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2:18 PM
@SPArchaeologist The Wizard of Oz
@ShadowWizard I never
played... i know the rules bt not exactly
@SweetWisherツ the rules are very simple: just reply to the latest word, with a word of your own that is somehow related.
To reply, either click the little icon that appears in the bottom right of each message when you hover over it (not your own messages), or open the message menu and click "reply to this message" from there
Can't find it from. Mobile :/
2:26 PM
@SweetWisherツ ohhh, mobile theme does not have Reply
@SweetWisherツ @ShadowWizard He forgot the two most important rules: only clean words and the weirder the relation the better.
@SweetWisherツ @SPArchaeologist is talking about himself but of course, a female clone of him would be interesting!! :-D
Haha I M.not his clone
@SweetWisherツ you can use the full site theme on a mobile device (menu --> full site) but it's not very comfortable
2:28 PM
@ShadowWizard powerful
@DroidDev r u again taking power nap:-P
@DroidDev Trixie
No.no..I don't like that at all shadow
^ "The great and powerful" Trixie
@SweetWisherツ I assigned some work to my junior and now I have to do all of it. Its very irritating...but, whenever, I go to work, I take a nap here
and whenever I take nap from work, I come here ;)
...and now to ruin your reply... :P
@SPArchaeologist tricky
2:31 PM
@DroidDev Dicky
Tricky Dicky was a fictional character in a comic strip in the UK comic The Topper. Drawn by John Dallas, Dicky used to play practical jokes on people, but they usually managed to get the last laugh. From 1979 to 1986 he was the cover star of the comic, succeeding Danny's Tranny and preceding Beryl the Peril. From 1999 to 2000 he re-appeared as a 'Guest Star' in The Beano, again drawn by Dallas, running against The Three Bears, Inspector Horse and Jocky and Gordon Bennett to be voted into the comic by readers, though The Three Bears was the winner. The basic premise of the strip was expanded to...
@ShadowWizard maybe I am SweetWisher, maybe I am Magic. I could be Lauren Faust, or all that talk about UO could mean that I am Iolo...
starts singing Stones
@SweetWisherツ sorry about that... well, if you'll be near a desktop computer know you have the option to play WAG :-)
Long ago ran the sun on a folk who had a dreamm
Ya will do . It from ma . office ;) shadow
Hahhaha rofl droid
Hey, @SweetWisherツ got my initials, SW!
2:33 PM
@ShadowWizard or maybe I am just the asylum guard...
Here shadow will ping two persons@ShadowWizard
Who is @ShadowoftheShadow
@SweetWisherツ what happened?
Ruined the reply. .. hahhaa @DroidDev
The story abt your power nap
2:36 PM
Have u started writing a book ;) @d@DroidDev
@SweetWisherツ I've started reading one
@SweetWisherツ ShadowoftheShadow is my sock - currently my only sock, used to test things as low rep user, or just another user
I wish I could have a high rep sock :P
last word still dicky ;D
@ShadowWizard comics
2:43 PM
Hahhaah okie
Cyaa... prayer time
@SweetWisherツ cee yaa!
see ya!
@DroidDev cartoon
@ShadowWizard network
2:59 PM
@ProgramFOX still missing
@SPArchaeologist you want that spell bad, don't you. That's why you are asking about him, Aren't you? :P
cannot say yes, cannot say no.
@SPArchaeologist so it's a maybe
Maybe @ProgramFOX got infected from @rene flu :(
didn't know flu can be transferred via the internet but hey, weirder things have happened :D
@DroidDev botnet
@ShadowWizard dotnet :P
@ShadowWizard ya, like @SPArchaeologist posting NSFW work
yes @SPArchaeologist yes, I haven't forgotten that and I won't :P
@DroidDev Rotnet :D
3:10 PM
@ShadowWizard hotmail (that's their support mail's domain)
@DroidDev "Like it or not, believe it or not as you will. Your perceptions will not change reality, but simply colour it".
Also know as "if you are really thinking that... who am I to try to give you a dose of common sense?" I forgot my hammer home, so...
@DroidDev coldmail (yup, such thing exists)
> [FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.]
ColdMail.ColdMailRegistration.btnRegister_Click(Object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e) in D:\Debug\Debug\ColdMailSolution\ColdMailSolution\ColdMail\ColdMail.aspx.cs:92
System.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageButton.OnClick(ImageClickEventArgs e) +108
System.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageButton.RaisePostBackEvent(String eventArgument) +118
System.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageButton.System.Web.UI.IPostBackEventHandler.RaisePostBackEvent(String eventArgument) +10
@ShadowWizard stacktrace
3:17 PM
@DroidDev debugging (yeah, they made so many mistakes in their site, it's totally amature)
@ShadowWizard they might have forgot to do debugging ;)
going home btw,
cee yaa!
every time google autocomplete completes my query with the bug I an just going to search, and the "bug" becomes a common issue unfixed from years.... I want to set fire to the farm...
Fox bot is know for giving out spells
This is nice, but spells are just word in a list.
how could this be improved to give an use to the spell?
3:36 PM
Simple. Fork fox's repository of the bot. Add features to spells. Submit a PR.
@Unihedron -_-
Proposed Solution (Unihedron)
Fork the repository, and build that feature. When ProgramFOX pulls it, the changes apply and the bot is now capable of granting usages to the spells!
@Unihedron ok, Take #2
WHAT features could be fun for spell to have?
for example, spells could be used in a new game built just for them, but how?
Monkey Island monkey combat comes to mind (or whatever rock-scissor-paper-lizard-spock clone you prefer)
but it won't work on chat
because you can't post all the players choises at the same time
is there any way to send a message that only a certain user can see?
if you could message just the bot, it could then post the results when the two players chose their options.
3:51 PM
@SPArchaeologist one thing on mind is something like "double score", i.e. the overall ranking won't be just raw amount of words, but rather a calculated score then it can be affected by various things
@SPArchaeologist not really, but since the bot scan messages every second you can post a message, it will intercept it, then you can delete the message so nobody else can see it.
you can see it happening when the bot replies to deleted words
@ShadowWizard the bot would require to be room owner to delete other people messages
@SPArchaeologist actually even room owner can't delete other user's messages, only diamond grant such power
so this is a nope
you would need to manage the deletion by yourself
Do you remember caps or other similar toys?
suppose you have card with scores. Both players drop card, you chose a category, higher value wins.
Host a web service for this.
Makes everything simpler. FOX9k can then POST to your server and expect valuable response.
Could work but I was thinking of something more simple
4:01 PM
@SPArchaeologist nope, doesn't ring a bell
@ShadowWizard well I was thinking something like that. Will have to think more.
@SPArchaeologist @ShadowWizard @DroidDev I'm here now. I was at school.
Actually the full idea was to have the other bot implement something like caps, stickers or something similar
I got 8 notifications, 6 from this room -_-
But how to give them a meaning?
4:08 PM
What were you discussing here?
if you could use the caps to play some game against other user it could give something to do
I read some stuff about pull requests and suggestions.
that was @uni
@ProgramFOX Heh, I usually get about five notifications when I get home from school, you're the winner!
I was thinking how to implement some collectibles in a bot that actually have an use
4:09 PM
@Unihedron How do you get that fancy profile page?
spells for now are only words
@SPArchaeologist It doesn't award spells if you don't say that the bot runs in Shadow's Den. It has specific features that are only enabled when running here.
@ProgramFOX You mean the blockquote banner? ... Hold on. Whoa.
@Unihedron No, I missed the "Profile" tab on the profile...
> 87k people helped
Did I help 87k people? :O
4:11 PM
@ProgramFOX the question was "you collected a spell. Now what?" how could a spell be used?
Wait, this is too good to be true.
It's only on MSE though.
Q: Profile Page Makeover, Part 3: the Prototype returns

OdedYou may recall this thing - our profile page makeover prototype, the reloaded user page. We posted a prototype 6 months ago and got a lot of feedback. Since then, generations of dinosaurs were born, fell in love, had families and were eventually killed by a comet. Or climate change, or maybe tex...

@SPArchaeologist Not, it's just a fancy thing for this room.
@ProgramFOX I was thinking of some game played using spells or something similar and I was trying to come up with some rules
@ProgramFOX Views.
@DroidDev Indeed, they will :D
@JasonC Nice! It's strange though that some of the "words per user" stats contradict with @ShadowWizard's stats.
@ProgramFOX see other board..
For example, my top word is "music" according to Sha's stats, but "red" according to your stats.
@ShadowWizard probably bird-flu....
@ProgramFOX see Jason's later messages, he got some bugs in his code
4:20 PM
I want to believe my code is correct, but of course can't know for sure
@ShadowWizard You admit you're a lousy software engineer?

Jason admits his crimes and saying goodbye

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@rene never really said otherwise ;)
@ShadowWizard They can. It just isn't exposed in the UI. We found that out when working on SmokeDetector. We pinged balpha and he said he would either expose it, or disable it. Don't know what happened eventually.
Bot started with waiting time set to 15 seconds.
4:23 PM
@ProgramFOX oh, simple matter of POST, like Informed badge on MSE?
@ShadowWizard Yup. Can you make the bot room owner for a short time? I want to test what happened as the bot doesn't yet check whether he only deletes his own message.
@ProgramFOX coming your way in 3... 2... 1....
oh no
> Users must have at least 100 reputation to be a room owner
eh, typo
Users and then "to be a" - wrong
My bot has 66 rep.
4:25 PM
Hey, my bot has 66 rep too.
either "Users must have at least 100 reputation to be room owners" or "User must have at least 100 reputation to be a room owner"
oh well, I'll just try a POST request than from my account, at least if you add me @ShadowWizard
@ProgramFOX hmm......
4:26 PM
okay, finding the correct code now...
I still can only delete messages within the 2 minutes period.
so don't worry
4:27 PM
@SPArchaeologist :D Thanks!
Okay, can someone post a useless message to be deleted please?
Gone :D
It's a post request?
@ShadowWizard Thanks for helping with the testing, removed my owner status.
@Unihedron Yep
(bot, don't reply to that^)
@FOX9000 !delete!
4:46 PM
have to go for now
see ya
5:00 PM
Got to go now, shutting down bot.
2 hours later…
7:20 PM
no game for the bot today? :(
4 hours ago, by Shadow Wizard
@DroidDev debugging (yeah, they made so many mistakes in their site, it's totally amature)
last word ^
1 hour later…
8:29 PM
@ShadowWizard kdb (the kernel debugger)
8:58 PM
welcome back to the game, @rene! :)
@rene KGB
@ShadowWizard Stasi
@ShadowWizard Yeah, sorry, got a bad cold and a busy week...
@rene Agent
@ShadowWizard Orange
all good, no need to be sorry :)
@rene Apple
@ShadowWizard Microsoft
9:04 PM
@rene Redmond
@ShadowWizard Bellevue
@rene Boulevard
@ShadowWizard Dreams (of broken)
@rene REM sleep
@ShadowWizard awake
9:19 PM
@rene beast
@ShadowWizard burden
@rene shoulders
@ShadowWizard arms
9:51 PM
I'm out...
10:03 PM
@rene canon
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