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6:01 PM
I'd have to say that SR has everything going for it except the topic.
Software Recommendations
Ah, I see that's in private beta now ...
Yep, private beta.
I'd love to see the state of that if it goes to public beta
6:04 PM
Just create an account @Bart.
You should see Animuson's meta question...
@Bart It's kinda amazing, actually.
Q: You're doing it all wrong!

animusonBefore this proposal went into beta, Tim Post layed out some ground rules on Area 51. If you haven't read them yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. The problem, a lot of you guys aren't following them, and it's really bringing down the overall quality of a just-blooming site. It's beginning to...

The meta is crazy active.
Once Baba posts spam there I surely will @hichris123 ;)
6:05 PM
I'd love to see that site succeed, just to prove us all wrong.
I would too.
I think that many meta people (including me) see it as a huge challenge to make it succeed. So being meta people, we try to :P
Is there a way to get moderator attention to delete a certain answer? It's completely wrong, it has gathered lots of upvotes over the years and is accepted, and the author has ignored multiple comments about his answer being wrong. Even one of the ASP.NET MVC developers said it's wrong.
@Stijn We don't delete wrong answers.
Vote count on that answer.
@Undo not even in special cases?
6:10 PM
@Stijn There are always exceptions. But I defer to @animuson
A: Blatantly wrong accepted answer

wafflesYour options are: Downvote it Comment on it and on the question, hope people read your comments. Edit away and fix stuff Flag it Post a question on meta asking for people to downvote it :) As a moderator: You can delete in extreme cases (e.g.: how do I rotate my photos: accepted answer f...

Nope, not going to be deleted @Stijn. Downvote if you haven't
Too bad, I find it rather frustrating since it's so blatantly wrong. Oh well.
@Stijn FWIW, the OP can't delete their answer either because it's accepted. You'd be better off trying to get the OP to unaccept it if it's truly that wrong.
@animuson I did search if that was possible and was under the impression it was. I'll leave a comment for the OP then.
6:26 PM
I need help quantifying 50TB in a paper.
Right now I have 50 terabytes is about one third of the entire internet in 2001!
which really isn't impressive.
Especially not to someone who doesn't know much about the Internet or how large it is.
WolframAlpha gives me ~~ ( 0.03 ~~ 1/40 ) × identifiable storage capacity of the human brain (~~ 2 PB )
A fourtieth of the storage of a human brain sounds kinda wimpy.
@Undo What's your paper on?
@hichris123 AWS. It's a speech actually, but for all intents and purposes here it's a paper.
Ooh, okay.
> Library data – The U.S. Library of Congress Web Capture team claims that "[a]s of May 2013, the Library has collected about 422 terabytes of web archive data" and that it adds about 5 terabytes per month.[18]
6:31 PM
> I'm etching it into stone, but for all intents and purposes here it's a paper.
I could say it's four orders of magnitude smaller than a yottabyte, but no one there has ever heard of a yottabyte.
@Undo express it in the physical size of a vacuum tube bit
@Bart Oooh, good idea.
How big is a vacuum tube bit?
Ugly site, but... Vacuum Tubes (1950s) - one bit on the size of a thumb;
Now I must find the volume of a thumb.
6:34 PM
of all things I'm researching for an AWS speech
@Bart What's the approx. volume of one of those tubes?
Yeah, have been looking for an exact size. But I can't find anything. I'd say about 10cm high. 2.5 wide?
Sounds about right.
So one of those things is about 25cm^2
So that's 8x10^12 vacuum tubes in one TB
Wait, no, 50cm^3
4×10^8 m^3 (cubic meters)
almost half a cubic kilometer of vacuum tubes.
@animuson Who's going to moderate the moderators?
6:44 PM
@hichris123 animuson is. Who else? :P
This moderator thingy is getting waaaaaayyyyy out of control..
prediction: site fails miserably because users are used to being able to suspend people when they talk rude to them.
@rene I know, like why do we even have moderators?
@Undo rofl
I still think a better name for that proposal is Moderation, with an -ion suffix rather than -ors...
Yeah. This ^
@animuson Your meta.SR question just got [featured].
6:48 PM
@hichris123 moderators should be the sense in non
^ Second that. :P What?
Nonsense. Moderators should be the sense part? Is that too far of a stretch?
You get a badge for that
6:51 PM
he doesn't need no stinkin' badges!
Sticky notes aren't stick enough. They fall down too much.
What ever happened to @Pops Perturbing Something Something Something Something?
The Pops Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day?
@Pops We demand to hear your perturbing pedantic problem of the day.
And it better not be the annoying people in the Tavern that always ask for the problem of the day :P
Today it's probably dealing with SR.
6:54 PM
Yeah, probably :P
Pops-Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: whether or not to feature that Meta Software Recs question.
By the end of the day, Stack Exchange will look like a cancer center.
(Not my best pedantic problem, but that's what you get when you pressure me about it.)
> making this featured for exposure (please don't let this come back to bite me)
7:09 PM
quick question: why are the options in the "flag" menu reduced to 2 prefilled options now?
there used to be multiple options, such as "this question is off-topic" but I don't get that anymore
I don't have Adblock enabled for SO, so that's not the cause
@joeytje50 What post are you trying to flag?
oh it's just been deleted
wait nevermind, I know what was up
it was already put on hold <_>
nevermind, sorry
@hichris123 Yep, that's clearly a tool for calculation, not an algorithm.
@animuson I knew I should have gotten my spam flag in before you cast yours. :P
7:40 PM
I'm not completely sure what this guy is rambling about: meta.softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/a/176 - He's kind of all over the place.
@animuson His point seems to be "your rules are dumb and I'm too important to follow them"
it's the good old "what's the harm in off-topic questions? don't like them, don't read them" argument from a slightly different angle.
> Been on SO lately? Almost every new question is basically a thinly-veiled request to send-me-teh-codez-please.
Um... how wrong you are.
1 hour ago, by animuson
^ Just hit commitment phase.
You're late. :P
7:51 PM
1 hour ago, by Undo
prediction: site fails miserably because users are used to being able to suspend people when they talk rude to them.
@Manish ^ Any thoughts on that? :P
Oh neat, I earned Mortarboard on SR Meta.
@animuson You don't earn rep on per site metas... how does that work?
It's tracked behind the scenes for the purposes of those badges.
@hichris123 vote counts
8:16 PM
@AnnaLear Congrats on the promotion, if that's what you call it. :)
@GnomeSlice thanks :)
8:43 PM
First user after Nick Craver! Thanks @Pops (though you probably didn't do it... :P)
Pops will take any and all credit afforded to him.
And I even beat @KasraRahjerdi! Heh.
Yeah, I don't like to toot my own horn, but I really am great at credit-taking.
I was user #3 on beer and relationships and no one can take that away from me.
Seriously, I even accept Discover.
8:45 PM
@Pops How about MasterCard?
@KasraRahjerdi You're user 5 on AI. :P
@Pops UnicornPoints Reward Card?
...how do you know about that?
It's a sekrit.
9:03 PM
> We wanted to let you know that your package may not arrive on time due to extreme weather conditions or an unforeseen natural event. Shipping carriers in the area of your delivery address--or cities along the delivery route--are reporting delivery delays because of these conditions.
Not valid excuse.
> No matter if it rains or snows. The mail must go through.
^ rot
then again, they delivered to my place crazy fast, so...
9:33 PM
for some unknown reason my flag was declined for this exact duplicate answer of this answer. can another mod with more patience please delete it? ;]
@CarrieKendall done
@AnnaLear thanks :]
any time
oh, you shouldn't say that >:)
@CarrieKendall I remember handling that flag, and thinking "oh crap" when I declined it just as I realized what you meant. It looked like you were trying to flag an answer as a duplicate of a question. ;P Sorry about that.
9:38 PM
Couldn't agree more @Manishearth. js --> spam
Keyword: fashion
Hey, @Bart, using linux?
@animuson no worries, i had to go and look at the flag options a few times to justify my butt hurt feelings :P
No @Manishearth why?
Because I have something scary to show you :p
Bart is not in right now. Please leave a message after the beep
9:39 PM
I typed "circular fashion" into Google Images expecting some crazy clothes with circle patterns, but instead a ton of images from Two and a Half Men came up...
I like llamas
Two and a half men would be so much better if it actually was two and a half men.
@Bart The top or bottom half?
or maybe cutting someone vertically... :P
Yeah, I'd go left side. Otherwise it'd just be weird
Fun thing @Manishearth. If I paste that line of code of yours into Notepad++, it all turns out to be a load of BS
@Bart yeah, notepad++ renders everything
9:55 PM
I'm so easily amused
10:05 PM
@Shog9 you around?
@Manishearth Your edit removed the maliciousness - was that intentional?
@michaelb958 it did?
@Manishearth Trust me, I have Notepad++ and a system clipboard. R1 had backspaces, R2 doesn't.
@michaelb958 happens when I edit
@Flyk 'sup?
10:09 PM
do you have a few mins for a chat?
That's what I'm doing
don't beat around the bush - just chat
fine! let's do this here
I get a feeling that I'm being a bit misunderstood about the root cause from yesterday
I just noticed your new comments on the cleanup thing I posted yesterday
and I want to assure you that when Grace said <stuff> that I didn't understand it to mean "stop"
I'm not trying to excuse everything that unravelled afterwards, if I had been told to stop, I would have stopped
this isn't a case of me trying to push the boundaries
well, wasn't a case*
I know I have a reputation of being trouble at times, but this isn't one of those times, and the first meta post from yesterday was an honest question asking for clarification that went... south?
just wanted you to know that, is all
in the hope it actually means something.
@Flyk look, I get that - you, FEwassname and the others went to great lengths to point that out in your first thread yesterday. That sucks. But, hopefully, everything is very clear now. So, lesson learned and let's move on.
good, I'm glad that I managed to write the words in the correct order to be understood
10:27 PM
Q: Charcoal - free bad post finder and flagger

The Wobbuffet It's now in the Google Play Store (Android), available here. Coming soon to iOS! (about 1-4 weeks) Please note that mass flagging is not helpful to moderators, so please watch how much posts you flag. So far it only finds comments to flag, questions and answers coming soon! In the current v...

Charcoal V1.0.1
Only in Android right now :P
@Pops We need an Artificial Intelligence chat. :P
@hichris123 wasn't that already closed?
@DoorknobofSnow Just went into private beta again. :)
@Shog9 come to think of it should I delete this post? It seems easy to abuse.. Easy to catch via a query, but easy to abuse.
10:41 PM
spam offensive
@animuson huh, it catches mispelings too
Um, I didn't program that in
Oh, it caught the "idiot"
@Manishearth already documented on Sec.SE though? Don't see a reason not to talk about it; it's not like folks haven't tried similar things before.
@Shog9 Are we going to have a new AI chat, or are you going to unfreeze the old one?
user image
...and now I feel old
starts pulling dropcloths off of the furniture
sniff sniff Umm, what's that smell?
10:52 PM
@Shog9 Well, the Sec.SE post is about untrusted websites playing with your clipboard. Stack Exchange is ... well... trusted, you won't expect it to pull such tricks.
But it turns out that the users can get these characters through the software, which is scary. Someone could just edit some old posts and maybe add some documentation comments. I bet people good with perl could stick some really malicious stuff in there.
@Manishearth so what's the fix?
I mean, blacklisting backspace isn't hard, but... That sounds too easy.
@Shog9 Block control characters. At least ^H and ^] (ESC). Or, use a font in which they render, at least for code blocks.
well, there probably are more abuse-able ones. ^H and ESC are the big ones (ESC can be abused to make vim.
@Manishearth Ok. I'd rather fix this than sweep it under the rug - make a list of characters and add 'em to your post.
No block!! Render instead!
@Shog9 the testcase breaks if I edit the post. Haven't investigated why, got to sleep soon. I'll post as a comment for now
11:05 PM
Yeah, I'm about to head out for supper; will check back later.
@michaelb958 why?
Just an ideological thing about being able to stick control characters somewhere if I really want to.
@michaelb958 why?
...on second thought, that could be dangerous if someone pastes them somewhere to see what they do. Opinion rescinded.
@Shog9 Got your shotgun a minute?
@michaelb958 ...that's user stupidity, you can say that about the original rm -rf as well.
11:09 PM
@Shog9 darwinism?
But yeah, why do we want control chars in a post?
Ooh, hadn't thought of the evolutionary argument. :P
Yay, SR is still alive!
@michaelb958 Maybe we can use it as a weapon against help vampires for terminal-related questions?
@Undo AI is alive! I'm the 4th user. :P
11:11 PM
@hichris123 Oooh!
looks for it
I shall help there too, at least by poking them with sharp sticks.
"I can haz echo codes plz?" "Sure, here ya go" "My systemmmmm you baleeted it you monsters! I will never ask here again". Mission Accomplished :p
(to be clear, I am kidding. That is a horrible thing to do.)
@Manishearth It is? Why? :P
is user 83 on AI
looks for something to poke with a sharp stick
11:13 PM
@Undo AI. :P
Unless you made the Arduino site. Yay!
@hichris123 How long has it been alive?
@Undo I'd like some thought on this: ai.stackexchange.com/questions/20/…
@Undo Hours. Like 3-4.
Hmm. Any other CMs around?
@hichris123 Close it. Like now.
@Undo I VTC already. :P
Oh, @Undo I was the first user after Nick. :)
11:14 PM
3 hours ago, by hichris123
And I even beat @KasraRahjerdi! Heh.
So yeah, 3 hours.
Okay.. an SO moderator?
@ɥʇǝS What do you need? :P
Whatcha need, @ɥʇǝS
Good lord, you're impossible to ping.
11:16 PM
The room becomes alive with people after the word moderator.
@Undo Comes up with @h
Huh wha?
@animuson This user keeps coming in and out, in and out, of lots of different chat rooms:
In other words, he is out spammer/troll
There are some other users too, but they aren't on SO.
And he has linked accounts on AU and Drupal...
11:19 PM
> I like Undo's charm -- he's really one of the nicest people I've met /
I smell danger..
is unsure as to whether being praised to hide evilness is a good thing or a bad thing
It's disputed.
@animuson What is disputed?
Ubuntu mod here, @ɥʇǝS speaks for us. Most of the time. Today is one of those times.
11:26 PM
@ɥʇǝS That was a reply to Undo.
@animuson oh sorry. My bad.
11:43 PM
@jrg Don't you miss having blue in here? ;)
@hichris123 no.
@Undo It depends if a help vampire is watching.
Current status: proposing edits to tag wiki excerpts on SR.
Poor Robert's going to have to go through and review them all.
I'm busy crushing a user's reputation score with sock-puppet deletions.
Poor user.
11:55 PM
I like to watch and see how much damage it does before I knock them down to 1 for a while. random enjoyment
How cruel.
@Undo Idea for AI. :P

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