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12:02 AM
Whoa. I just noticed a bug.
A user's hat doesn't resize with their avatar when they post miltiple messages in a row
Only sometimes, apparently.
@RyanCarlson Yes, yes it is.
It doesn't resize if you minimize the tab/window after the first message is posted and reopen after there are multiple
yay, the clock has reset I have flags again.
@3ventic Ah
I am getting good at this Tavern thing. Two messages with more than 5 stars this week? I must be doing something right (or alternatively your standards are slipping). Because we all know that starred messages are the gold standard of, errr, chat.
And it got me a hat!
12:06 AM
@jmac I joined the tavern. That's what happened
It's not a contest!
@jmac Chatty Chatty?
It's annoying when the same post appears in first posts, late answers and LQ posts review...
@RyanCarlson Nope, Winter is Coming!
(I already had Chatty Chatty)
You only need one star for that.
12:10 AM
Yes, but I needed it today, so it was timely and unexpected.
So close D:
Why is it that when Tim's Disembodied Head asks for stories, everyone posts modified songs? Conclusion: Programmers are very bad at reading directions.
Conclusion: Programmers are very bad at music.
Programmers weren't programmed to read directions, they were programmed to make them
@3ventic D: you should've mentioned that a few minutes ago! Someone probably would've upvoted one of your posts.
Just so you could get that hat.
12:13 AM
I didn't actually notice until I got my UpDo hat
At least you got one hat
A few more days and I should have 10k network rep
@3ventic Congrats!
I almost got the UpDo hat, but then someone downvoted one of my questions at ~23:00 UTC Time
Yes, congratulations.
12:15 AM
9510 currently and I'm getting ~150 a day
It would be awesome for it to happen on christmas eve :d
I want to get 3k on Stack Overflow.
I have been stalled in the mid-2ks forever.
I really don't want to get rid of this notification:
Worked hard to answer everything in , but that attracted real experts to come and do it, and those experts are way better at answering questions than me. It's almost as if non-programmers are somehow less able to program than professional programmers are. Go figure.
When I got the association bonus from SO, I found out about Arqade and figured that I'm much better at gaming than programming
Yeah, The Workplace is a lot easier for me than SO is. Meta SO is like stealing reputation from babies though.
12:19 AM
I only came to MSO to post one question, but it ended up earning me so much reputation I stayed
Q: Automatically reject suggested edits where edit summary is an email address

3venticCould we automatically reject a suggested edit if the edit summary is only an email address? We all know it is very common for spam bots to enter email address to the one-line field that is after a post and an edit summary should never be just an email address. In the past few months I've seen l...

That one
Pretty much the same thing happened to me: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/211710/…
I remember reading that -- that was a brilliant catch. It is funny how we gain domain knowledge, and it's awesome that you were able to realize it and verbalize it to help out the site quality!
That's what we're here for, right?
I haven't seen any of those edits in a while though
Maybe the changes they made helped against them
Well, some people are here nigh exclusively for badges or for rep or for socialization. So no, we aren't all here to improve site quality necessarily.
I feel that I don't deserve the 227 rep from that question, because my question started out more like "I recently earned a secret hat. Is there any way to tell how I earned this hat?"
Instead of "How do I earn the Johnny Three-hats hat?"
12:24 AM
Meta rep is meaningless -- don't worry about it. Great thought-out questions get 20 downvotes if they hit meta on a bad day, and throwaways can garner dozens of upvotes for being in the right place at the right time
I really don't feel like I've earned 270 rep for this but it just happens to be the case. Trivial answers are the easiest to vote on..
My highest-scored answer is definitely not trivial:
A: Boss does not answer questions

jmacGive a man a fish... If you ask me what the current rate between JPY and USD is, I can tell you (about 95 JPY/USD). If you need to know the same thing again next week, or next month, and I'm not around, what will you do? It may be efficient in the short-term to just tell you to use 95, but long...

@jmac My highest-scored post is fairly trivial.
The question itself started out as 4 sentences
As with most things on SE, "it depends"
My highest voted question on Arqade is 3 sentences..
12:28 AM
Am I the only one that thought this was a special hat made for jmort253? — animuson 34 secs ago
My highest voted mSO question is about educating spammers.
Q: We need to improve the quality of our spam!

Undo the SnowmanRecently, I've noticed a downhill effect in the quality of spam posted on Stack Exchange websites. Take this as an example (found on Space.SE): There are a great many things wrong with this artifact: There is not one capitalized letter in the entire post. (-1 grammar point.) The only pun...

Oh, you're the person that asked that!
That question of mine started out as 2 sentences, too...
@Undo You need to make one to reopen Spam Review.
@hichris123 You do that.
Your idea.
12:29 AM
I will destroy it with fire.
@animuson That would be bad.
Bad animuson!
Remember to make it fireproof
Hmm... does mod fire create damage?
Or would meta users cry in outrage?
I rofled when I saw the "Did you know this one weird trick?" example question in spam review.
@hichris123 Depends on the weather. Meta people are unpredictable.
12:31 AM
That was before it was closed, though
Hey, why not.
I don't really care about my meta rep.
Oh dear.
And I want the proposal reopened.
@Undo If you never hear from me again...
Can I have your helpful flags?
Meta post on mod fire.
12:32 AM
That's less useful.
But ok!
@hichris123 Link me to the question when you post it!
I'll vote it up
I will too.
Hmm... discussion or support?
Most certainly.
12:33 AM
If you're going to be crazy, be crazy all the way.
Most certainly.
Yeah, discussion
@animuson Please don't unleash the fire on me.
No, tag it [bug]!
12:34 AM
@RyanCarlson It probably was a bug that the proposal was closed.
I wish they'd just delete the proposal so people will stop messing around with it.
Closing it can't possibly be intentional. Therefore it's a bug
It's a bug every time I get flagged
@animuson It's easier than that: delete the people so they stop messing around with it.
I really want to compile all the info about secret hats in to a single meta post since they are spread around, but at the same time I don't want to spoil the fun of the secret hats.
12:37 AM
Spreading them out keeps them a secret for longer
See, getting stars is easy
@jmac I considered that
But decided not to
@ElfSlice I disagree
@RyanCarlson ... Only one?
You have not lived if you only have one starred message.
You need to get out there and live your life
No tears, only stars now
12:42 AM
I know
You need to post more sloths on The Bridge. That should get you stars.
Wait, out where?
Out in the cold.
But...cold... It's cold
Take your fancy new hat with you
It will keep you warm
12:43 AM
Life is meaningless without chat stars.
@3ventic My Winter Is Coming hat?
Winter is most definitely already here.
12:45 AM
@ElfSlice Are you sure about that?
@RyanCarlson looks out window Yes.
There's only about a foot of snow on the ground
There's barely any snow on the ground
but there's ice everywhere
Ice is fun.
You can slip and fall and break important bones on ice.
Winter: "A period of time characterized by coldness, misery, barrenness, or death."
It's definitely winter.
My 82:1 message to star ratio is very miserable
12:49 AM
How do you figure out the ratio?
@RyanCarlson I can go through and clear some of those stars for you...
@jmac Magic
@animuson ... :(
@Undo What's a good name for my meta post?
"Please delete this as soon as possible"?
"This is spam"?
12:54 AM
@animuson I'm not trying to get it deleted.
I want it reopened.
@hichris123 "Meta is for nerds"
"plz re opin teh spam rivew aria 51 prpozal"?
@Ryan I like your second one.
I just think it might get billions of low-quality flags on it.
"I liek taco's"?
@RyanCarlson Are you just really good at counting or something?
12:58 AM
me iz rily gud at countin
@3ventic Yes, spreading them out does keep them secret longer, but people who want to know them will dig them up anyway, and they are being spoiled. So I'm torn. I tried to edit out the secrets, but everyone just tosses them in spoiler tags now.
more spam plz
"Base 8 is just like base 10 really, if you're missing two fingers." - Tom Lehrer, New Math
@hichris123 Here is the perfect post to reopen spam review:
Title: plz re opin teh spam rivew aria 51 prpozal
1:02 AM
(the song is about subtracting 173 from 342, first in decimal, and then in octal)
Body: plz re opin teh spam rivew aria 51 prpozal!!!!!!111oneone it iz a rily gud propzal so u shud roepen it plzplzplz dont deleet tis post kthx
Tags: [spam] [bug]
"You can't take 3 from 2, 2 is less than 3, so you look at the 4 in the tens place. Now that's really 4 tens, so you make it 3 tens, and you change the ten to ten ones and add it to the 2 and take away 3 that's 9. Now go back to the tens place you've got 3 'cause you've added one, that is to say ten to the one, but you can't take 7 from three so you look at the hundreds place..."
@jmac Just watched that. So hilarious
@RyanCarlson Glad you liked it. Many a childhood car ride was spent listening to those albums... The above was all written from memory...
1:08 AM
I could have done the rest, but the comment box wouldn't let me
I don't like these restrictions
You can't post two identical messages in a row, you can't have more that a few hundred chars per message, you can't post more than one message every few seconds, etc.
Makes it so hard to spam
@RyanCarlson How's this:
> plz re opin teh spam rivew aria 51 prpozal!!!!!!111oneone it iz a rily
> gud propzal so u shud roepen it plz i neeeeeed this for me work!!!
> i was acually ging tu use this tu imprve my spam but since u clsed it i cant. :(
> teh number of spam postz tat have ben removed from my acount is tons!!!!! i want to be a goodz spammezr but cant witout this plz reopen it!! plzplzplzplzplzplzplz?
Nice knowing you
1:14 AM
It's a blockquote in the body.
Not the whole text
@hichris123 To reiterate: terrible
Which is a good thing
Because oxymorons FTW
@UndotheSnowman What do you mean?
Who wants to make my day?
Because 2 votes on this would do it:
A: When should I make edits to code?

jmacReviewing Code Edits When in doubt, click 'Skip'. "Learn to love that Skip button." Editing Code in Questions Code in questions should only be edited for formatting and readability. Editing the syntax or correcting typos in code in questions can fix the problem that the person asking the quest...

@Ryan Undo was talking to me, I think.
1:15 AM
Oo unicorn hat just popped, no idea how. jmac what do you get at 40?
Guru badge and a head of Horrible Coding Hair
(I think)
@jmac But that's a CW post
You still get badges on CW posts (or at least I have in the past)
1:16 AM
I wanted to get your opinion on my post, but I got this
Your paste has triggered our automatic SPAM detection filter. This happens when links or certain keywords are detected in a paste. It can also happen if you are creating a lot of items in a short period of time. To confirm you are not a bot, please fill out the captcha below
That means my post is good, right?
Yeehaw, 41.
I have the Nice Answer for that post
so Guru should be doable too
unless the accepted answer doesn't work properly as it's my own question.
I suspect that's the case
Anyone want to look at my post and give me suggestions?
1:18 AM
@jmac Self-accepts do not count for the Guru badge.
I need to add a conclusion/summary at the end.
Needs mod abuse to change the question author
@hichris123 Looks good
So here are the 10 secret hats Shog gave hints about. Which hats are which?:
? 1. ...then I took an arrow to the knee.
Unicorn Hat 2. Earned ten of the most meaningless points on the 'Net
Ghost of Winterbash Past? 3. I live... AGAIN!
? 4. He ain't no drag
Chuck Yeager 5. from JBM to JWH
? 6. Humpty Dumpty, or perfect in every way?
IG-88? 7. There are only so many people capable of putting together words that stir and move and sing.
Hipster? 8. You look like an absolute idiot.
? 9. You may have to go to Puerto Vallarta, break the law and then fight extradition to get over this one.
1:21 AM
@jmac I don't know any more than that
Ah, I'm not listening should be on there...
With Great Power as well
Is it just me, or is the "Reanimated" hat unfair?
It's impossible to get it without 3k rep
But once you have 3k rep, it's really easy to get
The mod hat is even more unfair
@RyanCarlson Oh how wrong you are
Robocop is also impossible to get without 3k rep.
I have robocop but not reanimated :|
1:29 AM
@animuson I noticed that, but it's still fairly hard to get even with 3k rep
@animuson Are you going to burn my post with fire about reopening Spam Review?
Easier than reanimated it seems
@hichris123 Probably
you just have to hope the questions that show up in the queue are worth reopening
You should wait a few hours before posting it
1:30 AM
Can someone here ping me?
@UndotheSnowman ping
@RyanCarlson Animuson goes to bed at 3AM my time.
1:32 AM
@Undo Why'd you want the ping?
@hichris123 To test some stuff
Oh, thanks for being very specific.
Anyway, @Undo here's my 1st revision of my meta post: pastebin.com/piJAVa9D
@hichris123 Is there something wrong with getting up at 3AM to post what is essentially spam and will probably get closed really soon anyways?
I'm thinking of making a userscript to display chat replies on the main site, instantly.
@Ryan Yes.
1:33 AM
Umm... it's 3AM
That displays good.
Pointing to my mesage.
It's 3:34 and it's not even weekend yet..
I really shouldn't be up anymore
1:35 AM
@3ventic 8:35 PM my time.
@hichris123 Same here
1:36 here, day off tomorrow though so all is sound
If you agree that this could be reopened please vote stackoverflow.com/q/20690739/340760 thanks
Anyone else have any opinions on my post? pastebin.com/piJAVa9D
I bet @animuson has some!
1:37 AM
It's really good
I have fire, not opinions.
Fire is an opinion.
@animuson what if I went and stole the gods' fire?
What if the hell froze over?
@animuson What does this fire say, oh great one? How does it fortell the coming events?
1:39 AM
@3ventic So you live in Finland or east Europe?
Hmm... to post or not to post. That is the question.
The question is what you're about to post.
@hichris123 And the answer is...
1:40 AM
We need to get @TimStone a diamond.
Well, I have one, just...not here.
He's kinda on the team, right?
Close enough
Employees have the right to carry diamonds. You're kinda an employee. Therefore, we should crown you on Meta.
I wanted a half-diamond but somehow that never played out.
1:41 AM
@UndotheSnowman Here, you can give him this: hydra-media.cursecdn.com/minecraft.gamepedia.com/9/90/…
Thanks @animuson!
People should just start adding ♦ to their display names
@3ventic Doesn't work
I need another ping or two
1:45 AM
@3ventic Reopening Spam Review.
@UndotheSnowman Have three
@RyanCarlson What do you think?
About what?
1:46 AM
Should I post it?
I wonder if you can add that to your display name?
different from their diamond.
@Undo I need a creative title.
@jmac, "Display Name can only contain letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes or hyphens and must start with a letter or digit"
1:47 AM
Ping me with the link when you post it
@OGHaza So I could name myself jmac diamond -- I'm sure nobody would notice the difference. Right?
I think it's that time of night when the ISP does all their maintenance..
My internet connection is cutting off once in a while
1:48 AM
@jmac seems legit
I think it's that time of night when the ISP does all their maintenance..
@3ventic I think you're right.
Double post.
I see it too
they're not even in the same block
That looks weird
That doesn't show up for me.
need to switch up your ISP, fine here ;)
1:51 AM
it's up 100% of day time so I can't really complain if they cut off for a few seconds at night
^ I see that too
new block!
Need blocks
> XMLHttpRequest cannot load chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/?_=1387504520513. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://meta.stackoverflow.com' is therefore not allowed access.
1:56 AM
better put in a request for ''Access-Control-Allow-Origin' headers on SO
@OGHaza Let's do it.

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