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5:04 PM
Ok, so if I have Tampermonkey installed, and I have @match http://*/*, and the entire contents of my script are alert('poop');, what else do I need to do to actually get that to run...? The script is "enabled".
@JasonC Full script plz?
to open a page?
// ==UserScript==
// @name Test
// @namespace
// @match http://*/*
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
Well uh
@JasonC And it does not alert when you open a page?
5:07 PM
I flagged a bunch of comments as too chatty yesterday per some of your guys advice
@ProgramFOX Correct.
and uh, I'm still waiting for someone to check those flags ;_;
@JasonC Are you sure you actually opened a http page and one that contains a slash at the end or somewhere else?
@euphoriaoverlord Moderators get many flags, it might take a while.
@ProgramFOX 15 hours later ;____;
@ProgramFOX Ah, I figured it out. There was some conflicting stuff in the match rules in the separate tampermonkey settings page, which seems to be unrelated to @match in the script.
@euphoriaoverlord Patience.
5:09 PM
@euphoriaoverlord It might take some days. Or sometimes longer.
six to eight weeks, even
Does *stackoverflow.com* not match http://stackoverflow.com?
Try with @include
Thanks, that worked.
@match doesn't like partial wildcards in host
5:14 PM
@euphoriaoverlord: too chatty flags are not high priority, they may take time. Also, mods on many sites don't have enough time and higher volume of stuff to handle
Are they handling VLQ flags instead?
@JanDvorak mayhap
No, probably plagiarism flags.
@JanDvorak Often longer than that on Stack Overflow
As a reviewer, I admit I don't like it when I see too many edits by the same user. The sheer fact that they edit too many posts (old and new) in a small time frame rapidly makes me inclined to decline their edits. I don't think they are organic, or required for very old posts..no matter how valid the edits are, if viewed individually. One editor piling a ton of edits in the queue makes me inclined to reject. I understand mods are volunteers too, just like me. Their stance is valid IMHO.
I am a low-rep user, I only review suggested edits, and my humble opinion is based on my level of interaction with the site.
5:29 PM
@JanDvorak @ProgramFOX THIS IS SO COOL!
How do I share this script with you guys?
5:31 PM
Suck it, crazy whitespace
Bug == Windows Vista
done, now my cv's are over for the day
@InfiniteRecursion thanks :)
Pardon stupidity, that was kind of a userscript + javascript + github Hello World all in one.
5:43 PM
Congrats on your hello world x 3
MSO redesign had positive effect on you
Lol; fsv "positive".
@JasonC Please take a look at my pull request: github.com/JC3/Misc/pull/1
@ProgramFOX Oh word, thanks.
The GitHub desktop client is pretty sweet.
What the heck
I clicked "raw" on the github page for that userscript and TamperMonkey magically knew to reinstall the script. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?
5:59 PM
TamperMonkey sees that there is a userscript header.
@JasonC Raw dumps the file itself into the browser. With the original name. That suffices.
@JasonC Welcome to the 21st century.
Now I have to figure out a good way to integrate the other way.
Edit in TamperMonkey -> update git.
Closest thing I've found so far is download to disk in tampermonkey, replace file in local copy, sync.
6:05 PM
@JasonC I don't think that's possible. You'll still have to manually commit and push.
I edit in git, then copy/paste to tampermonkey
Oh, I could edit in git, then just click the update button in tampermonkey (it's got the url now).
Tamper with monkeys, act like a git ... got it.
Don't fuck with a tiny monkey
(the answer, not the Q)
6:10 PM
Is this a possitive or negative comment and if the latter what would be a more neutral/better phrase in my answer be?
@rene reads positive to me.
OK, tnx, couldn't figure it out with the dictionary...
6:20 PM
I updated the script; it had a bug that made it crash on comments without flag buttons (like your own comments).
Aw man but it doesn't affect hidden comments.
Easier solution: mutation observers
@Bart Agree. He likes that example.
^^^^^ that
^ that too.
@ProgramFOX hehe thanks ! :)
@Sam where is @Pham & @Gham ?
6:36 PM
Pham's undergoing maintenance atm, and Gham's asleep.
Ah bad
Only Spam is awoken.
Is it true that the summation from 1 to infinity of a polynomial over a polynomial will diverge/converge if the summation from 1 to infinity of the fastest growing term of the first polynomial over the fastest growing term of the second polynomial diverges/converges?
6:40 PM
Another perfect candidate for math.SE :P
another perfect cat*
@bjb568 Yes, it's a consequence of the Limit Comparison Test. (To be perfectly rigorous, one has to make sure the terms have constant sign from some point onward, but this is the case for ratios of polynomials.)
@Rafflesiaarnoldii \o/
@SmokeDetector Gah, I'm out of close votes :(
6:42 PM
cv-pls ^^
@JanDvorak voted...
guys do ^^
wow again tavern effect!
@TGMCians Most definitely.
That's not a tavern effect. It's the tavern CV squad.
6:48 PM
Did you guys dv those answers too?
Jan yes exactly
@LynnCrumbling I did
because see guys reputation 7,946 who answered there
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: STEAM WONT OPEN IN ONLINE MODE by yourmum101 on gaming.stackexchange.com
@TGMCians Due to the Q being OT, and they still answered?
& they answered complete off-topic question
This isn't a programming question. You should be closing these, not answering them. — Jan Dvorak 3 mins ago
^^ upvoted
k; just curious.
6:51 PM
Downvoting answers is expensive. A few more of these, and I'll need to edit SO posts again. :-/
Q: A co-worker is using my cup

Paranoid AndroidI have a co-worker using my coffee mug at work. I want to make him stop without sounding like I'm being picky. I have tried making the point indirectly that the cup belongs to me but he still uses it. Our cleaner cleans the cups and puts them on a tray in the kitchen area, he usually arrives in ...

@Rafflesiaarnoldii by all means feel free to
@JanDvorak Want to run for Math.SE mod? You have the required rep. :) Elections are coming up due to the longest-serving mod retiring.
I was asked a few times already if I want to run... nooooo.
Even if I ran, I would not succeed. I'm not at all active in that community
6:55 PM
True, of course.
It totally works now.
Also that just opened up a whole new chapter of internet browsing for me.
@JasonC mutations.forEach ;-)
@JanDvorak Ha. I saw that in the example but figured one JS step at a time. I'm a little bummed you called me out on it, lol.
fine then...
I spent most of that time debugging because I had forgotten that I checked "stop showing alert dialogs on this page" :/
7:01 PM
Q: Should we discourage leading +/-1 on comments?

Shog9I'm getting really sick of finding folks arguing about votes, only to see that the bickering started with a comment of the form, -1, because [some perfectly reasonable criticism] As has been discussed many times, voting is anonymous for a reason; folks who give up that anonymity do so at th...

@Shog9 Come on man, you were doing so good for such a long time.
since when?
@JasonC Adding regex-driven JS popups is every bit as addictive as your TamperMonkey experiments. You ought to understand Shog now.
@JasonC Another PR: github.com/JC3/Misc/pull/2
@Rafflesiaarnoldii You raise an excellent point.
@ProgramFOX Thanks, once again!
7:16 PM
You're welcome!
I wasn't sure if observe() had the possibility of modifying the options object. I'm used to having faith in const.
7:29 PM
@nicael I laughed out loud and then deleted all of it ;-)
funny thing was there were ten of them, so why didn't they all get 10 upvotes?
7:43 PM
@Shog9 So just to be clear; your problem is that people who frequently explain down-votes are the targets of revenge votes, and you want to reduce this to minimize revenge votes?
Will that help?
If you want people to stop explaining downvotes, don't mince words, just make a post that says "stop explaining downvotes" and see where it goes. Blocking "+1" will just change the language to another form.
@JasonC I should probably delete my answer there. Someone mentions comments and regexes of comments, and I just get worked up about allowing more auto nuke's. (which is long over-due) So I forgot about the real question shog had.
@JasonC no. My problem is that folks, when told "I downvoted you", frequently react badly to it. Even if the reason for the downvote is explained diplomatically.
Will removing "-1;" help people react better?
7:45 PM
@Shog9 Sure. But that's some pretty natural human behavior. You're not going to be able to stop that as long as people are explaining down-votes in some form or another (doesn't matter if it starts with a "-1").
"I downvoted you because..." will get exactly the same reaction.
"You shouldn't forget the IGNORE_INSERTS flag because doing so may corrupt data" tends to go over better than "I DOWNVOTE U! You shouldn't forget..."
I think you just have to live with people having crap reactions to being downvoted.
I'm with Shog here
Sure it goes over better. But I don't see how disallowing "-1" will help that.
why post anything but the reason
7:46 PM
Hell, the example you just made wouldn't even be caught by your filter. Your proposal has nothing to do with "I DOWNVOTE U! ..."
@JasonC sure. But that's relatively rare compared to "-1".
@JasonC I can't see people resorting to "I downvoted because" when "-1" is forbidden
It's not everyday someone starts their comment with "I DOWNVOTE U", though. My frequent experience is that authors assume people as the downvoters as long as their comment is a criticism and comes within 3 minutes of downvoting.
You really need to think your proposal through a little more thoroughly though.
As someone mentioned, -1/+1 are... sorta Internet Conventions. Folks do it without thinking. Some do it even when they don't vote.
7:47 PM
I mentioned that.
> I've been known to be a bit reactionary after only a few years of wasting time on a problem
most often when I say "-1" I don't actually vote.
If you're someone who believes strongly in attributed voting and makes a conscious decision to waive anonymity, fine - your call. But if you're doing it because you've done it for 15 years and don't think about it anymore, I'd like to educate you.
But I think your argument is weak, evidenced by the example you just gave. All I'm saying is you need to flesh out that proposal a bit more. Giving you the benefit of the doubt and taking it as a given that it's a problem, your proposal still doesn't solve it.
Say, I'm I completely off here? Is this really a case of by definition black hat, no chance it's anything else?
It's smells, sure ... but really?
7:50 PM
@JasonC FWIW, comments of that form show up roughly once every few days. The +/-1 form happens dozens of times each day. I'm not out to eliminate stupidity from the world, just discourage the more common forms on these sites.
@Bart no, there are other plausible explanations. plagiarism detection comes to mind.
@Bart Nah, I think the last paragraph of my answer on MSO could go as an answer here.
@SmokeDetector dammit, sql
@Shog9 The end of this sentence sounds like something someone would say from an alley with a heavy object in their hands.
7:52 PM
@Shog9 I don't have better suggestions for this proposal because I think it can't be done in the way you suggest. I think you should come up with some better ideas though. Taking it as a given that this is a problem (again, I disagree, but respect your view), your proposal does not solve it. My overall "better suggestion" is to start actively making posts in meta stating that you'd like to discourage folks from relaying that they downvoted. Your only hope here is to change community norms, not to impose filters on comments. — Jason C 20 secs ago
@Shog9 How about not leading with "comments can't contain that content"? How about pulling the real advice forward? I wonder if in it's current formulation users would still read on beyond the "yeah, you can't do that".
^ That about sums up my suggestion @Shog9.
You cannot edit an old revision when there is a pending edit.
@Shog9 Start expressing the actual problem. Use your influence as an often-quoted member of the SE team to make a cultural change and start encouraging people to not relay that they downvoted.
Anonymous comments is kind of an interesting idea too.
7:56 PM
@Unihedron Everyone jumped on editing that post, including me.. :-/
*including me
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Well, no worries. I think my last edit salvaged it completely.
@Ben ಠ_ಠ
@Shog9 Do you actually have any existing posts from the past few years where you actively discourage people from stating that they down-voted?
7:58 PM
@JasonC seriously?
@Shog9 Yeah; I don't read all your posts.
That was a real question, not a snarky one.
clearly you don't love pain as much as the average meta user
A: How should I handle downvote complaints?

Shog9First off, don't own up to the downvote. Don't deny the downvote, don't even mention the downvote. I know, this seems... Sneaky? Underhanded? Perhaps even dishonest? But it's not. Voting is anonymous for a reason, and it's on you, the voter, to keep it that way. If you ignore this advice and so...

@Shog9 +1. Good. Linking to that post when the topic comes up in support emails is my suggestion, then.
Well, that'd save me the trouble of getting splinters in my palms when closing the barn door after those horses at least.
8:01 PM
@Shog9 So it's official? I should flag "Downvoters: Why??" comments?
If making posts like that doesn't create the cultural shift that you want then you'll just have to accept human behavior as annoying sometimes. The +1/-1 comment thing isn't the way to do it.
A: Is it now discouraged to ask for reasons for downvotes as a comment?

Shog9I flag them on sight. IMHO, they are noise at best, and potentially harmful at worst. I've seen instances where a user will write an incorrect, unhelpful, or redundant answer and whine about being down-voted while I'm writing a comment to explain the problem. But worse by far are the answers wh...

@Unihedron admit it, you were writing a query weren't you?
@Shog9 There you go, there's another +1 to calm you down.
@JasonC we're still talking about the Q&A site that tries to force chatty people into strict question + answer formats, right? Subverting human nature is what we do
8:03 PM
@Bart No, I know this certain high rep user ( >:/ ) who always leaves "downvoters: why the downvote??" whenever I downvote their answers for inefficiency, and they don't even revise it by themselves.
One day we should get rid of those pesky humans altogether @Shog9
Deletions will continue until morale improves.
@Shog9 You can only go so far, and only in certain situations. This is not one of those situations.
@AnnaLear YAY!
@Shog9 If you want a voting system, and you want comments, then this is the bad you take with that good.
Dammit bjb is that you.
8:05 PM
Must be
@JasonC you asking or saying?
@Braiam I don't know, am I.
@Shog9 Why not make flags nuke short comments with "+1" or "-1" instead? The flagger can judge if the comments are worth keeping or nuked.
@Unihedron Because that doesn't actually address the stated root problem of "people owning up to their votes = asking for revenge".
Just don't block, only show a yellow warning ... problam solved
8:07 PM
It also doesn't apply to the example stated in the post, of "-1 followed by reasonable criticism".
Fucking stop it (to starrers).
I haven't been around in a while, but it seems nothing's changed.
Hey Shog btw, if you use my awesome user script that I'm totally proud of, you can pack way more "-1" comments on your screen at once.
The highest-voted comment on any of my posts so far (105 upvotes):
> +1 Well argued!
Well my stance is that they already denoted what downvoting is for in the help center; If someone deals revenge to downvoting because you posted an unconstructive comment on the post, I guess you've kind of asked for it. When someone revenges for downvote comments even when they're constructive, that's a decent hint you should ignore the hit (of revenge wave) and walk away from them.
8:12 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Careful, that's how you get revenge up-votes.
Blocking the cause could be a way to go, but it doesn't discourage criticism, just changes them to a way that causes posters to assume things.
@JasonC That was directed at me, not posted by me. I don't do +/- things other than actual votes.
@Unihedron The example Shog cites in his post is a constructive explanation of a down-vote.
@JasonC "Here, +1 you bastard with your great answers and positive attitude. Well done. I hope you're happy with yourself. Here, have another one. You deserve it with your freaking detailed and correct epistles."
^ Passes the comment filter.
8:14 PM
@JasonC It is, and I liked the post.
It's the hacker in me @JasonC. Fight the system.
/me starts serially upvoting Bart's answers
Totally not revealing whether I upvoted it.
Since this is now added guess I'll go delete all my +/- comments.
er... review
Oh come on, who is handing out stars as if it's glitter? Just stop it please.
18 mins ago, by Anna Lear
Deletions will continue until morale improves.
8:22 PM
^ This is now in my profile.
@JasonC ???
@Unihedron Sorry. Typo.
That gif's so... fake
8:24 PM
No that is not correct. A working solution is only part of a useful and good answer. Code-Only answers are subject to downvoting (and eventually deletion) because they add no significant value to the site. For more information check meta.Vogel612 Oct 13 at 10:55
Citation needed: "and eventually deletion"
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PHP FILTERS ON A LISTING PAGE by Ian Dunlop on wordpress.stackexchange.com
translate: i guess you are still disabled
@Unihedron Is this what you're looking for: meta.stackexchange.com/a/177675/158100
Roomba does not delete answers. (Nor should it). Vogel612 got carried away in that comment.
8:37 PM
Looking for stances about preserving code-only / lq answers which were given an attempt to be salvaged.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii yeah, just noticed that
I don't see a problem with having lq answers on posts with other, better answers. Let them sit at the bottom and accumulate downvotes until the author gets tired of it.
tl;dr don't bother deleting, save your delete votes for bad questions.
When I post a large image in a question, is there a way to make it so that clicking on the image opens the full-sized image?
@JasonC Uh, link it?
8:41 PM
@JasonC wrap it in the image url
Dear SQL, you're using 13 of the 16 GBs of RAM on this box. Stop that. Didn't your mother teach you to share? Love, Josh.
@Unihedron Ah there we go; thanks. Was struggling with the syntax.
Seriously can we add a filter to all comments containing "what have you tried". — Marty Apr 12 '12 at 7:58
^ Insightful user
I wouldn't OOM-kill mysqld if you stopped being such a cheap-skate and bought me more memory.
Make it english please, anyone? stackoverflow.com/a/10170460/3622940
8:50 PM
@Unihedron Google translate sucks. walks away
@jadarnel27 you know it will?
Do you mind translating that little bit of text in english so our quality inspectors don't go crazy? — rene 18 secs ago
@SantaClaus Haha, excellent.
Two nice answer badges on mSO. Not a bad day, eh?
8:57 PM
@rene Every time I try to tell SQL Server what to do, it writes 'YOU''RE NOT MY REAL DAD' to the results window, and reboots.
hehehe, you should drop that and use Oracle instead....
...but then I would have two problems?
@hichris123 Both on the design feedback post...
@jadarnel27 at least an budget problem...
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Still... ;)
9:05 PM
No! Grey makes it seem evil and horrible. — bjb568 19 hours ago
@rene Haha, right.
Yeah! Evil and horrible. Like meta. @bjb568 — Shog9 ♦ 19 hours ago
9:40 PM
Hey, new github blog post!
... Delete merged branches from your phone.
@jadarnel27 yup
@Unihedron I had never thought about keeping my source control repos on my phone.
Well... I always enable "request desktop page" when browsing on my phone, so that's pretty helpful, thanks github!
10:03 PM
@jadarnel27 puts a new meaning on distributed VCS....
"Have you pushed your changes yet?" "No, I can't find my micro USB cable" "...what?"
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HYDROSTATIC FORCE PROBLEM by Shang on math.stackexchange.com
A: What to do about an editor who has removed a lot of tags incorrectly

bjb568The correct review action for these is to Reject and Edit, with the edit adding the relevant tag (and preferably improving other things too). For when they're adding back the right tag, you should in most cases Reject and Edit to improve more aspects of the post. If the post is absolutely flawle...

Does anyone in here remember Panama (Neal)? I think he and @bjb568 would get along great.
^^ Why don't people like my answer?
@jadarnel27 What happened to him?
10:12 PM
> If the post is absolutely flawless… no, it's not.
That's silly.
There's no reason to invent reasons to reject-and-edit. Some posts are just fine.
@meagar and don't need editing.
@jadarnel27 yeah, what happened to Amanap? Didn't he have even another name later on? 2 accounts in fact.
Still targeting that post it seems
@Bart Yeah...now that you mention, he did have two accounts.
10:23 PM
Yeah, this was it I think @jadarnel27 stackoverflow.com/users/1022697/qwertynl
@Shog People are confused about edits again. meta.stackoverflow.com/a/277178/2371861
Were they ever not confused about it?
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/243854/… I already don't like where those comments are going.
Suggest making sure fire extinguishers are charged.
Myeah, I backed off there.
10:35 PM
nothing to see here
Ah, MSE vs MSO
I think?
@Bart oh, that ought to be seen
No, MSO links work (removed post above was working link)
Then it's caching. .... no clue why, but it's caching.
@Bart the clue is cached too
Maybe it's the length?
Nope. shrug
10:38 PM
Well, the comment before it worked fine ... don't get it.
Ooh yay grayscale mSO buttons.
A: Display comment flag next to vote instead of below to reduce whitespace

LauraI've also wanted this for a long time and actually just spoke to our design team this morning. We're going to make this change because it is a big waste of space for single-line comments.

Ugh.. It breaks my flagging workflow.
Does it really?
10:55 PM
:( Great.
I liked it the old way.
... and you just broke every tablet user's workflow, @JasonC.
Me to.
Don't blame me, they were talking about it before I posted that, lol.
"Ugh, that comment looks crappy. Flag time!" "No, I didn't want to upvote that, I wanted to flag it!"
10:56 PM
Anyways you guys should post that on that thread, it's important.
> i came here for help from expert users, why are we debating about downvotes, this is not 9gag.
Nah, I'll be writing a userscript for that soon.
click; script finds all flagworthy comments and goes through the scheduling; comments gets flagged and tab closes itself
@hichris123 "+1 meant to flag"
@Bart Sorry, comments containing that content are not allowed.
10:59 PM
This is going to make it super hard on tablet users who use the desktop (full site) version on a 7, 9, or 10 inch tablet. It's hard enough now to hit the right button, now they'll be closer together... — hichris123 9 secs ago

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