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12:10 PM
@SPArchaeologist oh! again, the book was victim to popularity on TV.
@MysticMagic lol, :p
@MysticMagic sad
that ^ was a reply to WAG
@DroidDev ?
@DroidDev happy
@MysticMagic smile
@SPArchaeologist Actually, I think that before FiM all the characters where more equine in the look. Then she redesigned the characters to her like and we got something totally different.
@SPArchaeologist laugh
@DroidDev health
12:15 PM
@MysticMagic apple
@DroidDev Newton :D
@DroidDev search for a pre g4 image of something mlp related and you will see what I meant. Add that it was g4 to make the show the insanity fair it currently is and you will understand why g4 was the one that caused all the momentum the show gained in these years.
ok, we have a rainbow (Dash), some smiles, laughter, apples.... seems that the subliminal reforming is going on schedule.
@SilentKiller :(
@SPArchaeologist but, its because of the new player here :P
@MysticMagic gravity
@DroidDev Physics
12:24 PM
@MysticMagic laws
@DroidDev justice
@MysticMagic denied
@DroidDev permission
@MysticMagic granted
@DroidDev discard (thinking if it will do :P)
12:34 PM
@MysticMagic Discord
@MysticMagic discord
:D okies
and the ninja continues drifting to the herd.
harmony @SPArchaeologist @DroidDev
(honestly, had to google :P)
@MysticMagic you just reply to one person, that too with reply link. Sorry, can't be counted in WAG :(
@MysticMagic just wait until the bot arrives. I usually google 70% words around here
12:37 PM
wondering.... a name as "Mystic Magic". I bet that a pony with that name exist.
@SPArchaeologist agreement
@DroidDev (crying) sniff sniff
@SPArchaeologist might be (^_^)
@MysticMagic don't cry :(
@DroidDev :)
Apr 10 at 8:18, by Shadow Wizard
=== Word Association Game ===
- I post the first word then other user can reply with associated word
- The reply should be chained so we can follow the chain upwards
- No time limit, only single words allowed
- Do not repeat a word that is chained less than 10 words upwards
- In case of a conflict, i.e. more than one reply to same word, latest word counts
=== Have Fun! ===
Apr 10 at 12:02, by Shadow Wizard
============= New Rule =============
More than one word is allowed in the following cases:
1. Names (including brand names, e.g. Rolls Royce)
2. Terms
@MysticMagic bilateral
@DroidDev bond
12:42 PM
@MysticMagic james
@DroidDev Team Rocket
@SPArchaeologist idiots
only they had a talking pokeman, still stealing from child
@DroidDev Intelligent
@MysticMagic me :P
@DroidDev too :P
12:45 PM
@MysticMagic lie :P
@DroidDev white ;)
@MysticMagic snow
@DroidDev sneeze
@DroidDev actually, the fun is that they AREN'T idiots. If you look at the few episodes that only have them (without Ash and company) - also know as the only episodes that you should view - you discover that they can be pretty smart if they need.
The problem is the very reason they are in the Team Rocket firsthand.
All is actually a way to stay away from their home, and both have good reasons to do so.
@SPArchaeologist don't know much about it :/
@MysticMagic cold
12:51 PM
@DroidDev Jessie home was in a city that seemed to have been draw for a bad z-serie ganster movie. Tipical stereotype of a NY criminal city zone.
@DroidDev water
@DroidDev James instead seems to be noble blood. And he escaped because the nobility around him was pretty.... enraging to be gentle.
@SPArchaeologist oh! hence the team, hmm...
@MysticMagic molecules
@DroidDev That said, why they couldn't just go around on their own is a good question
@DroidDev electrons
12:53 PM
@DroidDev Doesn't seems that you need money to stay at pokemon centers or such, at least Ash&co never seems to pay anything....
@SPArchaeologist I wish it was same for cyber cafes
@MysticMagic negative
@SPArchaeologist because TV series needed Villain?
@DroidDev thoughts
@MysticMagic thinking
@DroidDev mind
@DroidDev probably, not that the series really seem to care much about the plot.
1:00 PM
@SPArchaeologist then they needed something to keep them going....
@MysticMagic less
@DroidDev Standard episode: They arrive somewhere, TR tries to steal something, Picachu uses Thunderbolt, BOOOM, ends
@SPArchaeologist exactly, they were fillers, but given a greater role...
@DroidDev they were filler and stayed fillers. The "greater role" is about 1 ep on 200.
@DroidDev more
So more something like "throw the fans a bone so they continue watching the same episode over and over"
1:06 PM
@MysticMagic most
@DroidDev probability
@MysticMagic heuristics
@DroidDev algorithm
@DroidDev yep, it did ;)
@DroidDev well.... I'm a Wizard, that other one is just a Shadow :D
@ShadowWizard lol
@ShadowWizard so we can ping from link too, starts making a new prank
@MysticMagic pseudo-code
1:13 PM
@DroidDev yeah, probably markdown is parsed first, leaving pure text then the reply code kicks in to look for pings
@DroidDev dummy
@ShadowWizard ya giving us a chance to do something cool from within hyperlinks ;)
@ShadowWizard original
@ShadowWizard bot
@DroidDev automatic
sorry @Mys, last word wins :)
(of course within a sane time limit, if someone posts a reply minutes after other reply to same message, it doesn't count)
@ShadowWizard manual
@ShadowWizard :)
1:19 PM
@MysticMagic transmission
@DroidDev data
@MysticMagic Big
well, we can also call you Miss @Mys :D
you are a girl, right?
@ShadowWizard bang theory
@ShadowWizard small
@DroidDev :D ya. sure :)
@MysticMagic both words sound same and pretty cool too :D
@MysticMagic town
1:22 PM
@DroidDev Ever considered to change that avatar to a picture of Austin?
@DroidDev market
@ShadowWizard share
@cVplZ dividend
@MysticMagic earnings
@cVplZ salary
1:24 PM
@MysticMagic benefits
@cVplZ friends (with ;))
@ShadowWizard family
think it's a re-post but it just fits! ^^ :D
@MysticMagic fight
@cVplZ flight
1:26 PM
@ShadowWizard instinct
what sound better? Austin Dev or Droid Powers?
Austin Powers
@SPArchaeologist Droid Powers
@DroidDev @cVplZ you are no fun. Learn from @ShadowWizard
1:30 PM
@SPArchaeologist ok
teach us @ShadowWizard
time to leave :)
good night all
Take care
@MysticMagic night night
@cVplZ basic
1:34 PM
@DroidDev premium
@cVplZ luxury
@DroidDev apartments
@cVplZ flats
@DroidDev flat
too bad that the report user link is gone
@cVplZ why didn't you post it in tavern? That will alert some mod
Although, the pic is great :D
@cVplZ tire
1:40 PM
@DroidDev fire
@cVplZ attack
@DroidDev duck
@cVplZ pond
@cVplZ InfiniteRecursion
so obvious :P
1:41 PM
@SPArchaeologist meanie
as in "you are meanie" or is that a wag reply?
can't it be both?
@cVplZ allegation
@DroidDev assumption
@cVplZ imagination
1:45 PM
@DroidDev land
@cVplZ wonder
@DroidDev woman
time for the magic word.... :D
@cVplZ boobs
there you have it ladies and gentlemen...
@DroidDev moobs (man boobs)
@cVplZ friend (one friend of mine have them)
1:50 PM
@DroidDev enemy
@cVplZ kill'em all
hmm.. not sure about that one ^
gtg though, bye
2:02 PM
cee yaa!
that was a word btw, not sure if valid or not....
@Sha ^
@DroidDev well, it's a phrase so yeah, it pass :)
and movie name
@ShadowWizard yup and that too... :D
@DroidDev Spartacus
@cVplZ when in doubt, try a movie name. 99% of the times it would work especially with @DroidDev :-D
2:22 PM
@ShadowWizard ejjactly :D
@ShadowWizard SPARTA!!!!
@DroidDev Empire
@ShadowWizard state
@DroidDev country
oh, just noticed the boobs above. Well done, @Dro! ;)
@ShadowWizard I'd really like to see the stats of "boobs" now. Btw, some ladies has started visiting den. Idk, if description would be good, when they come and read it.
@ShadowWizard people
When someone replies to "Empire" with anything but a Star Wars reference, you know that he isn't nerdy enough.
2:38 PM
@SPArchaeologist or they might just be younger than "Star Wars is my favorite" generation and the movies they watch might be of very good graphics quality :P
@DroidDev hope to run the stats script soon, as for description still not sure how to improve it ):
@DroidDev crowd
@ShadowWizard because of awesomeness filled in that quote is just unmatchable.
@DroidDev yup. By the way if @SPArchaeologist can come with a funny boobless quote I might consider this, to make it more fair. :D
3:21 PM
@ShadowWizard Aw, you said "boobless". The chat blurb cut it off at "boob". I do not appreciate being misled.
@ShadowWizard source
@JasonC LOL
@JasonC code
@ShadowWizard jake gyllenhaal
3:37 PM
@ShadowWizard movie
I know "movie" is boring but I didn't want to go too far down that hole
why hole? just find something related to the movie. No big deal! :)
@JasonC 4D
@ShadowWizard Yeah but then it's like "jennifer aniston" -> movie -> actor -> movie -> actor, and inevitably we end up at a year, which gets even weirder.
Although I guess jennifer anniston -> friends would have been a good way out.
hmm.... that said, not sure I would want to go to a movie where I can actually smell everything that is going on there, or where rain pours down on me ^^
@JasonC no, I meant something like "comedy", "romance", "clerk" etc
Wait no!
@ShadowWizard klein bottle (way cooler shape)
or just a different player, passing the WAG ball back to the other player
@JasonC Möbius strip
3:44 PM
@ShadowWizard F-Zero Gx
@SPArchaeologist Grand Prix
4:01 PM
@ShadowWizard Future GPX Cyber Formula
Oh no wait I don't.
@JasonC Wait, I'm replying to a message.
Lol; ignore me. Unless FOX 9000 can accept links with spaces.
@JasonC No, it can only reply with spaces, not reply to spaces.
@SPArchaeologist animated
4:08 PM
Bot started with waiting time set to 20 seconds.
>>reply 2653623
@JasonC impassioned
@FOX9000 intense
@JasonC radiation
@FOX9000 illness
4:12 PM
@ShadowWizard malaria
@FOX9000 yellow
@ShadowWizard Fluttershy
@SPArchaeologist yay
@FOX9000 applause
@ShadowWizard actually, it was a cheer attempt.
4:13 PM
@ShadowWizard admiration
>>delete 2653717
>>delete 2653721
@FOX9000 admirer
@ShadowWizard ardent
@FOX9000 passionate
@ShadowWizard fondness
4:26 PM
@FOX9000 habit
No associated word found for habbit.
>>reply recent
@ShadowWizard subordination
@FOX9000 submission
@ShadowWizard unqualified
4:28 PM
gtg, cya!
By the way @ShadowWizard, the leaderboard has been automatically unpinned. Time to create a new one ;)
@FOX9000 unfit
@JasonC trusted
4:38 PM
@ShadowWizard ya, but if that quote can compete with existing one or not is whole another thing
4:49 PM
@FOX9000 believed
@DroidDev dulcinea
have to go
Got to go now, shutting down bot.
5:08 PM
@FOX9000 farms
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