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8:00 PM
@Bart ಠ_ಠ
@CodeMaverick Done. Can you do me a favor? stackoverflow.com/a/20601777/845414
What is this? International "upvote my post" day?
@JohannesKuhn I would, however, my daily vote limit isn't reset for another 3 hours
@Bart International star my message day
8:03 PM
@Bart No silly! It's International Get Hats Day!
Maybe later then :P
@JohannesKuhn sure
Yikes. Yay, webforms! Who new there was a limit to the number of form fields you can submit at once to asp.net?
200 fields? you are doing something wrong...
Haha, read the answer =)
8:06 PM
"No problems with 1500 form fields". What happened to KISS?
By the way, those of you trying to get upvotes on self answered posts.. "ask and answer your own question, each with a score of 1 or more" The question needs an upvote too.
It's that last "S" that always gets you
@AnnaLear Yeah, I don't plan to. And I've done the thing where you run a common phrase through GT enough times and it becomes something completely different.
@JoshC - I tried that too, but maybe you have to ask the question as well during WinterBash
@JoshC the question needs a score of 1 or 1 upvote? (the question has 1 up and 1 downvote)
8:07 PM
Where's the question?
prepares upvote gizmo
I don't know. I just copy/pasted the description.
Pretty sure score means a "net" score. So it would need +2 if it has a downvote.
Oy @MartijnPieters
You have the perfect avatar for hats.
So.. does anyone know how to get Eureka?
@JoshC Yes.
8:09 PM
It's to do with Meta.
That form field question should probably be closed at too broad or primarily opinion based. But I really like that answer, if for no other reason than it taught me something new.
@MartijnPieters Not... really.
I've been trying to figure out Eureka as well ... can't find anyone that has it that knows what they did, lol
I know what I did.
Are you going to tell us? xD
8:10 PM
^^^ booo
That would ruin the fun
I gave two suggestions to Shog
and he confirmed I got it right.
@JoshC Hints?
It's a hard thing to hint.
8:10 PM
However, that makes two options and I don't know which one. :-P
Hehe. I must be the only one that actually knows.
Does it really have to do with meta at all?
or chat?
@CodeMaverick Eh, not really.
@UndotheSnowman Is this post related?
If not, then it was the other option I picked..
@MartijnPieters Not beyond the common denominator of hats.
8:12 PM
And the riddles of hats..
This hat kinda has a circular reference. To get it, you have to know how to get it
And with that, I'm done talking.
Oh, I got it! ;-D
... so YELLING + upvoting isn't the trick?
But then again, I did get it.
so what did you do? =D
8:13 PM
@CodeMaverick No.
@CodeMaverick Er, no.
Once you get it, you do get it.
But to get it, you need to know how to get it.
To figure the hat out, you must figure the hat out.
I've got it!
8:14 PM
I totally figured out how to get the Eureka hat.
lol this is so confusing
i'm brain teasered out
8:15 PM
You have to run naked through the streets of some city in Europe.
You got it quite recently @MartijnPieters?
I got it yesterday.
@MartijnPieters Isn't it fun to watch people run around mindlessly trying to find a hat?
@Bart You don't have it yet?
Ya know what, I'm going to don that hat right now.
8:16 PM
^^^ jelly
@UndotheSnowman I am doing it myself too.
I got the Eureka hat.
Hmm, then my hunch is wrong @MartijnPieters. Dangit
I am still trying to unlock the Cool hat.
No @UndotheSnowman
8:17 PM
@Bart Remember when you wouldn't tell me how to get the Unicorn hat?
All actions have consequences :D
I don't know how to get that either..
I would love to tell you how to get it @UndotheSnowman
Frankly, I don't know how to get the unicorn hat.
@Bart Too late, I have the hat.
But do you know how you got it?
I know how to get the unicorn hat
8:18 PM
@Bart Which one?
@CodeMaverick How?
I got it on SO, actually.
@UndotheSnowman really?
8:18 PM
@bluefeet No idea.
let's swap hat for hat =D
@CodeMaverick Heh.
Yep, but it's not for something you did on SO apparently @UndotheSnowman
@Bart Oh, ok.
It has to do with commenting
8:19 PM
That makes it a bit easier to guess.
I think I know.
It's called "I See Your Point"
You get the Unicorn hat for useless internet points.
Plenty of those to go around on this network though @MartijnPieters
There are points, and then there are Unicorn points, to be earned.
8:20 PM
now ... hook a brotha up with the Eureka! deets!
@MartijnPieters Upvotes on second-class citizens, right?
(or third, I can't remember)
When you think about it, I see your point makes sense
where on SE does everyone talk about unicorns?
@DoorknobofSnow Meta.
8:21 PM
Eureka Hat: Attempt to vote on your own post.
@JoshC Almost certainly not.
Also, speculation for Chuck Yeager: maybe it has to do with answering, the OP commenting on your answer, and you responding very quickly
@DoorknobofSnow Hmm... maybe!
@JoshC no, I'm wearing Eureka and I know that's not it :P
(all credit to Doorhandle, who I was chatting with on IRC and brought it up)
Who here doesn't have Chuck Yaeger?
8:22 PM
@DoorknobofSnow - How did you get it?
I have it
@CodeMaverick it's very meta
Although it would've been cooler if it was actually Maverick's helmet, then my avatar would be complete =D
Oy @Doorhandle, such a timely entrance.
< 20 rep he has :(
@JoshC Nope, I didn't do that yet got the hat.
8:23 PM
@DoorknobofSnow ;(
I'm pretty sure I know how to get Eureka, but haven't had a chance to try yet
I do nothing on meta
@3ventic Try it.
everytime i've tried i get elitist'd down
@Doorhandle says hi to all of you :P
8:23 PM
@DoorknobofSnow lol
I'm going to try closing my own question. Let's see if that earns me a hat.
@JoshC Nope, won't work.
@JoshC you can close your own question. I have when I knew it was a dup :P
I'm going to have my own account deleted. Let's see what hat that gets me.
8:24 PM
@Bart brilliant idea!
I'm going to try it too
So what was the hint for Eureka other than very meta?
@CodeMaverick You have to know how to get it to get it.
Think "baths" @CodeMaverick ....
8:25 PM
I got the hat for closing my own question on MSO
@3ventic Which hat?
@CodeMaverick It has something to do with knowledge.
Passed Judgement
@3ventic Oh.
I already had it from Arqade though
8:26 PM
@Bart you are despicable.
Leading the poor little lightbulbless people astray
Soo running in circles
@UndotheSnowman No, it's actually a very clever hint :P
Baths... fries brain trying to decipher hint
How does the word "Eureka" and "bath" connect?
@DoorknobofSnow At Archimeedieeees.
8:27 PM
yay :D
(I never learned how to spell that name)
Eureka is a light bulb and light bulbs don't like taking baths?
Are you suppose to read the help section to get Eureka?
@JoshC No comment.
It's a seeekret
8:28 PM
@JoshC no, it's about knowing stuff, not finding out stuff
(watches @JoshC run off to read what he should read anyway)
so tempting to just give it away :P
@DoorknobofSnow If you do, I will shogsnipe you.
Secrets are always tempting to give away
8:29 PM
@DoorknobofSnow You and me could rule to world of lightbulb hats!
@DoorknobofSnow You know you can give it away
@JoshC Of course he could, but then I would try to do something bad to him.
I would... umm...
The battle of Undo vs Josh... who can convince Doorknob to do what they want? :P
8:30 PM
@UndotheSnowman lock me? NOOOOOO!
@DoorknobofSnow I have four times more meta repz. Therefore you should listen to me.
11725 * 4 == 12834??? :P
@UndotheSnowman that is actually kind of a perfect indicator that you should be ignored. ;)
@Bart Well... yeah.
But you're supposed to trust me, dangit!
(Says me with over 3 times more meta rep than you)
8:32 PM
@DoorknobofSnow 3000 * 4 = 12000
@UndotheSnowman I have 11.7k meta rep, not 3k :P
I have 3k
@DoorknobofSnow I'm talking about Josh
8:32 PM
I mean shouting Eureka! means you've discovered something ...
Rep is a "rough measure of how much the community trusts you". Therefore, you should trust me four times more.
^ getting closer... :D
Plus, I can vote to delete your horribly downvoted closed questions! :P
@UndotheSnowman Well I have 2x more rep on SO
@JoshC SO doesn't count.
You actually have to know stuff to get SO rep
8:33 PM
Oh man, dangit. Eureka actually is pretty simple.
... so what is there to discover ...
To get mSO rep, you have to be skilled in agreeing with the voters and disagreeing with the new people. Kinda like a politician.
8:34 PM
@Bart Do you feel...Well, you know.
yes, once you figure it out (hint hint) it's so obvious
I'll figure it out.
still nothing
Sooner or later.
@JohannesKuhn I'll give you a hint: The hat isn't automatic.
It takes time.
(and thought)
8:35 PM
so I'm pretty sure I know how I got all my sekrit hats, except Chuck Yeager... anyone figured that one out? :P
(hint hint hint)
Spend your entire day on Meta.
@DoorknobofSnow No.
@CodeMaverick remember my first hint: it's very meta. (not the site, the meaning of the word.)
tries to push down knowledge that I'm not supposed to have
8:36 PM
I figured out Chuck Yeager pretty quickly..
@3ventic I know it's something to do with fast things, and something to do with commenting, I believe...
meta is simply data that refers to itself
@CodeMaverick Yes.
the key part is having to do with itself... or its kind...
Conduct a search query in the data explorer..?
8:38 PM
I don't think data explorer has hats
@Doorknob Answering.
Or does it?
@JohannesKuhn huh? What is that a response to :P
@DoorknobofSnow To this.
oh ok
wait but:
For some reason I think commenting here will get me a hat. I hope I'm right. — Santa Claus Dec 16 at 4:06
Well, that is part of getting Chuck Yeager, but there's a bit more to it. — Tiny Tim 2 days ago
8:40 PM
@TimStone it's not what you were going for .... but "stupid" might best describe the actual feeling.
Favorite a question....?
Mhh, I gained it on SO and Meta.SO and I believe I know for what.
I know exactly which actions got me Chuck Yeager
Next year, we're gonna have to do a better job of leaving intentionally misleading comments in the discussions surrounding secret hats.
ignores shog's misleading comment
8:41 PM
Oooh, ooh, @Shog9 ooh, can I have that job?!?
I want that job too!
... but we're just sheep that are to be lead
I work cheap.
And I would even work remotely!
I can't even get the secret hats without misleading comments..
As long as you tell me what the hat reasons are before hand.
8:42 PM
You don't even need to tell me what those hats are about. I'm so good at misleading that I confuse myself
@Bart I would pay them to give me a job!
(let the inane bidding begin)
A: How did this answer manage to garner 50 incorrect "not an answer" flags in less than an hour?

Matthew LundbergYou are correct. The formatting threw me off. FWIW, it ended up in the flag queue.

^ This post is in the queue again.
With an NAA on it.
Ooh someone deemed it invalid
@JoshC - You figure out Eureka! yet?
That was probably someone trying to get a hat.
@CodeMaverick Nope - i'll tell you when I do
@JoshC The 'invalid flag' hat?
8:44 PM
@CodeMaverick In other words, I'll never tell you
I will tell you how to get the hat on January 3rd.
Doge hat is the only hat for me
I need to hit 10k on SO.
8:46 PM
It's not that hard
@JoshC When you only know about iOS and objective-c it is.
I'll figure Eureka out.
I got 10k answering CSS questions..
@Undo Learn java.
@JoshC In how long?
@hichris123 Not a bad idea.
8:47 PM
Learn regex
I want to replace my 3 with a light bulb
cough jQuery cough
@UndotheSnowman I joined 4 months ago.. So within that amount of time.
@JoshC Wow.
8:48 PM
pretty easy.
Just wow.
You are amazing.
Fastest guns
Parse HTML with regex
See, my answering strategy is completely wrong
Mine is too ... I get a complete answer all decked out and by that time, there are 10 answers, yet mine looks the nicest
8:50 PM
"Ooh, I know that. Terrible title though. Let's edit that. Ah, and fix the posts. Great, remove that tag, add that one. Good, let's answ....ah, 5 answers"
Sometimes I'll wander over to SO and see something really easy that I can FGITW.
Could someone upvote this to see if my theory is correct on a hat? stackoverflow.com/a/20690557/682480
@Shog9 Or just come up with wackier hats in the first place.
Like the Abby T. Milliner.
i resemble that remark!
You sure do!
8:53 PM
@Pops there was one named after me last year, but i didn't pick it
Yeah, I remember talking to you about that when we were discussing this year's hat triggers.
It's a trick!
Don't listen to them!
@Pops it was one of the ones where the trigger made NO SENSE w/r/t the hat
I know how to get it now
8:55 PM
20 mins ago, by Undo the Snowman
@JohannesKuhn I'll give you a hint: The hat isn't automatic.
That's a pretty good hint tbh
Are we talking Chuck Yeager or Eureka!?
Eureka of course
Chuck Yeager's easy
the opposite of automatic is manual
so you have to do something
Well, yeah
but now you're just thinking inside the box
or do you mean automatic with respect to time
... and thinking inside the box goes against the definition of what a Maverick is ... so I should be ashamed
8:59 PM
I don't know what a Maverick is
other than the name of a helicopter in GTA
A Maverick is not a Goose
Look at my profile and you can read the definition
9:12 PM
Doesn't anyone remember the 2008 election? John McCain is a Maverick
Oh crap, a generic Tim.
Run, @Tim! Run while you still can!
I am the Tim
the others are fakes
very... topical
9:16 PM
"We tested our Stone Tim against an unnamed generic Tim. Tests have show that .... "
yesterday, by Bart
Anything that starts with "To the tune of.." deserves unimaginably cruel punishment anyway.
^^^^ @CodeMaverick
It's because of all the prepositions.
it doesn't deserve punishment ... it's awesome!
Weird Al made a career doing that
He's on my list ....
I don't remember his album about stack overflow hats
He should have made one
9:22 PM
Weird Al has a good ear for meter.
Yep, I'm still complaining about that.
whistles innocently
Soooo ... Eureka! hat ... does it have to do with a meta discussion?
@CodeMaverick Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it has to do with a feature request.
To get it all you have to do is jump out of your bathtub and run naked through the streets... trust me.
I get the Archimedes reference ... but for whatever reason, I think all that will get me is arrested
... or does that mean we need to remove profile picture and info and hats ... as a symbol of being naked?
9:31 PM
@CodeMaverick yes
On a completely unrelated note, I love phrases like "to do with" - they're just so versatile!
@Shog9 How do people not think you're really weird? Well, how did you even get elected a mod? :)
Or did you not get elected at first?
@hichris123 I was soundly beaten and then given a diamond anyway.
"How do people not think you're really weird?" ... don't they?
@Bart I don't see it said much. Maybe it's just whispered.
Everyone's weird
or maybe it's just me
@3ventic It's not just you.
Everyone is weird.
Ryan and 3ventic are pretty weird.
@Shog9 I'm very weird
I'm weirder
I mean, I'm a doorknob
9:41 PM
And you have snow on yourself.
is this a weird-off now?
@DoorknobofSnow I'm afraid I'm even weirder than you.
@RyanCarlson Noooooo! This cannot be!
@Tim Apparently
I have no idea why I am even in here
9:48 PM
I like waffles
@DoorknobofSnow Have you ever had a conversation about the effectiveness of silverware on force fields?
I see you're new here @Tim
I have no idea what you're talking about.
@RyanCarlson What? Who uses silverware for forcefields? Everyone knows potatoes work better...
@DoorknobofSnow Nonono. Silverware is far superior.
Especially forks
9:49 PM
Not you Tim. I meant Tim. Not Tim either. Nor Josh, Josh or Joshua....
knives and spoons are fairly effective, but forks are the best.
@RyanCarlson Wait, I thought forks were for writing with. The knives work mildly well on forcefields, but potatoes (especially rotten) are good at warping them with their legs.
Q: Don't autoflag answers on [community-ads] posts in the 10k queue

Undo the SnowmanThis answer just showed up in the 10k queue with an automatic quality score flag. Of course it has a low quality score - the rules pretty much say that they have to be low quality. Can we at least tone down Community's inspection of answers to questions tagged community-ads?

@benisuǝqbackwards XD

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