
2:23 AM
Hello. I can't find where is the rule telling to avoid things like "Please help" "Thanks" at the end of questions on SO. I just wonned 40rep by rmoving things like this on posts.
I awoke the beast. :(
Q: Should 'Hi', 'thanks,' taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?

GEOCHETI edit a lot of posts every day. I often run across posts with 'Hi' and 'Thanks' on the top and the bottom of the post respectively. I also run across things like: --User Should these items be removed during the editing of the post by an editor?

@EvanCarroll Your statement is incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial.
2:37 AM
@hichris123 Thanks a reviewer seems to disagred with me on this question.
@user2284570 which?
2:58 AM
@JasonC automatically?
That's a reply, fyi.
No, that's not saving face- I was mentioning that it was out of place.
Hopefully that works- questions? the Tavern is where I lurk.
@EvanCarroll Wow! You think very highly of yourself :P
3:16 AM
@BlueIce Hmm, that could work.
@JasonC I have some other suggestions, if you want.
@michaelb I was kind of expecting an act that would make people google things :(
but no, it was about the guvmint.
@Braiam I thought I had a red box appearing (which prevent me to countinue) when the edit makes less than 6 characters...
3:48 AM
@Shog9 Do you know how I can file a formal complaint against a user?
@GnomeSlice is this the f-word chat user?
@BlueIce No, it's a mod actually.
I found the contact form, guess I'll use that.
@GnomeSlice Welp, good luck! I won't pry. ;)
I was banned for 8 hours from stackexchange chat with no notice by a moderator who was not talking to or with me, in a room I was not particularly engaged in.
And then my other room was frozen.
Another moderator reversed it because it was unwarranted.
Yuck. That stinks.
@GnomeSlice Oooh, I have a song for you to listen to!
3:53 AM
@BlueIce Hit me
It's almost midnight, so just one
It's not the type of music that you usually post, but here:
I have the album and I think it's pretty good :)
@BlueIce This is pretty chill.
Wow, the user deleted my room too.
@Gnome I can see your point about your room. However, that talk is clearly off topic for the main room. I'll contact the user in a sec.
@hichris123 Which talk?
@GnomeSlice I think so too :)
4:00 AM
@BlueIce This is pretty cool, thanks.
I know somebody who would really like this too.
@Gnome All the stuff in gamedev that wasn't about game development.
@hichris123 Yes, that's a reasonable request, make the gamedev room about gamedev. That's why I made the new room.
@gnome Yeah, no problem! I like it when you share music you like here, so I thought I could share some too.
For off-topic chatter.
Which makes sense.
4:02 AM
Yeah, messing with that is a little out-of-bounds.
I'll ask the mod that froze it to unfreeze it.
Yeah, well, he deleted it and banned me for it.
@hichris123 It's deleted.
hoo. even mods have bad days, I guess.
He's not even a gamedev mod.
@Gnome I still see one of them there...

 General Chatter

Off-topic discussion for gamedev.se. Blather away!
4:04 AM
@gnome It's nice :)
@hichris123 That one was a mistake, I accidentally tied it to arqade not gamedev
That's the one
> General Chatter: Off-topic and general discussion for gamedev.se. Talk about whatever you like! For serious game-development discussion, please visit the main chatroom.
@gnome Oooh, Chrome Sparks will be in Denver soon!
Are there other tracks also good?
@BlueIce I only know that one, somebody showed it to me recently.
Hadn't heard of him before.
I submitted a thing through the SE contact form
4:10 AM
@GnomeSlice hum. Hopefully you get that worked out.
The guy seems like kind of a dick
The person who reversed my suspension said to stay away.
@Gnome Meh, isn't that really what the Bridge is for?
Random conversations?
@hichris123 The Bridge is on another SE site. Gaming, not Game Dev.
4:13 AM
... and?
And there was a big discussion in the gamedev room about how people wanted to keep the gamedev room for gamedev discussions. So I made another room for talking about other stuff, and a bunch of people joined and seemed to think it was a good idea.
And I guess I got banned for that? For 8 hours?
@GnomeSlice To stay away from the room that you created yourself?
@BlueIce No, from the guy who banned me. he/she said he is a dick
@Gnome ouch. mod fight?
They didn't get involved, just reversed it for me.
> No problem. You didn't deserve that.
4:16 AM
Lemme guess: Arqade mod @Gnome?
Anyway, I guess I will let SE look at it, but since I'm the one complaining I wouldn't expect anything to be done.
@hichris123 It's not really relevant who it was. But they immediately agreed it was an unwarranted suspension.
I know mods outside of Arqade.
@gnome Why wouldn't they do anything? It seems like you have a mod helping you out here.
@BlueIce Because "GnomeSlice"
Who knows though.
@Gnome I still don't get why you guys can't have that room.
4:19 AM
@hichris123 Feel free to ask him.
I don't really want him to know my suspension was reversed.
He said to ask on mSO. :P

 Game Development

Game development and other polite discussion. Game development...
He's still there.
... I'm in a different room.
@hichris linky?
This is the room that was deleted: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/13870/general-chatter
I made two more before it, but I messed them both up and tied them to the wrong site.
(My bad)
the first one was frozen because it was tied to the wrong site
which is fine
4:21 AM
Writing answers to questions suggested we get paid in bitcoins or what have you is an excellent cardiovascular workout.
Holy crap, @Jason's avatar just flew across the screen at like the speed of light.
@Undo lol, link?
Q: If we are essentialy "working" for Stack Sites. Why don't we get compensated? Even with miniscule alt coins?

ENC0D3DIf we are effectively generating more traffic to StackExchange. Why don't we get compensated somehow besides rep points?

@Undo hahahahahaha
when I saw that title I thought, "I haven't gotten in my weekly community-agreeing idea-smashing meta post. This looks like a good opurtunity."
@Undo this made me smile:
Stack Exchange already paid me by giving me knowledge. I should've paid Stack Exchange. — Pang 15 mins ago
Me too.
@BlueIce So that's how they'll be monetizing...
I was tempted to put, "and if anyone needs to be paid it's the mods and we don't want to", but I was worried I'd spawn a holywar about something :P
4:26 AM
@hichris123 Well, don't worry about it I guess.
@michaelb958 I thought they would sell the natural sunshine and love which radiates from unicorns. :))
@Gnome I'll stop worrying about it when I fall asleep. ;)
Anyway, off to bed. Cya folks.
@Undo Perhaps because you are a mod? :P
@Undo Night! Cya!
4:39 AM
Should I ask him about it, or would that cause trouble?
I'm really annoyed
@Gnome Would you be ok with it if I asked him politely? I don't want there to be a firefight between you guys.
Only if you want to, don't really want to drag anybody else into it
I don't even know him
@Gnomeslice I don't want you to be mad, so I want to help, then :)
How does this sound:
"Hi rolfl! I just wanted to understand your reasoning a little more when you deleted my friend's chat room <insert chat room name here>. Neither of us really understood why it was deleted, and we would love some insight into what the issue was that caused you to delete it. Thank you so much."
@Gnome I can't see why he can get mad if I'm polite about things.
4:56 AM
That has a lot less curse words than I would probably use
Does that mean it's ok? :P
I'm more upset about the 8 hour ban out of nowhere than the loss of the room
I wasn't even involved with him
dont worry about it
thanks though
Ok, I'll let it be, then. Whatever works for you, works for me. :)
I'm a big proponent of defusing situations, but if you aren't really angry, then there isn't much of an issue IMHO.
@GnomeSlice After all, I wouldn't be so worried that the team won't take a good look at your email. There are nice people out there, you know :)
Duy Huynh, New York, United States
^google glass!
That was a sudden topic shift.
@michaelb958 Yeah, the google glass thing was urgent.
"Helo friends"
Q: Blank output in javascript

user3517846Helo friends i have coded a js script to find out the value of this in a function.The code is function hello(this) { this.value = 10; document.write(this); }; var c = new hello(c); c(); But i get this output as blank...I know this depends upon how the function is called and here c is the val...

I like it when people say "hello friends"- it's adorable :)
OK, I'm going to bed!
5:06 AM
It's like "HAHAHA, you think we're your friends! That's adorable!"
Goodnight @GnomeSlice! Hopefully you get your issue solved!
@michaelb958 Hi, new user! I'm your friend! That's, um, adorable?
@michaelb958 like this:
or this:
user image
marshmella cat!
With that, goodnight to you too, @michaelb958!
@BlueIce Goodnight, "friend"!
5:51 AM
the tag score update finally worked!
6:02 AM
Q: "Cannot find -lGL" in Qt (amd graphics card)

user3466884Seems like this is a pretty common issue. One of the answers told me to install "libgl-dev", which gave me: Package libgl-dev is a virtual package provided by: libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev 8.0.4-0ubuntu0.7 libgl1-mesa-dev-lts-saucy 9.2.1-1ubuntu3~precise1 libgl1-mesa-dev-lts-raring 9.1.7-1ubuntu2...

duplicate close vote, please. It was asked many times, already.
thanks, two more to go.
@Undo That's because my avatar is from the future.
@LaszloPapp The only answer in that other question, though, suggests using mesa.
have you read it carefully?
Maybe not carefully enough? One second.
6:12 AM
it is almost identical, but I also had such answers, at least once, perhaps I should have duped it to my answer :D
Oh yeah that's totally a duplicate.
Q: Android : error libGL.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Yasir AdnanI was trying to run android emulator in Ubuntu 12.04(64-bit). But, I got the following errors. Starting emulator for AVD 'emulatr' Failed to load libGL.so error libGL.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Failed to load libGL.so error libGL.so: cannot open shared object f...

Q: Qt in Debian, can't compile, error: cannot find -lGL

Michał ZubrzyckiI have a problem buildin any aplication in Qt on Debian. When I try to complie anything I get: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [test] Error 1 14:38:52: Proces "/usr/bin/make" zakończył się kodem wyjściowym 2. Last line means: Procces(...) exit...

and many more for the same stuff, all duplicates.
let us close the later with duplicate, too
I marked this one as a duplicate, too: stackoverflow.com/questions/18406369/…
6:39 AM
@JasonC: why do you reply to duplicated and primarily opinion based questions? :O
"which one to install" is primarily opinion based.
that question could have been closed for three reasons: 1) opinion based 2) too broad 3) duplicate
it is not a good idea to feed them with answers.
@LaszloPapp Because the OP was confused about what those packages were, and none of the other questions I found explained what they were.
In general, I downvote answers that I see feeding clearly off-topic or otherwise closed questions I am afraid.
Good for you. And can you please stop turning chat into a review queue RSS feed?
I do not think you decide about the rules here, and the chat has been working the way it does for a long time before you coming here lately.
people do post close vote requests, and others even appreciate that.
I just pretty much followed what others have been already doing here. If you want to bash about it, talk to the channel owner(s).
Yes I know. People should absolutely post close vote requests here. Also, can you please stop turning chat in to a review queue RSS feed? That particular issue is unique to you. And now you're butt hurt about criticism again. Give it a break already.
6:49 AM
I have no idea what you are talking about, I am afraid. These were all dup cv requests. But I think this is not an appropriate tone, and you were already locked out by SP from the other room for the same reason.
@JanDvorak: it was already done.
that approver has a really high ratio
either that, or mine is really low
@LaszloPapp Back to the old "inappropriate" default and psuedo-defamation, I see. And yet, you wonder why you are often met with negative responses from others. Perhaps the problem is you.
@JanDvorak: yes, 90/10
6:52 AM
Here, we'll play your game. I'm setting you to ignore. And the next time I hear somebody respond to you with something negative, I'll say, "Yes that's why I ignored him" just to rub it in and pretend like my action had actual meaning.
that escalated quickly
@Braiam Meh, it's been brewing.
takes over-sized bucket of H2O and splashes it over all people in the chat
^ that should do the trick
There's a car accident on the corner in front of my house at least once a week. I should put a camera out there and start a YouTube channel.
Although I'd never be able to beat 11foot8.com
Probably not legal to do that
7:08 AM
I don't know what the laws are @Sumurai8 but I think they're pretty lax as long as you aren't invading privacy. E.g. security cameras facing the street have almost no restrictions, but can't be, say, aimed into the window of an unrelated building across the street.
I wonder what the rules are though.
IMO, you are supposedly legally responsible of whatever your video may film
@Braiam @Sumurai8 Well apparently these guys have no legal issues with it, at least.
It was aimed at the street a second ago, they moved it to aim it up at the building as soon as I said that, almost as if they're spying on this chat room... :O
@Braiam They should make it so that you are responsible for the acts that are visible on the camera. Think about it. If no-one sees it, it never happened. Those pesky cameras make the world continue... If everyone would just close their eyes for a minute, the universe could have some rest. If the universe doesn't stop for that minute, there must be alien lifeforms out there that keep the universe advancing.
So like if I film you rescuing a kitten from a tree, I get to be the one that gets all the glory?
@JasonC actually, that's what happens
7:22 AM
Ha, I guess it does sometimes work like that doesn't it.
I haz sum questions about a question! (HA!), I can ask here?
Sure but we'll probably just get sidetracked by cats or bacon or something.
Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon
7:30 AM
So, this old recommendation question was (recently?) voted for deletion, and there's a little debate about whether or not it should actually be deleted.
It's definitely popular, and I'm unclear about what the right decision is.
@Cupcake Before I even look at that I'd say post about it on meta. You will get a wider variety of opinions here.
@michaelb958 Unicorn bacon?
Ok, Up, Up, and Away to META! :D
7:32 AM
Nighty nighty! :D CUPCAKE OUT! :D <3
@Cupcake And IMHO the question should remain closed (it directly goes against current site rules, whether somebody agrees with them or not), but should be locked for historical reasons rather than deleted, presuming the answer is not obsolete.
^ I agree with that guy.
@Cupcake: I am voting for deletion.
Such posts get deleted frequently, and you do not even need to worry about the reputation because it is basically preserved. One thing that could be done in the future as there is an SR site now that, it could be migrated, but really, flame is not welcome on SO.
remember the golden rule of migration ;)
Hey guys, thanks for the input. I've actually started a discussion about the question on Meta, if you want to check it out or participate.
@LaszloPapp the problem is migration is, the question is over 5 years old, and questions over 60 days old can't be migrated.
8:18 AM
@Cupcake: yes, that is an unfortunate regulation IMHO, and should be changed.
already approved.
@Qantas94Heavy I clicked that within 3 seconds of you posting it, but looks like the OP himself approved it.
Well the OP has "bad english" anyway
OneKitten rolled it back so all is well.
unfortunately, it is hard to get help with edits here because they are happening too quick. All the time, I am trying to help, the edit in question is already closed.
8:37 AM
@JasonC: OneKitten === me :)
@Qantas94Heavy Lies, I'm OneKitten.
I did not know you could have different names on different sites...
Yes, you can. Changing the display name on one site doesn't change the name on another... ;)
not sure I like this feature.
8:51 AM
I should be less reckless today :)
A: How do I make a bullet move to a given x,y from a mouse-event?

LuaI strongly recomend that you study java graphics more in depth as well as handling events, or even following a tutorial on game programming before trying to make one. If you're lazy (like me) you could search on youtube for java game programming, there are plenty of great tutorials, easy to foll...

I do not think answer is attempting to answer the question (or closing it)...
Oh wow, absolute crap
Q: Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi ?

sbglobalIs there any policy for putting ads on Auto Rickshaw in Delhi ? Can we Know the benefit & Cost of Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi? Is this service legal by Delhi Govt? Is there any Process if we want to start this type of services for my company . Please Give us your valuable suggestion ?

I wonder if it is just spam
Yay, another chance to play "Which Flag is Best?".
I guess so, but there aren't any spam links yet
-100 spamutation
I supported you for the time being, but IMHO it does not make sense to get it just closed.
IMHO, it is a typical example of just burning right away.

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