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12:05 PM
@Unihedron Fish and chips is brilliant.
@bjb568 Sorry, cat... :P
Nuke it Shog, if it distrupts the environment there, but I had to post it because I am, in person, extremely attached to wikipedia since my school days. That post is crap, so I left a comment:
I am an active wikipedian since years, and all I can say is you got it all wrong, about wikipedia, as well as the content ownership on SE. Protip: refrain from writing inaccurate content. — Infinite Recursion 3 mins ago
Is this still going on?
@Sam going on....
bad grammar...
@Frank oh are you grammer nazi ?..Well
12:11 PM
Ohh yes @Sam, editor edited his post (full of typos) saying low rep users are interfering. One answerer added a puking image referring to Light's low-rep friends, one wrote crap about wikipedia's content policies.
Stappit Frank :)
Wow ... well, at least it sparked a discussion over there it seems. Strangely enough nothing under Shog's answer.
@Frank Once you step pass the boundaries of sanity and enter The Tavern grammar no longer matters...
@InfiniteRecursion Hmm, so it's continuing to go "downhill" then :/
@Sam I is used to having gooder grammar, but me has thinking it really isn't matters anymore.
12:16 PM
Nothing new for that site @Sam, a few days ago, they tried to remove a mod in a meta post, that was messier. On SO, such a discussion calling out a user or mod by name in a post would never be encouraged, but that community has it's own culture.
@Frank yEz. itz noT/no inpurttant IN deh tavEn.
@InfiniteRecursion :O
12:19 PM
@InfiniteRecursion until the team has to step in because of the "own culture". sound of shit hitting fan
I might learn english so I can participate in the discussion there....
Itsn't 2 heart 2 lurn @rene
Book renewal!
No rene, you are Dutch, you don't need English.
Stupid autocorrect
12:22 PM
qwertyuiop asdfghjkl zxcvbnm
mnbvcxz lkjhgpoiuyt fdsa rewq
@JanDvorak Save your affection for the other taverners.
26 mins ago, by TGMCians
why @Inf ^ ?
Inf ^^
Do you like Jan @TGMCians?
12:26 PM
The hair...
Folks are weird.
You mean you aren't weird?
I'm not folks.
I am duck.
So... You mean trees aren't weird? Creaturist!
@InfiniteRecursion I like only smokey who is always online. and when I ping then it says always "watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring". :)
12:28 PM
Me too, so you have your answer now @TGMCians
@InfiniteRecursion read that wrong first and lost some coffee... thanks..
@Unihedron Yup
12:29 PM
@TGMCians plz send teh coffee
@SmokeDetector bored yet?
@Frank Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
@InfiniteRecursion Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
@SmokeDetector never?
12:31 PM
@Unihedron You doubt me?
I'm not dead.
I can explain everything...
I have it all figured out..
12:33 PM
Or so you thought
I can't even be a good nazi...
flags message as obsolete
Nazi's are overrated @uni ;)
flags all messages as too chatty
flags tree as too frank
12:36 PM
flags duck as too Infinite Recursion
12:38 PM
whatever that is..
A witch with a hook nose.
Don't yell.
12:44 PM
A monster!
Help Vampire ^^
pretends to hide but remains rooted to the ground
Meta Police^^
12:47 PM
@JanDvorak Jason C. is near a reversal.
@TGMCians reminds me of Beatles
@TGMCians Flag as vlq. Sadly, it's on-topic.
@Frank :D
flag declined
wow, that was fast.
12:50 PM
@JanDvorak How ?
what kind of mods are those?
Yes Frank
taverns effect!
@Frank They have a song by that name
Ah Ok
Great, I've been taverned!
@Jan Oh? Never listened to them...
12:52 PM
Really @Frank? Then I'm afraid you need somebody. And not just anybody.
@TGMCians flags as abusive profile
@Bart shrugs
@Bart who would that be?
@Frank "Bark"? :P
... I know you're a tree, but ...
Minor typo...
12:55 PM
There I go.
Ah, relevant lyrics.
That song sucks.
@Bart sorry for calling you bark. :P
@Frank for flagging inappropriate you have been banned for 3 days on tavern chat. :P :D.
flag declined
@Frank note when the band is from
@TGMCians Oh yeah?
Watch me post:
The text is much better than most of today's music, actually
@JanDvorak true that...
12:58 PM
@Frank Nah, was just joking. did you take it serious ?
@TGMCians Haha! Me? Serious? in chat? Nahh
@JanDvorak Here's the worst lyrics ever:
that's good.
1:01 PM
@Frank god that's terrible.
@Frank at least there aren't too many of them
btw cat-gif
user image
Tldr cat gif starred
user image
1:05 PM
Tavern on the Cat Pictures
I remember one guy profile description was on stackoverflow
posting cat gif is my job in android room
Couldn't help it..
1:10 PM
trying to hide this cat-gif from screen..
@TGMCians Yup
Make the chat window smaller, duh
@TGMCians Yup
1:12 PM
now ok. thanks
@SmokeDetector fp
@Unihedron You need a reply.
@SmokeDetector fp
I have a gif of a lion killing a giraffe.
@Frank I have already seen
@SmokeDetector falsefalsefalsefalsefalsefalsefalsefalse
1:13 PM
@ProgramFOX Could not register title as false positive.
@Unihedron You doubt me?
!!/alive if you are happy
@ProgramFOX ... did I miss something?
1:28 PM
!!/alive if you are bored to death
@Frank Yup
Someone ping me pls
@Unihedron ping
1:53 PM
Those cat gifs are so cute!
why is Google telling me to watch a tv show?
Finally a spam edit meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/32511 thats not on that Avast answer!!
2:14 PM
I scolded the spammers on that avast answer the other day, they won't spam it now :P
yesterday, by Infinite Recursion
Devs nuked it after some time
@Unihedron ping!
@cVplZ Pong!
@Unihedron ping!
@InfiniteRecursion pong!
@ProgramFOX ping!
2:20 PM
@Sam pong!
I am curious why they didn't delete or lock that answer yet? Is it a honey-trap or something of that sort? Do any of you know?
It already deserves a historical lock :P
@InfiniteRecursion because /reasons/
@InfiniteRecursion Not sure, although I've experienced the same thing.
/me doesn't use Avast any more
2:27 PM
That post should be migrated to Drupal if it's a honey-trap
/me too
Got some stuff that attracts spam? Move it to Drupal!
/me never used Avast
Avast == resource hogging piece of bloatware
Avast <= Garbage
I use Avira (the free version) now. It works fine, but the only annoying thing is that it shows a pop-up every day asking whether I want to upgrade to the Pro version.
2:31 PM
@Pro should upgrade to Pro version
Ask cVplZ...his fault!
2:36 PM
@InfiniteRecursion psh.. lies
@cVplZ psh.. lies
... ¬_¬
2:41 PM
how does this answer the question? should be a comment :) — cVplZ yesterday
2:55 PM
Q: Did anyone else notice, that users apply "pretty girl" avatars trying to enhance their chances to get answered?

πάντα ῥεῖI have seen such avatars used by particularly low rep users a lot Seems like these are nerds, and they've well conceived how to attract attention from other nerds. I don't actually know what I really want to ask about such things here. How should we handle that (out of band from the actual qu...

@InfiniteRecursion yes thanks :)
10kers' who deleted this? stackoverflow.com/questions/524179/…
@Braiam deleted by Will, BradleyDotNET, John Saunders, Mike W, matiash 15 hours ago
Finally deleted?
but looks like correct
@Unihedron Yes
2:59 PM
That pretty girl post is sexist...I will cv it
Do they ever think how some members of the community feel...nope.
Answered by that sexy lizard
please, no adjectives bart
3:17 PM
Okay cloudy green fellow user ... dammit
It can't be answered as it's a silly question, though I posted something on it.
A: Did anyone else notice, that users apply "pretty girl" avatars trying to enhance their chances to get answered?

Infinite RecursionMany male members of this community use male pictures as avatars. Similarly, female avatars are allowed. That being said, please reconsider how we, as the female members of the community will feel when we read such posts. A post should focus on content. Judge posts by quality, not looks of the ...

I think we should ban ducks and blue footed boobies as avatars!!! :D — bluefeet ♦ 2 mins ago
Challenge related to profile pictures: solve the Rubik's Cube on my pic!
@ProgramFOX Give the back orientation as well!
I'll craft you a stack snippet so you can see it live :P
I don't have it anymore :P
3:27 PM
Can't @ProgramFOX. You don't have any stickers to peel off.
The cube has been scrambled & solved a lot of times after I took that picture.
Well, I have an idea! Listen up!
Keep scrambling your real-life cube until one of the angles matches your profile pic, then post the back orientation.
3:28 PM
Did he say anything?
tell us already @Uni, say what you gotta say
Myeah, seems fine. Go ahead @Unihedron
@Unihedron :D
3:33 PM
@TGMCians, please change your avatar. I am unable to judge the quality of your comment because of your avatar :P — Infinite Recursion 9 mins ago
Change it!!
I'll change mine too. Lemme find an object to take a pic of...
No, your avatar is not human...don't change it @Uni
@bluefeet Yes !!/ban ducks!! :D — TGMCians 9 mins ago
I'll change Pham and Gham's then...
3:36 PM
@InfiniteRecursion neither is mine
... to shog clones.
jk ;D
But yours is unclear and cloudy @cVplZ, changEiTplZ
3:41 PM
If it's about cv reason, then I guess this
> Since its now 2014 i would like some recent opinions on this.
hey @hichris123
hey @hichris123
hey @hichris123
3:46 PM
hey @hichris123
@InfiniteRecursion I don't want to ban them. Pretty girls should be able to show up as pretty they can be, or everyone else should like to show up as they want! I just have that feeling that some users misuse that rights (with a sexist intention). — πάντα ῥεῖ 3 mins ago
Light's pretty girl profile resulted in that comment about <3, I remembered it because of this MSO post :D
3:57 PM
So much fun ... "Ooh, the cool new version of the software we use is out in beta ..... oh crap, I'm going to have to rewrite EVERYTHING!!" ... gah
#bartrants #nostars
#include <stdio.h>
#define upvote downvote
##define downvote +1
4:05 PM
#define tavern It's full of stars!
@Bart Did Jon Skeet's reputation just become negative?
Unfortunate side effect is that user763286012 with 84 sockpuppets is now our highest ranked user.
Someone please remove Andrew Barber's name from here meta.stackoverflow.com/q/276821/2982225
Thanks @TGMCians
Interesting title on Hot Network Questions
Q: ◳◰ ◓◨ ◨◧◕ ◎◌ ◱◯◱◯ ◍◌○ ◉◉ ◇◔◓◕ ◐►◓◒ ◒◑ ◈◑ ◆◆◓ ◉◉◉

A E◳◰ ◓◨ ◨◧◕ ◎◌ ◱◯◱◯ ◍◌○ ◉◉ ◇◔◓◕ ◐►◓◒ ◒◑ ◈◑ ◆◆◓ ◉◉◉ Administrative details (not part of the puzzle): The answer is a clue to The Security to the Party [12] (now with party soundtrack!) which is currently unsolved and has a bounty for the first person to solve it. For the benefit of anyone witho...

It needs one more cv, it got an answer
4:37 PM
@Bart, you gave a very respectable reply on ELU, impressive.
Thanks. I wasn't going to reply at all, but they hammered on a bit too much about how "she" dared to bring in outsiders
I'm wondering if I need to add anything to that rant here as my name appears as one the first commenters...
I wouldn't even have bothered with the answer @rene. Nothing is going to happen there.
Yeah, anyway, the OP has one unexplained downvote from me...
@Bart There's some... uh... history with the user who's post you commented on.
4:44 PM
I feel a bit like I am talking to a wall. — David 49 mins ago
me too ^^^^
@hichris123 I guess I don't want to know
Step back from the wall @rene ... not worth wasting your time :)
@Bart No, you don't. And I probably shouldn't tell you as it's probably mod-only (some of it may be public, not sure...).
So ssssst ;)
@InfiniteRecursion uhuh, back you say? ..... ah yes, that helps! Thanks!
4:51 PM
@InfiniteRecursion sigh I almost think all but @Bart's and Shog's comments should be purged on the question & answers.
Flag as "too constructive"
@Bart I found their focussing on "her" <3 comment disappointing, so I too wrote a "upvoting, <3" under Shog's post as a symbolic protest, but deleted it after a while because Shog is a low rep user, and nobody likes to see him get all the attention and <3s
@Braiam :)
4:55 PM
@hichris123 damn, that made my day
@Braiam It made your day talking about meta analysis on meta. ;)
@hichris123 nono, you made my meta-day ;)
5:18 PM
flashed Lollipop on my Nexus 4, couldn't wait for the OTA
fortunately, it went well. phew
@Frank licks lips
@InfiniteRecursion vot....
@AndrewT. :)
@AndrewT. Enjoy lollipop :)
now torturing myself with Flappy Andy

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