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12:00 AM
Yes, it's a type of headache you get when your head spins around too much. Disembodied heads are particularly prone to that problem.
12:19 AM
hi all!
I was just feeling hungry and looking at this: instructables.com/id/Bacon-Wrapped-Pineapple-1
And I got this ad, courtesy of AdChoices:
No, shapeways, just no. :P
I don't even know why you would want a 3d printed doge anyway.
@BlueIce for the lulz?
12:35 AM
@TylerCarter Hola. I don't recall seeing you here so in case you did not know already. It's not unusual to not get any response. We often have the chat open in a tab and look at it only from time to time. (It may be a bit startling if you are used to chatting on other sites.)
@Louis Hey! I'm Chacha102. I started this chat room a long time ago. :)
Haha. I did not realize. I guess you have not been around the same time I have. Silly me!
I only pop in every once in awhile
12:50 AM
@TylerCarter ... why'd you change your name?
We were just talking about you a while ago!
Apr 7 at 21:50, by jcolebrand
@hichris123 well, chacha was room owner before me, but I think even he was made owner by someone before him
1:03 AM
I miss that Chacha102 guy. He was cool. Way cooler than this "@Tyler" interloper.
where is my 'SO pet troll' t-shirt? :p
@Undo Fine!
@Undo Powerless
@hichris123 I was going through and changing my email addresses and thought I'd set my name right cross the board.
@jcolebrand I was the original creator. Just saying :)
1:11 AM
@ThiefMaster: I don't think this was supposed to be deleted
@TylerCarter Well, nice to meetcha!
I forget where Tavern on the Meta came from
@Braiam but it's a meeeeeeeemmmmme, so it will fade from pop culture soon anyway :/
Originally it was The Tavern.
1:14 AM
@TylerCarter Wasn't there a Tavern on SO, and someone wanted to make a distinction between the two?
@jadarnel27 I'm pretty sure there was a progression relating to baseball
Haha, oh.
Well that was before my time =)
1 hour later…
2:27 AM
@TylerCarter @jadarnel27 The Tavern name history says it started out as "The Tavern (General)".
(Also, that list provides verification by user ID that this Tyler person is, in fact, the same user as @Chacha102.)
3 hours later…
4:58 AM
@JeroenVannevel That seems like a mistaken delete to me, too. I threw a flag on it requesting undelete. The question itself should probably be closed as no-longer-reproducible though.
5:37 AM
Apparently Ólafur Waage posted the original revision of the Formatting Sandbox. His inbox must overflow a lot.
5:53 AM
YOU'RE BUGGING MY INBOX :D:D:D — Ólafur Waage Feb 25 '11 at 20:54
6:41 AM
stackoverflow.com/questions/23053412/… before the rep-hungry people write the solution here, too.
Poor Drupal Answers...
7:09 AM
Morning, everything in the transscript that asked for a CV or Flag has got its share from me.
Now make some coffee first...
Something odd is afoot.
hmm, anyone else seeing that?
7:21 AM
And they're all deleted within a couple of minutes (that is, by the time I get to them).
@balpha I don't see those ones but I do see a weird string of about 5 coding questions in a row on meta right now.
what's weird about it?
@balpha I've never seen that many in a row before, that's all. Maybe it's not weird. Maybe I'm weird. I dunno.
@michaelb958 gone
7:25 AM
@JanDvorak I know. They disappear like lightning!
does weird things
@michaelb958 is that the same guy? Then expect a rate-limit or a q-ban soon
@JanDvorak Same guy for a while, but the last two were different userNNN accounts.
The last one was this guy meta.stackoverflow.com/users/258696/l
@michaelb958 he will get bored soon
7:29 AM
Could it be some other fool hoping to scrap some info to use to improve spam visibility?
@SPArchaeologist Dunno but it seems to have stopped for the time being. :S
@SPArchaeologist the titles look far from what the spam filters should be catching
also, they can't test my script this way (so yeah, I'm keeping this line of defense up)
He's branched out to answers - it's the Indian Hacker Team!
Haha, sigh.
@JanDvorak Actually I didn't mean that. I fear the spammer may really hope to get an answer.
Lots of malefactors on the Internet tonight...
@SPArchaeologist then deleting it at the very instant of posting is a poor strategy
HE is the one deleting them?? I assumed they were deleted by community/system.
@AlulaErrorpone Are you online?
@SPArchaeologist sorry; it is deleted by moderation
Yay more free flag weight.
With flags, not downvotes!
you get an automatic dv when flagged as spam/offensive
@rene It got to -8. The threshold for red-flag deletion is 6, translating to -6.
They took a screenshot of a Paint window of a screenshot of the error message... AAAAAAARGH!!!
7:46 AM
I think what these people don't understand is that even a decent sized botnet it kind of trivial vs. the community here. Every time this happens the effects are gone within minutes. It's kinda funny.
@michaelb958 Haha, now that's classy.
@michaelb958 You can't even attribute that to stupidity.
The only thing it's missing is a freehand circle around the error message.
Maybe a little OT, but have a look at the banner on this blog.
7:50 AM
Is there a way to filter the realtime page (stackexchange.com/questions?tab=realtime) to only show certain sites?
@JasonC My spam filter features a hider, but you end up with less visible volume kept.
@JanDvorak Oh, that's cool.
it also unhides everything automatically at midnight
@JasonC Know what's even classier?
"Yo dawg, I herd you liked screenshots..."
7:58 AM
@JasonC y u no use my userscript?
@JanDvorak Is it the one you were talking about the other day, when I mentioned stackapps? There was some kinda websocket related error, then I got confused. I don't really know how to use these scripts well because I'm web browser-tarded. What was the link again?
That took a while to upload.
@JasonC I don't have a link to a tutorial, but: install greasemonkey(firefox) or tampermonkey(chrome), then open the userscript URL to install it.
@michaelb958 Mods please help! This guy keeps posting screen shots instead of actual useful links:
^ That guy.
@JanDvorak Oh, I meant the link to the userscript. I thought it just said copy + paste in the javascript console. Installing tampermonkey now.
@JasonC Mods please help! That guy who made the last report can't even host his screenshots in the right place!
8:04 AM
@michaelb958 :(
@JanDvorak Yup, that's the one! Ok, let's see...
@JanDvorak Whoa that colorize one looks super cool too
Why is this a struggle for me...
@JasonC if you send me a screencast, I may be able to reply
8:09 AM
@JanDvorak Do you know how to import a script from a URL in TamperMonkey? There's this "new script" tag with an "update URL" field at the top but I can't figure out how to make it get anything from that URL.
just open that URL in the browser
It just goes to github...
@JasonC you need the raw one
Is the OP here trolling, or am I really missing some subtle difference? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/229402/…
8:14 AM
@Bart He's either intentionally trolling or he's just really in the mood for picking fights. I gave up there.
Myeah, I've made my last comment. If he still argues it's not what he means, I'm going to vote to close.
@JanDvorak This is so cool!
@Bart Maybe his point is that he never gets a chance to review because everybody else is so quick?
Maybe. But what's the problem, if he say he isn't really concerned with the quality ... but then says he is ... but isn't ....
Yeah, I saw that as well...let it go...
8:17 AM
Yeah he's all over the place. Maybe he doesn't know there's a limit on the number of reviews one person can do per day?
It now seems he wants a more fair (?) distribution of review tasks ...
I CV'd that bad boy a while ago.
Not another fairness discussion please...
Anyways I have about 30 seconds left on my laptop battery, and for some reason it's 4:30 AM, so, night!
8:22 AM
@JasonC suddenly... sunlight
Nice to see such love-hate relationship. You would expect that if people don't like SO they go somewhere else. Instead they spent another 30 minutes participating with/in this community.
Can anyone see a reason why I should not burninate ?
@balpha hmm... a toolkit or library could have that name :-)
Good point, my next library will be called "Always Friday in Iceland"
8:36 AM
You would upset two followers of that tag...
That's a reason for burnination @rene
Because we can upset people?
And then we laugh
Upset all the people!
8:48 AM
A: How to get number of nested objects in object?

Vladimir GeorgievYes, duplicate of above.. Just use: var a = {1:2, 3:4}, count = 0, item; for(item in a) { count++; } alert(count);

If an answer acknowledges that it's a duplicate question and gives an answer which doesn't add anything, is there anything that should be done?
@Qantas94Heavy downvoting is an option
also, commenting
Also, from elsewhere on SE, the Hello Kitty guide to log scales.
@Qantas94Heavy note that the answer is accepted, though, and cannot be deleted.
@JanDvorak: well deleting the question is always an option, though that might be a bit drastic
10:14 AM
A: No results from mysqli query result when using bind_result

Your Common SenseThat's highly interesting phenomenon, yet awaiting it's diligent researcher. There were at least eleven people visited this question. But all their business was to vote on a poor now-deleted answer. It makes me wonder - why none of them bothered to give correct answer, or at least to cast a cl...

And another lovely NAA
you'd think the colonel knows how the site works by now
@balpha it's the same thing day after day, time after time. And he keeps getting away with it. If you have as much disdain for SO as he does, then either stop participating, or stop poisoning it yourself.
And yet another gem
A: PHP: I got hacked

Your Common SenseMost of time it's ftp passwords stolen from the developer's PC by some trojan program

That's an answer though. A bad one, sure, but an answer.
Myeah, downvotable at most. The sad thing is that when he does honestly answer, his answers are usually spot on and excellent.
10:24 AM
Seriously though, what's your peoples' problems? Every time you are obsessed with someone, you downvote that person's questions/answers. Common sense is a nice person so far as I can see, so just freaking stop it
@Qantas94Heavy The question is not great as well...
@telkitty.exe: being "nice" doesn't meant they're contributing in a useful way
@rene yeah, that's true
@telkitty.exe Say what? The answers I have a problem with are not answers at all. They are rants, complaints about the site, or targeting other users and their apparent stupidity. Those I downvote or flag.
About his actual content I have said on multiple occasions that it's great. So upvotes there.
A: PHP prepared statement not returning array

Your Common SenseYou are using mysqli wrong way. To fix your problem you have Turn PHP error reporting on Fetch yourself a tutorial and learn from it step by step or at least read the manual entry for the every new function you are trying to use

Would this be considered an answer (a.k.a RTFM)
I'd say not no. "go read a tutorial" is not an answer.
If you have a better solutions, feel free to contribute. Stalking someone on some website and downvote that user's answers doesn't seem an honorable thing to do for me.
in PHP on Stack Overflow Chat, yesterday, by Your Common Sense
@telkitty.exe oh, I thought they're going to split in opinions... Wondered what it would be. But that's literally. Honestly, I don't care for meta. It's quite strange place. I managed to tell them once what I think of them and keep my question alive (took me seeveral tries thugh)
11:12 AM
What are you supposed to enter in an online form's "Recipient Label:" field?
11:23 AM
@Jeroen I guess it's for when the delivery address is a place with lots of people, you specify who should receive the package.
The last activity link contains the action now, nice change
> asked 31s ago
11:40 AM
Anyone who wants to give a close vote here, please do: stackoverflow.com/questions/23059113/…
Chris did
That was quick
The filter in the title is on the word problem isn't it?
Yeah, why?
Oh yeah, as are several misspellings. Or "issue".
Utterly pointless filter
How is the tag only related to Android? stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/4570951
11:49 AM
I started an edit but pushed cancel because i have no idea what is going on in that question...\
@Bart I would say: not at all
Or at least not only for android...
Phew, rejected.
do we need that tag?
I'd say not.
@rene I think that's a burninate candiate.
Can I write the meta post to request that?
11:56 AM
See, I was right.
When burninating a tag, should everything in the question be improved or is it fine to just remove the tag?
Are you 10K?
12:07 PM
I can only edit tags so most of the time I just replace the tag
Only if the question is worth it I edit the question.
I'm not sure what 10k has to do with it?
I can edit tags inline
Do you get a tool for easy tag editing?
12:22 PM
How is that spam? I mean exactly how Specialized Packers and Movers Beneficial to produce Separation Prosperous? That you can't answer that doesn't make it spam.
And it's tagged plugin-jetpack. Seems legit to me.
@AlulaErrorpone - did you read my message?
@SPArchaeologist Yeah, I already know hundreds who have it.
@AlulaErrorpone Very well. It will go in my personal "Ace Attorney Clones" folder (and that said if I where Hasbro I would propose them to resell it on iPhone.... but that's just me).
You have to love debugging games: when I move the dwarf to the far right of the screen, he moves one row up. Can anyone explain why this happens?
12:47 PM
I like this new frontpage feature.
Yeah, me too
It was added about 2 hours ago it seems
Q: My cached answer always replace new answers

Mikaël MayerI recently a question on SO. But now this answer pollutes all my other answers. I'm in Chrome, and everytime I try to edit an answer, if I click on "add a link" or try to give a new answer, my previous answer in this question appears instead. This is very annoying. Anyone had that problem? Dele...

"I recently my question. What to do? Is it dangerous?"
My question on SO is a couple minutes old and I already know I'll have to wait two days and add a bounty.
> viewed 2 times
The negative side of the popularity of SO...
@Jan Is SE even trying to stop Baba?
@Stijn I believe so
1 hour later…
2:02 PM
Oh my goodness, the voting arrows on Cross Validated are shaped like little bell curves. That's the cutest thing I've seen all day.
yeah :P
@Undo undoubtedly deletion-worthy but I would not call it "spam" unless it is some sort of cryptic advert for butt-plugs that somehow lacks the link.
@Louis well offensive, either way a nuclear flag.
2:13 PM
@Undo yeah I flagged offensive.
2:52 PM
@michaelb958 Whoa nice, I never noticed that.
How long does it take for deleted questions to go away forever?
They don't
Deleted questions are never hard-deleted.
except for boat programming
@MarcGravell, dude, come on.
(People are so pushy these days :P)
huh? context?
I've been away for 9 days ;p
but, yeah, that PR is 4 moths or something
I'm not faulting you, I just laughed a bit when that showed up in my inbox. People are impatient, heheh.
I need to find a chunk of time to go through the PRs; it isn't trivial
Yeah, some of the ones in there are somewhat involved yet seemingly edge-casey.
Plus I have like four PRs in there, you should be extra careful with those. ;)
Just merge it. What's the worst that could happen? ducks
3:10 PM
@Bart there would be a good bit of irony if through an open-source economy, the one website most valuable to programmers were to go down
nuspec I hate you
Heh, true @BenCollins.
@MarcGravell Why?
just me and it having a small disagreement over something
3:34 PM
@MarcGravell Generally you can solve all problems by putting them off until tomorrow and getting drunk instead.
@JasonC you have interesting ideas about what constitutes solved
Just disengage. There's always a forest to build a cabin in and hide.
@jcolebrand Some problems do solve themselves if you don't act on them immediately.
However, I don't think getting drunk solves anything.
<- Good Advice Guy
@Louis yeah, the ostrich problem
3:36 PM
@jcolebrand I don't get the reference.
@Louis Whoa, a tasteless joke about getting drunk turned into learning the ostrich thing is a myth. Nice.
"Penguins fall backward when they look up at airplanes" is a myth too?? :(
A: Password protecting SQL database file

WorstNightmareSteffan du er så meget på skideren, jeg er lykkelig for ikke at være dig!"

^ rude/offensive, I wonder if it is our friend again.
If so, he's probably reading this chat and we'll see him on Meta in no time @JasonC
3:55 PM
I'm starting to get really irritated at people leaving the "don't add a thank you" canned response on every naa that starts with "thank you". A lot of times it's the wrong canned response.
Myeah, annoying
Those UX 'experts' create screens with one call-to-action. The monkeys are trained to select an option and hit that single button. No brain-cells were involved.
@rene I also love the ones that get like 5 separate canned responses in comments, on a post that's 5 years old where the OP doesn't even exist any more.
tries to live through the semidaily session of this happening outside his office
.... what kind of magical fairyland do you live in @Undo?
4:03 PM
@Undo Lol, coworkers, friends, or unrelated? All hilarious in different ways.
family, @JasonC
@JasonC Yeah, in that case the dialog should have a big red arrow pointing at 'no comment needed'
@Undo Haha, awwkwaard
/me now imagines @Undo as part of a large circus family
whew, now they've moved on to piano
4:05 PM
Please tell us your office is at home, lol
I have a pair of these on a hook right by my monitors.
The trumpeting of elephants is getting too much for you?
yeah, it's a little much
@Undo You need these to round out the look.
heh. I'm not in much danger of irish dance shrapnel, I don't think.
4:08 PM
Famous last words.
orders five
Wait, are you supposed to wear those while using guns?
I'm going to be chuckling to myself all day at the idea of "Irish dance shrapnel".
@Undo Yes. If you're feeling in a by-the-rules safe kind of mood. Those earmuffs are the kind you use at shooting ranges a lot, too.
@JasonC I use the shooting muffs when shooting at small critters I dislike (and occasaionally deer I would like to eat), but I've never worn the goggle things.
I kinda figure that if my eyes are in danger from something related to a gun, goggles aren't going to do much good.
Kinda like wearing a helmet on a plane.
4:16 PM
@Undo Yeah the goggles are similarly controversial to helmets on bikes. I maintain a relatively neutral stance.
helmets on bikes I get.
rubs spot on head
is it possible to disable prettify on a post?
prettify is the code highlight?
4:19 PM
@Undo Not a big fan although I did take a rough spill on a bike about 20 years ago that was apparently traumatic enough for me to remember, and I'm pretty sure the helmet saved my life there, or at least saved me from some serious damage.
<!-- language-all: none --> I think
let me try that
yeah, lang-none instead of none
> If you don't want to have any syntax highlighting you can use the none language:

<!-- language: lang-none -->
4:21 PM
check, works! tnx
@rene See also meta.stackoverflow.com/a/184109/230261 for a list, you can force other syntaxes if you need to.
hey fellows !
Hi @TGMCians
@JasonC Tnx
4:35 PM
@bluefeet The translation of stackoverflow.com/a/23063618/616460, at least according to Google, is "Steffan you are so much sh*t, I'm happy not to be you!" - plus the OP's original user name was "Class A B*tch" and the about box said something rude about Steffan (Steffan being the name of the question OP). I think that "rude/offensive" flag was more than warranted there (and the content should've been blown away offensive/spam style, too).
Close to rep capping on MSO again... from 1 answer...
Oh meta rep.. how useless you are..
@3ventic'sShadow Lol, link, I'll downvote you to balance it out.
@3ventic'sShadow I don't have the morally-devoid balls to follow through and down-vote a useful answer, lol.
if I downvoted hims, I think I'd get populist badge
4:41 PM
Question : Suppose you invite any user from this room for chat and for how many days that room exists ? doesn't it delete ?
@Louis There really needs to be a "weird" flag.
@JasonC That would be nice.
Actually, it would be nicer if we did not need such flag at all because morons would have the presence of mind of not posting their dreck.
I really want to write "I just met a Ms. Rutherford on Mate1 the other day. Coincidence?" as a comment there.
4:47 PM
Anyone know answer of my question
@JasonC Your use of "Coincidence?" reminded me of this skit, for some reason...
@TGMCians I don't.
Second Question :
What is the use of audit
this is not strong audit
@TGMCians Sometimes the audits are kinda stinky, you just have to roll with them. It happens.
4:52 PM
Anyway but I passed :)
Poll: would you all hate me if I let my chatbot post flagged NAAs in here?
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 56 secs ago, by Blaze
[Blaze] answer flagged by Undo: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18127123/hadoop-hbase-cdh4-job-fails-to-start‌​-with-permission-errors/23065791#23065791
^ Like that
@Undo I guess we could put it on ignore if it bothers us, right? (I've never used ignore before.)
I guess that would be okay with me... unclear to me however if someone who is currently away from the keyboard might blow a fuse when they come back.
5:04 PM
meh, we'll wait for another okay
I'll see if it even works, though :P
stackoverflow.com/a/23064931/1741671 I see some choose "Recommend Deletion" when someone guess wrong. Is this right ? . If answer is wrong I think downvote is for
@TGMCians I can see why someone recommended deletion. But I agree that it is an answer, just not a good quality one.
5:19 PM
Please close the above as duplicate. The OP has acknowledged that it is a duplicate and got what he/she needed. (Said so in an answer that may be deleted by the time you get there because it was flagged as NAA.)
done both
5:52 PM
Can someone link me to the Meta post (if there is one) that talks about referencing content from other SO answers?
In what context?
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