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4:09 AM
1 hour later…
5:17 AM
1 hour later...
@SweetWisherツ Morning!
@ShadowWizard cannon
1 hour later…
6:43 AM
Morning @SweetWisherツ and @Dro!
@DroidDev canyon
@ShadowWizard Afternoon ;)
@ShadowWizard valley
@DroidDev 8:45 AM :D
@DroidDev silicon
@ShadowWizard 12:16 PM here
so it's noon, not afternoon ;)
@ShadowWizard electronics
6:54 AM
@DroidDev chip
@ShadowWizard motherboard
hey! welcome @SabreTooth :D
@DroidDev heh, probably got here by mistake ;(
@ShadowWizard in tavern too...
@DroidDev motherload
@DroidDev hmm... weird. Hope he'll at least say "hi" :D
@ShadowWizard yup, lets see...
@ShadowWizard jackpot
7:06 AM
@DroidDev treasure
@ShadowWizard buried
@DroidDev hole
ha! xkcd said it
@ShadowWizard gaping :P
@DroidDev mouth
@DroidDev hmm? said what? about hole?
@ShadowWizard nope, about ladies :D
@ShadowWizard face
did you open the link?
7:13 AM
@DroidDev oh, thought it was related to some word you or me posted. Yup, read it ;)
@DroidDev hair
@ShadowWizard naa, just picked it up from SO tavern. Btw, do you agree with that or not?
You will be having a better say in it than me, because of experience :)
@ShadowWizard black
@DroidDev eh, like most good jokes, there is some truth in it - women care a lot about their jewellery - but it's being exaggerated to make it funny ;)
@ShadowWizard isn't it always the case, the exaggeration. I think its there because no-one to counter it...
@DroidDev yup, this might be true :)
@DroidDev onyx
oh! these are said "onyx" in english!! Never knew that, but in punjabi(my native language), we even have a color on their name, because of their different color
@ShadowWizard yummy
7:23 AM
@DroidDev that's cool!
@DroidDev tummy
@ShadowWizard hungry
@ShadowWizard when I was kid, i used to go with my friends, climb on tree to get these. We have eaten so many of these. You know, villages have these kind of things :D
@DroidDev starved
at that point of time, I never thought, I'll be this person. Even now, in my village, lot of people won't believe that I can speak english and won't believe if I tell them that I can speak in it
@DroidDev I also grew up in a village, so as a kid I also climbed trees with friends... but no food for us up there. ;)
@DroidDev but you did it, so well done! :D
By the way @DroidDev while we're here alone I can ask... did you try that prank on your friend? With the glass/bowl of water? :-P
@ShadowWizard haha! we ate lot of mangoes, onyxes, guavas, corns, even raw wheat...
@ShadowWizard haha! Apart from that, while brushing my teeth, I almost stood in front of him and showed him my brush and asked him, you want to brush your teeth?
he was all like, aaahhhh!!!! take that away from me
I poured ice cold water in his ear
@ShadowWizard ya, thanks :D
@ShadowWizard thirsty
7:37 AM
@DroidDev so, what happened? How did he revenge? ;)
@DroidDev dry
@ShadowWizard haha! nothing until now. I think he forgot about it, because he was in deep sleep and then after abusing me(friendly) for 5 minutes, he went again to sleep.
@ShadowWizard wet
@DroidDev lol, he's a deep sleeper then! but then again, he might be waiting for the right time, so... watch your back! :D
@DroidDev pants :(
@ShadowWizard ya, you just reminded me about it and now I'll be careful, because, they have exams now, and both of them aren't going to sleep until mornings these days, while I'll be asleep all the time. Anything can happen in that time frame
@ShadowWizard babies
@DroidDev yup, hope you won't get any revenge but better play it safe! :D
@DroidDev indeed, babies have wet pants sometimes ;D
@DroidDev diapers
@ShadowWizard pads
7:48 AM
@DroidDev lady ;)
@ShadowWizard ya, anything can happen in our room, specially when only boys are living around each other. Once, we managed to get every piece of clothe off, of our drunk friend and locked him outside the room, while we were looking at him from windows and laughing ;)
@ShadowWizard boobs (YAY!)
8:03 AM
@DroidDev lol, I bet he didn't find it very funny!!
@DroidDev attractive ;)
@ShadowWizard magnets
@ShadowWizard and women
8:25 AM
@cVplZ how come??
@rene is going to pass me in Meta.SE rep any day now : )
6,000 - neat!
@ShadowWizard rather not explain :)
@cVplZ yeah, he's on a roll
@cVplZ so you just say women got wet pants sometimes and leave it at that?! D:
@cVplZ polarity
yep, i don't know how I'm still awake right now, but can't sleep
@ShadowWizard popularity
8:29 AM
@cVplZ Leader
@ShadowWizard Shog
@cVplZ head
@ShadowWizard tilt
@cVplZ pinball
lol , nice
@ShadowWizard 70's
8:32 AM
played a lot of pinball on PC, what I remember is the dreaded "tilt" feature. 99% of the times it caused me to fail :D
@cVplZ show
I think the two good looking ones are dating in real life now
@cVplZ remember it was reported a while ago (year?) yeah
she was like only 15 or 16 when the show started, and i think had to do kissing scenes with him
she's damn hot
@cVplZ no sane man would ever doubt that! :P
@cVplZ she had kissing scenes with each and every one of the others, no? ;)
lol, it's all a blur to me, but I don't think she kissed Fez, or another girl, but maybe
Frogs continue to jump around. I need a new menu. I am starting to see a common solution...
@ShadowWizard i see, great find! Although, there's a lot of dark shadow, so hard to tell if they actually tongued or not
and yes, i do remember seeing that one before, now
in Smart Developers' Lab on Stack Overflow Chat, 51 mins ago, by maveň ツ
@DroidDev @PiyushGupta @W-I-Z-A-R-D @SweetWisherツ
talk about mass ping
well...but, its kind of okay in that room, so, I'll just pass
but...then again....guess the first line of room description
"Don't mass ping"
Pinging @DroidDev for fun
let's ping @DroidDev for fun
ping @DroidDev for fun
ping @DroidDev until he watch the show
@ShadowWizard he was drunk and by drunk, I mean, at-least three quaters of a bottle of alcohol....he wasn't even able to think straight. After threatening us with different ways to unlock the room, he then started begging. We had to let him in soon, because, you know, it wasn't a good effect on neighbors ;)
@SPArchaeologist that one is good
but, they are help vamps
@Uni know very well about those :D
8:57 AM
Oh? Which room?
Silent Killer is owner there
@ShadowWizard Supernatural
ye can't hide word from me...
@cVplZ probably not, but it's a TV show.... most scenes related to those things are fake. :)
@DroidDev yeah, think you got a spell for it already ;)
@DroidDev lol! poor boy... did he remember anything afterwards when he got sober again? As for neighbours, well... they might have actually enjoyed watching it you know :D
@DroidDev Castiel
@ShadowWizard yup, I do!, but, I don't remember the name :)
@ShadowWizard yup, he remembered, from the photos that we clicked ;)
@ShadowWizard Angel
9:15 AM
@DroidDev rabbit
wondering the relation
@SPArchaeologist hop
@DroidDev Fluttershy's rabbit name
@DroidDev double
10:10 AM
@DroidDev oh, that's cruel! :D
@SPArchaeologist sword
@ShadowWizard haha! but, those were never exposed :)
@ShadowWizard of Stranger
@DroidDev well, since he was lacking clothes guess it's obvious you didn't expose them! lol
@DroidDev righteousness
10:26 AM
@ShadowWizard well...we can show them to people at various points of time...but, ya, that won't be much helpful, then just keeping those, well hidden in our PCs and just threaten him randomly whenever we feel like ;)
@ShadowWizard honesty
@DroidDev loyalty
@ShadowWizard regard
@DroidDev same place where you keep all the porn, I assume.... :P
@DroidDev regards
@DroidDev @ShadowWizard +1 to Shadow for starting the chain, -20 to Droid for breaking it...
@SPArchaeologist what chain? with the sword?
10:35 AM
honesty -> loyalty
@SPArchaeologist -20, that's quite a big amount of hate...
@ShadowWizard wishes
@SPArchaeologist you sure need to face your inner self
@DroidDev and I even forgot to say that the scale is logaritmic
3 mins ago, by DroidDev
@SPArchaeologist you sure need to face your inner self
I sense a lot of darkness and negativity in you
you know I can sense negative energy while I am in six paths sage mode
@DroidDev best
@ShadowWizard Eternal Sharingaan
10:43 AM
@DroidDev Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye (I think :))
@ShadowWizard Haoshoku Haki
@SPArchaeologist shanks
1 hour later…
11:54 AM
@ShadowWizard .... is not happening if Oded keeps deleting my answer (cc @cVplZ )
1 hour later…
1:19 PM
1 hour later...
2 hours later…
2:52 PM
@rene Yeah, he keeps the thread clean which is good. :)
@DroidDev banks
@ShadowWizard deposit
@ShadowWizard things about judaism SE are being discussed over tavern. You might know better...but, its just a casual talk... :)
3:05 PM
@SweetWisherツ Hiya :)
1 hour later…
4:10 PM
1 hour later...
Where is everyone...??
personal theory:
@DroidDev Back from school ;)
@ProgramFOX Thank god someone is here
Now, I can play the game, finally :)
Bot started with waiting time set to 15 seconds.
@DroidDev place
4:16 PM
Uncle Scrooge was better
@ProgramFOX oven
@FOX9000 baking
@ProgramFOX slice
@FOX9000 array
@SPArchaeologist That's great! even remembered me of my friends
4:17 PM
@ProgramFOX mantle
@FOX9000 ore
@DroidDev smelt
@FOX9000 felt
@DroidDev strangely
@FOX9000 odd
4:19 PM
@DroidDev moment
@FOX9000 time
@DroidDev Mark this date on the calendar. Droid defined a mlp comic strip as "great"
@DroidDev hour
@ProgramFOX siesta
@SPArchaeologist yup! Its because it made me remember my old friends. But, regardless, I liked it
oh! another thing for you to mark there ^
@FOX9000 1987
4:21 PM
No associated word found for 1987.
@DroidDev year
@SPArchaeologist pension
@FOX9000 retired
@DroidDev solitary
@FOX9000 isolated
4:22 PM
@DroidDev tract
@FOX9000 land
@DroidDev distribution
@FOX9000 divide
@DroidDev multiply
@DroidDev halve
4:24 PM
bot does not see edits
@SPArchaeologist reducing
@SPArchaeologist it did! :O
@FOX9000 minimizing
It only sees it if you edit it very quickly, before ChatExchange looks for new messages.
@DroidDev problem
@ProgramFOX Ya! You know, ninja is fast :D
@FOX9000 solving
4:25 PM
@DroidDev answer
@ProgramFOX question
@DroidDev 42
@SPArchaeologist solution
@DroidDev iodine
@FOX9000 salt
4:27 PM
@DroidDev wherry
@FOX9000 boat
@DroidDev harpoon
@FOX9000 Whale
>> !delete!
@SPArchaeologist pod
@SPArchaeologist Command contains invalid characters.
@FOX9000 i
4:28 PM
@SPArchaeologist To use !delete!, you need to reply to a message.
@FOX9000 !delete!
@DroidDev suppose
@FOX9000 assume
@DroidDev presuppose
4:30 PM
@FOX9000 future
@DroidDev gratification
@FOX9000 satisfaction
@FOX9000 !delete!
if I leaved "satisfaction -> android" there, Droid would never speak to me again
@DroidDev customer
4:33 PM
@SPArchaeologist abe
(come on, Yannis - give me the bounty :P)
@FOX9000 Random Letters
@SPArchaeologist aghieighoehogiie
^ don't consider that a word
No associated word found for aghieighoehogiie.
@SPArchaeologist sentence
@ProgramFOX subjunctive
4:37 PM
@FOX9000 mood
@SPArchaeologist surly
@FOX9000 bike
Surly Bikes is a designer and importer of bicycles, frames, parts, and accessories based in Bloomington, Minnesota, established circa 1998. Surly is owned by and shares facilities with Quality Bicycle Products (QBP). The company is well known in bicycle messenger and single-speed culture and helped establish the Single Speed World Championship (SSWC). Surly specializes in steel bicycle frames. Frames are made in Taiwan from 4130 chromoly steel. Distinctive components made by Surly include the Dingle cog, cranksets with separately detachable spiders, reversible chain tensioner, and the "Large Marge...
@SPArchaeologist highway
never heard that word before
@DroidDev "Finally I can play the game", remember?
@FOX9000 race
@SPArchaeologist diagonally
4:43 PM
@FOX9000 oblique
@SPArchaeologist perpendicular
@FOX9000 parallel
@SPArchaeologist korea
some of the bot replies will never cease to amaze me
@FOX9000 south
@SPArchaeologist slaveholding
4:45 PM
@DroidDev forgot the game
let's remember the game to @DroidDev
@DroidDev has fall asleep
let's awake @DroidDev with pings
@DroidDev seems to be afk
let's remember @DroidDev he should be playing the game
@FOX9000 piramid
No associated word found for piramid.
@SPArchaeologist pyramid
@ProgramFOX archaeologist
typo sorry
@FOX9000 SharePoint
now let the bot reply
4:48 PM
No associated word found for SPArchaeologist.
>>reply 2713906
@ProgramFOX puke
Your link still exists @SPArchaeologist ;)
seems so
we lost @DroidDev
@FOX9000 Android
@SPArchaeologist wesley
4:51 PM
you own me one @DroidDev
@FOX9000 theologian
@SPArchaeologist natural
@FOX9000 nature
@SPArchaeologist excitable
Sorry @ProgramFOX, have to go for now
see you folks
4:56 PM
@SPArchaeologist I was just having dinner
back now!
but seems you are gone :(
@FOX9000 anxious
@DroidDev laboured
@FOX9000 hard
@DroidDev reality
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