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3:01 PM
the nested commands are interesting
you're right I haven't seen them before
>>shuffle {{read 7978874}}
@Shadow are the commands nested interesting
>>shuffle {{listcommands}}
3:02 PM
*enable, retry, random, define, reply, Commands:
alive, read, utc, no, randomchoice, *translationchain, showtime, yes, shuffle, +delete, getcurrentusers, islink, *suspend, *translationswitch, xkcd, link, joingame, showlatest10, *gameunban, *unban, continue, ping, rmword, randomint, listcommands, xkcdrandomnumber, removelinkexplanation, latestword, quitgame explainlink, *disable, *pull, removelink, exec, detectlang, flip, *unsuspend, addlinkexplanation, *module, *gameban, help, cat, translate, doubleflip, *stop, time, *ban,
@StephanS Waiting time: 0 seconds.
>>randomchoice {{read 7978874}}
@Shadow interesting
@FOX9000 it shuffled this way to perfectly
>>shuffle {{read 7978910}}
3:04 PM
@StephanS to shuffled perfectly it way this
Here he comes!
>>help rene
@Shadow The command you want to look up does not exist.
@Stephan well are you ready to see something really unique?
Here it comes....
~ That is gross ....
3:05 PM
@KennyBOT no it's not
~ 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩
@KennyBOT good for you!!
I don't want to wipe since it'll reset the turds counter.
@KennyBOT noooooooo video made private :(
@rene time to find other vid?
@Shadow sigh
3:07 PM
@rene brow (?)
Here's one which looks good:
@FOX9000 money
@StephanS extravagance (?)
@StephanS dollars
@Shadow rupee (?)
3:09 PM
@Shadow I'll add it in 6 to 8
@rene seconds
@Shadow fraction (?)
@FOX9000 numbers
@StephanS aria (?)
@FOX9000 song
3:10 PM
@StephanS title (?)
@FOX9000 name
@StephanS Cheryl (?)
@FOX9000 let me see the kids
@FOX9000 singer
@StephanS soprano (?)
@FOX9000 alto
3:11 PM
@StephanS el (?)
@FOX9000 ellas
@StephanS kern (?)
@FOX9000 fern
@StephanS temperate (?)
@FOX9000 hot
3:12 PM
@StephanS ColdFire (?)
@FOX9000 firecold
No associated word found for firecold.
that was fun
@StephanS Command not found. Did you mean: alive?
@ColdFire boo
3:14 PM
@Shadow stage (?)
@StephanS it's a user. ;)
Also, quitgame not leavegame... @Stephan ;)
@StephanS You left the Word Association Game. Run >>joingame to join again.
3:15 PM
@StephanS You joined the Word Association Game! Take a look at the tutorial. Run >>quitgame to leave.
@FOX9000 perform
@StephanS gala (?)
@FOX9000 audience
@StephanS farce (?)
@FOX9000 fake
3:16 PM
@StephanS disappearance (?)
@FOX9000 gone
@StephanS UniKitty (?)
@FOX9000 user
@StephanS networking (?)
3:17 PM
@FOX9000 site
@StephanS storey (?)
You got addicted? ;)
@FOX9000 house
@StephanS dormitory (?)
@FOX9000 room
3:18 PM
Wait, you know @UniKitty?? @Stephan
@StephanS locker (?)
@Shadow no but it sounds like a username
@StephanS smart
@Shadow android (?)
@FOX9000 iOS
3:18 PM
@Shadow zeus (?)
@FOX9000 god
@StephanS immortal (?)
@FOX9000 zeus
@StephanS That word is already said in the latest 10 words. Please use another. (In case I'm mistaken, run >>rmword zeus and then >>reply 7979100)
3:19 PM
it didn't allow me to loop, that pretty smart
@StephanS yeah, one of my old rules...
Same word allowed only after 10 different words.
Used to have single "chain" of replies too, but that... turned out to be impossible to keep.
idk what is immortal other than a god. time?
@FOX9000 time
@StephanS beautifully (?)
i guess
@FOX9000 made
No associated word found for made.
3:22 PM
@StephanS male
@StephanS You left the Word Association Game. Run >>joingame to join again.
@Shadow phalic (?)
your time to shine
Nog shine
You know what it is, right?
3:24 PM
phalic? isn't that tissue
@StephanS You joined the Word Association Game! Take a look at the tutorial. Run >>quitgame to leave.
@FOX9000 phallos
No associated word found for phallos.
@StephanS lol no. It's anything shaped as a penis.
@FOX9000 penis
3:25 PM
@StephanS abnormality (?)
@FOX9000 mistakes
@StephanS realize (?)
@FOX9000 acknowledge
@StephanS homage (?)
3:27 PM
@FOX9000 respect
@StephanS deference (?)
@FOX9000 same
@StephanS gloomy (?)
@FOX9000 weather
@StephanS hot (?)
3:27 PM
@FOX9000 cold
@StephanS moisture (?)
@FOX9000 Florida
@StephanS oklahoma (?)
@FOX9000 Texas
@StephanS palo (?)
3:27 PM
@FOX9000 flat
@StephanS oval (?)
@FOX9000 circle
@StephanS forefinger (?)
@FOX9000 pointerfinger
No associated word found for pointerfinger.
3:28 PM
@FOX9000 finger
@StephanS curve (?)
@FOX9000 earth
@StephanS nasa (?)
@FOX9000 space
@StephanS tensor (?)
3:29 PM
@FOX9000 sum
@StephanS rupee (?)
@FOX9000 money
@StephanS lend (?)
@FOX9000 take
@StephanS hostage (?)
3:29 PM
@FOX9000 negotiation
@StephanS ratification (?)
@FOX9000 change
@StephanS lifestyle (?)
@FOX9000 fitness
@StephanS outdoor (?)
3:30 PM
@FOX9000 indoor
@StephanS championship (?)
@FOX9000 winner
@StephanS eventual (?)
@FOX9000 now
@StephanS steady (?)
3:31 PM
@FOX9000 fast
@StephanS av (?)
@FOX9000 street
@StephanS graffito (?)
@FOX9000 paint
@StephanS enamel (?)
3:31 PM
@FOX9000 teeth
@StephanS biting (?)
@StephanS You left the Word Association Game. Run >>joingame to join again.
1 hour later…
4:54 PM
@Shadow I will wait for a day or couple of days. If bug does not get solved, will think of requesting account merge.
@FOX9000 apple
@Pandya grape (?)
@FOX9000 plant
@Pandya firmly (?)
@FOX9000 mount
@Pandya olympus (?)
4:56 PM
@FOX9000 game
@Pandya streak (?)
@FOX9000 out
@Pandya mischief (?)
@FOX9000 CoC
@Pandya a mobile game (?)
4:58 PM
@FOX9000 play
@Pandya baseball (?)
@FOX9000 goal
@Pandya punt (?)
@FOX9000 declared
@Pandya willingness (?)
4:59 PM
@FOX9000 optimistic
@Pandya sound (?)
@FOX9000 speaker
@Pandya speaking (?)
@FOX9000 lie
@Pandya northeast (?)
5:00 PM
@FOX9000 westsouth
No associated word found for westsouth.
@FOX9000 direction
@Pandya steer (?)
@FOX9000 milk
@Pandya breakfast (?)
5:01 PM
@FOX9000 office
@Pandya hm (?)
@FOX9000 hmm
@Pandya Ya (?)
@FOX9000 Yo
@Pandya yo yo yo (?)
5:02 PM
@FOX9000 bliss
@Pandya righteous (?)
@FOX9000 Dharma
@Pandya meditation (?)
@FOX9000 Patanjali
No associated word found for Patanjali.
5:04 PM
@FOX9000 Learn
@Pandya opportunity (?)
The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali are a collection of 196 Indian sutras (aphorisms) on the theory and practice of yoga. The Yoga Sutras were compiled prior to 400 CE by Patanjali who synthesized and organized knowledge about yoga from older traditions. The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali was the most translated ancient Indian text in the medieval era, having been translated into about forty Indian languages and two non-Indian languages: Old Javanese and Arabic. The text fell into relative obscurity for nearly 700 years from the 12th to 19th century, and made a comeback in late 19th century due to the efforts...
@FOX9000 take
@Pandya quart (?)
@FOX9000 oil
@Pandya joint (?)
5:05 PM
@FOX9000 welding
@Pandya foundry (?)
@FOX9000 education
@Pandya academic (?)
@FOX9000 training
@Pandya overhaul (?)
5:06 PM
@FOX9000 profit
@Pandya enormous (?)
@FOX9000 ocean
@Pandya atmosphere (?)
@FOX9000 spring
@Pandya chassis (?)
5:08 PM
@FOX9000 automobile
No associated word found for airmobile.
@FOX9000 automobile
@Pandya transportation (?)
@FOX9000 public
@Pandya expenditure (?)
5:09 PM
@FOX9000 project
@Pandya irrigation (?)
@FOX9000 fountain
@Pandya spacious (?)
@FOX9000 sky
@Pandya streaked (?)
5:10 PM
@FOX9000 trouble
@Pandya sorely (?)
@FOX9000 karma
@Pandya hindu (?)
@FOX9000 philosophy
@Pandya aesthetics (?)
5:11 PM
@FOX9000 god
@Pandya vishnu (?)
@FOX9000 Brahman
@Pandya manu (?)
@FOX9000 smriti
@Pandya law (?)
5:12 PM
@FOX9000 karma
@Pandya That word is already said in the latest 10 words. Please use another. (In case I'm mistaken, run >>rmword karma and then >>reply 7979669)
@FOX9000 freedom
@Pandya enshrine (?)
@FOX9000 prana
@Pandya barracks (?)
5:13 PM
@FOX9000 home
@Pandya brew (?)
@FOX9000 health
@Pandya insurance (?)
@FOX9000 premium
@Pandya nissan (?)
5:14 PM
@FOX9000 company
@Pandya holding (?)
@FOX9000 market
@Pandya atari (?)
@FOX9000 stock
@Pandya equity (?)
5:15 PM
@FOX9000 tax
@Pandya debt (?)
@FOX9000 waved
@Pandya adieu (?)
@FOX9000 Good Night!
Finally I completed the WAG for today!
1 hour later…
6:18 PM
~ Magician
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